Guiding Light Update Monday 3/21/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Edmund is gearing up to give Dinah her first shot. He assures her that he’s “very good at this,” as Cassie used to tell him when he would do it for her. After preparing the needle, he turns and notices that she is ready to begin. She has pulled down her pants far enough to reveal a black thong, and there is no doubt that she is standing there seductively. “What are you doing?” Edmund asks. “Just getting ready,” she replies. “Whatever helps the baby,” she says. Edmund seems confused.

Beth frantically follows Rick into Company, begging for his forgiveness. Rick can’t believe what she revealed in court – that she was planning to run away with Phillip and all of the children. She tries to explain, but Rick won’t hear it. What she did is “unforgivable” in Rick’s eyes. Beth is crushed.

Sebastian walks into the courtroom coolly and heads straight for Bill and Olivia’s row. He is looking for Alan. Bill and Olivia tell him to be quiet. There is something going on at the bench, and they are trying to pay attention to it. Sebastian says he can’t stay, but asks Olivia to tell Alan that he is looking for him. He darts out of the courtroom.

As Sebastian walks out and past the elevator, Frank and Buzz arrive at the courtroom. Meanwhile, Holly, who has arrived from an adjacent elevator, begins to follow Sebastian down the hallway. Frank and Buzz inch up to Harley and ask why Jeffrey has decided to call Gus up to the stand. Gus and Jeffrey continue their conversation. “What are you trying to prove?” Gus asks. “You’ll see,” Jeffrey responds. Gus sits down just as Harley asks him what is going on. She looks as if she has seen a ghost. “It’s bad isn’t it?” she says.

Edmund continues to prepare the shot, but he thinks Dinah is taking all of this too lightly. “What do you want me to do? Freak out?” she asks. She playfully switches sides and proclaims that the right side of her backside of the “better one.” Edmund comes closer and prepares to give her the shot, but before he can, Dinah freezes. “Actually, needles do make me nauseous,” she says. “That’s ok. They made Cassie feel the same way,” Edmund answers. He tells her he’s going to count to five and begins counting. By the time he gets to three, he’s finished. “That was it?” Dinah asks. She starts to walk around, but nearly faints. “I feel so light-headed!” she exclaims cheerfully, as if she takes pleasure in all of this. Edmund pours her some water, and Dinah tells him that she thinks he should call Cassie and tell her about the baby. She will “come running back” to him when she finds out. Edmund says he’s going to let her “cool off’ for awhile. That way they will have time to confirm if Dinah really is pregnant and to spread the news. Dinah walks over to the mirror and claims that she is “definitely pregnant.” She starts to rub her belly and says “We are going to make a beautiful baby.”

Beth continues trying to get through to Rick. He asks her to help him understand why she would do such a thing to him. Why would she take his child and plan on never contacting him again? Beth frantically cries that he knows she would have called him. “Were you really thinking about that when you ran off with Phillip?” he asks. He guesses no. He calls this just another attempt at a storyline in the “saga of Beth and Phillip against the world.” He now believes that all the support they had been giving each other after Phillip’s death was a joke. Crying, Beth pleads with him not to believe that. Rick can’t help but believe it now that he’s realized this big betrayal she has been keeping from him. He storms out of Company with Beth not far behind. After telling her that he doesn’t want to see her ever again, he screams out “This is unforgivable!” Rick walks away leaving Beth crying on the bench. She sits there for a moment. Sebastian walks up to her. He knows who she is from the business of Spaulding. He introduces himself and asks if he can help. “Can I at least give you a ride?” he wonders, in his motorcycle jacket with a helmet in hand. “Yeah, like I’m really going to jump on the back of a motorcycle with some guy I don’t know,” Beth says. She stops. “You know? That’s exactly what I feel like doing!” she yells, grabbing the helmet and walking off with Sebastian.

Tammy and Marina are giving themselves pedicures and talking about their lives. Tammy remarks that it has been a crazy year for Marina’s family and says that she can’t even remember what she was doing last year. Marina reminds her that she was with Joey playing Juliet in the school play. “And you were with Shane,” Tammy says. “What ever happened with you two anyway?” she asks. Marina says that Shane was very good to her when she needed someone, especially after the situation with Ben. However, both of them realized that they didn’t love each other the way they needed to in order to stay together. Tammy says that she thought Joey leaving her was the worst thing that could have ever happened, until Jonathan came along. “I hate Jonathan,” Marina proclaims. “Every time I see him, I just want to punch him.” Tammy reminds her that she doesn’t have to hate him on her account. They both smile. Tammy proclaims that she’s starting a new life and taking more control. “Well you’ve also got Sandy now,” Marina says. Tammy lights up. She talks about how great it is that they are just starting out and that even though they lived together for awhile, it still feels like they have so much to learn about one another. Marina tells Tammy that Sandy is really good to her and treats her well. Sandy walks in. “You should listen to your friend,” he says. “She knows what she’s talking about.”

Harley asks Gus if everything is okay. He replies yes, but she doesn’t believe him. He is called to the stand. “I’ll explain everything later,” he says, as he starts walking to the stand. Frank takes Harley’s hand and tells her it’s going to be okay. Meanwhile, Alan keeps looking back at Olivia, and Bill wonders why. He remarks to her that it’s “creeping” him out. She tells him it’s nothing, just ignore him. Gus is sworn in, and Jeffrey begins questioning. He says he has some questions to ask, but first, he wants to enter in a new piece of evidence. He pulls out an oversized photograph and shows the judge. Next, he walks over to Gus and displays it for him. It is a blown up photograph of Gus and Webster talking in the parking garage late at night, presumably the one Olivia took with her camera. Jeffrey asks him to verify who is in the picture, and Gus says aloud that it is him and Webster. Harley’s side of the courtroom looks shocked. Jeffrey shows it to the jury. Harley is astonished and hurt.

Edmund, confused by her last comment, tells Dinah that he would really like to believe that she is doing this for the right reasons. Dinah, who is still examining herself closely in the mirror, reminds him that she is, but she understands that it’s a hard fact to believe after her turbulent past with Cassie. “I am, and I have nine months to prove it to you,” she says. Edmund pulls out the contract he had her sign and says that they also have this to remind them. He tucks it safely in his coat jacket and says he is going to drop it off at the lawyer’s office. “Good, I am going to get my shopping out of the way,” Dinah says. “Shopping?” Edmund asks. “Yes, I’m going to need maternity clothes, and I saw a store downtown that was having a sale.” Edmund looks confused once again. It appears she is jumping the gun. He starts to walk out, but comes back and tells her that he can’t let her “fend for herself” while she’s carrying his child. He picks up the phone. Dinah smiles gratefully, as she thinks they are going shopping together.

Holly is now at Company hiding by the side of the building spying on Sebastian. He and Beth have walked back to the porch after Beth changed her mind about riding with him. “I don’t know what I was thinking,” she says. Sebastian asks her what she was thinking. “I was thinking that I can’t run away from my problems,” Beth answers.

Sebastian asks if she wants to talk about it, but Beth declines, saying only that she disappointed a friend. Sebastian boldly states that “it’s a shame that others judge us on the shortcomings of our past rather than the potential of our future.” Beth is impressed with his words. She decides to leave, but takes a rain check on the motorcycle ride. Once Beth leaves, Sebastian turns around and watches her, and we see Holly lurking in the shadows. “Are you going to come out and say hi or just keep lurking?” Sebastian calls out, knowing that she is there. Holly happily reveals herself. He asks how long she has been standing there and if she saw him with Beth. Holly seems a little jealous, and she asks if everything is okay, trying not to seem bothered. Sebastian catches on.

Eager to join in the conversation, Sandy asks Marina cheerfully what’s going on with her and Danny. She braces herself for the next negative comment about him, but is surprised when Sandy says he thinks Danny is a really decent guy. Marina is touched that he is the first person to say something nice about Danny. She admits that she likes him and helped him find an apartment. Sandy is happy for her. Marina gets up to leave, and Tammy thanks her for coming over. Marina is now headed over to the trial to see if Harley “is getting the break she deserves.”

Gus visibly squirms on the stand as Jeffrey pushes the photograph in his face. Gus tries to tell the court that he could have passed Webster at any time and any place in a public parking garage. Jeffrey points out that the time when the picture was taken was 9 o’clock the night before. In the back of the courtroom, Buzz says to Harley quietly that he thought Gus was with her last night. Harley has a flashback. There was a time when Gus and she were apart before they met up back at Company. She asked where he went and he mimicked her “Where’d you go? What’d you do? Who were you with?” as if she was a cop interrogating someone.

Harley realizes that Gus could have been meeting with Webster during that time, and he didn’t tell her about it. She looks hurt. Frank hangs his head in stress behind Harley. Gus is now obviously nervous. Jeffrey continues to question him, asking if the first time he heard of Webster’s story was indeed when Frank brought him into the courtroom. Gus confirms this. While Jeffrey questions him, Harley looks over at Alan who has an accomplished smirk on his face. She is disgusted. Jeffrey then reveals a new record from Gus’s days as a cop in Chicago. He hands it to Gus and asks him to read it. It is an arrest report. The name of the man arrested was Jack Webster, and the officer arresting him was Gus Aituro. “You knew Jack Webster before he showed up to help your client,” Jeffrey tells the jury. “Long before.” Harley is shocked. Jeffrey pulls out another piece of evidence amidst Gus’s claims that he does not remember Jack Webster. This is a personality profile describing Jack Webster’s uncanny ability at beating a lie detector test. Whatever he says, regardless of whether it is a lie or not, the lie detector reports it as the truth. The courtroom gasps. Gus breaks into a plethora of explanation, but Jeffrey keeps questioning him. Finally, Gus is excused, and Harley remarks to herself “Oh God it’s true, everything he said is true.”

Holly assures Sebastian that she is not upset about him talking with Beth. She is, however, intrigued by his comment about everyone being judged by their past. She remarks that he has a very strange past and his efforts at starting over are unconventional. She says that she wants to write a story about his journey into starting over. Sebastian thinks she is joking. “You mean after everything I have done to you, you’re not going to run the other way?” he asks. Holly tells him no and says the she doesn’t mind getting closer.

Dinah emerges from the bedroom, changed and ready to go shopping with Edmund. However, she soon realizes that Edmund won’t be joining her. He has called “Louise,” an employee of the consulate, to help Dinah shop. Edmund “briefed” her on their situation, and he assures Dinah that Louise will take great care of her. Dinah is confused, and she asks to speak with Edmund alone. “Why am I not shopping with you?” Dinah asks Edmund. “Because Louise is much more efficient,” he replies. He leaves. “You must be very excited Ms. Marler,” Louise says. “Oh, overjoyed,” Dinah replies.

Holly and Sebastian, now seated at a table in Company, talk about Holly’s idea for a story. She says that she would begin by interviewing and observing him. “What would I get in return?” Sebastian wonders aloud. He asks Holly for a little “assistance,” and she immediately realizes he wants information about the Spauldings. He says sometimes, information on things lying just beneath the surface proves to be helpful. Holly agrees.

Louise has printed out a spreadsheet cataloging all of the maternity shops in Springfield. She has even calculated the time they will spend in each shop according to square footage. Dinah is amazed that someone would go to this much trouble to shop. She tells Louise that she appreciates all her help, but just wants to take it easy today. Louise is reluctant at first, but Dinah leads her to the door. After she leaves, Dinah comes back in alone and begins to daydream. She is lying on a bed in a sundress staring at a newborn baby. She begins to coo at it and tells the baby that it is the most perfect thing in her life. Dinah is so happy and calm.

Suddenly, Edmund and his lawyers burst into the room and begin reading off part of the contract. She is now required by law to give the baby up to its biological parents, Edmund and Cassie. Despite all of Dinah’s concerns, the men take the baby away from her and leave. She grows desperate, scared, and angry, and she immediately rushes to the door and screams “Edmund! You don’t take my baby away from me!” She sounds evil and possessed. Dinah breaks back into reality. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Tammy and Sandy are now in the tree house. Tammy tells him the story of how Frank built it. The Coopers grew up over the diner and would always talk about how they wished they lived in a house. One day, Frank built it for Harley, and it is now their secret hideaway. Tammy remarks that she likes small spaces; they make her feel safe. She begins to talk about Richard and how she asked for the smallest room in the palace when they moved in. Sandy says that he sounds like he was a cool father. “He was the first person to ever make my mom and I feel safe,” she says. She looks at him. “I feel safe now,” she remarks. They kiss.

Beth encounters Edmund at the Towers bar and sits next to him. She doesn’t know about his problems with Cassie. She tells him that she owes him an apology. When they were together, she was very “hard” on him. Edmund reactions were so extreme and rash that she didn’t understand it until her situation with Phillip. She nearly ran away with Phillip – an extreme reaction for herself. She says she understands it now. Edmund begins to remark about how losing Cassie would break him. “You two aren’t having problems are you?” Beth asks. Edmund lies and says no. Beth says, regardless, that in love, the rules are meant to be broken. Edmund is surprised at this advice.

Harley and Gus walk solemnly out of courtroom. Once outside, she asks him point blank if everything Jeffrey says is true. Gus explains by saying they were losing the case, and he had to do something. He knew Webster would beat the lie detector test, and that is why he recruited him.

Gus set the entire thing up. Despite his wrongdoings, he assures Harley that they still have a chance. Jeffrey’s evidence is all circumstantial, and they are still in good shape. The judge asks to speak with Gus, and he goes back into the courtroom leaving Harley nearly crying in the hallway. Frank and Buzz rush outside to see Harley. Frank asks if it’s true, but Harley answers “I don’t know.”

Alan walks over to Bill and Olivia in the courtroom and remarks how shocking this new evidence is. He begins to speculate about how Jeffrey could have obtained such a damaging photo, clearly trying to hurt Olivia. She gets up to leave, but leaves her cell phone on the chair.

Out in the hallway, Frank and Buzz frantically try and figure out if it’s true. Frank kicks himself for not doing a background check on Webster during the questioning. Buzz wonders aloud “Where did this picture come from?”

Olivia’s phone rings next to Bill. She is still out in the hall. He opens it up and realizes that she has gotten a text message from a friend saying that a picture she sent of Emma did not go through. Bill takes it upon himself to send it again, and he looks through her pictures on the device. As he is scrolling through the shots, he comes to the one of Gus and Webster. The camera zooms out, and we see Alan thinking intently while Bill examines the image.

Back in the hall, Frank pulls Buzz aside and tells him that Gus is up to his eyeballs. “Did you see his face Dad? He is guilty as hell,” Frank says. Buzz reminds him that all of Jeffrey’s accusations don’t add up. Harley walks back to the two of them, and Buzz comments to her that Gus must have said something about it. She lies and says that Gus said to “hang in there.” That is what she is going to do. She walks back into the courtroom.

Edmund is at the farm, staring at framed photo of Cassie. He picks up the phone and calls her, leaving a message asking her to come home. He misses her deeply. As he hangs up, there is a knock at the door, and it is Dinah. “I’m sick,” she says. Edmund frantically pulls her inside and tells her that he will take care of her. Dinah lies on the couch and seems happy to be there.

Tammy rests her head on Sandy’s shoulder as Marina comes into the tree house. She says she just came there to think. She hasn’t heard what happened at the trial; she is just waiting for the “good news” to come. Sandy remarks happily that Tammy will find a new place soon and Harley will get to come home.

Bill angrily walks outside the courtroom in search of Olivia. When he sees her, he walks up to her and immediately shoves the phone in her face. “You want to tell me what that is?” he asks, referring to the picture on her phone. Olivia doesn’t know what to say. Bill answers for her. “That is my wife trying to nail Harley to the wall.”

Harley walks back into the courtroom while Buzz and Frank argue behind her. Frank says aloud that he thinks Gus just abolished her chances of winning the case, seeing as she already rejected the plea deal. Now she has no choice but to spend her life in prison if she is convicted. Buzz tells Frank to be quiet. Harley walks over to Gus, and Gus tells her that they are now going to gamble with the jury. He is hoping that the new evidence won’t affect their perception of the evidence presented before. He informs Harley that he has just told the judge that he is resting the case. “You can’t rest the case,” Harley says. Gus is confused. “Not until you put me on the stand,” she concludes.

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