Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/5/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Amanda

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Harley sits with her back to a wall staring at a picture drawn by one of her kids. She is smiling and staring intently at the drawing when Bill walks in. He wonders what she is doing and she explains that she came down from spending time with her boys. He smiles as she talks about how she kept waking them up because she wouldn’t stop hugging them. “Mostly, I’m trying to hide from Gus.” She confesses with a sad look on her face. He shrugs reminding her how much he cares about her. She mentions that although she knows it, there is a chance that when she goes to prison he will loose everything waiting around for her. Just as she mentions her reasoning for wanting to push Gus away he walks through the door. She doesn’t see him, but Bill does. He approaches Gus and lets him know that Harley needs some space without him interfering.  

Olivia is sitting at the bar inside of J. Farley’s staring at a photo of Jed Harris and smiling. She mentions to herself what she has found out about Billy’s plan and laughs. Picking up her cell phone she calls Billy and demands a meeting with him. Trying to give him enough incentive to show up to the meeting she tells him that it has something to do with Bill.  On the other end of the line Billy looks surprised that his daughter in law wants to see him. She hangs up the phone looking satisfied that he will show up.

Alan and Sebastian are in the alley outside of Farley’s bar. Alan tries to convince his business associate to go somewhere else, but Sebastian doesn’t want to hear it. He lets Alan know that ‘this place’ has significant meaning for him as he almost died in this very alley. Alan looks uncomfortable as Sebastian mentions that near death experiences help to put some ‘bounce in your step.’ Alan attempts to relate to him and mentions his own near death experiences, with heart trouble. Talking about his heart problems leads him back to Phillip and how part of the reason Zach was named after him was partly because he almost died. He smiles when he mentions Phillip and Sebastian picks up on it, commenting on how apparent it is that he misses his son. “I miss him more than I can say.” Alan admits losing the smiles that was once on his face and the two head inside the bar. They walk inside and notice Olivia at the bar, but don’t say anything about it at first. Sebastian comment on how it must be somewhat reassuring that Harley has been convicted. Alan disagrees and then comments that he will now have time to make everyone else who hurt Phillip pay. He then stares right at Olivia.  

Michelle looks around the lighthouse and wonders what Tony has planned for her. She looks uncomfortable while he is all smiles. He scowls as he notices a cut on her head and sits her down. He looks worried and wonders what has happened to her. She looks like she is about to cry and apologizes to him. Not knowing what is going on he looks bewildered and reassures she is ok. She lets him know that she needs to tell him what happened. He offers to take her to the hospital and she lets him know that she doesn’t need it. She proclaims that she is fine. Tony pleads with her to let him take her to the hospital and realizes that something is really wrong. She looks like she about to cry and tells him that she almost lost him. Michelle then hugs him while thinking about her night with Danny.  

Danny arrives outside of the restaurant, but doesn’t go in at first. He hangs around outside for a little bit thinking about being with Michelle. Marina comes outside, not looking happy. He begins to apologize and she lets him know that she’s not sure how she should feel. “I’m not sure if I should be glad you’re ok or mad at the fact you had the nerve to show up.” She tells him. He lets her know that he needs to tell her something and she looks worried.  

Danny and Michelle begin telling their story of how the roof caved in to Tony and Marina in alternating voices.

She tells Tony about the accident.

Marina wonders what kind of accident it was and Danny explains it all to her.

Tony blames himself for almost getting Michelle killed. “I’m the one who recommended that construction team to Danny.” He tells her. She reminds him that she is fine and that they were lucky she and Danny were together.

Danny lets Marina know that he and Michelle ended up under a pile of rubble. She immediately asks if Michelle is ok and he lets her know that she’s fine.

Tony wonders what his cousin was thinking and asks why Danny didn’t take her to the hospital. Michelle reminds him that she’s okay and that they were in shock. Tony kisses her, thankful that she wasn’t alone. Michelle stares off into space and whispers that she was glad she wasn’t alone either.

Danny lets Marina know that he couldn’t leave until he knew that Michelle was 100% alright. She feels guilty for being mad and hugs him, grateful that he is ok. He looks over her shoulder, feeling at fault for what he did with Michelle.

Tony mentions how lucky he is that she is fine. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” He confesses, clearly glad to have her home. She apologizes for not being able to contact him sooner. She reminds him that nothing bad happened and that he will never lose her.

Marina tells Danny how frightening the prospect of losing him is. He reminds her that she needn’t dwell on it and that he is perfectly healthy. Danny kisses her forehead, letting her know that it is all over and that there is nothing to be scared of.  

Inside the restaurant, Gus reminds Bill that his relationship with Harley has nothing to do with him. He looks at Harley wonders if she needs ‘backup’ and when she nods it infuriates Gus. He wonders what she would need help for and Bill lays into him. He tells Gus that he isn’t helping Harley and that she shouldn’t have to worry about him. Gus yells letting them both know that Bill has no idea what he is talking about.  Bill tells him that she only has a few days left to spend with her family and that she would like to be able to do that without worrying about Gus.  He urges Gus to move on and take care of himself. Before leaving he tells Gus that if he truly loves Harley that he needs to honor her wishes. Once alone, Gus asks Harley if Bill is right.  She tells him that he is.  

Olivia orders a drink while Sebastian and Alan watch from the back of the bar. Sebastian comments on her being there while Alan tells about how she hurt his son more than anyone else. When Sebastian mentions that she wasn’t the one who directly killed his son, he is quick to tell about how Olivia began destroying Phillip from the moment that they met.  He begins to walk away and mentions that she will be punished for what she did to Phillip. Alan goes on to explain to Sebastian that she already senses it coming, and that she’s just waiting for him to up the pressure. Sebastian smiles and tells Alan that he likes to think his father too would have hurt people in his name. He smiles and informs Sebastian “Roger would have unleashed a plague in your name.” Sebastian smiles, taking the comment as a compliment. The two are interrupted by Olivia, wondering why she wasn’t invited to their meeting. Alan tells her that they’re talking about targeting a new company for Spaulding to take over and she wasn’t invited because of a conflict of interest. He lets her know that he wants to acquire Lewis Construction. She laughs thinking he is joking and then realizes that he is for real. She begins to tell him that it is all ridiculous and his intentions are obvious; that he wants to break up her marriage to Bill. Sebastian interrupts her, letting them both know that he’s come up with a plan to help get the new wanted asset. He even lets Olivia know that there is absolutely no reason for her to become involved. He offers to tae care of it and Olivia lets him know that she can take care of herself. “I’m in.” she tells Alan with a smile on her face. He looks immensely pleased that she has played right into his hands. She looks around and wonders how she is going to pull it all off.  

Tony pours Michelle a drink and reminds her that they have ‘their night’ still together. She lets him know that falling building won’t stop her and he smiles letting her know that he now realizes it. He goes on about how he wouldn’t know what to do without her and once again she begins to look guilty.  He sees that something is up and reminds her that she’s supposed to be happy with all the new stuff that is going on. She forces a smile and lets him know that she is happy with him. He lets her know that it is just the beginning and then gets down on one knee. He tells her that he took care of some loose ends that he talked to Robbie like she asked. “One could say that he jumped in my lap and said ‘Yay’ this is going to be great.” Tony reports to her. She looks nervous and he pops open a case that has her engagement ring in it. She sighs and lets him know it is beautiful. He puts the ring on her finger and once more asks her to marry him. Michelle doesn’t directly answer the question and tells him about how overwhelmed she is and that she doesn’t know what to say. He lets her know that she doesn’t have to say anything because she’s already agreed to be his wife and that’s all he needs.  He stands up and hugs her letting her know that he’s so excited that he doesn’t even want to wait. He has a big smile on his face while Michelle is fighting back tears.  

Alan can’t believe that Olivia is willing to sell out her own family and she lets him know that it’s not a problem. She lets them know that her father-in-law has it coming and although she hates to hurt Josh that she wants to continue working at Spaulding. She goes on to let them both know that she trusts Alan more than she trusts Billy. She takes a drink and gets up surprisingly Alan who wanted to get started on a strategy session. She lets him know that she’s ahead of the game. She leaves and Sebastian laughs to Alan, wondering if she was always so feisty. “She hasn’t changed a bit and that is what I am counting on.” Alan reports.  

Bill is inside his father’s office with a bag full of lunch and it seems that his visit is a surprise to his father. Billy first comments that his son looks tired and wonders if there are problems at home. Bill lets his father know that he doesn’t want to get into another argument and warns him to ‘stop.’ He looks down and informs his father that since her sentencing that he’s been spending a lot of time with Harley. “She’s amazing.” He tells his father and goes on to enumerate all the ways she is trying to make life better for those she cares about before heading off to prison. He lets his father know that she has reminded him of something – the importance of family. He shakes his head and mentions being a Lewis. Billy wonders what his son is thinking. Bill wonders how work is going and is told that everyone is swamped at the office. Bill looks at his father and wonders if his father wants to hire him. Billy looks ecstatic and lets his son know that he has a job.  

Danny apologizes to Marina about their cancelled trip to Chicago. He mentions still going away and she tells him that it is ok, and that there will be other times they can go away. He mentions how amazing she is and thanks her for being understanding. She jokes around with him and the two finally have smiles on their faces. He comments on how nice and simple she makes his life. When she mentions that simple is usually equated with boring he lets her know that it is just what he needs. Suddenly they hear Tony and Michelle’s voices. She tells him how hungry she is and then they see Danny & Marina. They all say hello to one another and Danny asks how Michelle has been feeling. She lets him know that she’s fine and he looks toward Tony to see what has been said between the two of them.  

Inside, Harley tells Gus that their feelings can’t matter as she is headed to prison. He lets her know that once he finds the real killer that she will be free. Not wanting to give in, she reminds him that they may never find the truth out about what happened. Refusing to argue he tells that they have plenty of time to discuss her appeal and urges her to come home with him. She lets him know that she can’t because she doesn’t want to give him the wrong impression. He looks confused and she informs him that she doesn’t want to give him hope where there is none. Harley looks like she is about to break down into tears. He looks down as she tells him that she loves him too much to hurt him. He tells her that he can handle it all. He goes on to let her know that he can’t let their love go, regardless of where she is. He continues on talking about how he isn’t ruining his life by waiting for her when he grabs his stomach. He falls to the floor, collapsing in front of her. Harley calls out, wondering if he is ok and yells for someone to call an ambulance. Harley stands by and explains what happened to the paramedics. Gus sits up telling them that he is ok. She goes with him to the hospital, assuring that she is with him.  

Holly walks into J. Farley’s and makes a beeline for Sebastian. She comments that she’s so glad that he’s getting along with Alan and smiles.  She jokes about Sebastian making friends and he enlists her help in getting Alan to loosen up. She turns to Alan and offers to buy the drinks if he’s willing to play a game of pool. After some prodding from Sebastian, Holly looks over at him and the two smile at one another.

Danny is surprised wonders why Michelle isn’t at home, taking things easy. Without answering his question she wonders how he is feeling. He lets her know that he is fine and Tony interrupts. He thanks Danny for helping save Michelle. Danny smiles and then congratulates Tony on his engagement. Marina pipes in and offers her congratulations as well and Michelle & Tony accept with smiles on their faces. Tony prods Michelle to show Marina the ring and she immediately wants to go inside for food. Tony offers for Danny and Marina to join them, but he declines. As the two newly engaged people head in for food Marina watches as Danny looks down towards the ground, clearly affected by his ex wife’s new engagement.  

Bill rolls up his sleeves willing to jump into the business wherever he is needed. Billy directs him to a desk and heads out into the front office to get some paperwork. Before leaving he lets his son know how much he appreciates having him back at the family business. Bill smiles and sits down, ready to begin work.  

In the front office, Billy is looking for some paperwork when Olivia arrives letting him know that it is time they met. He tries to tell her about Bill but she cuts him off, not letting him finish any of his sentences. She hands him a manila envelope and directs him to look inside. She warns him that the contents are exciting and could cause him to ‘lose the seat from underneath him.’ After looking at the papers he comments on how busy that she’s been. She wonders how he’s had the time to hire someone to put the fear of God into Phillip with everything else that he’s been up to. He walks over to the secretary’s desk and reminds her that she won’t be able to prove anything. “I give Harris any amount of money that he wants and he will sing any tune I want.” She informs him. Billy wonders what she wants and Olivia lets him know that she wants his portion of Lewis Construction. He laughs, wondering if his son knows what she’s up to. Not wanting to back down she reminds Billy that her husband knows as much about her plans to get his portion of the family business as he does about Jed Harris. She warns him that Bill know everything if they don’t get down to business. Billy turns around and as he places the papers on the desk he also hits the intercom button allowing Bill to hear everything. Bill looks up startled to hear his father and wife talking. He listens as his wife tells Billy that she will blackmail him for his part of Lewis. She threatens to go to the DA and Bill looks baffled as his wife continues to taunt his father.

 Alan makes a shot on the pool table and comments on how it doesn’t seem so long since he’s played anymore. He is smiling and truly looks happy. Sebastian heads to the bar to get drinks leaving Holly and Alan alone. Alan offers to play a game against Holly and she accepts. She asks him some questions about Sebastian while playing pool and after answering a couple of them he turns the tables on her. He wonders how things between her and Sebastian are going. “Strictly professional.” She tells him. He wonders why Holly is following Sebastian around and asks if her work and personal interests are overlapping. He mentions Roger and how they both appreciated how she never used to get caught up in it. He smiles at her and it looks like the two of them are flirting. Sebastian looks on from the bar, obviously wondering what is going on.  

Michelle approaches Danny inside the restaurant and he wonders why she hasn’t told him about what happened. She lets him know that she wanted to and that she will, but that it hasn’t been right yet. She looks at him wondering if Marina knows the truth and he confesses that he hasn’t told her yet either.  Michelle looks at him and lets him know that she suddenly can remember how close she was with Marina and how confusing things have suddenly gotten. He reminds her that she needs to take things slowly and one step at a time. She nods and heads back to sit with Tony. Before she leaves he compliments her on the ring and how happy she seems to make Tony. He mentions that he has never seen Tony this happy. She is quick to remind him of how close he and Marina are. They both agree that they don’t want to hurt their significant others and that their lives are different now. Marina lets Tony know how happy she is for him and Michelle before they head out the door. Once the two have left Marina turns to Danny and tells him that she knows Michelle’s memory is back.  He looks up wondering how she knows and Marina tells him that is obvious by the way Michelle looks at him. “Yeah, it’s back.” He tells her as he looks toward the door Michelle & Tony have just walked out.

 Harley looks into Gus’s room through the window, clearly looking concerned. Alex arrives and thanks her for calling. She demands to know what happened and asks what she can do to help. Harley lets her know that she needs to wait and stay so that he has someone there when he wakes up. Alex seems unsure that she is the right person to be there for him and Harley refuses to take no for an answer. “He needs someone and you owe me.” Harley informs Alex. She reminds Alex that he needs someone to count on while she’s in prison. She reluctantly agrees to wait and Harley lets her know that she is counting on her to help Gus when she’s gone. Harley looks toward the window once more as Rick comes out with the results. Rick lets them know that Gus has an ulcer and is exhausted. He pleads with Harley to get him to take his condition seriously and to take care of himself. She lets Rick know that she won’t be there when he wakes up and that it will be Alex’s job. She looks through the window into his room and then walks inside and gazes at him.

 Sebastian watches as his boss wins against Holly. She comments that Alan is a complicated man and then it looks like she has just thought of something. She pitches an idea for a story to Alan about how his family has gone through hard times and how they try to come out on top. Alan lets her know that she can’t do a story on him that he’s not ready for it and she asks him to give it some more thought before completely turning it down.  Sebastian wonders if Alan is ready to leave and he declines leaving, telling Sebastian that having some fun was just what he needed. He watches as Alan and Holly flirt with one another some more.

Olivia urges Billy to take her deal before she goes public with information that could crush him. He hands the paper back to Olivia and lets her know that she should try and do her worst. Inside the inner office, Bill wonders what his wife is thinking. She begins to gather her things and picks up her cell phone. She calls Alan and informs him that she has the ‘Lewis Deal’ under control.  Just then Bill walks into the outer office. Olivia wonders how much her husband has heard and he looks angry.

Tony kisses Michelle letting her know how anxious he is to marry her. She looks like her mind is elsewhere and tells him that there is something she has to tell him. She half smiles and lets him know that she thinks it is good and that she wants him to think so to. “I remember everything.” She tells him. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do.

Marina hands Danny a beer and comments on the enormity of the situation. She goes on about how happy everyone must be and Danny lets her know that he’s not too sure anyone else knows. He is visibly bothered by the events of the night and looks like he wants to tell Marina about what happened between him and Michelle. She goes on about how she’s glad for Michelle and Danny tries to let her know what an important part of the equation she is. She wonders if Danny is torn, and he lets her know that he is merely overwhelmed. “I think that we might need to slow things down for now.” He tells her. She agrees that she is cool with it and lets him know that nothing will ruin their relationship. He goes on and on about how he doesn’t want to hurt her and she lets him know that she’s aware of it. “I’m not going to give you up without a fight, so don’t worry.” She confesses.

Harley walks into Gus’s room while music plays in the background. She lets him know that getting rest is important for him and that he needs to stop fighting for her. She lets him know, while he is sleeping that he has to get back to his life. She kisses him and leaves the room. She walks out of the room and makes Rick & Alex promise that they will take care of him. Harley leaves the hospital letting them know that she won’t be around when he wakes up.

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