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By Ashley
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Edmund thoroughly inspects Jeffrey’s apartment and finds no trace of Cassie. Jeffrey lies and tells him that he has no idea where she is.

In the alley, Dinah tells Cassie that she is feeling even more connected to her than she has ever felt. She says they have more in common than Cassie thinks. Cassie does not believe her and wonders aloud how Dinah knew she would be at Jeffrey’s. Cassie is annoyed with Dinah’s remarks. Inside the pool hall, Cassie tells Dinah to just get it over with and tell her what she means. Dinah tells her that she’s been spending more time with Edmund, but it’s not what she thinks. She is not trying to “steal” him. She is simply trying to help him overcome his unhappiness. Dinah tells Cassie that she has been in her house and that she found some very pretty things of hers. Cassie erupts into anger and grabs Dinah by the collar. “What have you been doing in my house?” she shouts. Dinah screams at her to let her go and tells her that she is pregnant. Cassie is shocked. She asks her who the father is. “How would you feel if it was Jeffrey?” Dinah says. Cassie tells her that she would be terribly disappointed in him. They exchange a few more words of hate for one another, and Cassie walks up to Dinah and says that if she truly is pregnant, she feels very sorry for the child inside of her. Dinah tells her she has no idea how much she is helping her at this moment. Cassie storms out.

At the farm, Sandy and Tammy lurk around trying to find clues about Dinah and Edmund’s new relationship. Once inside, they see a box that was not there before. They open it up, and it is a large crib. Both of them are curious about it. Sandy and Tammy notice that it is addressed to Edmund. They realize it is not a mistake. Edmund walks in, and Tammy asks him why he ordered a crib. She reminds him that there is no way Cassie will want to have a baby with him now after the events of the fire. Edmund is spooked. He tells Tammy that the crib is there because of “faith.” He has faith that Cassie will come back to him. Tammy tells Edmund that it’s crazy for him to think that a baby is going to come back into the picture. Edmund, however, swears that there will be a baby and that it will be the “glue that binds them together.” He walks outside to get his tools. Cassie calls Tammy in the meantime. She tearfully asks her to meet her at Company. Tammy says they have a lot to talk about.

Marina is waiting for Danny at Company when Tony walks up. She tells him that she is going on a date with Danny tonight, but he seems to be late. Tony informs her that Michelle is with Danny. She needed to talk to him about a few things. Marina looks disturbed. Tony tries to calm Marina by telling her that they probably just got caught up with some things. He tells her that he has asked Michelle to marry him and that’s what they are probably speaking about. Ray walks up behind him, overhearing his remark. “So that’s what you wanted to talk to me about,” Ray says. He and Tony walk off together. Marina receives roses from Danny with a card stating that he hopes they are half as beautiful as she is. She smiles. She calls Danny to thank him for the flowers, but he doesn’t pick up.

Danny and Michelle recover from the crumbling infrastructure of his apartment. He rolls her over to face him, and in an instant, her memory comes flooding back to her. She whispers his name and pulls him in close, kissing him as if she hasn’t seen him in ages. Danny kisses her back sweetly. Michelle sits up and stares at him. She tells him that she remembers everything about the explosion. She remembers her childhood, her parents, her friends, and most of all, she remembers loving him. They embrace and cry in each other’s arms.

Tony and Ray sit and talk at Company. Ray isn’t thrilled about the news of the engagement. They begin to argue again about the fact that Ray thinks Tony is getting himself into trouble. Tony is hurt that Ray doesn’t seem more concerned about his happiness. Michelle makes him happy, and he deserves happiness. He says he wishes Ray could see that. Tony gets up and walks away.

Danny continues to cry and tells Michelle that he has waited so long for her memory to come back. She tells him that she remembers their weddings and the day that Robbie was born. She confesses that she is afraid her memory will be gone in the morning, but Danny assures her that she is back. He tells her how much he’s missed her, and they begin to kiss and make love.

Jeffrey begins to perform at the pool hall, and he hesitates when he sees a woman who looks like Cassie from the back. When the woman turns around, he notices it is not her, and he seems disappointed. He begins to sing, and this serves as the background for the coming scenes.

Edmund and Dinah try to put the crib together in the light of Cassie’s photo. Dinah asks Edmund what he thinks the baby will be. Edmund hopes that it will be a little girl. She asks him what he thinks will happen to their reputations, and he says he doesn’t care as long as Cassie understands. Dinah daydreams that Cassie has found out. She slaps Edmund and tells him that she doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. Cassie says that he and Dinah should raise the child and leaves. When Edmund turns around, he pulls Dinah in for an embrace and asks if she would be open to it. Of course, she says yes. When she bounces back to reality, she states that she thinks Cassie will understand. “How could she not?” Dinah asks.

Tammy arrives at Company and she and Cassie embrace. They begin to talk. Tammy tells her that things have been weird at the house. Dinah has been hanging around, and Edmund has been sticking up for her. Cassie has a flashback of kissing Jeffrey the night before. She tells Tammy that she’s filing for a formal separation. However, Tammy tells her that she needs to see him first. She needs to see that he is still missing her and still stuck on the idea that they will have a baby together. Cassie tells Tammy that she needs to understand that love is simply not enough with her and Edmund. Tammy is upset that it’s over. Cassie asks if it’s okay that she stays with her for a few days, and Tammy agrees. Jeffrey walks up, and by Cassie’s reaction, Tammy wonders if something happened between them. Cassie lies and tells her that she just needs to be with her. After Tammy leaves, Jeffrey looks Cassie in the eye and says “come home with me.”

Ray realizes that Tony loves Michelle very strongly. He tells him to follow his heart and that he only wants him to be happy. He shows Ray the ring he bought Michelle. Marina lingers in the background and remains upset that Danny hasn’t gotten in touch with her. Robbie arrives with his nanny, and Tony asks him if they can talk “business.” Robbie looks at him wide-eyed as Tony pulls out the engagement ring. Tony asks for his permission to marry his mother. Robbie replies “it’s great.” They hug, and Robbie asks if his daddy will be at the wedding too. Tony replies that he doesn’t think he would miss it for the world.

Danny and Michelle make love in the meantime. Danny tells Michelle that he can see a light in her eyes. He can tell that she remembers. She tells him that it’s pure joy and that she can’t wait to tell everyone she knows. However, she pauses when she thinks about Tony.

Michelle is now about to leave, and Danny asks “what now?” He is worried about what she is thinking, and Michelle assures him that she’s thinking about him. Michelle is going to go tell her family that she has gotten her memory back. She assures Danny that she will not forget what just happened. He needs to go back to Marina. She leaves while Danny looks confused.

Tammy and Sandy sit inside Company. He is amazed that she isn’t more affected by the news of Cassie and Edmund’s split. She tells him that she’s used to her family splitting up all the time. Sandy takes her hand and reminds her that she doesn’t have to go through it alone anymore. He is there for her.

Edmund becomes frustrated when he finds that the crib is not coming together properly. He begins to bash it against the wall in anger. Dinah runs out and stops him. She makes a deal with him stating that she will stop him from doing something destructive if he does the same for her. That is the only way they will get through this.

Cassie rejects Jeffrey’s offer, saying that it’s tempting, but she is staying with Tammy. He seems disappointed, but he understands.

Danny arrives at Company and lingers outside thinking about Michelle.

Michelle arrives at her house and Tony is there. He has adorned the inside with candles in anticipation for her to arrive. She is afraid to walk any further.

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