Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/31/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Amanda

Inside the rehearsal studio, Jeffery wonders what Cassie is doing. She looks like she isn’t quite sure what she wants to do and lets him know that Reva suggested calling Edmund. He is supportive of her, claiming that her sister must know that it is that she needs to do. Cassie turns away, wondering what her next move should be and then whispers that she thinks she might need to see him.

Alan, Alex and Lizzie walk into Elizabeth& Company to hear all the Coopers yelling ‘Surprise.’ Buzz explains that he clearly thought they were Harley. Lizzie interrupts him wondering when they asked to throw a party. Marina snidely lets her know that it is because no one asked. Coop pulls Lizzie aside and asks if she could take her family to another restaurant. She refuses letting him know that she’s not going to pay for dinner. He laughs at the thought of her remaining at Company because of money and repeats that he was supposed to be working tonight. Someone turns the lights off and Marina lets them know that they all need to be quiet. Lizzie yells for them to turn the lights back on as Harley walks in with Gus. She seems shocked and wonders if Gus knew about the plan. He pleads the fifth and she thanks her family. She has a smile on her face until she sees Alan standing with his arms folded next to Lizzie. She lets her family know that they shouldn’t have planned anything. The Cooper’s all look at one another.

Tony and Michelle are walking through the woods alone, flashlight in hand. She is demanding to know why they are here and he tells her that she needs to be patient. They stop and he walks off. Tony then tells her to stand still and turn around. Michelle turns around to see Tony standing in the middle of a candlelight picnic. She looks stunned and wonders what it is all for. He reminds her that this is ‘their place’ and wonders what she thinks. He walks over to her and kisses her.

Reva walks through the alley into J. Farley’s and wonders how she is going to tell Josh about the baby. She talks herself into walking into the bar and sees Josh ordering a drink. He offers her a drink as he laughs with the bartender. His face drops when she tells him she doesn’t want anything to drink other than water. It is apparent that Josh has had a few drinks as he explains to the bartenders that they now have no children at home and are going to have some fun. She lets Josh know that she’d rather sit at a table, as the bartender & Josh talk about how Reva ‘knows how to have a good time.’

Edmund stares out the door looking lost and Dinah comes up behind him. She assures him that Cassie will come home and asks about taking a shower. He lets her know that she’s free to take a shower and tells her where to find the towels. She nods and walks away. He picks up Josh’s phone and remembers back to when he took it.

Cassie is standing outside of the farmhouse on the porch when her cell phone rings. She looks like she was about to walk in and stops to answer the phone, thinking it is Josh. Edmund is on the other end and asks her not to hang up. She looks again toward the door leading into the farmhouse and wonders what she should do.

Alexandra pulls Buzz aside and apologizes for intruding on their party. He shrugs it off, reminding her that Lizzie does own the restaurant now. She lets him know that regardless of the owner that they still she shouldn’t be there. She also confesses to him that she doesn’t think Harley killed Phillip.

Coop pulls Lizzie aside wondering why she is still at the restaurant if she can’t stand to be near him. She tells him once more that the only reason she is the restaurant is because it is hers. He makes it clear that he realizes it and then insults her new image of the restaurant. She comes back wondering if his family has found a place to live yet. He doesn’t answer and it is apparent that her comment hurt his feelings.

Near the bar, Harley tries to cheer Frank up; he is upset that they only have one week left together. She asks him not to bring her mood down, and he apologizes. “Don't apologize to me. If you want to apologize to someone, maybe it should be the guy you hit. “She tells him. He refuses at first and then agrees to it when she mentions that he would be doing it for Marina more than anyone else. Harley drags her brother over to where Danny and Marina are and he thanks her for putting the party together. He then apologizes to Danny for hitting him. Danny lets him know that it is ok, and Frank thanks him for saving him from making a bigger mistake. Marina hugs her father, obviously appreciating his gesture.

Harley pulls Danny aside who thanks her for making Frank apologize. He lets her know that Marina appreciated it. She turns to Danny and tells him that she knows he means a lot to her niece and that she has a favor to ask of him. He nods and lets her know he’ll do whatever. Harley looks at him and tells him that she needs him to break up with Marina. Danny looks confused as to why Harley would do such a thing.

Tony wonders if Michelle remembers coming up to the ledge on the 4th of July and she does. She mentions the fiasco that was the BBQ and how they dubbed it her new birthday. He smiles and lets her know that he fell in love with her a little bit that day. She smiles as he tells her that he considers it ‘their place.’ She wonders if she is forgetting something and guesses that it is their anniversary. He pulls out a plate of twinkies and she smiles remembering how they ate them on the 4th of July as well. Just as she is about to take one he stops her. Tony tells her he has a candle inside his bag and rummages it through it. He orders her to turn her head and instead of putting a candle atop them he places a bride and groom. He lets her know that she can turn around and wonders what she thinks. She laughs it off at first and then realizes he is serious. He mentions that he thinks the couple looks like the two of them and wonders what she thinks. She doesn’t answer and tells him that she wants to know what is going through his mind. “I’d like it to look like us. If it was up to me.” He tells her. Michelle smiles at him.

Josh wonders if his wife wants to dance and she refuses. He seems surprised that she of all people is refusing. She opts to sit and chat with him. The two sit at a table and she begins to ask him questions about the house he was planning in Colorado. He’s in a good mood and tells her that they have all the time in the world to make changes to their plans. He drags her up onto the dance floor and tells her that they have to dance with one another. She protests but, dances with him anyway. He mentions that they finally have no strings attached to them and dips her. Suddenly she looks sick and rushes into the bathroom where she vomits. Josh watches after her, looking confused.

Cassie answers Edmund and wonders how he got Josh’s phone. He admits to tricking her and Josh, but goes on to tell her that he simply had to hear her voice. He mentions how lost he is without her and she admits that she misses him as well. Edmund offers to come to her, or for her to come home. He is desperate to see her and clearly doesn’t know she’s on the front porch. She goes on about how he broke her trust and Dinah walks out of the shower. She is on the far side of the kitchen and neither Cassie nor Edmund see her, but she sees and hears the two of them. He mentions how and what he has learned since she’s been gone. She wonders if he truly has and then mentions that it includes more than just the two of them. Cassie informs him that it involves the children and not a baby. “I can't even think about bringing a baby into this world right now. “She tells him while fighting back tears. He agrees with her, trying to appease her so that she will agree to come home. She lets him know that she has to find Tammy as she has just found out about the fire. Edmund lies to her, claiming that Tammy is right there with him. Cassie swallows hard and realizes that she can no longer trust him. Dinah smiles and takes a step back toward the living room.

Tony looks at Michelle, wondering what she is going to say to his proposal. She sighs and pulls out some papers telling him that she needs to show him something before she answers. He looks at the papers she has just pulled out and sees that they are her divorce papers from Danny. “I got them today. Now all I do is file them, go before the judge and Danny and I are no longer married.” She tells him. Taking her words the wrong way he assumes that it means she doesn’t want to marry him. Her looks down and apologizes for rushing things. Michelle looks more confused than ever and tells him that she does in fact want to marry him. He smiles and looks ecstatic and kisses her.

Danny looks confused and wonders why Harley would want him to break up with Marina. She lets him know that if there is any chance that later on he and Marina will break up that he should do it now. He lets her know that he has no plan of breaking her heart and that he and Michelle are almost completely divorced. She apologizes for what he has had to go through with Michelle, but reminds him that they’ve done it before. She lets him know that Marina doesn’t need to have a broken heart and that if there is any chance of him getting back together with her that he should break up with Marina now. He looks at her and lets her know that he understands and that he will not break Marina’s heart. She thanks him and lets him know that she needed to hear him assure her of it.

Coop wonders if Lizzie even realizes what his family is going through. Showing no sympathy, she lets him know that she doesn’t care. “She killed my father.” She tells him. He makes it clear that he doesn’t believe it and she cites her grandfather as her reasoning behind believing that Harley is guilty.

Alan approaches Harley and wonders if she’s enjoying her party. She looks apprehensive and he asks her why she always becomes so nervous around him. “Because I think I have good reason. Cut to the chase. What do you want? “She tells him matter of factly. He lets her know, point blank that he wants Zach to live with him.

Cassie repeats what Edmund has just said to her and asks if he is sure Tammy is with him. He continues to lie to his wife, telling her that Tammy is asleep on the sofa. Cassie gazes through the window one more time and sees an empty couch. She looks like she can’t believe her husband is lying to her again. She demands to talk to Tammy and he refuses to let her, telling Cassie that she can’t wake her. Suddenly Cassie hangs up and walks off of the porch. Edmund calls into the phone, wondering where his wife is.

Josh watches his wife come out of the bathroom and realizes just how sick she is. She begins stuttering about how plans are made and then broken which leaves Josh even more confused. He wonders what is going on. “I'm pregnant!” she yells at him inside the crowded bar.

Harley wonders if Alan is trying to finish what Phillip began before his death. Alan looks around and lets her know that he only wants the best for Zach. “Zach lost his father and he’s about to lose you. Don’t you think that is enough loss for a little boy to take?” he asks her. He genuinely looks concerned. Harley lets Alan know that she wants her son to know both sides of his family and that his home will always be with the Cooper family. He makes it clear that with her in prison that she might not have a choice in it. Gus butts into the conversation and makes it clear that he sides with Harley on the issue. Harley looks between the two of them and tells them both that she has one more thing that she wants to clear up. She looks at Gus and tells him that she wants him back working at Spaulding. She then asks Alan if he will still give Gus his job back.

Lizzie lets Coop know that he won’t get sympathy from her. He shakes his head and lets her know he didn’t expect anything less from her. “I don't think I’ve ever met anyone as coldhearted as yourself. Well, next to your...” he tells her, his voice trailing of before he has a chance to finish the sentence. She wonders who he is talking about and he lets her know he was talking about Phillip.

Marina approaches Danny outside of the restaurant and wonders what her aunt was talking to him about. He only tells her that Harley cares about her a lot and she takes that as a hint that once again her family has given Danny another speech. He smiles and lets her know that this time it was slightly different and that it gave him an idea. She wonders what he is talking about and he lets her know that he thinks they should go away together for the weekend. “Just the two of us.” He clarifies. She smiles and hugs him.

Tony stands up and yells out the good news with a huge grin on his face. Michelle pulls him back down to the ground and lets him know that before they get married that he will have to clear it with a man in her life. Confused, he doesn’t know who she is talking about. He guesses that she is talking about Rick, her father and Danny. Finally she reminds him that he has to have Robbie’s blessing. Tony smiles and lets her know that he will take care of it. The two begin to kiss.

Reva watches as Josh stands completely still without saying anything. Her nervously laughs and lets her know that he doesn’t really know what to say or how to react. He begins to ask how sure she is and she tells him that she took an inconclusive home pregnancy test, but that all the signs are there. They begin to talk about how they’ve been through it all before and how it is incredible because of their age. Reva wonders if he’s happy or not about the news.

Dinah walks up behind Edmund and wonders if he is ok.

Cassie tries to explain to Jeffery how much it all hurts and he agrees how hard it is to love someone that you can’t have.

Marina looks at him with an incredulous look upon her face. He begins to mention that they should go to Chicago, because he knows the city so well and wonders if she is up to it. She admits that she is and then asks if he realizes what it means. “It’ll be the first time we’re alone together.” She reminds him and he smiles. He asks if she is ready for it and she lets him know that she is more than ready.

Alan extends his hand to Gus and welcomes him back to the company. Harley watches as Gus doesn’t return the handshake and urges him to. Alan asks what his son is going to do and looks crushed when Gus lets him know that he won’t be returning. Immediately, he begins to tell his son how dumb it will be for him not to take the job and reminds Gus of all the debts he has incurred. He even offers to let Gus move back into the house and urges him to think about what life will be like without Harley. Alex agrees with her brother and Gus still refuses to accept the offer of his family. He informs them all that he has a job lined up as a security guard and that he doesn’t want their help. Alan can’t believe what he is hearing and lets his family know they are leaving. She looks confused and Gus tells her that he refuses to be part of the family. Alan makes it clear that he is taking Gus’s refusal as a slap in the face. Meanwhile, Lizzie can’t believe that her grandfather has even contemplated offering her uncle his job back. Coop defends Gus, making it clear that although Gus has integrity it is something that the rest of the Spaulding family would know nothing about. The Coopers and the Spaulding’s all begin to argue over the choice Gus has made while he and Harley stand back. He pulls her aside, and lets her know that he wants to show her why he made the choice that he did. She agrees and the two of them leave without anyone noticing.

Josh lets Reva know that he’s more shocked than anything. She reminds him that they could finally put everything they’ve learned to use and raise the child together. Josh smiles, obviously entertaining the idea. He lets her know that he would like to raise a child with her and jokes that they will be the oldest and the coolest parents around. He lets her know that he’s up to the challenge and when she begins to worry about all the work he reminds her that they will be doing it together. They both laugh and Josh announces to the entire bat that he and Reva will be having a child. Everyone cheers and the two smile and then kiss one another.

Edmund warns Dinah that he’s upset as he just got off the phone with Cassie. He notices that she is wearing some red lingerie and wonders where she got it. Dinah explains that it was Cassie’s and she didn’t think anyone would mind. Edmund shakes his head and lets her know that he wants her to be as comfortable as possible. She offers to make him some dinner to help him relax and he refuses, letting her know he’d rather take a walk to calm down. She follows him to the door and once he’s on the porch he bends down and picks something up. He looks at it and then at Dinah. “One of Cassie's earrings. What's it doing...” he wonders. Dinah tells him that she has a confession to make and he looks at her quizzically.

Cassie turns to Jeffery and tells him how she ‘can’t do it anymore.’ He apologizes to her, letting her know that he understands that he wanted things to work out for her. He then agrees to write up the separation papers as well. She thanks him and then decides that she might need to think about her situation a bit more. Jeffery looks perturbed and wonders why she wants to give him another chance. He lets her know it and wonder why she would put herself in a position to be hurt by Edmund once more. She looks confused as he raises her voice at her and then accuses him of seeing things in simple terms. He lets her know that he doesn’t want to see her hurt and that he can’t imagine that this is the life she ever wanted with Edmund. She admits that it isn’t and he goes on to tell her how he feels. “You're settling. You're settling for something far less than what you deserve. And why? Why are you doing that? Just because you put the time in with this guy? “He challenges her. She has tears in her eyes and lets him know that it isn’t the sole reason. He dares her to cut her losses and to let Edmund go telling her that it is what he would do in the situation.

Michelle and Tony are lying on the ground in the woods after making love when he slips a dandelion ring onto her finger. She jokes about it being her engagement ring and he laughs. She looks up at him with a serious look and lets him know how much she appreciates him being cool about Robbie. He lets her know that it is something she doesn’t need to thank him for and even suggests that perhaps he will take Robbie will him to pick out an engagement ring for her. Michelle kisses him and then tells him that she wants to do something wild. Tony smiles and jokes about having already done so. She playfully punches him and lets him know it wasn’t what she was talking about. Suddenly she jumps up naked and runs off the cliff, hopping into the water. Tony smiles and follows her.

Alan ushers both Alex and Lizzie out of the restaurant looking less than pleased.

Harley walks into what is Gus’s new apartment. He goes on and on about how it is the perfect place for him while he works on her appeal. She looks worried and reminds him that the doctor warned about taking it easy. He kisses her and tells her that he feels great. She lets him know that she’s worried about him losing sight of reality. Kissing her once more he tells her “Maybe you’re my reality.”

Josh and Reva toast the baby once more and kiss one another.

Dinah explains that she borrowed Cassie’s earring. She is lying and obviously doesn’t want Edmund to know that Cassie was on the porch. He looks crushed and she tells him that perhaps being at the farmhouse is stirring up too many old memories for her.

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