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By Ashley
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Bill has just overheard Olivia making threats against Billy in the Lewis office. He lets her know he knows what is going on, but she denies that she said anything. She does not realize that the intercom of the phone was on the entire time. Bill is angry and tells her that he can’t believe she’s lying to him on top of what she has already done. They get into an argument. Olivia tells Bill that his father has already threatened to break up their marriage; she needed to do this in order to protect their relationship. Bill does not believe her. He thinks that everything she does is purely out of her own selfishness. Bill says aloud that he can’t believe she would try to get his own father run out of his company. Billy walks in. “Can I get an Amen to that?” he comments. Olivia whispers again that she did only this for him. Bill replies that she did it for herself. Billy is not going to be the one to come between them; Olivia will. Billy paces in the office back and forth with an amused smirk on his face. Bill catches wind of this and immediately grows angry with him as well. He tells Billy and Olivia that they are just alike. Both of them are only on the look out for one thing – a “bare knuckle down and dirty fight.”

Michelle struggles to tell Tony that she remembers everything. Tony seems upset about it. She confirms that remembers Danny, Robbie, and their life together. She has a flashback of making love to Danny. Tony asks her if this is going to change things between them. Michelle assures Tony that nothing will change between them. He gave her the ring after her memory came back. Therefore, that should clue him in about her unwavering feelings for him. Tony informs Michelle that he is happy for her, but he doesn’t seem genuine. He is worried about the fact that she might go back to Danny and continue their lives. Michelle assures him that Danny is with Marina now, and she is with him. Tony presses her to know about what happened when she told Danny. She flashes back again to making love to Danny. She lies and tells Tony that nothing happened; they were simply trying to stomach it all. “Did your feelings for Danny come back?” Tony asks. Before Michelle can answer, Rick walks in. Michelle runs up to him and gives him a big hug. Rick is caught off guard at her emotions.

Gus rolls over and coughs in his hospital bed. He calls for Harley, but is surprised that she isn’t there. Buzz arrives and tells Gus that he needs to “pipe down” and listen to the doctors. Gus tries to get up. Buzz refuses to let him, and they start to talk about his love for Harley. Buzz tries to convince him to give up his fight for an appeal. He needs to rest. That is the only way they can help her now. Gus pretends to fall asleep long enough for Buzz to leave. When he is all alone, he gets up and prepares to leave.

Harley arrives at Company to see Jude and Zack. They are in their pajamas, ready for bed. She asks where Buzz went, and the two reply that their grandfather is in the kitchen getting them “sandwiches and wine.” Harley is confused. Alan walks out of the kitchen and replies “Yes, the other grandpa is here.” Annoyed to see Alan trying to serve the boys a glass of wine, Harley tells Zack and Jude to go get two cups of milk instead. While they are gone, she and Alan begin to argue again over the boys’ well-being. He believes she is going back on her word of wanting the boys to spend more time with Phillip’s family. She refuses to acknowledge this is the truth. Alan tells her that both Zack and Jude emulate their fathers. She cannot bear to claim this as truth, and asks the boys to get their coats. They are going to the tree house to play a game. She doesn’t want them around Alan.

Gus arrives at Company and sees Alan. He asks if he has seen Harley. Alan notices that Gus looks ill. Again, Alan starts to talk with him about his refusal to go back to the Spauldings. He can’t believe that he is still sticking by Harley, the “lost cause.” Gus calls Alan a “bitter old man,” to which Alan replies “that’s the exact way I see you.” Gus gets annoyed and leaves in search of Harley.

Harley, Zack, and Jude are in the tree house playing a game. She is letting them know of all of the fun things she did with Frank in the house when they were kids. She tells them that the tree house is now being passed along to them because she has to go away. Just like Zack has had to take a few time outs for bad behavior, Harley now has to take a “time out.” At first, the two boys seem to understand, but they insist that they want to go with her. When she says they can’t, Zack grows angry and tells her tearfully that he hates her for leaving. He runs away, and Gus catches him, as he is just climbing up into the tree house. Harley is in tears.

Billy and Olivia continue to argue, and Bill is caught in between. He says that they are both ruthless people who claim to do everything in the name of family, but in reality, it is only for them. Bill quiets Billy by saying that every time he tears Olivia down, it only prompts him to stick up for her more. Then he tells Olivia that if he had to make a choice between her and Billy, he would have chosen her in a heartbeat. She did not make that choice.

Michelle tells Rick that she hates the shirt he is wearing. She has hated it for ten years. This prompts Rick to realize that she has gotten her memory back. They hug again, and he is overjoyed. Rick begins flooding her with questions about how and when. Tony gets up to leave and tells Rick that there is more good news as well. Michelle shows him her new engagement ring. Rick is disappointed. He begins asking her about Danny, but Michelle cannot think. She tells him that there is nothing simple about this at all. They hug again.

Buzz arrives at Company looking for Gus. He is upset that Gus has snuck out of the hospital. Alan says aloud that he is worried about Gus and begins talking about his “family’s pain” again. Buzz interjects him, stating that Phillip’s pain is over. It died with him. Alan is the one who is continuing the pain because he believes that someone will have to pay. Buzz kneels down beside him and asks him to think about his pain. He is losing a daughter. He is losing his home. He’s not about to let Gus follow in Phillip’s footsteps. Alan tells him that he thinks they both went to the tree house.

Zack continues to pout and be angry about Harley going away. Gus tries to make him understand by telling him that the reason she is going away is because of their family. A law has been broken, and she needs to fix it, like she did when she was a police officer. Zack realizes that she is doing this for him and calms down. Buzz shows up, and Harley sends the boys back to Company with him to get some rest. After they leave, Harley looks at Gus and says “why won’t you stay out of my life?”

Bill asks Billy to leave him alone with his wife. Once alone, Bills asks Olivia if their going out to Plaid was just a front. She immediately replies no it wasn’t. However, she lets him know that he isn’t all that innocent. He has let her down in the past, and it all had to do with Harley and Ruth. Olivia can’t believe that Bill lied for her on the stand and has agreed to finish her house. She says that she will never be as “self-righteous and needy” as Harley, and if he wants that, then he should go for it. Bill grows even angrier and tells Olivia that she could learn from Harley. He storms out.

Rick and Michelle continue to hug. He asks her what she’s going to do about Danny and Tony. She tells him that she is in love with Tony, but that she just can’t believe that she has her past back now, and Danny isn’t in the same place. Rick says that she is in love with two men at the same time, and they both think about that statement. Tony runs back in with champagne to celebrate.

Harley begs Gus to move on and stop working on her case, but he refuses. She does not want to carry the thought of him holed up in his tiny apartment, working endlessly on her case. It is already over, and he needs to let it go. Gus reminds Harley that he loves her, but she says that it borders on obsession. It reminds her of Phillip. Gus is upset at this. Harley tells herself that she needs to move on, and in order for her to do that, he needs to move on too. She says that they will never be together again. That is their life.

Michelle and Tony down the bottle of champagne after Rick leaves, and she informs him that all she really wants is him. They embrace, and Michelle ponders their relationship in her head.

Billy and Olivia commit to a cease-fire. They both realize that if they don’t fix this conflict, they are both going to lose Bill.

Bill goes to visit Harley at her office with a six-pack of beer. She is cleaning out her office. She notices that he seems upset. He offers to help her move some boxes and says that maybe they can help each other out.

Gus arrives back at Company and requests a glass of wine from Alan. He tells him that they are going to have a chat. Alan says there is nothing to talk about; Gus has thrown his life away. Gus replies that he has absolutely nothing to lose now and pulls out a gun. He points it directly at Alan.

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