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By Ashley
Pictures by Amanda

At the pool hall, Jonathan orders a beer and prepares to down his prescription medication along with it. However, before he can take a sip, Tammy walks up behind him and grabs the beer, proclaiming that she’s not going to let him throw his life away. She orders two sodas and starts to lecture Jonathan about change. He grows bitter with her, citing that this is just the way he is. Sandy shows up to greet Tammy. The three of them share a game of pool together. Jonathan and Sandy reminisce somewhat about their past friendship. They are actually being nice to one another. Jonathan thanks Tammy for not making him “seem like the bad guy.” She suggests that he take a page from Sandy’s book and get a job, but he grows angry with her because Sandy was the one who wanted to be like him in the first place.

Josh returns from his trip, and Reva is ecstatic to greet him at the airport. She starts to tell him she’s pregnant when she learns that he has some interesting news for her too. He thinks they need to “reclaim” their lives by building a new home in Aspen just for the two of them. He shows Reva sketches of the house, and she tells him that they don’t seem exactly “baby-friendly.” Josh is confused. He brushes this off and tries to tell her that their family and their business is running smoothly; now he wants to begin a life somewhere else away from the ordinary. Reva isn’t happy.

Ross’s thugs go back to Ross, and he learns that Dinah did not stay on the plane. He decides to make a visit to Dinah, figuring out that she is now at Edmund’s. He demands that she get her things together to leave. She is not going to stay with Edmund. He wants to know the truth about why Edmund is determined to keep her in town. Dinah tells him that she and Edmund “have a special relationship.” Ross doesn’t understand. He thinks that Dinah is having an affair with Edmund. She explains to him that the only reason she is at Edmund’s house is because he tried to have her abducted. Ross becomes angry and reminds her that the only thing she has dreamt about for years has been replacing Cassie. He tells her to look around; she’s done it. He asks her how it feels to finally get revenge.

Edmund tries to apologize again to Cassie on the phone. She listens, but doesn’t say anything. She can’t bear to continue listening so she hangs up on him. Dinah wakes up and eavesdrops on Edmund’s words to Cassie. Edmund struggles with telling Cassie about Dinah’s pregnancy. He wants to tell her now so Cassie will come home to him. Dinah, however, asks him to wait. She wants to make sure everything is on track with the baby. She assures him that in asking him to wait; she is only thinking of the best way for him to win Cassie back. Dinah tells him to tread carefully. Cassie will come home when she is ready. She thinks that both of them need only to focus on the baby. Edmund begins to rethink his decision to let Dinah carry Cassie’s child. He calls it a “crazy” decision and says that he needs to find Cassie now in order to tell her.

Cassie puts her cell phone in the fridge to keep from talking to Edmund. She acknowledges that he sounds sweet, but she can’t bear to be pulled back in. Cassie hounds Jeffrey for her separation papers, but he tells her she needs to take some more time to think about it. They argue again about whether Jeffrey should stay with her or not. Cassie wants him to stay, but Jeffrey doesn’t think it is a good idea. He tells her he’s leaving and gives her a T-shirt to sleep in before he goes. She puts it on and walks out into the living room wearing a ripped up shirt. Jeffrey remarks that it is ripped “in all the right places.” She goes to get something from the closet, but injures herself when Jeffrey’s things fall out and onto her. Jeffrey goes to rescue her on the floor and they begin to kiss. The kiss is fairly long, and Cassie stops herself in the middle of it to figure out what just happened between them. She becomes startled and upset over her actions. Jeffrey decides to call Reva to come over and talk with Cassie.

Reva runs to the airport bathroom when she becomes sick. She returns, and Josh is concerned over her health. Edmund bursts into the terminal and demands to know where Cassie is, making a scene. Reva assures him that Cassie will return when she is ready and not to force her. In the midst of this, Jeffrey calls Reva to tell her that Cassie needs her. She excuses herself and lies to Josh and Edmund saying that she needs to get back to work to cover a breaking story. After Reva leaves, Edmund pleads with Josh to let him know where Cassie is. He asks him to spy on Reva and let him know if any word of where Cassie is turns up. Josh is shocked. He refuses to spy on his wife. The two argue about Edmund’s role in making Cassie leave. Edmund explains that he needs to find Cassie so they can talk about their future child. Josh informs him that a child is not going to fix their problems. He agrees to let Edmund know if he receives any word about Cassie’s whereabouts. Edmund pulls him in for a very grateful hug. After Josh leaves, Edmund reveals that he has stolen Josh’s cell phone during their hug.

Reva goes to visit Cassie, and they are happy to see one another. Cassie tells her that she needs her support in her decision to leave Edmund. Reva tries to tell her not to jump to conclusions. She feels guilty about her treatment of the whole situation. Mostly, however, she feels guilty over the fact that she is pregnant. Cassie realizes that she is and congratulates her happily. Reva asks if they could stop talking about it. She hasn’t quite gotten up the nerve to speak to Josh about it. Reva wants to know why she is at Jeffrey’s and suggests that Cassie has wanted to be there all along. Cassie tells her she’s hiding from Edmund. Reva says she needs to figure out what she’s going to do and takes her phone out of the fridge to call Edmund. Jeffrey returns with coffee after Reva leaves.

Tammy and Jonathan end up getting into an argument. She begins to talk up Sandy, citing how important his job with Lewis is to him. Jonathan believes that Tammy wants him to be more like her boyfriend. He thinks that he should get a job. Josh walks in, and Jonathan asks him if he wants to hire anyone else. “Who did you have in mind?” Josh asks. “Me,” Jonathan answers. They both laugh. Josh tells him that it takes a lot to ask for a job in the family business, especially when it’s someone’s life goal to destroy that family. Josh makes him a deal. If he is prepared to truly be a part of the family, then he will think about giving him a job. Jonathan agrees. After Josh leaves, he thanks Tammy.

Dinah assures Ross that she is fine, but he doesn’t believe her. She tells him that something good is about to happen to her, and it will be “redeeming.” Ross doesn’t know how she can find redemption with someone else’s husband. Dinah asks him to just love her, nothing else. He tries to pull her out of the house, saying that if he can’t get her on that plane, he will at least get her out of Edmund’s house. Edmund shows up and demands that Ross let go of her. Dinah proclaims that she already is home, and she is not leaving. Ross has no choice but to tell her that he will disown her if she does not leave the house with him. She refuses again, and Ross leaves. Edmund consoles Dinah.

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