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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Amanda

Jeffrey is at the pool hall practicing with his band when Cassie walks in. He hands her the separation papers, and she takes a moment to read them. She is nervous about signing them. Cassie asks if he thinks she is making a mistake. He replies that she’s not. She doesn’t belong with Edmund. Cassie tells Jeffrey that they need to forget what happened between them the night before. She says that it’s over and it happened, but it didn’t mean a thing. She starts to walk away, but Jeffrey grabs her. Cassie admits that she does feel something for him, but just a little bit. Jeffrey is happy at her admission, but he accuses her of talking herself out of it. She tells him that she has way too much going on in her life to even think about getting involved with him. He apologizes for pushing her away and tells her that he’s going to stop doing that. They start to kiss again.

Dinah and Edmund are at the farm putting together a baby swing. Edmund wants everything perfect so when Cassie walks in the door, she sees the crib and the swing. Dinah tries to bond with Edmund again since she is the one carrying his child, but he tells her he has had it. This is not her baby; it’s his and Cassie’s. Dinah replies that she gets it; she’s simply “an incubator.” Dinah looks hurt. They continue putting the swing together, and Edmund injures himself trying to hammer in a nail. Dinah runs to help him, but he refuses to let her. She replies that she forgot; she is just the one carrying the baby. Edmund informs her that he is simply trying to get everything perfect for Cassie, and he would appreciate it if she didn’t have a hidden agenda working against him. She agrees and asks what he will do if Cassie does not come back to him when she finds out. Edmund says that isn’t possible. Dinah convinces Edmund not to tell Cassie right now. He needs practice. She offers to be his “pretend-Cassie.”

Olivia sits in Bill’s office feeding Emma. She flashes back to her fight with Bill over Harley earlier. She looks at Emma and reassures herself that Bill loves the two of them. Suddenly, she hears someone coming through the door. Thinking it is Bill; she rushes to it and begins apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry,” she says. “I love you.” However, to her surprise, Sebastian is standing there. Olivia is less than happy to see him. He begins asking Olivia about the status of her marriage, suggesting that it is on the rocks. Olivia insists that she loves Bill, but Sebastian doesn’t believe her. He takes the liberty to suggest a more “solid” partnership – him and her. He reasons with her that they are both cut from the same cloth. She is insulted, but listens intently. Sebastian informs Olivia that they both “get each other.” He calls her a treasure and says that Bill is insane if he can’t see that. Sebastian leaves.

Harley asks Bill what he means about the two of them helping each other. She wants to know if he’s having a “Barry White” moment. Harley tells him that she’s packing up her office so she can say goodbye tomorrow. She will be going to prison. Bill replies that maybe he’s trying to say goodbye too. He is trying to love Olivia as best as he can. Harley complains that she doesn’t know what to do about Gus. She wants him to just get over her. Harley continues packing boxes, and Bill asks her why on earth she needs to do this now, on her last night. She tells him that she simply has nothing else to do. She doesn’t want to see Gus, and her kids are already asleep. Moreover, the things in her office remind her of when she was a “good” person. After tomorrow, she will be a convict. She starts to get upset with Bill because he doesn’t realize the heaviness of the problem. She is going to prison. He needs to think about that. They hug.

Gus has pulled a gun on Alan. He begins to taunt him about what he is feeling. “Is revenge the only thing you care about?” Gus asks. He believes that he and Alan aren’t so different after all. Gus continues taunting Alan with the gun. He tells him that he ruined Harley’s life and in return, that ruined him. Alan proceeds to beg for his life, asking Gus what he wants. He says he will do anything. “I was hoping you’d say that,” Gus says. He brings the gun up to his mouth and lights a cigarette with it. It is a fake gun. Alan grabs Gus’s cigarette and tells him that he’s going to pay for this stunt. Alan asks him what he wants. Gus wants him to help him with Harley’s appeal and to help him find the real murderer. He needs all of his resources. Alan agrees, but he also wants something from Gus. He tells him that he will get on the stand tomorrow and tell the court that Harley is an honorable woman, but only if Gus comes back to Spaulding. Gus refuses initially, but Alan reminds him that the Spauldings always forgive one another. Gus agrees, but he isn’t happy about it.

Dinah convinces Edmund to practice telling the truth. He begins to apologize, but then stops when he notices a look in Dinah’s eyes. He tells her that he knows she’s thinking that this situation will turn out to be her “ready-made” family and that she needs to stop. She asks him to start over. This time his apology is almost heartbreaking, and Dinah becomes entranced in his words. She truly believes she is Cassie and that he is talking to her. At the end of his speech, she kisses him unexpectedly. Dinah pulls away and immediately apologizes to Edmund. He is angry with her and tells her that this cannot happen ever again. She can’t blur the lines of their relationship. He informs her again that once she has the baby, she will be out of their lives. Dinah apologizes again and promises to not let it happen again.

Bill mourns his love life. He believes that every woman he has loved has been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He finally agrees to just help Harley pack up her things and not worry about it. They begin to laugh at the amount of junk Harley has accumulated until she finds one of Gus’s ties. She holds it and says that she would give anything to be in Gus’s arms right now. However, she can’t let herself go to him. She feels like she ruined his entire life. Yet, even after all that has happened she still wants to be near him and to feel safe. Bill comforts her and tells her that he wishes his love for Olivia was as strong as Gus’s love for Harley. They travel closer and begin to kiss. They stop and try to stomach what just happened, but they continue on. They start to make love.

Cassie pulls away and informs Jeffrey that she still loves Edmund. She can’t stay. After she leaves, she thinks about what just happened.

After Sebastian leaves, Olivia grabs her cell phone to call Bill. She pleads with him to come home on his voice mail, but he doesn’t answer.

Harley and Bill continue to make out on her bed. In the middle of it all, she starts bawling like a child. She loves Gus, and he loves Olivia. They can’t do this.

The next morning, Edmund wakes up to Dinah making breakfast. She seems very domestic, and he is confused. Outside, Cassie prepares to walk in the house and hand Edmund the separation papers.

At Company, Alan greets Olivia and Emma. Olivia is very upset because Bill didn’t come home last night. Strangely, Alan consoles her. He tells her that she can be ambitious in both her personal life and her professional life. She needs to get rid of Bill; he will never love her for her. Alan reminds her that she and Emma are always welcome in his house. He tries to convince her to come “home,” and she is confused that Alan would call it that. Alan tells her that she is one of them, and she belongs there. Olivia cuts him off and informs him that he has no business coaching her on her love life. She loves Bill and wants him back, period.

Gus walks into Harley’s office and is shocked to see Bill and Harley partially clothed and sleeping on the bed. Harley wakes up and doesn’t know what to say. Gus is immediately upset and replies sarcastically “I am not seeing this.” They run outside, and Gus is furious. Harley tries to explain but can’t get a word in. Gus asks if she slept with Bill. She lies and says yes.

Cassie walks in to the house, but the kitchen is empty. She sees the baby swing and is confused. She begins to prepare what she’s going to say.

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