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By Ashley
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At Company, Buzz gives Marina, Coop, and Frank a pep talk about Harley’s sentencing. He wants them to make it as easy as possible on her. Frank can’t take it, however. He still feels that Harley going to prison is his fault.

Harley continues lying to Gus about sleeping with Bill. He accuses her of setting the entire thing up – one last attempt at pushing him away. Gus is furious with Harley. He tells her that this was their last night. He could have come over, and he could have been with her. They begin to yell, and Bill comes outside to quiet them. Harley tells Gus that she needed someone to hold her, someone that wasn’t him. They argue again about the fact that he needs to move on, and Harley tells him to leave. Gus realizes that she did this all for him. He is supposed to be happy, but he is not. After he leaves, Harley runs inside and breaks down in tears. She saw that he was hurt in his eyes and can hardly bear it. She asks Bill to stay true to her story about sleeping together.

Josh and Reva meet with Dr. Sedwick, eager to find out if she is really pregnant. Unfortunately, she informs them that Reva is not pregnant. There is another reason for her symptoms. Dr. Sedwick says her symptoms mean something else – menopause. Reva is going through pre-menopause. Reva and Josh are upset. They believed they were really pregnant. Josh admits that he was looking forward to it. The doctor informs them of all the health information on menopause. As they are leaving, Josh humorously taunts her about getting older.

Cassie is shocked to find Edmund’s baby things at the farm. Edmund walks in to greet her, and he tells her that everything is for their baby. Cassie is confused, but she pushes through this and hands Edmund the separation papers. He seems hurt and tells her that she can’t possibly want to separate. They have a dream to have a baby, and it’s going to happen, he says. He tells her that they are going to have a baby. “In fact, there is a baby on the way,” he says. Dinah listens from the back room. Cassie wonders aloud why he keeps saying they are still going to have a baby. She says that he’s crazy if he thinks that. Edmund tells her that he found a surrogate to carry their child. She is shaken and shocked. Edmund reminds her that they couldn’t lose that opportunity so he made the decision. Cassie is furious that he made this decision without asking her. He assures her that he only made it out of love and devotion to her. Cassie is still in shock and says that she is going to be sick. She runs out and leaves. Dinah emerges from the hallway.

After Cassie leaves, Dinah tries to console Edmund, who feels like he didn’t “tell Cassie the right way.” He assures himself that he needs to regroup and think of another way. Dinah tells him that she knows what the next step should be. She needs to leave. Dinah assures him that this is the best thing for them. Cassie will be back, once everything has sunk in. Edmund peacefully lets her leave, and Dinah is surprised. Edmund agrees to help her cover the cost of an apartment. Dinah is sad to leave him.

Outside Company, Josh and Reva run into Harley who is now dressed and ready for court. Cassie shows up as well. They all try to console Harley and give their apologies. Harley has no time and tells them that she needs to get inside and see Mel, who is now her lawyer. Cassie wonders why Harley fired Gus. She tells her that she did it for him and to please understand. She tearfully says goodbye to them, and they promise to visit. Cassie breaks down in tears after Harley leaves, and Reva senses that she is upset about something else. Cassie doesn’t want to tell her so she asks how Reva is doing and about the baby. Reva tells her she isn’t pregnant.

Inside Company, Alan tells Jeffrey that he wants to say a few things at Harley’s sentencing, making him nervous.

Across the restaurant, Harley tells Zack and Jude that she has to go away now. She assures them that it will be okay, and they all cry together. Buzz and Coop share in the family hug. The rest of the Coopers along with Rick, Mel, and Blake take turns hugging Harley and crying. Before she leaves, Harley runs back to give one last hug to her kids. Harley flashes forward to her sentencing. Alan addresses the court, and Mel tells Harley that he has every right to do this – he is the victim’s family. Alan gets up on the stand and requests that the court be “as lenient as possible” because Phillip would want it that way.

Reva tells Cassie that she is going through menopause, but Cassie is distracted. Reva apologizes again for Cassie not being pregnant. She tries to ask her about Edmund, but Cassie has to leave. She walks outside Company to see Rick and Jude talking about how they want their mom back. Cassie walks up to console them. She reminds them that “a mommy’s love is so strong.” A mommy never gives up on a baby.

While Alan is on the stand, Gus is outside trying to get into the court room. Frank angrily refuses to let him.

Alan continues to ask the judge to give Harley a light sentence. She needs to get back to her children. After he is done, Harley makes a statement. She says that she wants everyone there to know that ever since she was arrested and charged with Phillip’s murder, she has wished for a time machine. Perhaps then, this would never have happened. She assures the court that she would change her behavior, and now she is asking for forgiveness. However, she is taking responsibility. The judge passes her sentence. The judge finds her statement too little to late, and Harley is sentenced 25 years to life. The courtroom erupts in chaos. Harley is whisked away tearfully while her family assures her that everything will be okay.

Outside Company, Josh and Reva walk around and talk. He tells her that she is allowed to be disappointed. He says the he really got used to the idea of a child, but he likes the idea of being “free.” They agree to create some new adventures. Josh reassures her that, like the doctor said, this is just a part of life.

Cassie returns to Edmund. She hands him the separation papers and proclaims that she does not want to talk. She is furious with him, and she does not want to reconcile. Now, there is a baby in the picture, and she cannot walk away from that. Edmund wants to give her the details, but Cassie doesn’t want to know. She can’t believe that she doesn’t know this woman who is carrying their child. Is the baby healthy? She doesn’t know. Dinah walks in and proclaims that yes, she does know her. “It’s me,” she says. Cassie is shocked.

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