Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/14/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Amanda

Alan arrives in the mansion study to find Bill waiting for him. He looks surprised to see him there and instantly makes it clear that he is not welcome in the Spaulding home. Alan barely gets his words out when Bill informs Alan that he needs to stop intimidating his Olivia into doing things for the sake of the Company. Alan scowls at Bill and asks if he’s been having problems with Olivia just as she walks into the room. Not knowing his wife is present; Bill claims that the only problem in his marriage is Alan. “Talk about wishful thinking.” Olivia interrupts surprising her husband with her presence. Bill turns around stunned to see his wife there and the two look hard at one another.

Danny is standing outside of the Bauer home when Marina comes walking up to him. She jokes around with him about staring at the house. He laughs, but it is apparent that he is thinking about times he spent living in the house with Michelle. Marina doesn’t seem to catch on and lets him know that she is ready for their weekend in Chicago. She goes on about how excited she is about it and Danny doesn’t look too sure. She can tell by the look on his face and asks him about it. He admits to her that they won’t be spending the weekend together and she wonders if it has anything to do with Michelle.

Michelle arrives at Olivia’s Bar to see Tony with Mr. Phelps. He congratulates them on their engagement and appears to be a party planner as he hands Michelle brochures on different ideas for their celebration. Michelle sits down looking confused as Tony explains that Mr. Phelps does all the planning for Cassie & Olivia at the Beacon. He continues to tell her about his meeting with Mr. Phelps not seeing that she isn’t as excited as he is. He explains that there is an opening for them at the hotel on the following Saturday. She looks like she can’t believe it and he smiles as he explains that he cashed in a favor at the courthouse so that the divorce hearing is set for tomorrow. Michelle looks stunned and speechless.

Outside of Olivia’s Bar, Jonathan is on the phone with the mystery caller. Again, he isn’t happy to hear from the other person and makes it known. He seems shocked when he hears that the caller is in town and raises his voice telling him “No.”

Edmund receives some papers from Cassie while sitting down enjoying breakfast at Olivia’s. He opens the envelope immediately and his face drops when he realizes they are separation papers. Tammy walks in just as he places them on the table and makes a beeline for her stepfather. She approaches him asking if her mother threw him out.

Jeffery is on the porch of the farmhouse with flowers in his hands. You can tell he is nervous and Cassie comes out before he has a chance to knock. “I just came by to see how you were doing.” He tells her. She looks upset and lets him know that Edmund moved out and that she sent him the separation papers. She lets him know that she’s been better and he asks her to lunch. She denies telling him that there is someone at the house. Dinah walks out on the porch in a robe and he is surprised to see her there. In typical Dinah fashion she walks up to Jeffery, notices the flowers and offer to take them inside and put them in water. Looking annoyed, Cassie tells him that it is a long story. Jeffery walks into the farmhouse and looks around wondering what Dinah is doing at the house. Dinah who is busy putting the flowers in a vase informs him that she and Cassie are now roommates. He looks to Cassie for confirmation and she tells him that it is true. Smiling, Dinah wonders if she should be the one to break the good news to Jeffery, Cassie hands Dinah a pair of scissors and asks her to simply take care of the flowers. Dinah remains in the kitchen while Cassie drags him into the living room. She looks exhausted as Jeffery lectures her on not needing Dinah as a roommate. “You’re going to have to have a little more respect for Dinah since she’s carrying my child.” Cassie proclaims. He looks confused and lets her know that he doesn’t understand. She brings him up to date on what is going on in her life by explaining that while she was gone that Edmund had her eggs implanted in Dinah. Jeffery looks like he doesn’t know what to make of it all as Cassie continues to tell Jeffery that Edmund saw the baby as a way to win her back. His first reaction is shock as to why Edmund would choose Dinah of all people as the surrogate. He pulls Cassie aside wondering how she is going to deal with the situation. She lets him know that she is dealing with it all as best she knows how. Cassie refers to Dinah as the mere ‘carrier’ and herself as the mother which launches Jeffery into a tirade. He tries to explain to her the many ways in which Dinah could contest the contract. He clearly doesn’t trust Dinah and doesn’t think Cassie should either. Cassie looks like she is about to cry and doesn’t want to hear what Jeffery is telling her while Dinah listens in from the kitchen. He reminds her of how much animosity there is between the two of them and claims that Dinah will end up using the baby to torture Cassie. This all cause Dinah to walk into the living room and let Jeffery know that if he’s not going to be helpful that he might as well leave. She explains that he has to work on keeping his feelings for Cassie out of the picture.

Tammy approaches Edmund wondering if her mother is still back at the farmhouse. He explains that she is and that they’re only living separately on a temporary basis. She doesn’t look too interested in his explanations and excuses herself. She sees Sandy and the two hug one another before heading off for lunch. In the hallway, outside of the bar they run into and enraged Jonathan. “I said stop calling me.” He yells, slamming down his phone.

Tony looks at Michelle, wondering why she isn’t more excited about the wedding. She lets him know that the sudden plans caught her off guard and that she assumed the wedding wouldn’t be for a few more weeks. He seems to understand and lets her know that all the decisions regarding the wedding will be made up to her. She dazes off, thinking about her wedding to Danny at Laurel Falls and when she snaps back to it lets Tony know that she’s got to finish their conversation later. He agrees to meet up with her later although he looks concerned as she takes off.

Danny explains to Marina that he doesn’t feel now is the right time for him to leave Springfield. She nods as he explains that he wants to be around Robbie. Marina seems ok with it and lets him know that she was only looking forward to spending some time alone with him. He smiles and goes on to make sure that she understands how happy he is for Michelle and her upcoming wedding, and then he thanks her for being understanding. When he smiles at her she begins to look concerned.

Bill wonders what his wife is doing at the mansion and she reminds him that she works with Alan. Before Alan has a chance to butt into the conversation Bill requests that they go somewhere else to talk. The two head out into the hallway and begin to argue. He mentions her past indiscretions and wonders why they can’t work on their problems together. Alan interrupts them wondering if Olivia is happy with her accommodations as housekeeping needed to know if they had to switch rooms. &# 9;Bill looks back and forth between the two of them, surprised that his wife is living back at the mansion. He can’t believe what he is hearing as Alan gloats that his ex wife and granddaughter are once again living with him. He smiles gleefully as Olivia storms back into the study followed by Bill. He can’t believe that she would do such a thing and she is quick to remind him that by living at the mansion that she is able to work from home and be with her daughter more. The two continue to argue over what the best thing for the two of them is. She lets him know that she’s happier living at the mansion than with him and storms out in the middle of the conversation to check on Emma. Alan walks in just as Olivia walks out and announces that he’s glad Bill has dropped by. “You have made my day.” He tells Bill.

Marina tells Danny that she’s glad they had their talk. The two mention how they always want to be honest with one another. She leaves to do some errands and he stays at the house, waiting for Robbie to come back. He looks around the backyard and thinks back to his wedding to Michelle. When he looks up Michelle is walking into the yard and they smile when they see one another.

Dinah excuses herself so that she can get ready for her doctor’s appointment, leaving Cassie and Jeffery alone. He mentions how speechless he is about the news and she agrees. He begins to remind her once more of the many things that could go wrong with the whole scenario. Cassie throws her hands up in the air and wonders what else she should do. Seeing how upset she is, he apologizes to her and lets her know that he didn’t expect such shocking news. He then reminds her that the baby is also Edmund’s and wonders what she is going to do about that. Cassie informs him that she is taking over the situation as best she knows how and handling it. She thanks him for his concern. Jeffery looks into her eyes and thinks back into the night they were together and comments on how much things have changed. Taking his hand in hers she tells him that not everything has changed. She looks into his eyes and lets him know how she feels. “There is something going on between us and I’m just confused.” She explains. He looks at her and claims her doesn’t believe her. Jeffery goes on to tell her that he believes that they both want the same things. They lean toward one another and look as though they are about to kiss when Dinah comes out onto the porch. She announces that she is ready to leave for her doctor’s appointment and smiles when she sees the two of them. Jeffery asks if it is ok if he tags along, wanting to talk to the doctor himself about the pregnancy. Dinah realizes he wants to spend more time with Cassie and lets them both know she is fine with ‘whatever.’ The three leave the farmhouse headed for Cedars.

Sandy and Tammy are next to Jonathan inside the Beacon bar wondering who could have gotten him so upset. He blows off their concern and reminds them that there is no one in town that he can truly turn to. He goes on yammering about how he’s sick of the town and everyone who lives in it. “I’m leaving for good.” He announces. Sandy looks like he doesn’t believe what he has just heard and smiles while Tammy looks even more interested in what is really going on.

Alan tries to get under Bill’s skin by mentioning Emma and it seems to work. Olivia walks into the study and Bill rushes over to her, eager to work things out. Alan agrees to give the two some time to talk at Olivia’s request and stops by his desk to grab some files to take with him. He picks up a folder labeled ‘Lewis Construction’ and hands it to Olivia via Bill. Bill notices the name on the folder and wonders what is going on. Alan tries to explain that he’s been giving Olivia more projects and that Lewis Construction is one of them. It is obvious that he is enjoying breaking the news to Bill as he goes on to tell him that Olivia has just been made the new director of Mergers & Acquisitions. Alan looks pleased as he informs Bill that if he came to the mansion to discuss Spaulding’s interest in Lewis that he will now have to talk to Olivia about it. He leaves the room looking satisfied that once again he’s come between the two of them.

Danny wonders what Michelle is doing at the house and she tells him that she wanted to see her son. The two laugh about how weird it is that Danny’s current girlfriend now lives in Michelle’s old house. He agrees that things are backwards and the two mention Tony and Marina. He doesn’t think that any of Tony’s location suggestions for the wedding (Laurel Falls, The Beacon, or the Bauer House) are original and seems to be bothered by them. Michelle assures him that she and Tony will find their own place to get married. She also mentions that the divorce proceeding has been moved up and Danny looks both curious and baffled about the news.

Marina walks into Olivia’s Bar just as Tony is saying goodbye to Mr. Phelps. He sees Marina and wonders why she and Danny aren’t off in Chicago. She looks like she is wondering why he cares so much until he opens his mouth again. He asks her if Danny still thinks that Michelle is going to come back to him. Marina looks shocked and lets him know that it isn’t the case and that Danny has moved on with his life. Tony wonders if perhaps the two of them could join together and finally realize that they’re in the same boat. He announces to her that the divorce proceeding has been scheduled for the next day and she looks relieved.

Edmund looks over his separation papers once more before ripping them up.

At the hospital Cassie explains the unique situation to Dr. Sedgwick who seems supportive of the circumstances. When she asks about Edmund, Cassie lies to her and tells her that he’s at a meeting. She smiles and leads Dinah into the examination room. Alone with Jeffery, in the hallway Cassie finally realizes how stressful the next 9 months are going to be. He warns her not to believe Dinah’s little act and mentions that she is a person that has not and will not change. Inside the exam room, Dinah picks up the phone and calls Edmund. She lets him know that he needs to be with her and that it is urgent.

Bill demands that Olivia not the new job at Spaulding because it would once again put them at odds. She reminds him that it is her call and that Alan left it up to her if she wanted to take over Lewis or not. Bill points out that once again Alan is testing her, she doesn’t want to hear it. She demands that he listen to her as she enumerates the many ways in which their relationship wasn’t fair and balanced. Bill wonders if she really wants to go up against him when it comes to the family business. She lets him know that she’s up to the challenge. He takes one last look at her before leaving, and she looks as though she’s wondering if she made the right choice.

Edmund comes rushing into the hospital and immediately sees Jeffery. Cassie wonders what he is doing there while Edmund wonders the same thing about Jeffery. She explains to him that she told Jeffery about the baby when he stopped by the farmhouse and saw Dinah. The two men begin bickering and Cassie stops them. She pulls Jeffery aside and asks him to leave, as Edmund has a right to be there. He agrees and lets her know that she can call him if she needs him for anything. As soon as he’s gone Edmund and Cassie begin to argue once more about the baby. He offers her the option of not having the child and she declines just as Dr. Sedgwick comes out to tell the two of them she has something to show them. They both go into the exam room and are in awe as they watch their baby on the sonogram.

Tammy can’t believe what she is hearing while Sandy offers to help Jonathan pack. He lets them both know that he agrees with the idea of Jonathan leaving. However, when Jonathan mentions that no one will be given his forwarding address they begin to look concerned. Tammy flips out reminding him how much Reva cares. Sandy agrees with Tammy lets Jonathan know that his leaving will only cause Reva more pain at a time when she needs friends & family around. Sandy guesses that perhaps Jonathan was only getting close to Reva so that he could leave.

Tony wonders if Marina is as sure of Danny’s feelings for her as she claims to be. She lets him know that the only reason she was excited about the proceeding was because it is what Danny wants. Tony goes on to tell her that he thinks she & Danny could be happy together, if he could only forget about Michelle. He doesn’t think that his cousin can do it without prodding though. Tony urges Marina to spend as much time as possible with Danny until the divorce proceedings the following morning. She looks at him and lets him know how obsessed she thinks he is with the whole situation. He refers to her as his ‘partner in crime’ while she makes it clear to him that she doesn’t want anything to do with him, or his ‘plan.’

Michelle comments on how easy their divorce is considering how hectic their wedding was. She mentions how times have changes and apologizes to him for being mean when she first got out of the hospital. He smiles and lets her know that he’s not holding any grudges. The two look at one another and obviously want to kiss.

Alan lets Olivia know that he didn’t mean to cause her any trouble with Bill. He reminds her that she doesn’t need to take the new job. Olivia makes it clear to him that turning down the job is not an option and walks out on him.

Bill returns home and immediately picks up the phone to call the office. He gets a hold of Wanda and lets her know that he wants to have a company wide meeting. “No more Mr. Nice Guy.” He tells himself, although the comment seems to be more directed towards Olivia.

Tammy wonders what has Jonathan so freaked out and he claims he’s not frightened. Neither of them believes Jonathan’s story and end up convincing him to stay in Springfield. As he walks off he comments that it won’t be him that his mother is going to have to worry about.

Edmund and Cassie can’t believe that they’re looking at the baby. They leave the room once the sonogram is over and Cassie realizes she left her purse inside. She knocks on the door to the exam room, where Dinah is supposed to be getting dressed. When no one answers her knocks she barges in followed by Edmund and they find that Dinah is gone. They both begin to panic.

Danny lets Michelle know that he’s glad she finally has her memory back as the two inch closer to one another. Tony arrives just in time to see Danny & Michelle kiss one another.

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