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Cassie arrives at the farm to give Edmund the separation papers. She tells him that she did not come here to reconcile, but there is a baby in the picture, and she cannot turn her back on it. She tearfully asks Edmund if the baby is healthy. She is upset that she doesn’t know anything about the woman carrying her child. Dinah walks in and replies “yes you do; it’s me.” Cassie is confused and does not believe her. Edmund tries to quiet Dinah, but Dinah tells him that Cassie needs to know. Little by little, Cassie pieces the events together, with Edmund providing her with the details. She begins to scream at him, hitting him and pushing him across the room. “No!” she screams over and over. Edmund tries to appease her by grabbing her from behind and begging her to listen to him. Cassie jerks away. She begins to protest and begs Edmund to tell her it isn’t true. He tells her that he did it for her. He wasn’t going to let one argument take away their chance of having a child together. Cassie is livid. He knew that Dinah hated her, yet, he still decided to go along with this plan. Edmund reasons that his decision was “drastic,” but he smiles and says that he decided to risk it all for her – because he loves her that much. Cassie furiously screams at him that he stole her baby.

At Company, Tony asks Michelle if she is sure she is ready to go through with her divorce hearing, scheduled for that day, and their upcoming marriage. Michelle replies “of course,” but begins to daydream about making love to Danny. Tony walks away to check his messages and comes back saying that Danny has cancelled the divorce hearing and postponed it for another day. Michelle lies and tells Tony that Danny probably postponed it because there are so many details to consider. Moreover, there is a child involved, and they don’t want to rush things. Tony believes her and has to leave. She assures him that she is still set on marrying him and that everything is okay. After he walks out, he gazes at her through the window, but Michelle seems distracted.

Back in the courtroom, Danny comforts a mourning Marina. She sobs that she didn’t even get to say goodbye to Harley. She doesn’t want to go home because Harley won’t be there, and it will be real. She doesn’t want it to be real. She runs into Danny’s arms, and they embrace. As they are leaving the courtroom, Danny tells Marina that he postponed the divorce hearing because of everything that is going on with Harley. He reminds her that Harley’s case is definitely not closed. Marina asks him if there is any other reason he postponed it, and he says no. They kiss. In the middle of it, Tony calls Danny and tells him that they need to talk now.

At their house, Josh and Reva talk about Harley’s sentencing. Reva acknowledges that life works in mysterious ways. Josh senses that she is upset about something else – the “baby.” He apologizes to her. She tells him that if Harley can deal with prison, then she can deal with menopause.

At the pool hall, Sandy sits, reading a file from Lewis Construction. Jonathan arrives and grabs the file from his hands, claiming that he needs to “study up” for his job. Sandy reminds him that if he is hired, he will be working for him. Tammy arrives and asks if they all want to play another game of pool. Jonathan declines, saying that he doesn’t want to hang out with “Barbie and Ken.” Tammy’s phone rings, and it is Josh. He wants her to come over to the house along with Sandy for a “family service.” Just as they leave, Reva sits down at the bar and orders double bourbon. Jonathan is staring from behind.

Marina arrives at Company for work and greets Michelle. Michelle asks if she has seen Danny; she wants to talk to him about the divorce hearing. Michelle apologizes for Harley’s sentencing and says that her family does not deserve that. Marina realizes that she remembers her family and says that she really missed her. Michelle begins to talk about how strange it was to almost lose the people in her life because she could not remember them – her son, her brother, her husband. Marina cuts her off. “You mean ex-husband,” she corrects her. Michelle casually corrects herself, and Marina lightheartedly says that she was “just checking.” She tells Michelle that Danny has been really good to her lately, and she’d be crazy to let anything get in the way of their relationship. Michelle assures her that she is marrying Tony, and she won’t get in the way. Marina confides in her that she thinks she is falling in love with Danny. Michelle pulls back, but tells her she is happy for the two of them. Michelle is visibly disturbed, however.

Tony arrives at the courthouse to meet Danny. Immediately, he confronts him by saying that he is not with Michelle anymore. Danny thinks this is about his postponing of the hearing. However, Tony informs him that Michelle “has told him everything.” He now has some “talking to do.” Danny is confused. He reminds Tony that Michelle and he have many issues to resolve that do not include him. Tony tells him that he knows all about Michelle getting her memory back, but they are still getting married. This is what Michelle wants. Tony demands him to “stop playing the memory card.”

Jonathan walks up to Reva at the pool hall and warns her not to drink too much. She tells him she isn’t pregnant. She is “going through the change.” He looks at Reva’s menopause brochures and begins making fun of all her symptoms. Jonathan apologizes for Reva not having a baby. He admits he was really looking forward to it. Reva says that regardless, she will get through this. Jonathan hugs her, and Reva leaves. Before she goes, she reminds him that he is “still her baby.”

Tammy and Sandy arrive at Reva and Josh’s house. Josh informs them of Reva’s “loss.” He wants them to spend some time with her and remind her of all that she has. She needs to be reminded that she is still a mother. Josh receives a call and leaves the room. While he is gone, Tammy remarks to Sandy that it’s disturbing to think about her Aunt and Uncle having sex. Josh returns and begins to help Tammy and Sandy straighten up the house. He tells them that Reva really needs the support of her family and her children now. “What about Jonathan?” Tammy asks. Josh admits that he did think about Jonathan, but he really doesn’t believe that Jonathan would be good for Reva at this point.

Back at the farm, Cassie grabs the phone and tries to call the police, but Edmund snatches it away. Both he and Dinah tell her that no crime has been committed and that they did not do this to hurt her. Cassie continues to be uncontrollably upset. Dinah assures her that she is merely the gestational carrier; she has gone into this knowing that she will give up the baby. However, Cassie continues to emphasize the negative side. She can’t believe her baby is in there, referring to Dinah as if she is trash. Cassie tells Edmund that she was barely gone a week, and now she has to deal with this? Dinah becomes fed up and orders her to stop sounding so ungrateful. She is giving up nine months of her life for this, and she is not doing it so Cassie can be completely ungrateful. Dinah falls in the midst of her yelling, and both Edmund and Cassie rush to her aid. Cassie pushes Edmund away and tells him to stay away. She wants to care for Dinah.

Edmund assures Cassie that Dinah signed a contract. She has no legal rights to the child when it is born. Cassie tearfully asks him if there is a way to get it back – to transfer it back inside of her. He tells her that no there is not. She asks him if he had any thought that this would hurt her. Dinah lives to make her life hell. In choosing her, didn’t he realize this would hurt Cassie? Cassie continues on by telling him that he is trying to control her again. He took something that was beautiful, that they made together, and he used it for his own selfish reasons. She says she doesn’t even know the word for that. “Love,” Dinah says, chiming in. Dinah runs to Cassie’s side, grabs her hand, and places it on her belly. She tells her to feel it; that is her baby. Cassie has a tender moment of realization that she is having a child. Edmund continues to tell her that they are having a child and that the only thing she needs to understand is that he loves her. Cassie says she feels like she is in a nightmare. Dinah assures her that Edmund had his reservations, but he overlooked them. Dinah owed her one, and this is it. Edmund begs her not to give up on them.

Back at the pool hall, Jonathan gets a phone call. However, when he realizes who it is, he says aloud for the person to leave him alone. He seems disturbed. Jonathan ignores the call, but the person calls back again. Jonathan’s phone rings again, and this time, he answers it. He tells the person on the phone that he does not need them to come to Springfield. He doesn’t have Reva where he wants her yet. The person hangs up before Jonathan is finished.

Reva returns to the house and realizes there is somewhat of a party going on. She is bothered by Josh telling the family about their “loss.” She runs out in a rush. Outside the house, she says aloud “I can’t deal with this.” She lets out a loud scream of frustration. Josh comes outside and asks if she is okay. She says she is, but she is simply having a hard time. He tells her that they should get rid of the kids and have some time alone, perhaps that would help. Reva won’t have it. She claims that she cannot breathe and decides to leave. She needs to get out of there. Josh is left confused and alone.

Danny arrives at Company and sees Marina outside sweeping. He runs inside for a moment and sees Michelle. She asks him about their divorce hearing. He tries to explain by saying there is a lot going on with Harley and that’s why he chose to postpone it. Michelle catches him in a lie and wants to know the real truth. He comes clean and says that since their “incident,” he felt like he should postpone it. He admits that their night together changed things for him. She agrees that it did for her as well. He feels that they need to work out some things. She starts to talk to him, but Tony arrives and comes up behind her protectively. Danny gets the point and goes out to see Marina.

After Danny leaves, Michelle asks Tony if he paid Danny a threatening visit. He tells her he did, but he’s just trying to look out for the two of them. They embrace, and Michelle’s gaze moves to window at Danny and Marina. Tony and Michelle kiss, and Danny looks inside at them.

Cassie paces back and forth and wishes that things could go back to the way they were before. Dinah asks her to stop; this isn’t good for “our” baby, she says. Cassie is confused by her using the term “our.” Dinah apologizes. Edmund assures her that Dinah can’t make a move without his permission. It is all outlined in the contract. Cassie interjects that she is taking over now. She is in charge. Edmund couldn’t be happier, until Cassie tells him that she is kicking him out. She can’t live with him. She will live at the farm with Dinah. She looks at Dinah, who is more than disturbed. “Until the baby is born, you and I are going to be inseparable,” Cassie says to her.

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