Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/13/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Amanda

Harley gets fingerprinted and booked into jail as Gus continues to have an outburst at Phillip’s gravesite. His words mirror her actions. He says that while Phillip is at peace, he left the rest of his loved ones in peril. Harley’s life is over, and Gus can’t take it anymore. Alan tries to calm him. They continue being watched by someone. Alan yells at Gus to get on with his life, but Gus tells him again that it seems like he doesn’t care who killed Phillip. Alan reminds him that they had a deal; he has a future at Spaulding. Gus theorizes that maybe Phillip had it right all along. Death might be the only way. Gus shouts at him to leave him alone, but Alan wants to console him. He is his father, and right or wrong, he loves him. Gus refuses to go with him and walks off.

Coop bursts into the Spaulding mansion and tells Lizzie that he is quitting. After everything that has happened to his family, he cannot take it anymore. He wants out. Lizzie is confused. She tries to stop him from making his decision. Coop tells her that he can’t. He can’t take this without Harley around, and he won’t work for the people who put her in jail. They continue to fight, and Coop finally tells her it’s final. He is quitting. He storms out.

Bill tries to do work, but a picture of Olivia keeps staring at him deeply. He can’t let her go. Holly arrives and tells him that his wife is in danger. She tells him that Olivia is with Sebastian and that he is capable of dangerous things. Holly is shocked when Bill seems like he doesn’t care. She storms out and says that he doesn’t love her. After awhile, another knock comes at Bill’s door. It is Michelle. She acknowledges that “he looks like hell.” Michelle lets him know that she has her memory back, and Bill is ecstatic. Michelle pulls out a gift for Bill – his one year anniversary gift. They begin to dish about their love lives, and Bill tells her that Olivia thinks he slept with Harley. He is reluctant to tell her until she says that she wants to tell him a secret as well. Michelle makes him swear that he won’t tell anyone. She tells him that she slept with Danny. He is happy for her, but confused that she is still with Tony. She wants his advice. However, she is the one who ends up giving him advice. He needs to grovel for Olivia. Bill agrees, and says that when Olivia comes home, he will make it up to her.

Sebastian continues to talk and flirt with Olivia. Strangely, he understands her pain. Olivia says that her marriage was nothing more than a business agreement. He tells her that he will be her shoulder to cry on. However, Olivia says that crying over a man is a waste of time. Sebastian ends by saying that she was way too good for Bill anyway. Olivia asks Sebastian coyly if he is flirting with her. She says that is the last thing she needs right now. Sebastian gets up to leave and says he wishes Olivia would leave with him. She refuses at first, but then slinks out after him.

A prison guard prepares to place Harley in her cell. He asks for the pictures that she holds in her hand. They are of her children and her family. He refuses to let her keep them and takes them away, promising that she will get them back sometime. The guard puts her in a holding cell, and Harley is taunted by the other inmates for being a former cop. The guard warns her to watch her back. A few women begin to approach Harley with a sharp object, but she pushes them off. The guard goes in to rescue her, and Harley gets angry. She doesn’t want any favors. He assures her that she isn’t getting any. There is someone there to see her. Gus walks through the door. They talk about how Gus is taking her prison term. Harley reminds him that she wants him to let her go. He tells her to be quiet and listen to what he has to say. He doesn’t want her to get comfortable in there. Harley asks him to leave; she doesn’t want to be made out to look like a weakling in front of her new “friends.” Both of them concoct a plan to stage a fight in order to make Harley look tough in front of the other inmates. It is successful, and after Gus leaves, the other women are impressed.

Lizzie has followed Coop, and they are now at Phillip’s grave. She admits that she really didn’t think that Harley was guilty, but then everyone began feeding ideas into her head. Lizzie becomes overcome with sadness and starts to cry for Phillip. She misses her father. Coop tries to comfort her by telling her stories about his mom. He quiets her tears and reminds her that she doesn’t have to deal with this family feud. Alan returns and orders Coop to let her go. Alan warns Lizzie that she needs to distance herself from him; he wants her to fire him. He does not want to lose another member of his family to the Coopers. Lizzie refuses to fire Coop. Alan orders her to leave with him. She goes, but is in tears. After they leave, we see that the grave is still being watched.

Sebastian takes a room at the Beacon, expecting Olivia to show up. There is a knock at the door. He runs to it, and is surprised to see Holly. She walks in and observes the area. It is adorned with candles and champagne, presumably in anticipation of Olivia. Holly reminds him that Olivia loves her husband. Sebastian thinks that she is just being jealous. She tells him that she was in the past, but not anymore. She tells him that she has had an epiphany, and it has all come together tonight. She says that he has simply showed her what she was missing. She is now focused on her career and free of him. She tries to leave, but he pulls her in for a kiss. She refuses and leaves.

Olivia goes to the Spaulding mansion and calls it her new home.

Lizzie and Alan return to the mansion. Alan lectures her and tells her that when he orders her to do something, she will listen. Lizzie is upset. They go inside of the living room and encounter Olivia, who tells them that she wants to move back in. Alan welcomes her and Emma home. Olivia leaves to get situated. Lizzie is angry, but Alan promises that everything will be all right.

Coop returns to Phillip’s grave and shouts aloud that he doesn’t know what is wrong with Lizzie. He is disturbed to see that a rose has been placed on his grave.

Harley is placed into her final cell, and she cries when she realizes she will be locked in there for 25 years. Outside, the guard speaks with another guard in charge. It is Mallet, and he wants her to report to his office first thing in the morning.

Gus returns to his apartment and finds a note under the door. He opens it up, and it reads “Don’t you hate it when someone else gets away with murder?”

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