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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Gus and Harley continue to kiss one another. He stops and looks at her, wondering if she is ok with everything that is happening and she smiles, letting him know that she’s ok.  She kisses him again and then stops him, telling him that things aren’t right. He realizes it as well and mentions that he too thinks they are rushing things between them. He mentions wine and candles and she brightens up. Gus begins to pour the wine, while she lights the candles and places them around the room. She gets to the window and opens the curtain. Harley is blinded by a bright white light and wonders where it is coming from. Gus walks up behind her and tells her that it is the prison and that he hand picked this apartment because it was so close.

Danny pours himself some coffee from behind the counter at Elizabeth & Company while on the phone. Marina is on the other end of the line and he tells her that he’s waiting for her so that they can leave for their weekend get away. It wounds like she has something to do before leaving and they agree to meet later. Danny lets her know that he’s going to check on a job site and that they will meet at the restaurant later to leave for Chicago. Michelle walks in on the tale end of his conversation and looks worried. She says hello and lets him know that she wants to talk to him. He looks busy and makes it clear that he doesn’t have much time, after looking at her he realizes that whatever it is she needs to tell him is important. He lets it slip about going away with Marina and then offers to take Michelle with him to his job, if she needs to talk to him that badly. She accepts and smiles. As they are walking out she looks hopeful and whispers that she hopes he has a good time in Chicago with Marina so that he won’t care about her upcoming marriage to Tony. The two leave with one another.

Bill and Olivia are dancing with one another at a nightclub called ‘Plaid.’  It is obviously very loud and the two have to yell at one another to be heard. Olivia jokes about heading out on the dance floor, and Bill is quick to remind her that their only problem is honesty and that it has never been about chemistry.  She spots Jonathan across the room and turns to Bill asking him to run and get her a drink. He kisses her and heads to the bar. Olivia looks around and then walks up to Jonathan who is a bit surprised to see her.  She looks at him and asks him to do her favor. You can tell that he’s wondering what is up and looks even more curious when she tells him that she’d like it to be kept quiet. He smiles and wonders why she is keeping another secret from Bill. Demanding an answer from him before telling him what she needs he agrees to help her.

Edmund stares at the earring like he’s lost in a trance and then tells Dinah that he mistakenly thought that it meant she had been at the farmhouse. She doesn’t acknowledge what he has just said but lets him know that she thinks the baby she is carrying will help to make everything ok. Edmund bursts, yelling at Dinah. He sets her straight, telling her that the only reason she is staying with him is due to the child. She looks hurt and reminds him that she’s well aware of her place in his life. He continues to yell at her, letting her know that she’s not there to borrow any of Cassie’s things or to take over any part of Cassie’s life.  “Because if I thought that's what you were doing, I’d see you as a threat to Cassie and my child, and then I’d have to do something to stop that. Are we clear? “He tells her.  Dinah looks up at him and lets him know that she understands him completely. He then orders her to take off Cassie’s clothes; she heads into the other room with a defeated look upon her face.

Jeffery and Cassie continue to kiss one another. She pulls away and begins to tell him how it makes her feel. Before she has a chance to finish her sentence he does it for her. “This feels right, Cassie. It feels right.” He whispers to her.  She pulls away once more and mentions her anger with Edmund. It is apparent that she thinks her anger is driving her to be with Jeffery. He looks at her, kisses her again and tells her that he doesn’t mind if she is only using him.

Dinah comes out from the back bedroom, bag in hand letting him know that she will be in contact with him once she figures out where she is headed. Edmund looks surprised and asks her to slow down a bit. He clarifies that he never meant to give her the impression that she had to leave. She lets him know that his words and intentions didn’t come out the same and Edmund apologizes to her. He even thanks her for being such a good friend to him. She accepts his apology and then tells him that she still thinks that she needs to leave the farmhouse. “This house isn’t good for me. It brings out stuff in me. I’m not the best person I can be. “She tells him. He looks like he feels sorry for her and the two hug one another.  Suddenly, Tammy walks in and wonders what is going on with her step-father and Dinah.

Olivia confesses to Jonathan that Bill is already unhappy with something she has done and that she doesn’t want to push it by crossing the line again. He picks up on what she needs right away, while Olivia goes on about how Billy has ‘declared war’ on her. He smiles knowingly and then jokes about how ‘welcoming’ the Lewis men can be. She goes on to let him know that she needs some leverage against her father in law. She fills him in, letting him know that she ran into some information that told her Billy hired a man named Jed Harris to do some ‘shady’ work last fall. He immediately tells Olivia that he knows Jed and that he’s a regular at J. Farley’s. She can’t believe her luck and lets him know that he will have her loyalty if he’s able to help her out.  He smiles and heads out, clearly agreeing to help her. On his way out he runs into Bill who is coming back with drinks for him and Olivia. As Bill walks off Jonathan gazes after him and then flashes a wallet. “Uncle Bill, you dropped your wallet. Into my hand.” He jokingly says while he walks off.

Bill finds Olivia standing by herself and with a grin on his face informs her that he has started a tab at the bar. He wonders if she is ready to have some fun and she kisses him.

Inside the dilapidated townhouse, Danny gets phone call after phone call about work. Michelle is standing by patiently and growing more nervous by the second. In between phone calls she lets him know that she’s surprised that he even has time to get away with Marina. The phone rings again and she asks him to hold off on answering it, but he doesn’t. “Tony asked me to marry him and I said yes. “She blurts out. Danny looks confused and tells the person who has just called that he will talk to them later.

Harley turns to Gus, not believing what he has just told her. He immediately tries to reason his actions away. He lets her know that for him, it will be a relief to know that she is right next to him.  She still looks incredulous, as he clearly doesn’t see how bothered she is by it all. When he finally asks what she thinks she lets him know that she thinks it is a horrid idea. “I don’t want you living here. “She informs him. He sits down letting her know that it is too late as he’s already put money into rent for the place.  She reminds him that she doesn’t want him to put his life on hold for her and that she wants him out enjoying life while she’s in prison. He refuses to do that and lets her know that he won’t give up until she’s a free woman. “Try to follow me here, all right? While I'm in that prison, the only way that I will survive is if I know that the people I love and care about have moved on with their lives. I don't want to think about you collapsed from exhaustion and a bleeding ulcer. That doesn't help me. “Harley explains to him. He doesn’t see her point of view and lets her know that he feels fine. She lets him know that she doesn’t think he looks like a healthy person and he disagrees with her, kissing her and reminding her that he wants to stop talking. She kisses him back and then mentions his scruffy beard. She asks that he take a shower and shave for her, letting him know that it will help him feel better. He looks at her and she promises that she will wait for him to get out.  Gus stares back her, kisses her, agrees to shower and jokingly warns her not to drink his wine while he’s gone.  He leaves the room and she waits to hear the shower begin running. She then looks once more toward the prison and runs out the door.

Michelle apologizes to Danny for telling him her news the way she did. He lets her know that it is ok and even apologizes for not letting her have the chance to tell him sooner. He looks like he is in a daze, and she wonders why he is acting so shocked. He looks at her and wonders if he should have seen this coming for Tony & Michelle. She looks at him and he mentions that he’s just gotten their divorce papers. “It’s just – wow.” He tells her still looking surprised. She looks at him, still unsure if he’s actually ok with it and he tells her that he will only be ok with the marriage if Tony makes her happy. She lets him know that he does, and Danny gives her his blessing. The two hug one another and the camera pans toward the door where some plaster is falling from the ceiling. Tony and Michelle don’t happen to see it. 

Bill motions to a waitress and lets her know that he and Olivia want a bottle of champagne. Smiling, Olivia wonders what they are celebrating and he tells her that he liked her idea of getting out of the house. The two clink glasses and take a drink. He lets her know that her idea of a change of pace was just what they needed. “We need to stop dwelling on stuff, you know.” He reminds her. She smiles and lets him know that he’s the one who is holding a grudge against her for taking the picture of Harley. He smiles and lets her know that tonight, there are no grudges. Bill changes the subject, telling her that there is a picture his dad sent to him that will make her laugh. When he reaches for his wallet he realizes it is gone.

Jonathan saunters over to Jed Harris inside Farley’s bar. “Want to play a game? Eight ball? Best three out of five, loser buys the winner a beer. “He asks Jed. He accepts the bet.  Jonathan makes small talk with him while he breaks and then comments that winning won’t be as easy as he thought. Right before it is his turn, Jonathan runs into Jed and comments on how tight the quarters are in the bar. A police office walks into the bar, sits down and Jonathan whispers to himself that everything is working out well. He calls his shot and his opponent lets him know that it is a nearly impossible shot. Jonathan makes the shot and then informs Jed that he hand picked him for a reason. He mentions Billy’s name and Jed gets nervous. He then continues to keep the pressure up wondering what job it was that he was hired to do for Billy in the fall of 2004. Jed begins to leave and Jonathan stops him, letting him know that it would be a bad idea. Jed looks confused and Jonathan explains. “Because I'm going to call that cop over here. He's going to look in your right jacket pocket. He's going to see that wallet. He's going to wonder why it says "William" and not "Jed." At this point Jed looks even more baffled, until Jonathan reaches into his pocket and pulls out Bill’s wallet that he planted while he ran into him in the corner.

Tammy walks into the farmhouse and sees Dinah and Edmund hugging. She immediately wonders what Dinah is doing at the house and reminds him that it is the second time she’s seen her there. He explains that Dinah has been staying at the house for complex reason. He doesn’t offer any explanation of what that reason is and Dinah jumps in. She lets Tammy know that she had a fight with her father and that Edmund was kind enough to take her in. “We then got to think it wasn’t a very good idea, so I’m leaving.” She finishes.  Tammy apparently doesn’t believe it and turns to Edmund, wondering what the real story is. He lets her know that the only thing he wants to do is put his marriage with Cassie back together. She lets her step father know that she doesn’t think that Dinah being there is the best plan and runs into a back room to get some of her things. She leaves her purse in the kitchen and seconds after she’s gone it rings. Edmund grabs the phone and sees that Reva is calling. He hands to phone to Dinah and orders her to pretend to be Tammy. Having no choice Dinah whispers, says very little and asks where her mother is.  She grabs a piece of paper and writes something down. After hanging up the phone she gives Edmund the paper with Cassie’s location on it and leaves. Tammy comes out of the beck room and wonders where Dinah has gone. He has an odd look on his face and tells her that she left and that he has to get going as well. Tammy looks puzzled and wonders where he is headed. “There’s something I have to do. But... Look, I love your mother very much. And I am truly doing everything I can to make things right between us. Excuse me. “He tells her hurriedly and then leaves.

Cassie looks at Jeffery and orders him to be serious; she doesn’t believe that he wants her to use him. “I am serious.” He informs her.  Cassie looks bewildered as he explains that perhaps she wants to be there because she wants to be and that if she needs an excuse to be with him that he will accept it. She blames her confusion on the demise of her marriage and he wonders why she came to him. He reminds her that there where other places for her to go, but that for some reason she turned to him. “I can't deny how I feel. You're an amazing, beautiful woman, Cassie. And I want you.” He tells her.

Jed looks perplexed and maintains that he’s never seen Bill’s wallet before. Realizing that Jonathan planted it on him, he announces that he was framed. Jonathan smiles and reminds him that it isn’t how he remembers things going down. “That's your story. Want to hear mine? I was at a club with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Olivia. I saw you pick that wallet off of him, so I followed you here to confront you. Now, I wonder who that cop is going to believe? “He challenges Jed.  Looking around Jed confesses his story and claims that none of it matter anymore anyhow. He lets Jonathan know that on the night Phillip died that he was supposed to rough Phillip up a bit and that he was hired by Billy. However, he never followed through because he heard someone killed him. He can’t believe that the story that he has just heard and comments on how Billy is finally done for. Jed wonders if they are done and then leaves.

Bill comes back from the bar and tells his wife that no one believes that his wallet is stolen. Everyone clearly think that he was trying to stiff them with the tab, especially considering the credit card he gave them was expired. He mentions that the tab is $189 and Olivia lets him know that she doesn’t have her purse with her. Clearly annoyed she wonders what the big deal is about the two of them going home to get some money. He tells her that the bouncer was notified of their status and that they can’t leave. She wonders what they are supposed to do and he asks her is she’s ever heard of washing dishes to pay off a tab. Olivia looks at him and lets him know that she hasn’t and won’t.  He looks at her wondering if she has a better idea just as  DJ hits the floor announcing that they are having a ‘Hot Bods’ contest. He announces that the winner gets $200 and begins the contest. Bill looks at his wife and tells her that he thinks she can win the contest no problem. She looks at him as though she wouldn’t enter it in a million years and he reminds her of the other alternative of washing dishes. He urges her to ‘shake it’ and the DJ calls for all women to hot the floor. Olivia looks from her husband to the announcer and yells out “I've got a hot body right here.” She steps up and when the DJ asks her to get in front of everyone she grabs the microphone. She lets them know that she’s not talking about herself and point to Bill. She rallies the crowd to finally cheer for a man, and tells her husband to ‘shake it.’ He looks at her reluctantly and she reminds them that they don’t have much of a choice. Everyone cheers for Bill and he begins dancing. Olivia yells at him to ‘take it off’ and he begins unbuttoning his shirt while dancing. The announcer finally mentions that they have to declare a winner and the people clap for Bill the loudest. He has won. He hands Bill the $200 and he pays his tab. Olivia smiles reminding her husband that he has just won $20. The two kiss one another and head towards the door.

Gus looks surprised to see Alex and wonders how she got into his apartment. She turns to him and informs him that Harley called on her way out and left the door open for her. She doesn’t answer his question of where Harley is and goes on about how Harley told her that Gus refused to listen to her. She goes on trying to explain that Harley thinks that some of things he is doing for her will become a burden for her while she’s in prison. Gus shrugs off what she is saying with a sarcastic comment and she doesn’t want to hear it. She reminds him who his family is and lets him know that he should turn to them. “We know how to forgive.” She explains. He orders her to leave, showing no compassion whatsoever.

Bill and Olivia are outside of Elizabeth & Company and joke about the Hot Bods Contest. The two kiss one another and decide to head inside. As Olivia is pulling away from Bill she notices Jonathan standing beside the arbor. He reminds her that they need to head inside to help Harley celebrate her last night of freedom and Olivia agrees. She picks up her phone and tells him that he should go in without her as she wants to call to check up on Emma. Bill kisses her and then heads inside.  Once he heads inside, Olivia rushes over to Jonathan surprised that he’s come back with information so quickly. He lets her know that he made some major progress and that he found out some valuable information. She wonders what it is he found out and he asks if she is sure she wants to hear it.

Bill walks into an empty restaurant and sees Harley. He apologizes for missing the party and she lets him know that it is ok. She informs him that the party was ok, but that when she spent time with Gus after the party that it didn’t go so well. He looks at her quizzically and wonders what went wrong. She goes on to explain that she thinks Gus will end up trapped when she heads to prison. “Bill, I have to push him away.” She tells him with tears in her eyes. He looks at her and hugs her, clearly wanting to help.

Cassie and Jeffery are interrupted when they hear someone pounding at the door. He assumes it is someone from the band and gets up to get rid of the person when Edmund yells out from behind the door. Edmund bangs on the door, calling out for Cassie, claiming that he knows she is inside. Jeffery opens the door and Edmund seems shocked to see him. He demands to know where his wife is and he tells Edmund that she was with him but that she left. He doesn’t believe Jeffery and makes it well known. He heads pushes his way inside telling Jeffery that there are specific reasons that he has to see his wife.

Danny looks at Michelle and lets her know that he has a confession to make. He informs her that he did indeed try to hold her back when she initially lost her memory, but that it was because he wanted to protect her. She nods and tries to understand telling him that she knows he didn’t want to lose her. She goes on about how regardless of what he did that she doesn’t think it was done in order to be selfish or to try and hurt her, but because he was worried.  She seems to understand and he lets her know that he hopes she will be happy with Tony. “I guess we will both be making new memories now.” He tells her. She thanks him and the two laugh. There is a creaking noise and both look upwards. They both hear the sound, and Danny realizes that part of the townhouse sounds like it is about to cave in. They move and suddenly the ceiling comes crashing down. He covers Michelle’s head and dives to the floor.

Olivia looks confused, wondering why she wouldn’t want to know what her nephew found out. He lets her know that if she loves Bill that the information she finds out might put her in an awkward position. She lets him know that she’s ready for the information and assures him that she can handle both the information and her love for Bill. “Billy hired Jed Harris to work over Phillip Spaulding the night that Phillip Spaulding died.” He tells a shocked Olivia. He then hands Bill’s wallet to her and lets her know that her husband needs to be more careful.

Bill wonders how Harley is going to push Gus away and she lets him know that she is determined to find a way. The two hug one another and Gus walks in wanting to talk to Harley. She lets him know that she doesn’t want to see or talk to him and he won’t listen, so Bill steps in. he lets Gus know that he should give Harley some time. “What are you, her bodyguard all of a sudden?” Gus wonders. He then orders Bill to mind his own business. Harley defends Bill and lets Gus know that Bill has done something for her that Gus hasn’t – he has honored her wishes. Gus looks crushed and Harley hugs Bill once more. Through the window, Olivia looks in to see her husband in the arms of Harley.

Edmund walks around the space while Jeffery tells him that he should leave Cassie alone if he truly loves her. Edmund looks angry and lets Jeffery know that he won’t let Cassie have time just so that someone else can move in and take his place. He looks behind every corner and Cassie isn’t to be found. Even Jeffery looks like he’s wondering where Cassie is, but Edmund doesn’t seem to notice. He lets Edmund know that he will have him arrested for trespassing, but he doesn’t care. He continues to look for his wife, calling out her name.

Cassie and Dinah are in the alley behind Farley’s bar. Cassie demands to know how Dinah knew where she was and how to show up at the exact right moment. “Women’s intuition.” She tells Cassie flatly. She doesn’t buy the story and claims that there has to be another reason. Dinah looks her directly in the eye and informs her that she’s been feeling close to Cassie as of late. Cassie looks baffled and repulsed all at the same time.

Danny checks to see if Michelle is ok. She is lying on her side and he moves her onto her back. She groans and we see images that are flashing through her mind. She is remembering Danny and many of the times they shared with one another. He continues talking to her checking to see if she is ok. Her eyes flutter open; she says his name and then kisses him.

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