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By Ashley
Pictures by Amanda

Jeffrey floors it to the hospital at Cassie’s request. She begins to feel guilty about her behavior that night. She feels that she should have simply stayed home with Edmund.

Over at Cedars, Dinah complains about their plan to Edmund. She is standing in a hospital gown acting “sick.” She tells him that if he wants her to help him, it needs to be a two-way street. He needs to help her out too and become her friend. Dinah sits on the bed and complains that she actually does feel a little sick. Edmund wonders where Cassie is while Dinah asks him if he’s even bothered that he’s using this child to get Cassie back. Edmund answers that the most important thing is that a child have a mother and a father. Before Dinah can answer, Cassie and Jeffrey arrive, and Dinah “fakes” sick. Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah’s been having abdominal pain. She immediately runs to Dinah’s side and asks what is wrong. Cassie is very concerned.

At their house, Tony and Michelle talk about their elopement. She worries about her divorce hearing. Tony tells her not to. How could she worry? They are getting married. Michelle doesn’t look happy. She begins to ask Tony if he will truly be happy eloping. He’s never had a wedding before. Doesn’t he want his friends and family there? He tells her that nothing would make him happier than to elope with her. Tony runs off, telling her that she needs to pack her bags. Danny walks up behind her, surprising Michelle. She decides to tell him that she’s planning to elope the following night. “No, you’re not,” he says. Michelle asks why not.

Danny answers that the family court just called him and informed him that the judge has come down with a medical ailment. Danny apologizes to her. Michelle doesn’t seem very upset, but she knows that Tony will be angry. Michelle asks Danny if he really wants her to be free.

Danny arrives at Company to see Marina, and she asks him about his pending divorce hearing. He thanks her for being there for him when it came to Michelle.

They plan to go to the movies on a date, but Danny gets a phone call that pulls him away at the moment.

Danny leaves Company while Gus arrives. He feels as if he is being followed, and he is, by Olivia. Gus ducks behind a wall and catches her as she walks up. She is startled. Gus gives Olivia the third degree and asks her if she’s following him. Olivia replies that she is just there to get something to eat. While they speak, Olivia gives him some advice. He needs to focus on something else besides Harley. Inside Company, Olivia and Gus talk about Harley “sleeping” with Bill. He seems to be fishing for Olivia’s perspective. Olivia compares Gus’s pain to the pain that Phillip caused her. Frank walks in and overhears him talking about Harley not being trustworthy. He immediately tries to hit him. Frank believes that Gus now thinks Harley is guilty. However, this is Gus’s plan. Olivia jumps in and tells Frank that Harley was convicted, so she really can’t blame Gus for thinking Harley is guilty. Gus proclaims to Frank that he is done with Harley. He is walking away. Frank reminds him that he will find Phillip’s killer. Gus purposely offends him by saying that the person who killed Phillip is in a cell right now. Frank punches him out and walks away. Olivia is confused.

Harley and Lena are set to begin their jobs. Harley is confused when she is brought to Mallet’s office. She thought she would be working kitchen duty. When Mallet informs her that she’ll be working with him, she replies “no freaking way.” Lena tries to convince Harley that this will be the “cushiest” job yet. The guard pushes Harley inside and slams the door. Mallet tells her that he needs to work with someone whom he can trust with confidential paper work. Once again, Harley refuses to be his working partner. She tells him she’ll do anything, even work the laundry room. He agrees to let her after arguing. Harley is taken away. Lena tells Harley that she’s being foolish for not taking the position with Mallet. She convinces her to reconsider Mallet’s offer. Harley agrees and tells the guard to take her back to the warden’s office. When Mallet sees her, he is pleased. He begins to tell her what she will be doing for work. She wants to know why he wants her working there. He tells her that he just needs someone neat and reliable. Next, he asks her about her family and her children. He wants to catch up on her personal life. She warms up to talking with him for a minute, but stops herself. Right now, she just wants to do her job and do her time.

Dr. Sedwick examines Dinah with Cassie in the room while Edmund and Jeffrey wait in the hall. Jeffrey tells Edmund that he knows that he made it all up. Edmund tells him to leave. Back in the exam room, Dr. Sedwick tells Dinah that she and the baby will be just fine. The doctor leaves the room, and Cassie expresses her gratitude for Dinah seeking help at the hospital. Dinah doesn’t want to lie to her. She goes ahead and tells Cassie that it was all Edmund’s plan.

Cassie is angry. She wants to run outside and confront Edmund, but Dinah stops her. Cassie can’t let Edmund know that Dinah told her. It would create more stress than is necessary. Dinah tells Cassie that she just couldn’t let her worry about losing a child. Dinah herself has gone through it twice. Cassie thanks her. She walks out in the hall and greets Jeffrey, who tells her he is leaving. Edmund walks up and asks desperately how the baby is. Cassie knows he is lying, but she doesn’t say anything. She tells him the baby is fine.

Danny assures Michelle that he only wants her to be happy, and that won’t ever change. She reminds him that if she marries Tony, they will. Danny apologizes for kissing her earlier and says that it wasn’t a good thing to do in light of their relationships. Michelle replies that she guesses it was jut a goodbye kiss then. She seems angry with him. There is a long silence. Michelle wonders what she’ll do about Tony when he finds out they can’t get married. Danny informs her that if she really wants to marry Tony tomorrow, there is a way. Both of them could hop on a plane to Vegas and get a quickie divorce. Danny tells her that he will be glad to get this over with. Michelle replies “great then.” She says that it sounds perfect, but still, she seems angry.

Jeffrey walks into the exam room to see Dinah. He asks her what happened tonight. He wants the real story – not only about tonight. He wants to know how she got pregnant in the first place. Jeffrey accuses her of having a dark motive. She only wants to hurt Cassie. Dinah assures him that she won’t. Jeffrey threatens her by saying that if she hurts Cassie, he will make her life “more hellish than the most difficult delivery.”

Edmund apologizes for not signing the separation papers. Cassie tries to play along with his game, but stops. She tells him to be quiet and asks how he could do this to her. Edmund is confused. Cassie tells Edmund that she knows this was a setup. However, she doesn’t tell Edmund that Dinah told her about it. Edmund tells her that it would have been nice for her call him and let him know that she wouldn’t be spending the night with him. She tells him that she left a message, and together, they realize that Dinah erased it. Cassie asks him to tell her the truth. He confesses that it was all just a setup to get her to come back.

Outside Company, Tony makes a call to a hotel in Hawaii and asks for special arrangements for the honeymoon suite. Marina overhears Tony’s call and realizes that he and Michelle are getting married. She starts to talk about Danny and says that she trusts him. Tony becomes annoyed and tells her that when she sees him, she needs to ask him why he was kissing Michelle earlier. Marina is infuriated to hear this from Tony. Tony tells her that he’s not going to sit around and wait for Danny and Michelle to recapture their old lives. Marina informs him that you have to trust the person you want to be with. Marina walks inside and leaves Tony. Danny calls her from a plane and tells her that the “thing” he has to do will take up most of the night. He is on a plane with Michelle, heading to Vegas. Marina speaks to him sweetly. She trusts him. After Danny hangs up, he looks over to Michelle and asks if she will be calling Tony. She says no. She wants to do this alone with Danny.

Olivia tells Gus that Phillip set all of this pain into motion. This is his parting gift from the grave. As far as she is concerned, Phillip deserves to be dead. She says that she is sorry it didn’t happen sooner. Her words strike Gus harshly. Olivia calms down and tells him that it’s all over now. She walks out. Gus gets a text message that says if he wants to find what he is looking for, he needs to look in the Spaulding mansion.

While going through papers in Mallet’s office, Harley finds Mallet’s application for employment. Apparently, he requested to be placed there. Harley remarks “once a liar, always a liar.” She walks into Mallet’s office and demands to know why. Did he want to be closer to her?

Cassie and Dinah prepare to leave, but before they can, Dr. Sedwick returns and says that there is a problem with one of Dinah’s tests.

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