Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/23/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Tammy is sleeping in her room at Clayton Arms. She is daydreaming of making love to Sandy. Suddenly, Jonathan bursts in her room and immediately grabs her. She doesn’t know what is going on until she realizes that the room has caught fire. Jonathan screams “You gotta get out of here!” in an attempt to save her.

Over at Company, Sandy and Billy wrap up a meeting, and Billy gives him some papers to deliver. He invites Sandy to stay for lunch, as he is going to dine with Bill and Reva, but Sandy declines. He needs to get to the hospital to investigate a worker’s compensation claim. Reva walks up to the table just as Sandy is leaving and looks vulnerable and sad. It seems like she hasn’t seen Sandy in a long time, and she asks him to stay. When he says he can’t, Reva is disappointed, but she lets him go. Sandy leaves. Reva sits at the table, and Billy, who immediately notices something’s wrong, asks her if she has a problem. “I miss Josh,” she says. Billy reminds her that he’s only been gone for a few days and he’ll be back soon. “And I had to kick Jonathan out of the house,” she adds. Billy is happy to hear this.

Olivia meets Bill outside Company, and he is surprised that she actually made it. Olivia is a little nervous about Bill’s feelings toward her after finding out that she took the picture of Gus and Webster. Bill assures her that he’s okay with being around her, and he asks her not to fight with him today. He wants to have a nice meal with Reva and Billy.

Inside Company, Coop is on the phone with someone asking about the jury’s deliberations at Harley’s trial. Apparently, they are still deliberating. Coop asks the person to call him as soon as the jury returns to the courtroom.

Lizzie and Alexandra talk outside Company. Alexandra tries to convince Lizzie to let the Coopers stay in the Boarding House. Lizzie now wants to evict them in order to expand the restaurant. Alexandra wants to make sure that Lizzie isn’t doing this just because she’s mad at Coop. Lizzie, however, says she isn’t mad at him; she just doesn’t want to see him anymore. Moreover, she acknowledges that she might even have to fire all the Coopers in order to expand Company.

At the farm, Edmund has just gotten off the phone with Dinah’s doctor. He assures Dinah that the doctor said all her symptoms are normal and that she will be just fine. Dinah remarks that she feels better already as she looks at a framed photo of Edmund and Cassie. “Well I must be going,” she says. Edmund looks at her funny and asks what she is talking about. He wants her to stay. Dinah tries to reason with him and tell him that if Cassie comes home and finds her there, it would not be good. Edmund reminds her that he lives there too, and he wants her to stay there with him. He hands her the phone to send for her things. Dinah is pleasantly surprised.

Alexandra walks inside Company to find Coop. She wants to know where Buzz is. Coop informs her that Buzz is still at the courthouse waiting for the verdict with the rest of the Coopers. Lizzie breaks in and tells Alexandra not to speak for her. She wants to immediately tell all the Coopers that they are being evicted. She asks Coop where his family is. Alexandra pulls Lizzie aside and begs her not to do this. This is going to hurt a lot of people. Lizzie harshly tells Alexandra to stay out of the business. Lizzie says she promised Phillip she was going to make something of Company, and as of now, she doesn’t care who she has to hurt in order to do it. Lizzie walks off leaving Alexandra stunned.

Edmund pours Dinah a cup of decaf coffee, emphasizing that she’s getting decaf because he’s watching out for her and the baby. Dinah continues to voice her worries about living at the farm with him, but Edmund won’t hear it. Cassie is not coming home anytime soon he says. He tells Dinah to take a room upstairs, and she says that it’s getting late; she should probably be getting to bed. She begins to thank Edmund again for letting her do this for him. “I promise you, when our baby comes…,” Dinah begins. Edmund cuts her off, immediately angered. “That is unacceptable,” he says. “This baby is mine and Cassie’s,” he reminds her. Dinah says it was just a simple slip of the tongue. “But it’s been happening a lot,” Edmund reminds her. He goes on to tell Dinah that she cannot form an attachment to this child, and she has a contract stating it is not hers to help her understand that. Dinah seems hurt, but she agrees.

Billy, Reva, Olivia, and Bill sit down to lunch. Immediately, Reva begins begging Bill to come back to Lewis Construction. Bill believes he’s getting a guilt-trip since both Reva and Billy tell him that it’s what his grandfather H.B. would want. Olivia joins into the conversation and assures them that if Bill wants to go back to Lewis, she will support him 100 percent. Bill says he doesn’t know what to say. He isn’t sure how Reva and Billy will feel once they learn what his wife has done. Billy looks confused while Reva is amused. Olivia looks like she has dropped the ball.

Jonathan and Tammy stand in the middle of a raging fire. Tammy remarks that she must have fallen asleep while the candles were burning. “It’s okay, I’ll get you out of here,” Jonathan assures her. He throws a blanket over Tammy and picks her up, carrying her to safety. Once he puts her down, he frantically asks if she is okay. She is fine. Jonathan finds a fire extinguisher and brings it into the room, burning his own arm on the way. He successfully puts out the fire, and Tammy runs to his side to examine his arm. “I’m okay,” he says. “Just go call someone.” Tammy stops. “No. I’m not leaving you!” she says. Jonathan is astonished. Out in the hallway, Tammy tries to examine Jonathan’s arm, but he has morphed back into his bitter self. He doesn’t understand why she wants to help him. She runs for a first-aid kit and begins putting ointment on his burn. She tells him that he should go to the hospital, but he won’t hear it. Jonathan cringes even before she touches him. He’s scared that she will hurt him. He asks her if she thought he was going to attack her when he ran inside her room. She replies that she had just woken up; she didn’t know what was going on. “I try and save you from a fire and you still think I’m trying to hurt you,” he says. He begins to downplay what happened, saying that he only saved Tammy in order to save himself, as the smoke was seeping through his own door. Tammy doesn’t understand why he won’t let himself have feelings. He gets up and tells Tammy to go tell someone about her room. He goes into his room and slams the door, trying dearly not to show any emotion over what just happened. Tammy runs and knocks on the door. “Thank you,” she says from behind the closed door. Jonathan is on the other side, crying. Suddenly, he begins sinking to the floor in pain. It’s clear that his burn is much worse that he thought.

Coop seeks out Lizzie and asks her what this big surprise is. Lizzie begins speaking, “You see, it’s actually good for some people..,” she says, talking about her own fortune. Alexandra stops her and tells her to just get it over with. “I’m evicting you and your family from the Boarding House,” she says. “I need you all out ASAP.” Coop looks at her, stunned.

Lunch continues for Olivia, Bill, Billy, and Reva. Olivia asks Bill not to bring up her sale of half the Lewis Building to Alan. He tells her that they are going to find out sometime, and it may as well be now. He informs Reva and Billy of Olivia’s transaction. Billy is stunned, but Reva informs them all that it may not be a problem. As far as she is concerned, landlords are landlords, and Olivia and Alan are both cut from the same tree. This makes Olivia feel insulted. Bill sticks up for his wife, saying that she may not make the best decisions, but they are of the best intentions. If he goes back to Lewis, she is coming with him. He wants his family to see that they are a “package deal.” Reva remarks that there’s nothing they can do about it. They are “stuck” with Olivia. She wants to make the best of it. Olivia feels even more insulted. Bill and Olivia decide to leave. Once they leave Billy remarks that he doesn’t understand why Bill always sticks up for Olivia. Reva reminds him that Josh used to stick up for her all the time and no one understood. She begins to talk about love and children, but suddenly faints into Billy’s arms.

Edmund and Dinah talk more about her motives. Edmund tells her it’s still hard to believe that she is doing this wholeheartedly and not as a way to hurt Cassie. He reminds her that she will not have a role in the baby’s life; it will make everyone uncomfortable. Dinah says that’s the last thing she wants; that is why she offered to leave. She realizes that maybe it’s not such a good idea for her to stay and gets up to leave. However, she stops when she feels lightheaded, and Edmund rushes to her side. He tells her to lie down on the couch while he covers her with a blanket. Meanwhile, Tammy, who needs a place to stay, is outside the door fumbling for her keys. She finally finds them and prepares to put the key in the door. Dinah is comfortably situated inside on the couch with Edmund hanging over her. Tammy walks inside, and Edmund rushes to the door to greet her. He is nervous and jumpy. Tammy notices this and asks him what’s wrong. He remarks that she seems jumpy as well, and Tammy replies that it’s been a long, complicated night. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells Edmund about Cassie’s note stating that she’s going out of town with the boys. Tammy, who doesn’t know about their troubles, wonders if it’s too early for Cassie to travel after having the embryo procedure done. Edmund tells her that she didn’t have it done because they are having some problems. She thinks this is strange since Cassie was so eager to get pregnant to begin with. “It’s complicated,” Edmund replies. Tammy notices two coffee cups sitting on the front table. “Is somebody here?” she asks. “You’re not alone are you,” she says, as Dinah sneaks over on the porch. She is visible from the window.

Coop is furious with Lizzie’s request. Lizzie tells him that they have two weeks to get out. “Two weeks?” he asks. “How are we supposed to find a place to live for 5 people and 2 small children?” he says. Lizzie insensitively tells him that “it’s probably only going to be 4 given the fact that Harley might be going to prison.” Coop gets even angrier as Alexandra tells Lizzie to stop pouring salt in the wound. Lizzie won’t budge. She wants to turn the Boarding House into a banquet hall to accommodate parties. Coop asks her if she’s doing this just because she’s mad at him. She tells him not to flatter himself and walks off, reminding him that he and his family have only two weeks. After she leaves, Coop asks Alexandra if she’s really going to let Lizzie do this to his father. Alexandra remarks that she’s tried to talk her out of it, and humorously tells him that the Coopers can move into her house. Coop reminds her that that idea probably wouldn’t work. Alexandra stops him and tells him that there’s a way to fix this. Before she even says anything, he says no. He’s not going there.

Jonathan drags himself to the hospital and checks in. The nurse tells him to sit down; she will call him in a few minutes. He tells her that he needs to be seen now and shows her another burn on his stomach. This one is deeper and much more severe. The nurse immediately calls the doctor. While she is doing this, Sandy walks by and begins to taunt Jonathan, asking what he did now to get Reva’s attention. Jonathan is clearly in pain and tells him to go away. As he is walking into the exam room, he lifts up his shirt to show Sandy his burn. Sandy feels bad for him.

Billy pours Reva some water. She has now recovered from fainting. He asks her if she’s okay and suggests that she go to the hospital. Reva doesn’t think she needs to; she’s fine. They begin talking more about Bill, Olivia, and Jonathan. Suddenly, Reva receives a call from Sandy saying that Jonathan is hurt at the hospital. He says that she should probably go see him. Reva hangs up and tells the situation to Billy. She gets up to leave.

Bill and Olivia are now outside Company talking about what just happened. She says she’s surprised that he stuck up for her in front of his family. He starts to talk again about what she did to Harley, and they get into an argument. “Look,” he begins. “I love you, but I can’t tolerate these stunts anymore.” Olivia stops. “What did you just say?” she asks. Bill repeats his statement. “That’s the first time you’ve said you loved me,” Olivia says. She asks him if he really means it, starry-eyes. “I guess I do,” he remarks happily. Olivia throws her arms around him and says she loves him too. She begins to tell him that she has for so long and that she’s wanted to say it so many times. Now it is real. Regardless of the romantic moment, Bill tells her that her “stunts” need to stop. He believes that somewhere along the line, she resolved that she now needed to “grab” things as soon as she saw them. He tells her that they are a family now, and if someone is threatening them, it is their fight, not hers alone. They begin to kiss passionately. Billy stares at them through the window.

Coop angrily starts bringing his stuff down through Company. He is packing to leave. Once Lizzie sees him, she yells at him as if he is a child. “You can’t just move out in the middle of my restaurant!” she screams. “Oh well are you going to let us stay?” he asks. “Not on your life,” Lizzie responds. Lizzie admits loudly that she’s doing this because he hurt her and for no other reason at all. She can’t have him working here and living here. They both finish screaming at one another, and Lizzie storms off.

At the counter, Alexandra and Billy talk about the scene Lizzie and Coop made. “Young love,” Billy remarks. They talk about how complicated it is. Billy asks how Alexandra and Buzz are doing, and she tells him that she’s giving Buzz some space. She can’t imagine what he is going through with Harley. Billy begins to talk about his own problems with his son.

Reva arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse if Jonathan will be okay. He will, and the nurse asks Reva if she wants to see him. Reva declines, but before she knows it, Jonathan is outside greeting her. He isn’t exactly happy to see her. She tells him that Sandy called her. “Wow, what a standup guy,” Jonathan responds sarcastically. Sandy shows up. “Oh good, you won’t want to miss this story,” Jonathan says. He begins telling them how the fire happened and emphasizes that it was coming from Tammy’s room. Sandy and Reva are immediately worried about Tammy. They both ask how she’s doing. “Don’t you want to hear about my heroic rescue?” Jonathan says. He tells them that there isn’t a scratch on her. Sandy runs off to find Tammy. “Oh and in case you’re wondering, I’m not in any pain,” Jonathan says to Reva. He seems hurt that she was more concerned about Tammy than him.

Dinah stands outside and stares through the window at Tammy and Edmund. She begins to daydream again. She is pregnant and fully showing. She walks into the room and sees Tammy and Edmund. They both fawn all over her, wanting to fulfill her needs in any way they can. Tammy calls Dinah an “extraordinary” person because of what she’s doing for Cassie and Edmund. Edmund says she is “utterly loveable.” It is a twisted scene. However, Dinah is pleased and happy. She returns to reality.

Tammy continues asking Edmund if there is someone in the house with him. He is acting funny. He finally decides to tell Tammy about the fire. She reacts just as Cassie did. She can’t believe Edmund would hit Jeffrey with a shovel. He almost killed Cassie and R.J. Edmund then tells her that he has a way to fix it, but she’s going to have to trust him on that. He can’t tell her how. Tammy tries to hold in her shock and anger, but then says to Edmund “You’re just like all the other men that have come into my mom’s life.” “The one’s who don’t die on her always leave her in pain,” she ends. Tammy storms out and discovers Dinah sitting on the porch in a chair. “What are you doing here?” Tammy asks her in shock. Dinah reminds her that Edmund loves her and that she should forgive him. “If you don’t, you’ll end up just like me,” Dinah says. Tammy tells her that’s impossible; he almost killed her mother and brother. “But he also dragged Jeffrey to safety,” she says. Dinah tries to reason with her, telling her that she knows how she feels, but Tammy won’t listen to her. “There’s good in everyone. If you look hard enough, you’ll find it,” Dinah says. “Well maybe I’m tired of looking,” Tammy says, storming off.

Coop finishes packing his stuff. He comes across a picture of Harley and her sons. He stares at it for a moment, with Lizzie looking on. He finally finishes and leaves. Lizzie stares at him, tearing up. Alexandra walks up and tells her that she’s hurt the person she cares about. Lizzie says she never said she cared for him. “I know all about hurting people before they hurt you,” Alexandra says. “The problem is, you’re the one who ends up lonely,” she remarks. Lizzie thinks about this and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Bill and Olivia continue to kiss. She asks him if they can be totally honest with one another. She wants to know what he would have done had she gone ahead and told him about her plans to sell the Lewis Building and hurt Harley’s case. Would he have supported her? Billy is behind them listening.

Sandy frantically runs into Tammy’s room searching for her. She shows up right as he is calling her name. They hug passionately. “How did you find out?” Tammy asks. “I saw Jonathan at the hospital,” he says. Tammy is surprised that Jonathan went to the hospital. She didn’t realize he had other burns. They continue to hug again, glad to be in each other’s arms.

Reva walks into Jonathan’s room, but he doesn’t want to see her. She thanks him for saving Tammy and wonders aloud why he was with Tammy to begin with. He tells her that they are neighbors now. Reva doesn’t think this is a good idea. She doesn’t want him getting into trouble anymore. Jonathan grows angry. “I do something good, and I still can’t win with you,” he says. “Thanks for the maternal support Mom,” Jonathan ends. He’s hurt and angry. Reva leaves. She seems to be having more pains, this time in her head.

Edmund greets Dinah back out on the porch and tells her she can come in now. Dinah declines, saying that she should be getting back home. If Tammy finds her there again, it won’t be a pretty picture. She tells him that she will call Edmund when she gets home and says goodbye. Edmund goes back inside and looks again at the picture of him and Cassie. “We’re going to have it all Cassie, you’ll see,” he says. Outside, Dinah calls her landlord and tells him that she won’t be renewing her lease. “My situation has changed…for the better,” she says.

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