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By Elizabeth
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Tammy is inside an apartment at the Clayton Arms and is primping herself when there is a knock at the door. She answers it and finds standing on the other side, with flowers hidden behind his back. He is stunned and searches for the right words to say how he feels. He manages to let he know that he thinks that she looks “wow.” Tammy smiles and thanks him He romantically mentions that the flowers he picked out were how he feels about her she sighs. They kiss and Tammy mentions that she wishes there was music playing. Suddenly, from the room next to her rock music begins blasting. The tow laugh that it wasn’t exactly the kind of music they were hoping for. Sandy smiles and mentions something about going to the movie as they had planned. Tammy shoots down his idea, telling him that she would prefer to stay in. They realize that they can’t hear one another too well through the blaring music and Sandy offers to go tell her neighbor to turn it down. Tammy tells him that she thinks she should as they are her neighbors. She gathers up her courage, walks next door and knocks on room number 16.

Jonathan answers and sarcastically wonders if she’s there to ‘borrow a cup of sugar.’

In Danny’s apartment, Marina complains that he won’t let her help out around the new place. He smiles and jokes around with her calling it ‘union rules.’ He tells her that she should save her energy and kisses her. Thinking he wants to spend some romantic time with her she lets him know that it is just what she wanted. Danny is obviously flattered and tells her that he wasn’t referring to them. He explains to her that he thought she should save her energy so that she could spend time with her aunt. Marina looks unhappy and informs him that although she would love to be there for her family that she can’t listen to Harley testify. Marina looks around and then comments on how much she likes his new apartment. “I think I can live in a place like this someday.” She tells him. He smiles, and lets her know that someday she might. She comments on how living in a normal house would be weird for her and enumerates all the ‘odd’ places she and her family have lived in. Danny makes it known that even a less than ordinary house would be better than where he grew up. He mentions all the things that would happen in his childhood home and reminds her that it wasn’t a great place for children. The two remark on how different their families are. He makes it clear that he likes things ‘loud and clear, Marina Cooper style.’

Alan watches from the doorway of the courtroom as Bill demands to know why his wife would do something to jeopardize Harley’s freedom. She stammers to explain while he goes on and on about how she has ruined Harley’s case. She finally butts in, admitting that she took the photo and that she doesn’t regret it.

Alan walks into the courtroom and directly to Jeffery. He comments that it looks like they might ‘win’ the case. Jeffery looks disgusted and comments that although he’s never lost a child and experienced that particular type of pain, he wonders how much Alan wants to see other suffer. He lets Jeffery known that when he’s seen the right people pay that he will let him know.

Gus pleads with Harley not to take the stand while she argues that she should. She reasons that they have nothing left to lose, while he reminds her that Jeffery will be extremely tough on her. He goes on to mention that they still have Webster’s testimony that he saw Phillip alive after Ruth left the diner and that no matter what Jeffery can’t prove that he was lying. She informs him that she needs to address the jury in a no nonsense voice. When the judge asks Gus who the defense would like to call next he announces that he wants Harley to take the stand. Everyone in the courtroom seems shocked.

Tammy wonders what Jonathan is doing in her apartment building. He explains that he needed a place to live and that he had no idea she was there. Sandy walks up behind Tammy and is just as shocked as Tammy was to see Jonathan is the jerky neighbor. Both of them wonder what happened with his living arrangement with josh & Reva. Jonathan shrugs it off claiming that his mother and Josh were ‘cramping his style.’ Sandy sees through his act and comments that they threw him out. “He was just dragging her down.” Sandy proclaims talking about Reva. Jonathan doesn’t seem to agree and corrects Sandy telling them that “Reva and josh were fighting and they needed to work things out and it was a mutual agreement.” Sandy doesn’t seem to think that Jonathan showing up next door to Tammy is coincidence and makes it known. He wonders what Sandy is worried about and jokes that he won’t steal Tammy from him. Sandy looks even madder and comments that with Jonathan the thing that worries him the most is all the drama & trouble that seems to follow him. They walk out of Jonathan’s apartment and back into Tammy’s. He tells Tammy that if Jonathan won’t move out that she will. She looks him in the eyes and informs him that she won’t be leaving.

Olivia tells Bill that she didn’t have much of a choice and he doesn’t seem to buy. “We always have choices.” He tells her. She sighs and tells him that she had to decide between protecting Emma and protecting Harley. She explains that Alan threatened that if Harley went free that she would be convicted for Phillip’s murder. Bill still doesn’t seem convinced and she goes on to tell him that nothing about the evidence she uncovered was a lie. Bill reminds her that if Harley goes to prison that it will be for life, she asks if he would rather have her serving the time behind bars instead. He shakes his head, wondering what Alan has on his wife. She explains that regardless of physical evidence, that when Alan says he is going to do something that he usually does it. Bill wonders if his wife truly believes what she is saying. She warns him not to underestimate Alan and lets him know that nothing will happen to Emma. “This is what gets me. Because you're not taking these pictures sneaking around and finding truth. Olivia, you're not doing this for Alan. You're doing this for the same reason you sold the Lewis building to Alan-- to further your place in the house of Spaulding.” He tells her.

Inside, the judge bangs her gavel and tells the courtroom to come to order. As Harley stands up Gus lets her know that he believes in her. She nods and takes the stand as she tells him that her father once told her that those who act like they have faith get it. Gus begins questioning her and asks about why Harley went to see Phillip on the night he was murdered. She explains that she wanted her children back and that she disguised herself as Ruth because she though he trusted her alter ego. She addresses the jury and tells them that she didn’t bring a gun and that she remembers going to the restaurant and seeing Phillip having a beer.

She goes on to tell them that he had cut his hand breaking in and that as soon as she walked in that it was obvious that he knew the true identity of Ruth Karloff. She tells them that he was furious with her and that he claimed she had betrayed him. “. He had a gun. And he put the gun on the counter between us. He was daring me to pick it up. We argued and then he put the gun in my hand and we struggled and then the next thing I remember clearly is standing outside company and you were telling me that Phillip had been shot.” She tells the jury. Harley further admits that after that moment her memory is gone. After another questions he explains that the only reason she made the videotape admitting to the murder was because her father was being held accountable for shooting Phillip. She tells them that she was merely trying to protect her father who had been having heart trouble. It is then Jeffery’s chance to question Harley. He asks her some tough questions and wonders if perhaps she lost consciousness due to the traumatic event of killing Phillip. She lets him know that although she can’t be sure, she doesn’t think she killed him. When he asks her point blank if it is feasible that she could have killed Phillip, she admits that it is.

Sandy wonders why Tammy would want to stay in a building with Jonathan. She explains that she needs to live her life without running away. When Sandy asks why she feels the need to prove something she clarifies that she’s not going to let him hurt her anymore. She makes it clear how she feels when she tells him” The minute I give up my life to being afraid of him, it's over. I lose. And not just the future, but the whole thing. He wins everything. And I've been through too much to let that happen. Besides, I've seen something in him.” Sandy shakes his head as she reminds him that she knows Jonathan isn’t as tough as he pretends he is. He wonders why she would want to put herself in danger and he tells her that she doesn’t think she knows how much he loves her. He cuts off right before he says the word ‘love’ and Tammy asks him to finish the sentence.

Jonathan is sitting on the edge of his bed, phone in hand as he swigs down some alcohol. He begins talking into the phone and it is apparent that he has called his mother. He suddenly slams down the phone and walks over to the mirror. He slaps himself in the face as he tells himself that he shouldn’t ask for anything.

Danny tells Marina that perhaps the two of them should talk about something more pleasant. He changes the subject to ‘the townhouse he will one day build for her’ and she smiles. The two begins kissing and joke that perhaps she could pay him for the house in payment plan. She smiles and continues asking what the plan would entail. He breaks away from her and tells her that he thinks lunch would be a good start. She laughs and agrees to run out and get him lunch. She leaves letting him know she’ll be back soon. Soon after she leaves Robbie comes running in the house. Danny is surprised to see him and looks up to see Michelle. She explains that she has an emergency errand to run and wonder if he could take Robbie. He lets her know that it is more than ok and immediately tries to give Robbie something to do. While the kid sits at a table drawing she thanks him for watching their son as well as working with Tony. Danny shrugs and tells her that they have to see how things go. She lets him know that the two of them getting along, or at least trying to is a big deal to her.

Olivia tells Bill that no matter what he thinks her reason for helping Alan had everything to do with her daughter and nothing to do with the company. He reminds her that Harley has children just as she does. He wonders if perhaps there was another way she could have helped herself and ultimately Harley as well. Olivia reminds him that Alan is a fast worker. He claims that if she was so strong in her convictions of doing what she did to protect Emma that she wouldn’t have hid it. Olivia turns the tables on him questioning if he has told her everything about his past. He lets her know that what she is doing isn’t ok and that he thinks she should have told him the truth. She promises to do better next time and asks him if he’s ready to go home. He lets her know that she can do whatever she would like, but that he is staying at the courthouse to support Harley. He leaves her out by the elevators as he walks inside.

Harley reminds Jeffery that she never went into the restaurant with the intention of shooting Phillip, only to get her children back. He turns her own words against her, claiming that she snapped when he wouldn’t give the kids back. He goes on reminding her that Phillip also tore down her house and that she blamed him for her father’s health problem. She admits that all those things were true. When he presses her to admit that she shot him she sees a montage of his face urging her to tell the truth. She also sees Alan’s claiming that Harley shot his son in cold blood, while she sees Gus telling her that she is innocent. She snaps out of her ‘daydream’ and tells Jeffery that she didn’t kill Phillip.

Michelle comments on how happy Danny seems and he smiles and lets her know she is. He mentions that she seems happier as well. She tells him that he helped her put her life back together and that he deserves some of the credit as well. She hugs him and thanks him.

Harley repeats what she has just said as though she can’t believe it herself. “I did not kill Phillip. I did not shoot him.” She tells the court. Jeffery looks puzzled and wonders how she can be so sure if her memory isn’t 100%. She tells him that for her it is no longer about her memory, that she knows she didn’t kill Phillip. She begins to cry and Gus redirects his questioning. He asks how she is so sure. Harley goes on and on about how she knows that she must look tremendously guilty, but that she couldn’t kill her son’s father. She mentions all the things she has learned from her kids and what she wanted to teach them and how shooting Phillip wouldn’t be in line with her beliefs or who she is. With a smile, Gus lets the judge know he is done questioning Harley.

Tammy wonders what else Sandy was going to say. After she prods him a bit, he admits that he thinks she is more important to him than anything in the world. He goes on to mention that he wanted to ask her to move back into his apartment with him. She smiles and blames him for moving out in the first place. She tells him that she’s a strong person and that he is the one who helped show her that. Suddenly a phone rings and Sandy picks it up. He talks for but a moment on the phone and as soon as he gets off tells her that it is work. She urges him to come back as soon as he can and kisses him. He smiles and before he leaves kisses her once more.

Jonathan is sitting at the bar inside of J. Farley’s. He sees a girl having a drink and approaches her. He mentions that he wants to find a girl to have a cup of coffee with and asks if she has a date. She lets him know that she doesn’t and that she’s never talked to a strange man before or gone out on a date with someone she has just met. He smiles and wonders where she is from; she tells him the name of a small town. He comments that she is new to the city and becomes angry all of a sudden. “This isn't going to work. I'm not the kind of guy you want. And I don't want you either, okay. So go home before you get eaten up, little girl. “He tells her angrily.

Marina watches as Danny hugs Michelle. He notices her and says hello. She looks shocked and begins to apologize for barging in when he tells her that it is fine. Michelle lets her know that she just stopped by to drop Robbie off and decides to leave.

She puts down some bags full of lunch and mentions to Robbie that she brought some cookies. She gives him a high five and Michelle leaves. Marina turns to Danny and he notices that she’s upset. He assures her that she didn’t interrupt anything. Marina tells him that she can’t help but see a family when he is with his son and Michelle. He tells her to stop it and hugs her. She mentions that her family is falling apart and that she doesn’t want it to happen to his as well. Danny turns to his son and the two of them convince Marina that they want her as a part of their life. The three hug one another.

Olivia is sitting by herself on a bench outside of the courtroom when Alan comes storming out. He looks like he’s going to get on the elevator and stops when he sees her. He goes on and on about how it looks like Harley’s testimony may have helped her and is obviously disgusted by it. She doesn’t seem to care too much and wonders what he wants. He seems surprised by her ‘attitude’ and guesses that perhaps she is worried that people may think she killed Phillip if Harley goes free. She wonders why he told Bill that she was the secret informant. He neither confirms nor denies that he was the one who squealed on her. He tells her that she and he are not cut from the same cloth as Bill.

Inside, Jeffery makes his closing statements. He mentions that although Phillip was a mean man that Harley not only had a motive and opportunity to kill him that she also confessed to the crime. He warns the jury not to let their hearts get invested into Harley and that she killed someone, regardless of how anyone feels about her personally. It is then Gus’s term to make his closing statements. He reminds the jury that all the evidence presented was circumstantial and that there was no definitive proof whatsoever that Harley killed Phillip. He goes on to mention that more than one person had the same motive and opportunity to kill Phillip. He tells them that she didn’t kill her ex husband and that the jury needs to be true to how they feel about the case.

Tammy is thinking about spending time with Sandy, surrounded by candles and romantic music. Suddenly, Jonathan barges in, yelling out her name.

Michelle and Robbie are sitting at a table inside of Elizabeth & Company when a messenger comes in. He goes directly to Michelle, has her sign for the package and she sees that they are her divorce papers. Robbie wonders what she has got and she explains that they are “papers say that you daddy and mommy can change their lives.”

Danny is at home when the messenger comes for him. He signs for the papers and doesn’t open them. He simply tosses them aside and tells Marina that it is simply legal stuff. He lets her know that he would rather focus on her. “When I look at you, I see the beginning of something new.” He tells her.

The judge orders the jury to begin their deliberation.

Olivia accuses Alan of being miserable and wanting everyone else to be the same way. He looks at her with a smirk on his face and reminds her that he was once happy. Realizing that he is obviously talking about them being together she is quick to point out that it was a long time ago. He warns her that people like the two of them are often to self centered and caught up in their own lives to truly be happy. He further reminds her that although Bill may have given her the option of being happy that she blew it. Alan goes on to remind her that if Harley should walk that Olivia will be on trial next.

Inside, Harley thanks Gus for believing in her no matter what. She thanks him for helping her to realize that she couldn’t have killed Phillip.

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