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By Ashley
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Harley continues to cry and feel as if she has lost everything. Mallet tries to comfort her, but Harley gets up and tries to run out of her cell. He catches her and holds her in his arms while she cries. She stops herself after a few moments and demands that he stay away from her. He has “done enough.” She doesn’t want to be known as his ex-wife. She just wants to be a normal prisoner. Harley feels as if Mallet is enjoying seeing her in prison. Mallet says he doesn’t feel that way, but these are the circumstances right now. He knows that she doesn’t like him, but tells her that he can make things easier for her in there. He can protect her. Harley tells him that he is too late. Mallet informs her that he’s not going to take up any more of her time. He returns the personal things that were taken from her during processing, including the pictures of her family as well as a new photo of Gus, which was taken during their planned fight at the prison. Mallet tells her that impersonating an FBI officer is a very serious offense. Harley says that she fired Gus and that his FBI credentials were legit. She assures him that Gus won’t be a problem.

Gus has a meeting at the pool hall with the man he hired to investigate the suspicious note. No fingerprints can be found on the piece of paper. Someone watches him from a distance.

Cassie finds herself riding next to Jeffrey in his truck. He tells her that he wants to take her away where she can forget about everything that has gone wrong lately. Jeffrey tells her that he’s taking her to a dive bar where his band plays. Moreover, his backup singer is sick, and she is going to take her place.

Edmund realizes that it is Dinah in the bed and not Cassie. He immediately accuses her of doing something to Cassie. She replies that she thought she was doing him a favor. Dinah says that she saw him have a “moment” with Cassie out in front of the Beacon and simply wanted to go inside. She doesn’t want to have to witness their “making up.” Edmund comments that he thought Cassie was going to spend the night, and he thought she would leave a message at least. Dinah flashes back to erasing Cassie’s message. He tells her that she should be getting back to the farm, but Dinah declines. She doesn’t think that living with Cassie is going to work out. Edmund says that she can stay in his suite. He prepares to leave, but she asks him to stay, telling him that she needs him. Edmund paces around the room and tells Dinah that the two of them are a lot alike. However, he is different (and better) in the sense that he has stopped trying to take what isn’t his. Dinah replies that because of that, he’s no fun at all. Edmund looks confused.

Gus arrives at the Bauer house to see Buzz, who is now living there. They talk about Harley’s time in prison so far. Gus assures Buzz that he is going to get her out. He shows him the suspicious note. Buzz examines it, while Gus tells him that it is being investigated. Buzz asks Gus if he has any idea who sent him the note. He tells him that it must have been someone who had access to the Spaulding household. He begins to talk about Olivia and how jumpy she has seemed lately. Coop walks up and informs them that there was a visitor at Phillip’s grave the previous day, and apparently, they left a “calling card.” The three of them are being watched.

Lizzie arrives at the Bauer house to see Coop, explaining that her dog missed him. She apologizes to him for Alan’s behavior. They begin to flirt. Tammy and Sandy arrive too keep the Coopers company. They ask Lizzie and Coop how they are coping, and Lizzie offends Coop by saying that she’s okay, even though “Harley killed her dad.” Coop storms away. Sandy searches for the words to mask the awkward moment.

Cassie and Jeffrey arrive at the bar, and she is extremely nervous about getting onstage. He quiets her by handing her a couple of shots. He informs her that he lied to his band and told them that she was a professional backup singer – so she better be good. Jeffrey hands her a tambourine and tells her to just look like she’s having a good time. They begin playing and Cassie seems stiff.

Mallet examines Gus’s photo while Harley tries to convince him to leave. He finally agrees and says goodbye, calling her by her prisoner number instead of her name. After he is gone, Harley looks at Gus’s photo and says aloud that she does not know what to do about him. She begins to wash her face, but her roommate and another prisoner walk inside. They seem like they want to start a fight. One of the prisoners pulls her outside, and Harley recognizes her as someone she helped put away for murder. The woman prepares to hit her and “teach her a lesson,” but Harley’s roommate returns and pushes her back into the cell.

She whispers to Harley to “rough her up” and make it look like she’s threatening her. The guard finally comes over to break it all up. After he leaves, Harley’s roommate complains that when she said “rough her up,” she didn’t mean that hard. Harley yells at her that she doesn’t understand their relationship. One minute, they hate one another, and the next, they’re best friends. Her roommate introduces herself as Lena and says that they need to help each other.

Coop leads Gus and Buzz to Phillip’s grave and tells them he doesn’t know who could have possibly left the flower on his tombstone. He was there with Lizzie practically all day. Gus and Buzz agree that there are a lot of strange secrets surrounding his death. Buzz and Gus walk away and talk about how Gus is going to find out all of these secrets. Gus doesn’t want to take an “official” route by going through the police. Buzz warns him to steer clear of trouble. He’s already been in enough. Buzz warns him that he better not be wrong about his suspicion of Olivia. He asks Gus how he is ever going to get close enough to check her out. They continue to be watched.

Lizzie asks Tammy about her life with Sandy. She remembers how sweet Tammy was to her at Company and wants to know. Tammy tells her that she is very happy with Sandy, and she hopes that Lizzie can find that some day.

Cassie has now gotten into the music and seems as if she’s having the time of her life singing and dancing with the band. Jeffrey is ecstatic that Cassie is having a great time. The song ends, and the crowd gives a great applause to Cassie. She and Jeffrey talk about how great she was onstage. An underage girl comes up to Jeffrey, and Cassie quickly brushes her away. Jeffrey is pleased with her protection. He wants to offer her the same thing.

Edmund asks Dinah if she’s ever been concerned with Cassie’s well-being, honestly. She tells him “never.” She is only concerned about what affects her, but she needs to redeem herself in the eyes of her father and their town. Both of them need to do that. After hearing this, Edmund immediately runs to call Cassie.

Jeffrey and Cassie continue to share a tender moment, but it is interrupted by a phone call from Edmund. She answers it and has no idea who is on the line. It is too loud in the bar. Edmund can hear people chanting Cassie’s name to come back on stage. Next, Jeffrey comes over and asks her if they “can do it one more time.” Edmund is shocked to hear these words. Cassie still can’t hear who is on the line so she hangs up. Jeffrey assures her that if it’s an emergency, they will call back. She and Jeffrey run up onstage again to perform.

Dinah asks Edmund what Cassie said. He tells her that she seems like she’s having “a grand old time” and that Jeffrey is with her. Dinah apologizes; she knows that this probably upsets him. Edmund asks how she is feeling and immediately concocts a plan that she is not doing well and has to go to the emergency room.

Lena tells Harley that she has a right to be suspicious of her. She begins to talk about herself. She is in prison for hurting a man she loved as well. She was an actress who went to Hollywood and fell in love with a man. In her words, he promised to put her in every picture, and she was, in the post office. She tells Harley that she hears that the Warden likes her, and if it is true that he wants to help her, then she better let him. Moreover, the only way she will get through prison is if she holds on to her dreams. The guard comes and tells Lena that she has a phone call. Lena leaves the cell and gets on the phone. She begins to thank someone for making Harley her roommate. Apparently, she has a deal with this person about something concerning Harley.

Cassie and Jeffrey drive home, and they talk about what a great night it was. Jeffrey tells her that it was nice seeing her smile and that he was glad he could share it with her. Her phone rings. It is Edmund. He coolly tells her that he’s taking Dinah to the hospital and that he just wanted to “keep her in the loop.” He hangs up before she can say anything else. Cassie immediately tells Jeffrey to take her to Cedars.

Back at the Bauer house, Tammy says she needs to leave, and Lizzie prepares to go as well. Sandy convinces her to stay. Lizzie apologizes about running him over with her car. She tells him that she admires him. She wants a life of her own and is wondering if he could help.

Mallet tells the guard of the prison to change Harley’s job of “kitchen duty” to working in the Warden’s office with him.

Back in her cell, Harley stares at the picture of Gus and closes her eyes, dreaming of him.

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