Guiding Light Update Friday 3/25/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Frank walks into Company to meet Coop and Buzz. Buzz, laughing in disbelief, informs Frank that Lizzie is evicting them from the Boarding House. Frank is furious and remarks that no matter what they do, the Spauldings just won’t let up. Buzz asks him not to give the news to Harley until after her verdict has been announced. Frank asks where she is, and Buzz and Coop remain quiet. “She’s with Gus isn’t she?” Frank angrily asks. He isn’t too fond of Gus after finding out about his setup. They reply that she is; Frank rolls his eyes.

Gus and Harley are still lying underneath the desk in the courtroom. They are laughing and happy with one another. Gus humorously points out the amount of gum on the underside of the desk. Harley starts to get up and says she needs some air. Gus grabs her hand. “Let’s make a run for it!” he says playfully. Harley lights up, and they both trot out of the courtroom.

Outside Company, Reva slugs to a table. She is feeling under the weather again and tired. Sandy walks up and asks if she’s okay. They start to talk about Jonathan, Tammy, and the fire. Sandy informs Reva that Tammy is doing just fine. He asks her again if she’s okay, but this time she responds “I don’t think so.”

Jonathan is sleeping in his hospital bed when Tammy walks into his room. He wakes up, and she says hello. “I’m sorry I woke you,” she says. “I’m not,” he replies.

Dinah and Edmund arrive back at the farm. They have just been to see Dinah’s doctor, who still does not have the results of her pregnancy test. Edmund is frustrated about not knowing yet, but Dinah assures him that she “just knows” she’s pregnant. Edmund helps her with her coat and asks if she needs anything. Already, he seems to be fulfilling her every need, as he did with Cassie. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door, and it is Jeffrey. He calls out if anyone is there. “Cassie? Are you here?” he asks aloud. Dinah and Edmund freeze, trying to figure out what to do.

Cassie sits on a plane thinking intently. She is on her way back to Springfield. The woman next to her casually begins a conversation by asking her if Springfield is her home. Cassie answers yes while the woman notices her wedding ring. “That’s a pretty ring. It looks new. Were you recently married?” the woman asks. Cassie tells her yes, and the woman concludes that she’s heading home to see her husband. “I don’t know,” Cassie responds.

Jeffrey continues pounding on the door; he knows someone is inside. Edmund tells Dinah to leave and head out by the barn. He promises to let her know if the doctor calls with the results. She leaves. Edmund opens the door, and Jeffrey asks for Cassie. He thinks he heard her voice. Edmund covers it up saying that it was just the television. “She’s not here,” Edmund says, to which Jeffrey replies “well that’s good.” Edmund accuses him of being the one that made Cassie leave in the first place. Jeffrey simply says he needs to see her. Dinah listens from the hallway.

At the hospital, Ross is on the phone with Vanessa, who is in Europe. Ross keeps telling her that he knows this isn’t an easy decision to make, but they have tried everything else. They have a plan concerning Dinah. He assures her that this is the right thing to do for their daughter, even if she ends up hating them.

Harley and Gus end up at the basketball court. Gus has brought along a basketball, and Harley realizes why he requested that she wear sneakers. He talks Harley into one game of Horse, but she is worried that the jury will call. Gus assures her that he has his cell phone on him so they can answer it. They are all set to go until Harley realizes that the gate is locked. Gus playfully offers to help her climb over. He pushes her up, and she falls over to the other side. They have a good laugh.

Back at Company, Frank complains that Harley isn’t answering her phone. Buzz reminds her that she probably wants to be alone. “Yeah, but the thing is, she’s not alone, she’s with Gus!” Frank yells angrily. He can’t believe Harley would spend her time with Gus, “who has let her down time and time again.” Moreover, Frank calls Gus a “Spaulding,” and says that they should have kept him away from Harley from the very beginning. “The Spauldings are ruining are lives,” Frank persists. Coop joins in and agrees. Fed up, Buzz shouts “enough of this!” He tells both Frank and Coop not to be angry because it will eat them up inside. Frank gets mad and leaves.

Jonathan sits up slowly. He is still hurting from his burns. He remarks that it’s nice that Tammy showed up to see if he was okay. She asks him why he didn’t tell her that he had more burns than the ones on his arm. “It’s a superhero guy thing,” Jonathan says. He struggles to move without hurting himself. Tammy moves forward to help him, but he clams up. “You saved my life,” she says in an attempt to let her help him. “Thank you,” she settles. Jonathan tries to keep his head up. In reference to his new scar, he remarks “I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of this thing; chicks love a guy with scars.” “The ones who don’t have any of their own,” Tammy clarifies.

Sandy brings Reva some warm tea. She tells him she misses Josh. He remarks that he’s there for her in the meantime and goes on to say that she’s come through for him a lot. “I owe you my life,” he says. She agrees with him lightheartedly, and they share a laugh. Sandy asks her how things are going with Jonathan. Reva, a little worried about his reaction, tells him they’re going okay. “He’s just so damaged,” Reva says, almost seeming helpless. Sandy tells her that she’s more than welcome to hang out with him and Tammy anytime she wants. “Josh will be back soon, and everything will be okay,” he assures her. He leaves while Reva sits pondering if that’s the truth.

Cassie stares at her ring and thinks. The woman next to her, in an attempt to console her, says that the first year is always the hardest. “It’s had its moments,” Cassie says. “I just have no idea what’s going to happen when I get back or what I will find there,” she ends.

Jeffrey informs Edmund that he wasn’t the one who made Cassie leave. Edmund causing the fire was the thing that hurt her, and that is why she left. Jeffrey didn’t need to talk her into it. Edmund assures him that Cassie will be home, and they will continue to build their life together. It was just Jeffrey and Reva who “poisoned” her against him. Jeffrey laughs in disbelief. He looks over to the table and notices two syringes and two bottles of drugs. “What is this Edmund? What are you on?” he asks. “Edmund darts over and takes them out of his hand. “They’re fertility drugs,” he answers. “Well if Cassie is away then what are these things doing out?” Jeffrey wonders aloud.

Outside the farm, Dinah watches Edmund and Jeffrey closely through the window. Suddenly, Ross shows up and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Tammy continues talking about scars, and she points to one on her ankle. “How did you get that?” Jonathan asks. “Did you fall when Mommy took your training wheels off your new pink bike?” Tammy looks at him, insulted.

Jonathan feels bad and asks her to tell him how she got it. “We’re being honest here,” he says, encouraging her. She tells him that she got it running away from one of her Foster families. They didn’t want her any more than she wanted to be with them. She got it by trying to climb over a fence. “My foster mom was a little too drunk to take me to the hospital,” she says. “But then you know all about that,” Tammy tells him, reminding him of Alfred. “I don’t like scars – the ones you can see or the ones you can’t,” she ends. Reva walks by the window outside and looks in at the two of them.

Harley takes a shot and gets it into the basket. She wins their game of Horse. Harley asks Gus playfully if he let her win, but he assures her he didn’t. She sits down and takes a drink of water. “I see what you’re doing here, you know,” she says. “You’re trying to prepare me for prison,” she says, referring to climbing the fence and playing ball. He tells her that isn’t funny, but she playfully responds yes it is. Harley tells Gus that he is required to teach her kids how to make a jump shot if she isn’t around and that he has to put the new hoop up at her new house. He doesn’t want to talk about her possibly going to prison. He leans in close, and they start to kiss. However, the phone stops them. Gus is informed that the jury is back.

Ross begins to give Dinah the third degree about why she’s lurking outside the farm. Dinah lies, saying that Edmund has hired her to perform a job. She is an event planner for the consulate. Surprisingly, Ross believes her. He tells her he’s at the farm to drop off some official papers for Edmund. “They’re not divorce papers are they?” Dinah asks curiously. Ross gives her a stern look, and she apologizes. He says he’s on his way to the airport. Vanessa is flying in today to see her and Bill. “Didn’t you get my message?” he asks. Dinah says she has been busy. He asks her to ride off to the airport with him, but she declines. She wants to know why Vanessa is coming. “What is it? Intervention number 2?” she asks. Ross ignores her comment and tells her that Vanessa would love to see her smiling face when she walks off the plane. Dinah finally agrees to meet him there later and takes his papers to give to Edmund. Ross leaves, and she resumes looking through the window at Edmund and Jeffrey.

Edmund tells Jeffrey than he and Cassie are still planning on having a child. “Really, then if she’s so adamant about it, why did she leave town without her Meds?” he asks. Edmund tells him to get out. Jeffrey gets a call saying the jury is back and has to leave. He leaves.

Seeing Jeffrey coming, Dinah scrambles back inside. She gives the papers to Edmund who is surprised that Ross showed up. He wasn’t the only one who had an unexpected visitor. He tells Dinah that he’s glad the clinic didn’t call during all of this. Dinah begins to tell him that she’s getting confused. She thinks they should leave town for awhile.

Jonathan notices Reva outside the door, and she walks in, worried about Tammy. “Is everything okay in here?” she asks. Tammy tells her yes and that she just showed up to thank Jonathan for saving her. She leaves. Jonathan is surprised to see Reva there. He assures her, annoyed, that he had no idea Tammy was living at the Clayton Arms when he moved in. “I want to believe you,” she says. He is still angry with her for making him move out. She tries to justify her choice by saying that she feels that her relationship with him is costing her a lot of things. She can’t live her life worrying about what he’s going to do next and who he will hurt next. She asked him to move out in order to get some distance between them so she can be a better mother to him and all of her children. She wants to “get a grip.” “Then get it,” he says. She continues to go on to say that she’s feeling totally overwhelmed in her life. Jonathan, however, believes that his moving out was just the first step. “What’s next? Is this the big kiss off?” he asks.

Gus and Harley get into the elevator at the courthouse. They are speechless. Gus stops the elevator, and she asks him what he’s doing. “Before we go in there, there is something you need to know – something you need to hold on to,” he says.

Reva tells Jonathan to “dream on.” He’s “stuck” with her. The only thing that has changed is the game plan. As of now, she is not available to help him run from the cops or perform any other strange thing that has gone on in the past. She is only available to be his mother. “This is tough love right?” he asks. She tells him to call it anything he wants. She cares about him, and she’s sick of trying to prove that to him. “So I guess you’re over that whole guilt thing about giving me up as a child?” Jonathan adds. Reva becomes angry. “You know, not everything is about you!” she shouts. She starts talking about how some days, people are just trudging along and they suddenly become unhealthy and unexpected things happen. They have to deal with those unexpected things. Jonathan isn’t fazed. He tries to move, but is in terrible pain. Reva stands there, staring at him. She’s clearly thinking of something else. “What’s wrong? Are you sick or something? Jonathan asks.

Tammy arrives at Company to have lunch with Sandy. She is late. He tells her that’s okay; it gave him a chance to catch up on his “doodling.” He pulls out an unattractive photo of a man with horns. “That’s not me is it?” she asks. “No, it’s Edmund!” he says. Tammy laughs. She starts to tell him how happy she is that Sandy is in her life and how she loves to wake up every morning and know that she will see him. “I want you to know that I was late because I stopped by the hospital to see Jonathan,” she says. “I know,” Sandy confesses. “But thanks for telling me.” Tammy seems surprised that he isn’t more upset.

Dinah continues telling Edmund that all this stress isn’t good for the baby. She thinks they need to go away. Edmund reminds her that Cassie may return anytime soon. She says she understands that, and she should just go away alone. She can have the baby somewhere else. “We’ll talk more about that once we find out if you’re pregnant,” Edmund says. Again, Dinah tells him how much it means to her for him to let her do this. She’s going to do everything right. “I know I’m pregnant; I feel like a mother,” she says. Edmund shoots back that “Cassie is the mother; you are simply the gestational carrier.” Dinah is silent. She tells him she has to go meet Ross for a family thing. Edmund tells her that he will call as soon as he hears from the doctor. As she is walking out, Dinah turns around and says “I know it…We’re pregnant.” She leaves happily. Edmund repeats her words to himself, wondering why she keeps saying “we.” After she leaves, Edmund sits in front of Cassie’s picture and seems worried. He’s thinking about what he’s just done.

Frank, Coop, and Buzz arrive at the courthouse wondering where Harley is. Frank walks outside to check his messages and runs into Jeffrey. Jeffrey reassures him that he would have done anything not to prosecute Harley’s case. Frank knows this. He walks back inside. They wonder again where she is, and Buzz says she will be there. “She’s not going to run now,” he says.

Inside the elevator, Gus tells Harley that nothing will ever touch what they have together. No matter what the verdict is, he will wait for her. She starts to wonder if he’s acknowledging that there is a possibility that she will be convicted. He stops her. “I’m just saying if it’s the worst case scenario,” he assures her. He tells her sweetly that he will be there to visit her every day, he’ll take care of her children, and he’ll rebuild her house. “I will be like your link to the outside world,” he says. I’ve waited my whole life for someone like you; what’s a little longer?” Gus ends. “Nothing can touch this,” he reminds her, pointing to the two of their hearts. Harley is moved to tears, and they kiss passionately in the elevator.

Sandy tells Tammy that he knows when she found out Jonathan had some bad burns; she’d have to go see him. “I understand that, and I’m not threatened by him,” he says. Tammy is surprised that he’s okay with this. “What we have, Jonathan can’t take away,” Sandy reassures her. He and Tammy kiss across the table.

Jonathan humorously asks Reva if she needs to check into the hospital. She tells him it’s not serious, and he continues to badger her. “Let me know if it’s terminal, I’ll send you some…” he starts. “I’m not dying! I think I’m pregnant!” Reva says, ashamed.

Dinah shows up at the airport to meet Ross. She notices that he seems nervous, and she thinks it’s because he’s meeting Vanessa. Dinah jokes that maybe Vanessa will dump Matt and he can dump Blake, and they will live happily ever after. Ross gets annoyed with this comment. She assures him that she’s not going to give Vanessa a hard time. She is in a good place with her life, and she’s not going to screw that up. “My job with Edmund is going to change my life,” she says. Dinah tells him that she wants him to be proud of her. He replies that he loves her and that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her. Ross is getting very emotional, and Dinah is a bit confused. “Let’s go meet Mom at the gate,” she says. However, Ross pulls Dinah behind her and tells her that there’s something she needs to know.

Back at the farm, Edmund gets the phone call from Dinah’s doctor. Dinah is pregnant. “Oh my god,” Edmund responds happily. He looks at Cassie’s photo. “We’re going to have a baby,” he says.

Ross explains to Dinah that Vanessa is not coming. Dinah will be flying to Europe. He tells her that it has been arranged for her to fly to Italy, and Vanessa and Matt will pick her up when she gets there. “You are not coming back,” Ross says. Dinah tells him numerous times that she can’t leave. She is shocked. In the next gate over, Cassie walks off her plane.

Harley and Gus walk into the courtroom. Harley meets her family with open arms, and they tell her how much they love her. Frank offers to call her friends, but she tells him it’s easier for her if they’re not here. Jeffrey walks over to tell them that the jury is coming in. “If this doesn’t go my way, I take back everything I said about not hating you,” Harley says to Jeffrey. He smiles. Gus and Harley sit down. Harley takes a moment to look at her family and pray. Gus prays as well. The jury comes in and begins to announce the verdict. “We the people find the defendant Harley Cooper….” a juror begins.

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