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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley is walking outside of Elizabeth & Company when she picks up her phone to call Gus. He answers, and is half laying half sitting on the bench outside the courtroom.

He looks disheveled and when Harley questions whether or not the jury is back he shrugs her off. He reminds her that no news is good news. While she wonders if not hearing from them is good or bad as he tries pull himself together. He lets her know that he will call her as soon as he hears something and urges her to remain positive. She hangs up, not looking too sure of her own fate.

Inside the restaurant, Bill and Olivia are in the corner booth sharing a salad. They are both all smiles as Olivia reminds him of how happy he made her when he told her that he loved her. He is quick to remind her that with love comes trust and urges her to begin to trust him. She looks truly apologetic as she tells him that she didn’t want to hurt Harley, and that she only wanted to protect Emma. Bill looks up and sees Harley walking by the window outside. He lets his wife know that he has to take care of something and rushes out. Outside, he approaches Harley who is quick to let him know that she still hasn’t heard about the jury’s decision. Without saying anything to her, he pulls her by the arm and lets her know that they have to go. She follows him, obviously wondering what is going on.

Back inside, Billy approaches Olivia. He wonders if he can have a talk with his daughter in law. She tells him that he can but looks apprehensive. He sits down and mention how he never wanted her with his son and that everything he ever thought about her has now come true.

Gus is swallowing some pepto bismol in the hallway when Jeffery comes walking into the courtroom. He quick to point out that the jury is still in deliberation and that Gus doesn’t look so good. He wonders what he was doing in the hallway. Gus explains that he was prepping for an appeal and begins talking a mile a minute. Jeffery looks at him with concern and wonders when the last time he ate or drank was. Gus shrugs off the concern throw bouts of coughing letting everyone know he is ok. Suddenly Alan walks in behind the two men. “Isn't it romantic? Gus giving up everything for the woman he loves. And now they're both going down together. Ain't love grand?” He says sarcastically, directing his comments to Jeffery.

Harley follows Bill as they walk into J. Farley’s. She doesn’t appear to know what is going on and they sit down at the bar. He orders drinks, looks around and then whispers to her that he brought her to the bar so that no one would hear him. She looks puzzled and he explains that he has some pull with the seventh juror on her case. With a shocked look, Harley wonders if Bill is talking about fixing the jury. He looks around once more and lets her know that with one phone call that he can secure her freedom.

Danny is wandering around his apartment leaving a message for Marina when she barges in. She is obviously upset and he wonders what is wrong. Marina apologizes for barging in and then goes on and on about how once again Lizzie is hurting her family. She is getting herself worked up and doesn’t take it well when Danny makes a joke. He apologizes when he realizes that it is serious and wonders what is going on. After kissing her, she explains to him that Lizzie evicted her family from the boarding house effective immediately. He looks shocked. She takes a deep breath and decides that she has to be the one to find a solution to their problem. She walks over to a table and picks up a newspaper, wondering what to do next. Danny looks worried about her.

Olivia looks justifiably angry as Billy smugly lets her know that he “calls it like he sees it.” She blows off her selling of the Lewis Building and he reminds her that he knows the truth. Billy accuses her of helping herself at the expense of other people. She realizes that he knows about the picture and wonders if he was spying on her and Bill. He admits that in concern for his son that he overheard their conversation and tells her that he thinks Alan is her number one priority.

Sitting at a table inside J. Farley’s Sebastian approaches Beth. He is decked out in what appears to be motorcycle garb and mentions that he didn’t originally picture her coming to a bar like Farley’s. She smiles as he sits next to her. They begin talking and he brings up the fact that everyone has something to live down. When he mentions past transgressions she raises her eyebrows. After a moment of thinking about what he said, she agrees that everyone has skeletons in their closet. The two of them toast one another and Holly walks in the back door (unbeknownst to them). Holly glances at them and continues to walk to another table.

Harley wonders what Bill is thinking mentioning tampering with the jury. He shushes her as she says it, and lets her know that he has another plan. She looks shocked as he tells her that his family can arrange it so that she can leave the country by boat. She smiles and mentions all the offers that she has gotten from her family. “My father already offered to get me out of the country, and Frank said he was going to turn in his badge and smuggle me to Mexico. And this is my favorite: Coop and Marina, they came up with an idea to ship me to Paris overnight via prepaid mailer.” She tells him with a smile on her face. She wonders why he is so concerned about her when is isn’t his family and asks him about it. Looking away from her, he reminds her of their friendship and she doesn’t seem to buy it. She demands to know why he is so intent on helping her and he explains that she would have had a mistrial if it hadn’t been for Olivia. Harley looks at him quizzically while he admits that Olivia was the one who snapped the photo of Gus & Webster.

Alan walks in and faces the men while he goads Gus about already preparing for an appeal. He shrugs off his father, claiming that he’s only trying to his job. Alan doesn’t take the hint and continues to pester his son. Jeffery warns Alan to leave Gus alone while he looks at his father upset. He mentions how bad Gus looks until he fights back. He yells at his father that of anyone that Alan should understand what it is like to fail a person. He accuses his father of failing Phillip and being responsible for his death. Alan walks out of the courtroom letting his son know that he doesn’t have to listen to his accusations. As Alan leaves Gus begins coughing and walks over to his table. Jeffery looks at him, wondering if he is ok. He tells them that he has to be prepared to protect Harley between coughs and collapses on the floor. Alan watches his son from the doorway and Jeffery yells for him to call 911.

Olivia stands up yelling at Billy. She admits that she likes Harley, but that it was a ‘do or die’ situation. He doesn’t seem to buy her story and she tells him that she loves Bill more than anything. She begins to walk off as Billy vows to make sure that his son sees the ‘real’ Olivia. She turns once more before leaving and wonders if he is truly declaring war on her.

He lets her know that in no uncertain terms that he is. They each vow to win this battle. She walks outside and immediately gets on the phone with someone. She tells the person on the other end that she wants as much dirt as possible on Billy. She mentions the fact that Phillip was blackmailing him and that they need to go ‘as deep as it takes.’

Gus walks into Cedars, while being pushed by Jeffery. He doesn’t want to be there, but Jeffery is making him. Rick greets them as soon as they walk in while Jeffery explains what happened earlier at the courthouse. Gus maintains that he is fine and Rick ushers him into an examination room. A nurse approaches Jeffery and explains that the insurance of Gus won’t handle his visit. Jeffery is quick to remind her that legally they can’t deny anyone treatment. As she is about to say something back to him Alan walks in. He assures the nurse that he will take care of the bill. She looks at him surprised and he explains that Gus was his lawyer.

Sebastian does an impersonation of Alan to make Beth laugh as Holly watches from across the room. He comments on how beautiful Beth’s laugh is and the two begin to discuss Alan. Sebastian thinks that someone as powerful as Alan has to have the ability to laugh at one’s self while Beth doesn’t agree. He tells her that perhaps they should leave Alan and the murder trial out of their conversation. She wonders what they will talk about and as he mentions that they will think of something, Holly walks up. She sits down at their table and tells them that “three heads are better than two.” Beth looks surprised and not at all glad to see her there.

Harley looks mad, and wonders why Olivia would ruin her trial. When Bill explains that his wife didn’t have much of a choice, Harley figures it out. She realizes that Alan had something to do with it. He admits that Alan threatened that he would take Emma away from Olivia if she didn’t help him. Bill looks ashamed at what his wife has done as Harley realizes that Olivia was given the choice to save herself or Harley. She looks over and sees that Olivia has just walked in.

The nurse gives Alan a confused look as he informs her that Gus cannot find out who paid his medical bills. She walks away leaving Alan alone.

Inside the examination room Gus begins to get dressed and is eager to leave. Rick lets him know that he can’t leave and that they need to run more tests. Gus is quick to tell Rick that the tests can wait while Rick doesn’t want to hear it. The two argue over what is best for Gus & his health. Rick informs Gus that he has a bleeding ulcer and will need to stay in the hospital to prevent it from becoming infected. Gus doesn’t want to hear it and begins to leave. Rick has to physically stop him from leaving and puts him on the bed. He orders a nurse to begin administering an IV.

Marina and Danny walk into Elizabeth & Company. She is obviously stressed about the need to move. She goes to the kitchen and offer to make them some pizza as Danny looks through the paper. She walks back over to him and he looks at her long and hard. He comments that she could move in with him. She jokes that she and her family may take him up on the offer and he looks confused. She makes it clear that wherever she moves that the rest of her family is sure to follow. He raises his eyebrows at her comment as she walks away from him towards the kitchen.

Holly places a tape recorder on the table and urges them to continue with their conversation. Beth looks puzzled and looks to Sebastian to explain things. He jokingly tells her that Holly is stalking him. Holly explains that she is doing a story on Sebastian and is following him around for research.

As Sebastian and Holly exchange some words about ‘capturing the whole man’ for a story and truly capturing another person, Beth looks uncomfortable. She offers to leave, and they both urge her to stay. Sebastian even offers to get her a drink and goes to the bar to get both women something. As soon as he leaves Holly turns to Beth and asks about her relationship with Sebastian. “Depends. Are you asking me as a journalist or as a competitor?” Beth retorts as Holly smiles.

Olivia walks over to a mad Harley. She doesn’t realize what Harley knows and asks about the case. She lets Olivia know right away that she knows about the photo and why she had to do it. Olivia automatically thinks that it means she is forgiven, but Harley shatters that illusion right away. She wonders why Olivia would put her child at risk by working as Spaulding and tells her that there were other choices she could have made. Olivia glares at Bill obviously upset that Harley found out the truth. Harley begins to walk off and then reminds Olivia of how lucky she is. She lets her know that no apology will be accepted and that Olivia should be thankful for the life she has. She walks out of the bar. Olivia mentions to Bill that perhaps Harley is right that she is lucky to have him. Once in the alleyway Harley picks up her phone. She calls Gus, wondering where he is.

Jeffery walks in only to see Gus trying to reach his briefcase from his bed. He wonders what is going on and Gus makes it clear that he wants to get back to work as soon as possible. Jeffery refuses to help him and reminds him that he won’t be any help to Harley if he’s sick. Gus sighs, knowing he is right. Jeffery look annoyed as Gus reminds him that he is perfectly fine. Before leaving Jeffery remind Gus that there is nothing he can do as Harley’s fate is in the hands of the jurors. While alone in the room, Gus decides that he’s had enough. He rips the IVs out of his arms and walks to the door. After looking around to make sure no one is watching he quietly slips out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Rick, the nurse, Alan and Jeffery are in a corner discussing Gus and his health.

Beth wonders what is really going on with Holly and her story. She obviously thinks that Holly has something personal invested in story and isn’t shy about it. She admits that she has a personal stake in the story and admits that there is a special reason for wanting the story. “Let's just split the difference and call it a cautionary tale. I intend to reveal Sebastian Hulce for who he is underneath this new man veneer.” She tells Beth in a cautionary voice. Beth wonders what Holly hopes to accomplish just as Sebastian returns to the table. He only has a drink for Holly and informs them that he’s heading home. He offers Beth a ride on his motorcycle and she accepts. The two leave and Holly is left alone in the bar.

Bill wonders why there is a sudden change in his wife. She tells him that in the past she has always felt alone and that for once she has a husband that is also her friend. She lets him know that she wants her relationship with him to be different and he seems to agree. She confesses to him what Alan said about the two of them being more different than alike and lets him know she doesn’t agree. He nods, telling her that he feels the same as well. She reminds him that she is a fighter and also a human who makes mistakes. He smiles and reminds her that he’s not perfect either. They both promise to try their best and call one another on their mistakes when they are made. Olivia kisses him and the two head home to be with one another.

Marina reminds Danny that in a crisis that her family sticks with one another. She jokes about the entire clan living with Danny and he looks worried. He lets her know though that the only thing he’s worried about would be living with her father. She laughs, reminding him that she isn’t much better. After joking around she thanks him for not running out at the mention of spending time with her nutty family. He smiles and lets her know that it would take a lot to get him to leave her.

Harley walks into the courtroom to find it empty. In her mind she heads many different things. The following scenes are what were going through her head. Jeffery questioning Gus about knowing Webster in Chicago. Bill telling Harley who took the photo of Gus & Webster. Olivia apologizing for her part in hurting Harley’s defense. Suddenly Gus walks in. He comment on how much less scary the courtroom looks when it isn’t filled with people and Harley agrees. She begins to ask about the jury and stops short, knowing he would have called her if they had come back. He hugs her, letting her know that soon they will know her fate.

Inside the bar, Holly looks at a drink of liquor. She smells it and just as it appears she may take a drink Billy walks in. He calls out tot her and mentions a phone call where she asked from help. When she tells him unconvincingly that she wasn’t going to have any he lets her know that he doesn’t believe her. He offers to take her to an AA meeting that happens to be nearby and she refuses. She thanks him for coming and lets him know that she needed a friend more than she needed a drink when she called him.

Bill and Olivia stumble into their apartment kissing one another all the while. They land on their bed and begin to make love just as a phone rings. Bill urges her not to answer it, but thinking it might be Spaulding she takes it anyway. On the other end of the line is her assistant with news about Billy.

While Bill kisses and massages her legs & feet Olivia listens as her assistant tells her what she has dug up on Billy. She goes on to report to Olivia that Billy paid a fake company that in essence was ‘thugs for hire.’ Olivia lets the girl know she has a good idea of why Billy would do such a thing and hangs up. Bill asks what the call was about and she lets him know that it was possibly good news.

Rick walks into the exam room only to find Gus has left. He walks to the nurse’s station and calls a security guard. As he is about to alert the hospital to look for Gus Jeffery stops him. He looks at Rick and reminds him that they both know where Gus has gone; back to work. Alan is standing by watching and looks worried. He comments that Jeffery is looking like he admires Gus for his hair brained stunt. He doesn’t deny that he thinks highly of his actions while Alan tells everyone there that they need to find Gus before he seriously gets sick.

Gus coughs and Harley wonders if everything is ok with him. He assures her that he is fine and blames it on food poisoning. She offers to take him home and help him feel better and he doesn’t go for it. He smiles at her and reminds her of a game that Zach used to play called ‘Gone Land.’ In the game Zach would climb under the table and say “"To my own world, where there is no time, and no one can find me." Gus grabs her hand and she looks confused at first. The two climb under the defendants table and repeat together “To a world of our own, where there is no time, and no one can find us. To a world of our own, where there is no time, and no one can find us. “

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