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By Elizabeth

Olivia walks into their apartment and looks around while hollering out, wondering where her husband is. She wanders through the place and as she is in the bedroom he walks in. She runs up to him and throws her arms around him, obviously glad to see him. He doesn’t look as happy to see her as she lets him know how worried she was. Bill shrugs her off as she mentions that she was looking for him all night. “I’m sorry.” She adds in once she realizes that he’s not paying too much attention to her. He glances to the ground the whole time and looks extremely guilty. Olivia goes on and on about how bad she feels about everything. She mentions Harleys sentencing and tells him that she believes they can get through it all. She wonders if he feels the same way, just as he is about to answer her Gus comes knocking at the door. He yells out calling for Bill. Inside, Bill doesn’t seem pleased to know that Gus is outside. Olivia looks confused and walks over to the door letting in their guest. He immediately barges in and punches Bill. “That’s for sleeping with my girl you son of a bitch.” Gus tells him. Olivia looks at her husband with both shock and hurt on her face.  

Holly walks into a Spaulding Meeting that is taking place at Olivia’s Bar in the Beacon. She sees Sebastian with clients, but immediately walks over to Alan. He isn’t surprised to see her and she flirts with him, fixing his tie as she knows Sebastian is watching on. She asks if the reason Alan asked her to the meet and greet was because of the business aspect of it and he lets her know that it wasn’t. He smiles at her and lets her know that he wanted to invite her as a guest. “No work allowed.” Alan informs her, flirting right back with her. He gets a somewhat serious look on his face as he lets her know that he is interested in purchasing the Springfield Journal. She looks shocked and asks why he’s so interested. She is quick to point out that his son bought her out of the TV station and jokingly wonders what she did to deserve all the attention. He lets her know that he thinks the coverage of Phillip’s murder trial was biased; she shrugs and lets him know that her paper isn’t for sale. Holly begins to walk off and he stops her, letting her know that that they don’t have to be enemies. As Sebastian continues to watch the two of them she urges Alan to convince her to sell the paper. 

Josh is rushing about the house, throwing his coat on while talking to ‘Wanda’ about travel arrangements. He orders her to fuel a plane that he wants to be ready to leave later that evening. As Sandy and Tammy walk in he tells Wanda that it will only be him and his wife leaving on a surprise trip and that the pilot knows the destination. Josh turns to the two of them as Tammy jokes about how her uncle hasn’t learned from the last surprise her threw for his wife as Sandy mentions the reason they came back to the house. He lets Josh know that he accidentally forgot a file that he needed to look at and came back for it. Josh, who is still flustered hands Sandy the file and lets the two of them know that he’s off to find Reva. Before leaving he asks them to close up the house and lets them know they are welcome to make themselves at home. 

Jonathan is on the phone inside of Farley’s bar and tells the person on the other end of the line that his mother isn’t going anywhere. He is getting mad as he lets the unknown person know that he has everything under control. In the middle of his conversation he feels a tap on he shoulder and turns around, clearly mad from the conversation. Revs is standing there and wonders what she has just interrupted. He hangs up and is taken back to see his mother standing there. He comments on her returning to the bar and she shrugs before asking him if he’s ok.  He sighs, looks away and shrugs, obviously wanting to blow her concern off.  

Edmund continues to try and convince Cassie to let him stay. She remains firm in her decision and lets him know that it is no longer home. “My only concern is for that unborn child.” She tells him all the while being so calm that it is worrisome. Dinah watches on as the two talk with one another. Cassie goes on to tell Edmund that there is no way she can comprehend how the two of them could be so selfish. She goes on to let them know that she can’t worry about it any longer and that she has to worry about the new life that needs to be protected. Edmund once more tries to convince her to let him stay and again she refuses. Seeing the two of them argue cause Dinah to offer to leave, telling them that she thinks they need to discuss their issues in private. Cassie refuses to let her leave, making it clear that she is now the one in charge. She then turns to Edmund and orders him to leave before she takes off with Dinah. Edmund looks confused as Cassie makes it clear that she is going to be making all of the decisions regarding her child. Edmund leaves after telling her once more that he loves her and can’t give up on her. As soon as he’s gone Dinah reminds Cassie how much Edmund truly loves her. She even tries to be nice and asks if Cassie is feeling ok. She has tears in her eyes and looks as though she can’t believe what she is hearing. “It’s going to be fun, just us girls together.” Dinah tells Cassie who has begun to cry.  

Jonathan orders his mother a drink as the two sit with one another and talk. He asks her if she needs anything and she lets him know that she simply needs some space. He looks worried, visibly wondering if she’s going to get that in Springfield with the Lewis family. He begins to get up and she lets him know that she doesn’t want him to leave. The two take a shot and then laugh with one another.  

Josh walks into the entrance of Olivia’s Bar and glances around, obviously still looking for his wife. Edmund walks in seconds after Josh and sits down, not seeing his brother-in-law. Josh approaches him and asks how he is doing. He seems shocked that Cassie has kicked him out and looks as though he genuinely cares. He reminds Edmund that the fire was a big thing and that she just needs some time to heal. He nods and lets Josh know that they still love one another and have a lot to live for. Thinking he is talking about now being married, Josh makes sure he is hearing Edmund right. He is told that not only are they married, but now there might be a child on the way. Josh looks stunned and mentions that he thought Cassie had left town before the procedure had been completed. “Josh, what would you say if I were to hire a woman to carry our child as a sort of present to Cassie?” He asks Josh trying to see how he will react to the news of having a surrogate. He lets Edmund know that it is an incredibly bad idea, especially if Cassie isn’t involved in the decision. He tries to reason with Edmund, informing him that using a child to manipulate Cassie won’t work. He turns to Josh and lets him know that he is willing to do anything to get his wife back. “I know and that makes me nervous.” Josh tells him.  

Cassie lets Dinah know that she will be the one making the rules around the house and begins to lay down the law. Dinah mentions getting something to eat and offers up pizza as a suggestion. Cassie turns it down, telling her that it isn’t good for the child and then sits down at the table making it clear that they have some things to work out. She mentions their schedule for the next day and that Dinah will have to see Dr. Sedgwick. Dinah grimaces mentioning that she has just had a check up and that Dr. Sedgwick doesn’t like her. Not feeling bad for her Cassie reminds Dinah that now they are playing by her rules and that she wants to be brought up to speed on what is happening with her child. She gets up to make them something to eat, only to realize there is no food in the house. Dinah has an ‘I told you so’ look on her face while Cassie looks defeated.  

Sandy and Tammy are sitting in the living room finishing up some sandwiches when she mentions that they should probably get going. He comments on always feeling as though they have to leave. She agrees and he lets her know that it is time for them to ‘do something they have never done before.’ She looks worried as he leaves the room.  

Sebastian is sitting talking to a client as Holly giggles and lets Alan know “she’s not interested in what he’s offering.” He glances up at his boss and Holly, evidently wondering what is going on between the two of them. She lets him know that she might be willing to sell half of the journal in exchange for Spaulding stock. “I’d like enough stock to give me a voice at the table.” She informs Alan who looks noticeably impressed with her negotiation skills. She lets him know that he has to take the deal or leave it; he smiles at her and tells her that their lawyers will be in contact with one another. He also adds in that as far as he is concerned the deal has been made. The two smile at one another and laugh as Sebastian approaches them. He inquires as to what they are celebrating. Alan leaves Holly in charge of breaking the good news to Sebastian and walks away from the two of them to deal with another guest. She smiles as Sebastian comments on how she has ‘a way with him.’  

Olivia immediately comes to her husband’s defense, wondering what has gotten into Gus. “I will kill you.” He threatens Bill who hasn’t said much the whole time. Olivia yells at Gus, unsure of what is really going on. He lets Bill know that he’s willing to break the news to Olivia. He blurts out that he found Harley and Bill in bed together. She looks stunned as Bill tells Gus that he has no idea what he is talking about. Gus comes back at Bill claiming that Bill took advantage of her. Not wanting to believe what she is hearing, Olivia urges Bill to clear his name and deny what Gus is saying. He looks back and forth between Gus and his wife and then without denying anything simply asks Gus to leave. When he doesn’t go anywhere, Bill goes on about how all Harley wants is for him to leave her alone. He urges Gus to live his own life and not interfere with Harley’s anymore than he already has. He doesn’t want to believe what he is hearing and accuses both Olivia and Bill of being ‘sick and twisted.’ He also mentions that the only reason Harley is on her way to jail is because of the two of them. Olivia isn’t saying anything and looks like she can’t believe what she has heard. Gus walks out and slams the door after telling them both that they deserve one another. Bill looks up at his wife, and offers to explain. Before he has a chance to say anything she slaps him across the face yelling “I knew I couldn’t trust you.”  She continues talking to him, wondering why she didn’t see what was going on before. She begins ranting about how her husband has probably been having an affair with Harley from the beginning. He looks like he can’t believe what she is saying as she heads into another room to grab her things. Bill takes hold of her shoulders and reminds her that he is the one who has stuck up for her from the beginning. He wonders why she can’t appreciate all the things he has done for her and she doesn’t want to hear it. She accuses him of being a typical ‘Lewis Boy’ interested in helping only women in need. He can’t believe what he is hearing and she looks like she is about to walk out. She screams at him that it must have been Harley from the first time she screwed up. He yells back at her wondering why she is ranting and explains that he has been with her and supported her for the entirety of their marriage. Bill lets her know that she is the one who has sabotaged their marriage. “What relationship do we have without trust?” He asks her. With tears in her eyes she admits that they don’t and can’t believe that she trusted him. Bill turns away admitting defeat, giving his wife what she wants, to win. She looks at him, wanting to believe him.  

At Olivia’s Bar, Gus pours pepto bismol into his drink and takes a swig. His father is nearby and wonders what his son is doing at the party. Just as it sounds like Alan is going to begin ranting at his son, Gus gets up and warns his father not to start with him. He reminds Alan that Harley is in jail and that everything he did seemed to make it worse. Gus looks at his father and mentions that he thought he thanked him for his words in court, but that if he didn’t he meant to. While Gus is rambling on Alan notices a bandage on his son’s hand and wonders what it is doing there. He shrugs it off and then mentions the deal again to his father. He reminds his father that he will uphold his part of the deal and return the Spaulding. Alan ushers him away from the clients and Gus doesn’t want any part of it. “I have no secrets. Just tell me who to schmooze and I will do it.” Gus tells his father, looking panicked.  

Sebastian and Holly are sitting with one another at a table when he wonders why she would sell any part of her paper to Alan. She looks at him with a glint in her eye and informs him that he made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse. He seems surprised that she would sell something that she loves so much and she tells him that the Journal has been having some financial difficulties. She then turns to Sebastian mentioning that Alan seemed to have a personal interest in the paper. He looks at Holly and tells her that he thinks Alan has a greater interest in the owner of the paper and points out that it is a strange way to seduce a woman. She looks like she doesn’t know what to think and tells him that she thinks Alan can be charming. Holly smiles as he warns her not to trust Alan.  

Reva confesses to Jonathan that she’s not ready to give up on him yet. She lets him know that she just needs to find a way to deal with everything in her life. She goes on to explain that she wasn’t a great mother to any of her children and he seems to be listening to her. He stops her informing her that it is too late for her to be his mother. She looks concerned and tells him that it is never too late for someone to care. She goes on to admit to him that she was wrong in telling him that they needed distance. He looks upset and begins to walk off leaving her wondering what is happening. She is clearly worried and pleads with him to stay. He leaves and erupts in anger in the alley behind the bar kicking over cans. He feels an arm on his shoulder and turns around, yelling for the person behind him to get away. He sees that it is only Josh and stops. Josh looks like he’s curious to find out what is going on.  

Cassie wonders what Dinah was thinking when she decided to carry the child. Dinah admits that Edmund was desperate and that she was available.  She goes on about how the only thing she wants is to help the two of them have a child. Cassie doesn’t want to hear it and orders Dinah to set the dinner table. She makes it clear that she has heard enough, and Dinah continues to talk to her. She mentions her own childhood and how she now has an interest in how the child she is carrying turns out. Cassie reminds her that she is carrying her baby. She tells Dinah that the baby will be loved and that she will raise the child alone. Not giving in Dinah reminds Cassie that she knows how much she still loves her husband. Cassie doesn’t deny it and goes on to explain that although her love for Edmund will never stop, that she wont’ be able to forgive him. She stops short as she sees that Edmund has walked into the farmhouse. She looks at Edmund and realizes he has just heard what she said. Dinah gets the look from both Edmund and Cassie that they want to be alone and she walks away from the two of them. He looks to his wife and wonders why she won’t return to him. She lets him know that she can’t talk to him about their situation anymore and asks him to leave. Not wanting to take no for an answer he suggests that the two of them spend time with one another until they figure things out completely. Dinah interrupts the two of them rallying support for Edmund when Cassie yells at her to stop.  She begins to walks out and Edmund follows her onto the porch where she is crying. He covers her with his jacket and hugs her as she cries.

Reva comes out of the bar and looks concerned and confused as she sees Josh and Jonathan staring at one another. Jonathan breaks the ice and explains that he thought Josh was someone else.  Josh doesn’t buy it and Reva immediately looks worried. She wonders if her son is in some kind of trouble and he doesn’t say much before heading back into the bar. Reva looks even more worried as Josh comments on her relationship with Jonathan. She apologizes to him for her reaction to the party and promises to apologize to Sandy & Tammy. He smiles and mentions how Sandy & Tammy remind him of their relationship.  Josh then offers to take his wife away to Aspen and look at the land he wanted to build the house on.  She smiles and lets him know that the trip sounds great. She hugs him and it looks like she’s interested just as Jonathan comes outside. Josh informs him that the two of them were talking about going away with one another and Reva is quick to jump in and let Jonathan know that she is more than willing to stay in town if he wants her to.  

Gus has another swig of his drink as Holly comes over and thanks Alan for inviting her to the party. Gus smiles and comments to his father that she’s a good catch and then heads off to mingle with some clients. Alan tries to stop him as he manages to mangle his first conversation with people at the party. Alan makes an excuse for Gus, claiming that Gus is having a hard time with Phillip’s death. He then pulls him aside and makes it clear that he can’t insult the family any longer. He urges Gus to get some sleep back at the mansion and mentions that he will return shortly. Gus looks up at his father and promises that he will find Phillip’s true killer.  Alan looks after his son, clearly worried.  

Sandy and Tammy are sitting on the couch playing cards and talking. She mentions to him how she knows very little about him. The two joke around about learning more about one another and he kisses her. She stands up and lets him know that she could deal with having a normal life and be happy. He smiles and lets her know that he’s not to sure.  

Olivia begins to gather her belonging to leave and Bill stops her. He wonders what she is doing and lets her know that they can’t end things the way they are now.  She warns him to get out of her way and to stay away from both her and Emma. He asks when she is going to come back and she doesn’t answer. She cries telling him how much she loves him.  He stands by the door as she cries on the other side.  

Jonathan looks surprised that his mother would cancel her plans to be with him. She walks toward him letting him know that she’s worried about him. Jonathan’s phone rings and she wonders why he won’t answer it. After looking at the caller ID he lets her know that it is nothing and Josh butts in. He reminds Jonathan that whatever is going on that they will find out about it. He becomes defensive and wonders why Josh always has to assume the worst. Reva tells the two of them to stop arguing and Jonathan tells his mother that she should go away with her husband. She checks to make sure it is what he really wants and he confesses that it would probably do his mother some good. She thanks him and lets him know she will call him as soon as possible. She smiles and hugs him as Josh glares at Jonathan. Before leaving she urges him to behave and he laughs. Reva grabs Josh’s hand and the two leave with one another. Jonathan is alone in the alley and looks at his phone. He sighs and looks from the phone to his mother.  

Cassie continues to cry while Edmund holds her. Dinah watches from the kitchen window as he tells her that he wishes he could take her away with him.  She turns to him, wondering why he doesn’t understand. He tries to explain that he simply can’t give up on something as special as their love. She immediately turns the tables on him wondering why he would enlist Dinah’s help if he truly loved her. She claims that his idea of having a surrogate is as twisted as him attempting to kill Jeffery and wonders if he is willing to do anything to get what he wants. He corrects her, letting her know that he is willing to do anything for the two of them and not just him. He reminds her that he loves her unconditionally and that he won’t leave her.  He then grabs her and kisses her and Dinah watches on from inside.  

Sandy and Tammy leave the Lewis house, flirting with one another the whole time. The two genuinely look happy with one another.  

Olivia rushes into the bar at the Beacon and demands a drink. She is visibly upset and Sebastian rushes over to her, wondering if everything is ok. She doesn’t want to see him and makes it clear. He remains worried, asking if everything is alright once more and offering to help her in any way possible. She continues to cry, telling him that no one can help her.  She hugs him, all the while crying as Holly watches on.  

Bill pours himself a drink at the apartment and picks up the phone. He tells the person on the other end that he is back at Lewis Construction and that he needs to schedule a meeting for all the employees.  

At Phillip’s grave, Gus wonders how the two of them ended up where they are. He has a bottle of alcohol in his hand as he talks to his brother.  He mentions his wedding day and how he broke the trust that Harley had for him. He pleads with his brother to help him find the true killer. Alan shows up telling his son that Phillip won’t be able to help him, but that he is able to.  

Dinah watches as the two of them kiss one another from inside. She decides that she can’t have the two of them getting close to one another and places a smoky pot near the smoke detector. The fire alarm goes off and Dinah claims she is fine. Edmund rushes inside to take care of everything and the alarm stops.  Cassie looks at Edmund and lets him know that he needs to leave. He doesn’t want to go and she reminds him that her main goal right now is to protect the life of her child. He looks at her confused, wondering if she wants to protect his child from him and she informs him that he has to leave.  She closes the door on her husband and Dinah assures Cassie that everything is ok. Cassie gets up and leaves the room.

Josh and Reva leave their house, suitcases in tow. He jokes with his wife about bringing along too much stuff. When she doesn’t laugh immediately, he wonders what is wrong. She confesses that she’s a bit worried about Jonathan.  Not wanting to let him spoil their trip he mentions that the two of them need some alone time and promises that everything will be fine.  He hugs her and she still looks worried.

Jonathan picks up his phone and assures the person on the other end that things are fine. He goes on to explain that things have changed and that Reva is leaving town. His voice is cracking and he sounds worried about Reva and he tells the unknown person that he is sorry that he couldn’t handle things on his own. He hangs up looking more worried than before.

Surrounded by a pile of papers in his apartment Bill heads for the door. He has his hand on the knob when he wonders what he is doing and turns around.

Holly continues to watch Sebastian and Olivia with one another. He urges her to finish her drink so that her nerves will calm down. She looks like a wreck and he asks if she’s having trouble at home. She denies it and claims that she only needed to get out for a bit.  She thanks him, and when she becomes evasive he apologizes for intruding. He moves her hair aside as she mentions that Bill is what hurt her. He takes her hand, letting her know that she will be fine. He has one hand on her back and tells her that he will be there for her. She looks at him through her teary eyes, wondering what he is up to.

At the crypt, Gus wonders how his father can help him and asks if he has any information about the night that Phillip died. He reminds his son that Harley’s future is in prison and that he has to face the facts. Getting upset Gus confesses to his father that he misses her every second. He goes on about how there is a killer on the outside world, and that he is scot free while Harley is in jail. Alan pleads with his son to forget about it all, because the trial is over. Someone watches on as Gus reminds his father that it isn’t over under Harley is a free woman.

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