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By Ashley
Pictures by Amanda

Danny and Michelle share a kiss on the patio at the Bauer house while Tony looks on. After they are through, Danny apologizes for doing it, but Michelle tells him that she wanted it just as much as him. Tony walks away hurt, not letting them know that he saw.

Dinah has requested that Cassie, Edmund, Ross, and Blake meet her at the Beacon. Once they all get there, Dinah apologizes for all of the pain that she has caused them. Most importantly, however, she says she wants to celebrate “the miracle of life.” Dinah informs Ross and Blake that she is pregnant with Cassie and Edmund’s baby. Ross and Blake are shocked and repeat what they just heard. Tammy walks in, hears them, and is shocked as well. A happy Dinah assures everyone that “they are all family now” so everything will be okay. Cassie reminds Dinah that they are not family, and she moves to explain all of this to Tammy. Cassie tells her that “it is what it is,” and they can’t anything about it. Tammy warns her not to trust Dinah; she will run off with the child. Edmund tries to reassure her that it won’t happen, but Tammy orders him to stop talking to her and runs out. Blake asks Dinah if she is sure she will be able to carry this child for nine months and then give it up. Dinah seems insulted that Blake is implying that she won’t. Moreover, Dinah is insulted because she is trying to do a good deed, and Ross and Blake see it differently. Blake runs out to comfort Cassie, who has gone after Tammy, while Dinah tries to convince Ross that she’s becoming the person he has always wanted her to be.

Outside of Olivia’s bar, Gus meets a man whom he has hired to investigate the strange note he found under his door. The man promises to call as soon as he finds out something. After he leaves, Gus walks into the bar and sees Olivia drinking away her sorrow and frustration. He tries to make small talk about the fact that they both moved back into the mansion. He figures since they are in the same boat, they have something in common. Olivia doesn’t think so. Gus is disappointed. He felt that for once he had something in common with someone. Olivia replies that his girlfriend sleeping with her husband is hardly something in common. But most of all, she blames him for making Harley vulnerable. Gus and Olivia continue to fight until Bill walks in. Olivia runs out once she sees him.

In her jail cell, Harley and her roommate lay quietly on their beds. Her roommate has been reading a magazine all night long. Harley asks if they can finally speak to one another now. However, after a long moment of silence, her roommate proclaims “I don’t do girl talk.” Outside of the cell, Mallet prepares to see Harley alone. Another guard arrives and yells that it’s “yard time.” Harley’s roommate leaves, but the guard tells Harley to remain there alone. She doesn’t understand why until Mallet reveals himself. Harley is shocked. He introduces himself as “Warden Mallet.”

Tony returns with Robbie in tow. Michelle immediately goes up to him and plays their favorite game. She wants to make sure he knows that she remembers. Danny nervously asks Tony when he got there. The picture of the three of them together bothers Tony. Robbie asks Michelle if she is going to be with his Daddy again. Michelle looks a little hurt. She tells him that no, she’s still going to live with Tony. Robbie and Michelle run off to play. Meanwhile, Danny and Tony fight about the fact that Tony changed their divorce hearing to that day. Danny tells him that rescheduling his life is not his business, but Tony wants the divorce to come sooner so he and Michelle can get married. Danny can see that Tony is nervous about losing her. Michelle comes back and Tony says that they have to leave to get to the courthouse.

Blake walks outside to see Cassie. Humorously, she comments that this is almost as bad as thinking that two different guys fathered your twins. Cassie lets out a small chuckle. She tells Blake that she can’t believe Edmund did this. Blake replies that he reminds her of Roger. Cassie says helplessly that there is nothing she can do about this. “There might be,” Blake replies. Blake reminds Cassie that it is still early, and abortion might still be an option.

Harley is shocked to see Mallet. She claims that this is a nightmare. It has been ten years, and she can’t believe that he ended up here. She doesn’t know what is worse – being in prison with your ex-husband or being in prison with your ex-husband who cheated on you. He tells her that he wishes she wouldn’t hold a grudge. He holds a cool attitude toward her. Mallet tells her that she looks good, considering where she is. This makes Harley fume. She thinks he is here for sympathy. Mallet tells her that he thought this meeting would have gone another way. He says that they should act “professional.” Harley screams at him that she wouldn’t even be in prison if it wasn’t for him. Mallet enters the cell. She tells him that she wouldn’t have even been with Phillip if he hadn’t cheated on her. He reminds her that she has children, and he knows that she wouldn’t give them up if it meant changing her life so she wouldn’t be in prison. Harley says that she hates him, and he replies that it’s for a good reason. He shouldn’t have cheated on her. He is remorseful. They begin to talk about why she is in there. She assures him she didn’t kill Phillip. She tells him that she has only felt mad enough to kill someone one other time in her life, and it was with him.

Gus and Bill begin to talk about their relationships. Gus still can’t believe that Bill “slept” with Harley. Bill asks him to stop talking about it; he wants to unwind. He asks how Olivia seemed earlier, and Bill brings up something about Olivia having nightmares about Phillip. Apparently, Phillip returns from the grave and goes after Olivia in her dreams. Gus asks if they have happened recently, and Bill answers that they happened while they were together. Gus says that he doesn’t think this is uncommon, but he thinks about it further.

Ross asks to speak to Edmund alone. Ross calls him a “selfish arrogant fool” and asks if Edmund is going to be there to pick up the pieces when Dinah has to give the child up. Edmund clearly orders Ross to not come between him and his baby.

Edmund walks outside to speak with Cassie as Blake leaves. He apologizes for Dinah’s actions. Cassie tells him that Blake just pointed out that abortion is still an option. He asks her if she wants that, but she replies no. It is their child. They hug. Edmund reminds her that he still loves her and asks her to spend the night with him. They can use their suite at the Beacon. Cassie reluctantly agrees, and Edmund walks inside, leaving her alone for a few more minutes. After Edmund is gone, Jeffrey sneaks up behind Cassie and tells her that he heard everything. He asks if she’s going to spend the night with Edmund and seems disappointed in her. She doesn’t know what to do.

Dinah walks into Cassie and Edmund’s room at the Beacon, unaware that Edmund is planning to use it. While she is there, Cassie calls and leaves a message for Edmund telling him that she isn’t ready to spend the night with him and won’t be there. Dinah gets a mischievous look on her face.

After she leaves the message, Cassie tells Jeffrey that she feels bad leaving her answer on a machine. Cassie tells him that she and Edmund just need distance. Jeffrey asks her to come with him. They hold hands as Ross and Blake come outside asking to speak with her. They notice something is up between the two of them. Cassie asks if she can talk with them another time. Ross and Blake leave. Jeffrey once again asks Cassie to go somewhere with him.

Tony and Michelle arrive at Olivia’s Bar for drinks. Tony asks her nicely what she and Danny were talking about. He wants to know what is going on. He thinks that Michelle wants to back out on their wedding. Michelle thinks this is crazy. Tony replies that they should just elope, and he wants to do it tomorrow. Michelle reluctantly agrees.

Mallet apologizes to Harley, and she tells him that she can’t even begin to describe what she lost when he slept with another woman in his surveillance van ten years ago. She begins to break down. She doesn’t belong there. She belongs at home with her kids and her family and the man that she really loves. She sinks to her knees and starts to cry. Mallet comforts her.

Back at the Bauer house, Danny tells Robbie that they need to get going. Robbie asks if he loves Michelle, and Danny replies that he does.

At Olivia’s bar, Gus begins to piece together Olivia’s actions regarding Phillip. She is having strange nightmares about him. She also spoke terrible words of hate about him at his funeral, including the fact that she hopes he dies and that she loathed him. She was in a rage. Gus seems to think that Olivia might be the true murderer. Olivia walks in, and Gus observes her.

Edmund returns to the suite at the Beacon expecting to find Cassie lying in bed. However, when he walks in and crawls into bed, he realizes he is lying next to a naked Dinah instead of Cassie. They both stare at one another.

Harley cries in jail that she has lost everything. She gets up and tries to run out of her cell. Mallet goes after her and grabs her. He hugs her and lets her cry in the hallway.

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