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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Buzz is standing with his daughter inside of Elizabeth & Company and wonders if the kids are ok. She assures him that both her sons are fine and jokes that they help her forget reality. Marina comes in and wonders if her aunt or grandfather has seen Frank. Buzz wondering what is going on, asks if he should be worried about his eldest son. Marina reassures that he is fine and changes the subject. She tells Harley that while she was in the boarding house that Gus called looking for her. She insinuates that it wasn’t the first time he’s called. Buzz looks at his daughter and we can tell how tired he is. He urges her to call Gus back and she refuses, telling him that “Gus needs to get on with his own life.” He shakes his head and reminds her that it isn’t likely to happen. She looks at her father, touches his shoulder and tells him that she has a favor to ask of him. You can tell that it is serious by her demeanor and then she mentions that it has something to do with Zach and Jude.

Frank walks into J. Farley’s and isn’t pleased when he sees Jeffery. He heads over to get angry with Jeffery when out of nowhere Danny stops him. He wonders what Frank is doing. “I have a meeting with Mr. O’Neill.” He tells Danny. Realizing that it wouldn’t be a friendly gathering, Frank is stopped by Danny. He offers to drive Frank home and blocks access to Jeffery. This angers Frank even more and he orders Danny to get out of his way. Danny doesn’t budge and lets him know that he’s promised Marina that he would be on the lookout for him. This angers Frank even more. He goes on and on about how he doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near him. He mentions that he’s losing his sister and that he doesn’t want to lose his daughter either.

Michelle approaches Rick at Elizabeth & Company. “Vacation, right? Right? The Griswold’s? Your favorite movie? “She half asks and half tells him. With a smile on his face he tells her that she’s right. You can tell how excited he is by the expression on his face. She goes on to explain to him that piece by piece her memory is slowly returning. They both seem pleased by the news and Michelle looks over to see Tony on his cell phone at a table. He waves and Rick wonders if his sister is still scared to get her memory back. She nods, admitting that she is.

At the airport, Edmund is fighting with a security guard as he yells after Dinah. Ross stands by urging him to calm down. Unrelenting, Edmund angrily tells the guard that he needs to stop the plane. Security continues to hold him back and lets him know that he’s only following orders. He breaks away from the guard, and runs to the airline desk where he tells the woman that he’s a diplomat that needs the gate opened immediately. He yells that there is a kidnapped woman on the plane and is interrupted by Ross who tells him that there is nothing he can do about Dinah being gone. He continues to yell, ranting that he needs the plane stopped immediately.

Inside the airplane, Dinah’s security guard tells her to buckle up and lets her know that they will be with her family shortly. Angry, she tells him to get his hands off of her when he attempts to buckle her seat belt. The guard, Rufus, lets her know that he’s only following orders and that includes getting her to Rome safely. He goes on to let her know that once they get there that he will confiscate her passport so that she can’t return to the United States. Dinah looks both shocked & upset, she then closes her eyes. “Things were just about to work out for me. I was going to have everything I ever wanted.” She mutters to herself.

At the bar, Jeffery and Cassie are sitting next to one another. He mentions that it’s been a bad night, and she agrees. He wonders if she was serious when she mentioned wanting to get a legal separation from Edmund. She seems confused and admits that she needs to have things written out for her. She explains that if it is all said and done that she will then have to abide by it. She goes on to confess to him that she wants to go back to Edmund, but that she can’t. She makes it sound like it is her heart versus her head and it is obvious that she is conflicted. Jeffery looks at her and wonders if she truly loves him, after admitting that she does “Well, then, I guess you’re going to go back to him.” He says. She doesn’t seem so sure and reminds him that she is where she wants to be.

Buzz is sitting down at a table while Harley pressures him to give her a positive answer. He lets her know that she’s not an easy person to say no to and smiles. She sits down, looks at him and lets him know that she wants him to take care if her kids. He looks confused. His first question is in wondering what Rick will say. She goes on, obviously having thought it all out and lets him know that she wants him to be in charge of taking care of both Zach and Jude. She informs him that Jude will also spend time with his father, but that she wants the kids to love with him. He doesn’t seem so sure about the new role in his grandson’s lives and jokes that he’s not been such a great parent in the past. That doesn’t matter to Harley and she tells him that she knows he will bring her children up right. “And I want them raised in the heart of this family and you are the heart of this family. So say you'll do it.” She asks him. He tells her that he will take care of the kids but corrects her. “You’re the heart of this family.” He tells her. She thanks him, the two hug and she gets up and walks away. Buzz looks like he doesn’t know what he is going to do and closes his eyes as Harley leaves the building.

In the alley behind J. Farleys, Frank reminds Danny that he didn’t want him near his daughter in the first place. He wonders if Danny truly understands him. He tells him that everything is ok, and Frank goes on about how similar Gus and Danny are. He claims that they both say they care, but that they really don’t. Danny isn’t taking no for an answer and offers to drive Frank home. He doesn’t even answer and goes on about how he has failed in protecting his family. He wonders if Danny understands that the Coopers are failing and falling apart. Without answering, he urges Frank to let him drive him home. He points to inside the bar and is losing his cool more and more every second. He lets Danny know that there is something he can do to make Jeffery ‘pay’ and that he’s going to go inside and do it. Danny tries to stop Frank and only ends up getting grabbed and shoved toward a wall. He continues to try and stop Frank is warned that if he doesn’t move that he will be in pain. Danny lets Frank know that he’s not going anywhere and urges him to take his best shot. Frank punches Danny, and even though it lands him on the ground it doesn’t seem to faze him. In fact, he seems to be taunting Frank. “That was the best you could do? I mean that felt like a kiss from Marina.” He goads him on. Frank punches him twice more just in time for Marina to arrive and see it all. She runs over, wondering what he father is doing and if Danny is alright. Frank looks at what he has done and doesn’t seem to have an answer. Danny assures them both that it is fine and limps off, telling Marina that she needs to make sure her father gets home ok. She looks concerned as he leaves. She then turns to her father, who it seems has just realized what he has done.

Rick orders a shake from Buzz and brings it to his sister. He lets her know that at one time it was her favorite. With a smile, she lets him know that it still is. He questions how her memories returning makes her feel and she lets him know that she’s no longer afraid of getting them back. He wonders if she is sure about that and she lets him know she is. Pointing to Tony, she lets her brother know that what they have is something solid that nothing will change.

Ross lets Edmund know that he doesn’t approve of his actions. Pretending to be contrite, Edmund apologizes for overreacting and stops fighting with the guard. . He seems to accept the apology and goes on to explain the he doesn’t know what is going on between him and Dinah and that he doesn’t want to know either. Edmund interrupts, trying to explain that they are only friends and that he knows she wants to stay in town. “I don’t want it either.” Ross explains “But as her father I have to do what is best. No matter how difficult or what the cost.” He goes on telling Edmund that he won’t be able to understand what he is going through until he is a parent himself and mentions that the plane will soon be in the air. He urges Edmund one last time to forget Dinah and walks off. He thanks Ross and then picks up his phone. Edmund dials someone and lets them know that he is an ambassador and needs a plane stopped immediately. He definitely looks like a man who is on a mission.

Jeffery points to their empty cups and wonders if perhaps Cassie has had too many drinks. He lets her know that she probably shouldn’t be making major decisions at a bar. She smiles and admits she is feeling the alcohol and goes on about how she would be pregnant right now if she hadn’t found out about the fire. She is obviously upset and varies in between nervously laughing, sighing and looking like she is about to cry. He wonders if her being pregnant would change her decision about staying with Edmund. She looks at him and lets him know that it would most definitely make her decision a lot harder. She goes on reminding him that at one point she wanted to spend her whole life with Edmund. Jeffery wonders what she is thinking now and she looks at him. She accuses herself of making him as miserable as she is. He lets her know that it is fine and that she’s in a predicament where she needs to be upset. She turns back to him and lets him know that the thing she needs to most is distraction. Cassie urges him to get his band to the bar and that they should play a few songs. He smiles and reminds her that he didn’t want the whole town knowing about it. She lets him know that she won’t tell anyone, but that she thought they were good. She then goes on to tell him that if he’s not willing to get together with his band for her that she thinks they should dance. Though he claims he doesn’t dance, he gets on the dance floor with her after she tells him that she can’t ‘cry in her shot glass’ anymore.

Dinah stares out the window, tears streaming down her face talking to herself about how people seem determined to take any amount of happiness from her. Rufus, who is sitting next to her comments on how the plane has suddenly stopped and looks confused. Edmund rushes on board and yells for her Dinah’s bodyguard to stay away from her. He announces that she will be leaving with him as Dinah looks up at him in surprise.

Tony lets Rick know that he’s fine with Michelle regaining her memory. He goes on about how he doesn’t feel threatened and that he only wants Michelle to be happy. Nearby, Michelle is staring off into space. She is having a memory flashback about having a romantic dinner with Danny inside of Company and then kissing him. Tony interrupts her thoughts and wonders what she is doing. She lets him know that she’s said goodbye to her son and that she’s ready to go. They agree to go out for a drink and he leaves to go get the car. Michelle approaches her brother to say goodbye to him. He seems pleased that she is getting her memory back.

As Danny pulls away, Marina waves goodbye. She then turns to her father who is sitting on a bench in the alley. She demands to know why he tried to beat up her ‘boyfriend.’ Frank hears that the two are dating and wonders if perhaps he should have hurt Danny more than he did. Marina seems annoyed and wonders what is going on. Frank tries to explain that he wanted to hit Jeffery, but that Danny stepped in. He realizes that Danny probably saved him from getting into a lot of trouble and goes on about how he’s supposed to be able to save his sister. She looks at her father, and lets him know that no matter what he is still her hero. She reminds him that he is the one person in the family who always pulls through and he promises her that once again he will. He even admits that Danny will most likely be there for her and lets her know that he will try not to be so hard on him anymore. She thanks her dad and then offer to drive him home, but he lets her know that there is another place he would prefer to go.

Inside the tree house, Harley sits in front of a video recorder. She is nervous and says that the tapes are for Zach & Jude. She mentions how she wants to make them tapes of things she needs to share with them now and in the future. She tries to explain that she won’t be around and then implores for them to be good children for their grandfather. She begins to cry as she mentions how badly that she wishes she could be there for them. She repeats how much she loves them and begins to break down. She turns off the recorder and mutter that she can’t use that tape.

Dinah looks up at Edmund who has to deal with her bodyguard. He reaches out to Dinah, when other passengers realize what is going on. Dinah tells all the other passengers that Rufus is trying to kidnap her. She goes on to yell out that she loves Edmund. He lets her know that he would never leave her and that he loves her as well. When a female passengers wonders if this is for real, Edmund tells them all that Dinah is pregnant with his child. Dinah looks up at him clearly pleased with the news.

Cassie and Jeffery continue to dance with one another and she picks on his abilities, or lack there of. A slow song comes on and the two begin to dance with one another. Jeffery looks like he’s not sure what he should do as Cassie snuggles closer to him. She then pulls her face close to his and it looks like they might kiss. He pulls away and calls for the check after letting her know that she should go home. He walks over and pays the tab while she wonders why he always calls her “Mrs. Winslow.” He maintains that he’s trying to be polite and she doesn’t believe him. Cassie goes on to guess that he does it in order to keep her at a distance. They joke about his lack of manners and he offers to drive her home. She wonders if she can stay at the Beacon with him and he lets her know that he will be driving her to her house. When she tells him she doesn’t want to go there because of Edmund he wonders why she doesn’t use her room at the Beacon. She’s upset and lets him know that she can’t face Edmund and that he will find her there. She begs him to take her somewhere else.

Dinah wonders if Edmund is for real when he tells her that she is pregnant. He lets her know that he just got the phone call and that he loves her. Again, she tells him that she loves him. The two smile at one another as the rest of the passengers get involved. They help Edmund overtake Rufus and urge Dinah to run. She makes her way halfway down the aisle and Edmund scoops her up and carries the rest of the way off of the plane.

Rick is sitting at a table getting some paperwork done when Buzz approaches him. He mentions the kids and how they are like brothers rather than cousins. Rick smiles and mentions how much he enjoys just sitting and watching them all play together. Buzz then sits down and informs Rick that he wants to talk to him about arrangements since Harley will be leaving. Rick looks up and lets him know that Harley and he already talked about it. “We’re on the same page.” He assures him. Buzz nods and then tells Rick that he’s not. He drops the bomb that he thinks Rick & Mel should have custody of the kids. Rick looks like he doesn’t know what to say.

Harley is putting her video camera away when she sees Frank come into the tree house. He looks at her sadly and she nods. She walks out to the ledge on the tree house and before he has a chance to say anything she lets him know that she understands he was only doing his job. He repeats that he turned her in, as if he can’t believe what he did. She lets him know that the most important thing he did, was trying to do anything in his power to clear her. She goes on to let him know that it wasn’t his or even Alan’s fault that she was convicted. “Something good did come out of this though.” She tells him. He looks at her, wondering what good came out of her being convicted of murder. “I had my moment of clarity.” She tells him “I know something about myself now and it may not be a big thing to you, but it is important to me. I know that I did not kill Phillip. So I am the person I thought I was.” He doesn’t seem pleased with her positive spin on the trial and wonders how much comfort it will bring her while she’s in prison. She maintains that it will help her as he goes on and on about he will not rest until he finds the real killer. She smiles sadly at him and tells him that she believes he will do everything he can to help her. He looks around, and mentions the past and reminds her of the times they used to spend with one another in this same place. She mentions a game that they used to play and he calls it dangerous and stupid. She smiles as she tells him how much she loved the game. She goes on to describe it mentioning that it was with her dangling over the edge of the tree house while he held on, proving that he wouldn’t let go. She asks if his back spasm has healed and it is obvious that she wants to play the game with him again. When he tells her it is fine, she takes it as a yes that he wants to play the game and dives over the edge of the tree house. He grabs her and the two laugh as she lets him know he has to save her. She laughs as he has a hold of her legs.

Rick seems confused and wonders why he doesn’t want custody of the boys. He goes on telling Buzz that he’s already made an agreement with Harley that Buzz can have them. He turns to Rick and wonders if they both have the best interests of the children in mind and asks if they’ve considered everything. Rick assures him that they have and that the decision was made together. The two argue and until Buzz reminds them how much younger he and Mel are. He even mentions that they have a house and another child. Buzz admits that he’s much more likely to let the kids down and disappoint them than Rick is.

Outside of the restaurant, Marina stops Danny who is in pain. He has an ice pack on his face where Frank punched him. She lets him know that she dropped her father off some other place and that it is just her there. He jokes around about her needing to remove his gun and she doesn’t seem to find it too funny. She apologizes for her father and he lets her know it was ok. He goes on about how it is better that he took it out on him than Jeffery. Marina smiles and wonders if Danny aggravated her father on purpose. He admits that he did, but that it didn’t take much provocation. He sighs and she touches his face. She hugs him and he lets her know that it is making him feel better. She thanks him for ‘taking one for the team’ and he lets her know that it wasn’t his intention. “I don’t do anything for the team. I did it for you. I’ll do just about anything for you. Haven’t you figured that out yet?” he asks her. She kisses him and the two hug one another.

Michelle and Tony are playing pool inside of J. Farley’s when he suddenly stops the game. He holds out a jewelry box and urges her to get a better look at it. She smiles clearly happy for a surprise and then opens it to find a beautiful bracelet. She gushes about how gorgeous it is and he tells her that he can’t compare his life a year ago to how it is now. He mentions how thankful he is to have her and Robbie now in his life. She goes on about how they are a real family and hugs him. She promises to never take the bracelet off and kisses him.

Edmund and Dinah walk into the farmhouse and she mentions that it will be the first place that her father will look for her. He walks away from her, reminding her that he can pull strings if need be and that she won’t be leaving him. He reminds her that she is carrying his child and holds his only chance at getting Cassie back. He faces away from her, wondering what he should do next. She thanks him for saving her on the plane and touches her belly and she mentions the baby. He lets her know that he has promised to take care of her and that he will.

As they walk into an unfamiliar room, Jeffery wonders why she doesn’t stay at a local inn where she would be more comfortable. Turning on the light, she wonders where they are. He explains that it is a place where the band rehearses and only has the basics of heat and water. She laughs at the place and he tells her that she can make herself as comfortable as she wants. He also reminds her that Edmund will not let her go without a fight and she agrees. He begins to leave and she stops him. He looks intrigued and stops.

Danny offers to take Marina out to dinner and she lets him know that although it all sounds wonderful that she wants to do something else. Danny wonders what she has in mind and she smiles grabs his hand and drags his away.

Rick tells Buzz that he knows what the hub bub is about. He claims that the reason why he doesn’t want the children is because he doesn’t think he could handle it as a dad. Buzz laughs and agrees with Rick. He enumerates the mistakes he made in parenting and Rick doesn’t want to hear it. He reminds Buzz that he’s being given a second chance and that both he and Harley think he’d do a great job. Buzz mentions that it’s not only that he’s afraid, but that there are other issues as well. He mentions that they no longer have a place to live and Rick rattles off an address. Buzz looks confused and wonders why he just gave his own home address. Rick lets him know that the Coopers are more than welcome to move into the garage apartment. He urges Buzz to move in and tells him that it would be a good thing. He reminds him that they are all Harley’s family and that they need to stick together. Buzz makes a joke about the hot tub, and the two shake on the arrangement.

Frank pulls Harley up to the tree house and comments that she’s gained some wait since she was younger. She laughs, telling him to be quiet. He reminds her that he will always be there for her and she becomes more serious. She lets him know that she will need his help and support while she is in prison. They become quiet and look up at the stars, naming all the constellations that they see while holding hands and smiling.

Edmund puts a blanket over Dinah and watches her as she sleeps.

Cassie plays with the drums that are in the room and Jeffery jokes that she’s not very good. He leaves to go get her a blanket that he thinks he has in the car. Outside of the apartment he stands with his back to the wall, wondering what he is doing. Inside, Cassie looks at a wedding photo of her and Edmund that is in her wallet.

At the farmhouse, Edmund looks from Dinah to a photo of Cassie. He picks up the phone wondering what he should say to Cassie when he calls her. He dials the phone.

In the rehearsal space, Cassie’s phone rings. She looks at it, not knowing whether or not she’s going to pick it up.

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