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At Company, Jonathan and Reva have coffee. He obnoxiously announces to the restaurant that Reva is pregnant. Reva is annoyed after Jonathan humorously asks her if it’s Josh’s. Next, he wants to know if she is happy about the pregnancy. She doesn’t know what to say. Reva hesitates before answering. She walks away, and Jonathan follows, hounding her to answer his question. She replies that she doesn’t know how she feels, and she is afraid to tell Josh. Her ideology is that the two of them were finally getting to the point in their lives where they could relax without children. Reva asks Jonathan if he would be happy about getting a baby sibling. He replies that he’d be “jazzed” and begins to tell Reva about all the things he could teach them. Reva shrugs in nervousness.

Edmund is ecstatic when he learns that Dinah is pregnant. He places a call in to her doctor asking if there is anything specific that needs to be done. Then he calls Dinah and tells her to call him immediately. He is unaware that Dinah is arguing with Ross at the airport.

Cassie makes it off her plane, but realizes she forgot her laptop. She runs back to the airport officials to ask if she can get it. Meanwhile, a few feet away, Dinah continues arguing with Ross. He wants to send her away to Italy. She tells him there is no way he can do that since she is a grown woman. Ross was afraid she would react in this manner so he tells her he has petitioned for guardianship of her. She is outraged. She tells him that she is leaving and asks him to call her when he has “come to his senses.” She tries to go, but two large men shield her from the exit. Cassie notices the commotion from afar. Dinah believes she is being “kidnapped,” and she tells Ross that he cannot do this. There is something he “doesn’t know.”

Cassie notices Dinah and Ross yelling. She is about to walk over to them, but she stops herself. She chants to herself that she “does not even want to know.” Dinah tries to convince Ross to let her stay, saying that she can’t possibly leave her commitments at this point in time. However, Ross won’t listen. He believes he knows what is best for her and says that he can’t “take that risk.” Dinah grows angry and tells him vindictively that if he makes her leave, he will be sorry.

The jury comes in with Harley’s verdict. She is ruled “not guilty” for murder in the first degree. However, she is ruled “guilty” for murder in the second degree. The Coopers are outraged and begin shouting out for her innocence. Alan seems pleased with this outcome. The judge informs Harley that she is to remain in custody until her sentencing. Frank handcuffs her and apologizes profusely. He leads her out of the room, and Harley faces her family. She tells them that this verdict is not a surprise and that now they must deal with it. Coop is upset that Harley isn’t more emotional or angry. He becomes so upset that he starts to go after Alan. Frank stops him as Harley tells Coop not to get into trouble while she is gone. He brushes her off and goes after Alan anyway.

Coop grabs Alan’s arm in the hallway and tells him that he knows this verdict isn’t right. The real killer is still on the loose. Alan doesn’t believe that. He says that the verdict speaks for itself, and Harley is a murderer. Coop lunges at Alan, but Marina and Buzz pull him off and leave.

Edmund continues trying to get through to Dinah when Blake shows up unexpectedly and informs him of Ross’s plans to get Dinah out of the country. She tells Edmund that Ross has finally come to his senses and that Dinah will be gone “for good.” Edmund is shocked.

After everyone has left the court room, Gus asks Jeffrey for a favor. He specifies that if he has a “shred of human decency left” then he will do it. Gus asks him to let Harley stay out of prison until her sentencing, but Jeffrey refuses. He tells Gus that, like it or not, Harley is set to go to prison, and he needs to accept that. Gus begins to cough violently again. The commotion is taking a toll on his health.

Jonathan gushes about how much he would love to have a baby sibling around to play with. Reva is uncertain and starts talking to him about the fact that the pregnancy could be problematic at this stage in her life. He tells her that she’ll be okay; there are “worse mothers out there.” Jonathan begins to laugh about the fact that Reva will be a lot older when the child enters high school. Reva laughs at his joke and thanks him for making her feel better during a time when she’s “scared out of her mind.” She gets up to take a walk, and Jonathan rushes in front of her. He loudly shouts “Lady with a baby coming through!” as they exit the restaurant.

Dinah pleads with Ross to let her stay. She is trying to carve out a life for herself, and she can’t do that with him trying to make all of her decisions for her. She is hurt that he is treating her like a child. Ross tells her that he has found that parenting is a lifelong job and that maybe she’ll understand that when she has kids one day. Dinah replies “I understand that more than you know.” Ross is confused by this answer, and Dinah quickly covers it up. She says only that she’s trying to make a life for herself and that when she has a family and has finally settled down, she would like to be close to him. He tells her that the only reason she wants to stay is because she is in love with Edmund.

Blake happily informs Edmund that Ross has had Dinah declared “incompetent” and is now her legal guardian. He is also planning to confiscate her passport so she cannot return. Edmund is confused and startled. Blake gushes that now Dinah won’t be a problem for him and Cassie anymore. She searches the house for Cassie, not knowing that Cassie has left town. Edmund grabs his keys and immediately says he has to go, presumably in search of Dinah. Blake corners him to ask him what is wrong. Cassie, who has forgotten her keys, arrives outside the door and knocks loudly. Edmund opens it, but Cassie isn’t there anymore. In an effort to get Blake to leave, Edmund tells her he has a busy week at the consulate. She finally leaves, and Edmund runs out the door to find Dinah.

Cassie has walked over to the barn and is having flashbacks of her wedding to Edmund and the fire. She remembers what everyone said to her about Edmund and grows disgusted, walking away.

Ross apologizes to Dinah because he feels like he has been a bad father. He can’t help her, but he can protect her. This is what he is trying to do now. He begs her to go to Italy so she can spend some time recuperating and rebuilding herself. Then she will finally become that strong woman he has known was always inside of her. After that, someone will love her as much as Edmund loves Cassie. Dinah thinks about this and agrees to go.

At Company, Marina rips down a calendar with a picture of the Spauldings proclaiming that she hates them. She says that Harley didn’t even have a chance at a fair trial. Coop tells her that he would like to run a bulldozer right through their front door, and Marina says she will gladly go with him. Buzz walks in and unleashes his powerful temper. He yells that he has already lost a daughter to this war and he will be damned if he is going to lose anyone else. Suddenly, he begins having chest pains. Coop brings him water to help him recover and begins telling him that someone has to pay for what happened to Harley. Buzz yells that fighting was what got both the Spauldings and the Coopers into this feud. They will not retaliate this time. Zack shows up, and Coop and Marina do their best to shield him from any sort of stress on Buzz’s face.

Frank handcuffs Harley to the bench outside, and he apologizes again. He tells her that he should have never IDed her as Ruth. They would have had more time to find the killer. Harley assures him that he was just doing his job and that it is not his fault. Another officer walks up with a handcuffed woman. He handcuffs her to the other side of Harley’s bench.

The woman recognizes Harley as the first cop who “busted her.” She laughs at the fact that Harley, a former cop, is now going to prison. She exclaims that the inmates are going to have “fun” with this.

Gus walks out and tells Harley that he was trying to begin the work on her appeal. Jeffrey comes out and informs her that Gus was trying to keep her out of jail for the next few days. The reason he refused initially was because he didn’t want to get their hopes up if it couldn’t happen. However, Jeffrey talked to the judge, and she permitted it. Harley is now free until her sentencing. While Gus and Frank rush off to begin Harley’s paperwork, Jeffrey tells her that Gus’s health is deteriorating because of his work on the case.

Reva and Jonathan are now at the farm. Reva is searching for books on problematic pregnancies. She says she feels bad that it was so easy for her to get pregnant when Cassie has been trying for such a long time with no success. Reva still doesn’t seem happy about the pregnancy, which upsets Jonathan. He bitterly tells her that she should just get rid of it. She didn’t want him, and she doesn’t want this child in the same light.

Reva reminds Jonathan that she does feel the exact same way with this child as she felt when she was pregnant with him. It was a happy feeling of hope and exhaustion, but she wanted him so badly. Jonathan is happy, and he is brought to tears. Reva believes that this might be another chance to see one of her child’s lives all the way through. Jonathan understands and is eager to find out if she’s really pregnant. Reva stops him and says that first, she has to tell Josh.

Dinah tells Ross that she will go to Italy. She is going to go home and pack and come back to airport. Ross informs her that he has already had her things sent. Dinah realizes that he doesn’t trust her. She kisses him goodbye and begins to walk off with the guards. In the middle of their walk, she tries to make a run for it, but they restrain her. Edmund shows up and demands that they let go of Dinah. She runs to his arms, crying. Edmund tells Ross that Dinah has a right to live anywhere she pleases. Ross is confused about why Edmund would be defending that right.

He asks him to tell him “what he is missing.” Edmund informs Ross that he and Dinah are only friends, nothing more. Ross doesn’t think this is healthy. Edmund continues to tell him that he leans on Dinah and she listens to him. She is trying to redeem herself and only wants a chance at this. Ross doesn’t buy it. Dinah is led off to the plane by the guards.

Cassie arrives at the pool hall and finds Jeffrey drinking. He tells her that Harley was found guilty, and Cassie is shocked. She begins remarking about how amazing it is that a man can just blow into your life and screw everything up, like Phillip did for Harley. She is also talking about her relationship with Edmund. Jeffrey calls her the “expert” on destructive love. Cassie begins to talk about real love with Jeffrey. She says she loves Edmund truly, but she is going to file for a separation.

Gus and Frank arrive back at Harley’s side, and Gus informs her that he has laid the groundwork for her appeal. She asks him to simply “go home and get some rest.” After Harley and Frank leave, Gus sits alone in the court room. Alan walks in and sees his pain. Gus tells him that he “won.” Alan remarks that he does not enjoy seeing him suffer like this. He reminds Gus that Harley was right about one thing, he and Gus need each other. Alan wants to try to repair their relationship. He tells Gus that he will “forgive him” if he is willing to put the trial in the past. “Forgive me for what?” Gus asks. He says he doesn’t need Alan to forgive him for anything. He is appealing this case and will take it to the Supreme Court if he has to. He yells at Alan to get away from him, and Alan leaves.

Harley arrives at Company to see her children. She tells them to never forget how much she loves them. The Coopers share a big family hug.

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