Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/16/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

A very hung-over Reva walks into Towers and heads straight for the water. As she pours herself a glass, Edmund comes up to her and frantically tells her that Cassie has left town with the boys. “So does that mean she didn’t finish her IVF procedure?” she asks. Edmund answers no, while Reva exclaims rudely “Am I supposed to be sad about that?”

In her suite, Dinah stares into a full-length mirror rubbing her tummy. She smiles brightly as she thinks about what might be growing inside. There is a knock at the door and she excitedly runs to get it wanting to tell whoever it is that she’s pregnant. It turns out to be Jonathan. Dinah looks disappointed. He tells her to continue what she was about to say. “Pretend I’m Edmund,” he says. Dinah looks angry.

Coop is clearing tables at Company while Lizzie barks orders at him to clean and sweep the floors. They both engage in flirtation as Coop tells her he thinks she’s happy that he ran off her “boyfriend” the other day. He calls him “loser” just as Lizzie refutes this and says “If anyone’s a loser in this room, I’m staring at him.” “Whatever loser,” Coop responds. Lizzie cheerfully exclaims “I’m not a loser!” and runs flirtatiously after him. Alexandra stops her mid-run. “Careful now Lizzie. You wouldn’t want anyone to see your feelings now would you?” she says.

Rick paces the floors of an empty courtroom while Harley and Gus do the same. Beth runs in and Rick kisses her hello. She asks him if it’s true about the new witness. “He could clear Harley?” she asks. Rick answers yes.

Jeffrey walks out of the elevator at the courthouse organizing his papers. Alan sees him and asks if he got what he sent him. Jeffrey says that he did and he hopes that it is legit. Alan says it is. A person from Spaulding just happened to be “in the right place at the right time.” He acknowledges that this should be an interesting session just as Olivia walks in. Jeffrey catches her eye and seems to suspect something. After Alan leaves, Jeffrey walks over to Olivia and asks for a word with her. He asks her about the “certain visual item” that has popped up as evidence in the case. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” Olivia lies. Jeffrey seems to know she isn’t telling the truth. He walks away leaving Olivia to ponder her own ability to lie.

Bill walks up behind Olivia and grabs her by the arm. He guides her up against the wall and says “You better have a damn good explanation for what you did.”

Harley sits down next to a nervous-looking Gus. He has chewed up half of a pen cap. He tells Harley he isn’t nervous; he is just focused. He assures her that Webster’s testimony will be enough to blow the state’s case out of the water. She smiles at him hopefully while he goes back to reading his files. Jeffrey stares over at the two of them remorsefully, in light of what he is about to present. He looks back at Alan who breaks an evil smile. Jeffrey seems confused about what to do next.

Olivia breaks free of Bill’s grasp and says that she had to do what she did because of Emma. She thinks he’s talking about tampering Harley’s case. “Since when does half of the Lewis Construction building have to do with Emma?” Bill asks angrily. Olivia breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes he isn’t. Alan walks out of the court room and lingers near. “I was going to tell you,” she says. “I just didn’t have the time.” She assures Bill that Alan isn’t using her; it’s the other way around. She reminds him that she has to testify soon and doesn’t want to speak about this now. “Trust me,” she says. Alan breaks in. “Famous last words,” he responds. Bill and Olivia roll their eyes and walk inside the courtroom.

Harley continues to ask Gus how he’s going to handle the case. He says he won’t call Webster up to start. He needs to continue putting dents in Jeffrey’s case. Harley acknowledges that she won’t like this. Court comes into session. Gus calls Rick to the stand.

Alexandra tries to reason with Lizzie. “He gets under your skin doesn’t he?” she asks. Lizzie acknowledges that he gets on her “last nerve” and that she’s trying everything to push him away. She tells Alexandra about Coop scaring off her friend Tyler. Another waitress at Company walks in, and Lizzie tells her she’s late. “I’m sorry, I had to get this for Coop,” the girl says, holding a wrapped gift in her hand. Lizzie wants to know why. She tells her that he saved her from Tyler, who was hitting on her hard the other day. She walks away. “Yeah, that sounds just like Coop, really nasty,” Alexandra says sarcastically. Lizzie looks over curiously.

Reva and Edmund engage in their usual argument over Cassie. He follows her to a table where he demands to know where Cassie is and tells Reva that she is the sole reason Cassie left. Reva reminds him about his role in the fire and of all the wrong things he’s done to Cassie over the years. Finally, Edmund asks her kindly to not “scare Cassie off” if she comes back. Reva agrees, but only if he will let Cassie come back on her own, when she is ready. “Good,” Edmund says smiling. “I think in a few days, she’ll have something else to come back to.” Reva is confused and asks what he means, but Edmund declines to tell her. He gets up and leaves. Reva gets out her cell phone and calls Jonathan.

Jonathan walks inside and heads to Dinah’s drinks. He asks Dinah to tell him about the good news she has. Reva calls, but he ignores it, even when Dinah encourages him to answer. She looks annoyed with Jonathan. Jonathan starts to kiss her, but Dinah pulls away and says she isn’t “in the mood.” He assures her that Edmund won’t find them. He’s “skilled at sneaking out of hotel rooms.” He offers her a sip of his drink. Realizing its alcoholic, Dinah slaps it out of his hand and it splatters onto the floor. “Get that away from me!” she yells. Jonathan is startled.

Gus begins questioning Rick by asking him how it made him feel when Phillip took his son. Gus wants to know if it made him become violent. He cites the events of the day before the murder when Rick did turn to violence on the basketball court. He and Phillip were playing a game, and Rick tried to inject him with a sedative so he could take him to a psychiatric hospital. Rick says that he only did that for his own good. Suddenly, there is a flash forward, and Beth is on the stand. Gus asks her the same question. “Did Phillip taking your children make you want to kill him?” She replies “No, I loved him.” Gus pulls out another piece of evidence – a credit card record of a reserved hotel room in Paris in November of 2004. Beth had reserved it herself. He hands it to the judge, and Beth begins to cry. Gus asks her why she would have such a thing. “Were you planning to take a vacation while your son was missing?” he asks. Beth tearfully answers no and says that it isn’t what it seems. Gus presses her for another plausible reason. She admits to the court that she was planning on running away with Phillip and the kids. Rick and Olivia look disturbed. Gus tells the jury that if Beth was capable of running away with Phillip then she’s capable of killing him. He sits down. Jeffrey begins to cross-examine her. “Did you kill Phillip Spaulding?” he asks. Beth answers no, and Jeffrey sits down. Beth sits down, and Gus calls Olivia to the stand. As she gets up, Bill whispers in her ear that he’s waiting for her to prove that she’s not doing Alan’s bidding. “Here’s your chance,” he says. “Don’t hurt Harley.” Olivia looks distraught.

Jonathan asks Dinah what’s wrong. He says she seems different, but doesn’t know how. He starts to kiss her again, but she pulls away. Edmund appears and pulls Jonathan violently off her. “What’s your problem man?” Jonathan asks. “My problem is I don’t like people threatening my fam…” Edmund yells. He realizes he was just about to say “family.” Jonathan looks confused, but doesn’t have time to ask what all that was about. Edmund throws him out. Once Jonathan leaves, Edmund rushes to Dinah’s side and asks if she is okay. She says she is, and they begin to talk about her being pregnant. She thanks him for protecting her. “Thank you from me and the baby,” she says. Edmund reminds her that it has only been a day, and she probably isn’t pregnant yet. Dinah, however, believes she is. There is no possible way that she couldn’t be. She tells him again that she is happy to carry this baby for him and Cassie. Edmund says that he realizes how much of a toll this will probably take on her – having to carry a child for nine months and then give it up. She assures him that she’s just a surrogate. Biologically, the child is his and Cassie’s. Edmund pulls out an envelope. “I want you to have this,” he says.

Jonathan makes it down to lobby of Towers and sees Reva. “Oh good, you got my message,” she says. He lies and says yes. “So what you do think of my idea?” she asks. For once, Jonathan doesn’t have the right thing to say, and he looks worried. “Are you ready to go?” Reva asks. “Where are we going again?” Jonathan wonders. “Shopping, you nut,” she says. She grabs him by the arm and leads him out. Jonathan still looks disturbed about what happened in Dinah’s suite.

The waitress gives Coop her gift, and he smiles. Lizzie spies on them, smiling as she walks over to Alexandra’s table. Alexandra asks her again if she is sure she doesn’t like Coop. Lizzie responds that their flirting is just an act.

“An act that hasn’t somehow become real?” Alexandra asks. Lizzie assures her that it’s not real, and she couldn’t be with Coop anyway because her grandfather doesn’t want her to date a Cooper. Alexandra stops her. “Don’t you ever let your grandfather or anyone else tell you who to care about,” she says, pressingly. She reminds her that she had to learn that the hard way. Somehow, Lizzie gets an idea that she can “mold” Coop into a guy Alan would like. “He’ll always be a Cooper, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change other things,” Lizzie says. She looks over at Coop as if she’s preparing a design. Alexandra believes she has missed the point and tries to stop her. Lizzie, however, is on a roll.

Gus begins questioning Olivia, going over the events of Emma’s kidnapping. While he’s questioning her, a law clerk comes in and hands something to Jeffrey. Olivia looks preoccupied, but answers the questions to the best of her ability. Gus asks her when she showed up to Phillip’s murder scene, and she acknowledges that she was there while he was there. “Yes, I remember that you said ‘I hope he dies,’” Gus says. Olivia acknowledges this and says she was just angry. “I also remember when you said ‘you got what you deserved; you son of a bitch,’” Gus reminds her. Once again, Olivia reiterates that she was just angry. Gus asks her if she loves her daughter, to which Olivia replies “more than anything.” “And if someone hurt your daughter, would you hurt them back?” Gus asks. “Absolutely,” Olivia responds. Gus is a bit taken aback. He begins to retell the events of Emma’s kidnapping again. “Phillip took Emma away. He took your heart away,” Gus begins. Olivia cuts in. “And that is why I completely understand why Harley would shoot him,” she says. Alan smiles mischievously from his seat. Bill is shocked at her words. Harley looks confused. Her mouth drops open.

Gus asks her to please not “hypothesize” about other people’s motives in shooting Phillip. He is only interested in hers. He begins to ask her if she “hated” Phillip. She answers yes. He threatened her physically and psychologically. Again, she cuts in. This time she says it louder. “That’s why I totally understand if Harley shot him,” she says. The courtroom is annoyed. Olivia continues. “That’s why I understand if you or Rick or Beth or Lizzie shot him,” she says. “Any one of us could have shot him,” she continues. She turns to the jury and cries out that he took their babies. All of them were “desperate.” Gus sits down as Olivia begins to cry. Harley seems upset and angry at her testimony. Jeffrey begins to cross-examine. He asks her the same question he asked Rick and Beth. “Did you kill Phillip Spaulding?” he asks. “No, but…” she responds. Jeffrey has finished his questioning, and the judge asks Olivia to step down. Olivia seems to want to offer more information. Olivia walks back to her seat past a pleased Alan. She sits next to Bill, who pulls out a tissue for her and asks if she is all right. “Did they buy it?” she asks. “I think I got the jury on Harley’s side.” Harley nudges Gus and asks “Is this going as well as I think it is?” Gus calls Jack Webster to the stand. Harley smiles a hopeful smile. Jeffrey looks back at Alan again, who smiles at him.

Lizzie walks over to Coop in Company and tells him to stop what he’s doing. She’s being uncharacteristically sweet. “Are you schizophrenic?” Coop asks. “A minute ago you had to me doing a million things.” Lizzie tells him that none of the chores need to be done today, and starts to help him take his apron off. She points over to a well-dressed man who just walked in and is chatting on his cell phone. “That’s Sam Rollins, a big guy in the restaurant world,” Lizzie says. Sam is going to help her turn Company into something better. Sam walks over and introduces himself. They begin talking and Lizzie pulls Coop into the conversation. “This is Henry Cooper Bradshaw,” she says. “He lived in London and was the head of a big restaurant there.” “His ideas are indispensable,” she says. Sam gets a call and excuses himself. Coop pulls Lizzie over and asks him why she just lied to make him look good. She tells him she was just embellishing the truth.

Dinah opens up the envelope and sees a contract drawn up by Edmund. He says that he just wants their relationship to be clear, as things will get to be complicated. “You want to make sure that I don’t run off with the baby right?” Dinah asks. “Do you not trust me?” she continues. Edmund reminds her that he just doesn’t want any confusion. Dinah continues to read the contract. Edmund reassures her that he just wants all of them to know where they stand. She puts her hand on his chest and opens his jacket to pull out a pen. All of these actions are done flirtatiously, and Edmund takes strong notice. Dinah signs the contract and tells him that she’s happy he had the papers drawn up, and she respects it. “Whatever I can do to make you feel more secure,” she says. “I won’t let you down.” Edmund reminds her that, of course, the contract could be bogus. Cassie may leave him and forget about the baby. “We’re not going to let that happen,” Dinah says softy as she places the pen back into Edmund’s pocket.

Lizzie reassures Coop again that she didn’t lie; she just stretched the truth. She wants Coop to learn from the best when it comes to Sam. Coop is confused since twenty minutes ago, she seemed like she hated him. Lizzie happily tells him that she is his friend and his boss, and she just wants the best for him. “Riiiight,” Coop exclaims, not believing her.

Reva and Jonathan walk back to the car with oodles of bags in tow. Jonathan pulls out some pictures they took in a picture booth. He wonders aloud why she needs them; she sees him every day. “Well, I want them for when you’re not around,” she says. Jonathan seems a little confused and goes to examine what she bought. He sees a dish rack and a toaster. “But you already have these things Reva,” he observes. “I know, I got them for you,” she answers. “You can’t stay with me and Josh anymore. You’re going to have to move out,” she ends. Jonathan looks caught off guard.

Rick bursts out of the courtroom as Beth trails behind him. He is mad at her for what she said on the stand. She pleads with him to forgive her. “You and Phillip were going to run off with my son, and I was never going to see him again,” he says. “I certainly would have never done that to you.” Rick hits the elevator button and turns around leaving Beth to think about her own betrayal.

While Gus questions Webster, Bill comforts Olivia. He tells her that she didn’t have to make herself look so bad on the stand. However, she proved herself by not helping out Alan. “Whatever will help Harley’s case,” Olivia says. She lays her head on Bill’s shoulder as they listen to Gus. Alan looks over at Bill and Olivia.

Gus goes over the events of the night of Phillip’s murder with Webster. He acknowledges that he saw Harley—dressed as Ruth – leaving Company looking “freaked” as he was leaving the scene of his robbery. He was curious as to why Harley was so freaked out so he decided to look into the window at Company. Once he looked inside, he saw Phillip standing there drinking a glass of beer. Webster emphasizes that Phillip was alive. Gus ends questioning. Harley smiles softly. Jeffrey has no questions, but he asks the judge for a sidebar. Jeffrey requests that the judge allow him to call another witness, not on his list. He reminds her that Gus was able to call Webster, also not on the list, in for questioning. In order for the state to fully examine the case, he needs to call a new witness. Gus doesn’t understand what is going on. “Who is this new witness?” he asks. “It’s you,” Jeffrey answers.

Coop demands to know what Lizzie is up to, but she assures him she’s just looking out for his well-being. He is still confused. She accuses him of not wanting to better himself. Coop doesn’t believe her and walks away. Sam comes back from his phone call to discuss plans to expand Company with Lizzie. He reminds her that in his memo, he said there wasn’t enough square footage. “Well, what about the upstairs?” Lizzie asks. Overhearing her, Alexandra jumps in and reminds Lizzie that the Coopers live upstairs in the Boarding House. Alexandra is outraged that Lizzie would even consider that. “Maybe they’ll just have to move out,” Lizzie says. “You can’t stop progress.” Lizzie seems frighteningly like Phillip.

Dinah pours Edmund a drink and reassures him again that he’s going to get Cassie back, and she will give them a beautiful baby. Edmund just needs to “stay on course.” He brings up the matter of her shots. She needs to have one every day, and she can opt to either have him do it or do it at the hospital. She agrees to let him give it to her himself. He reminds her that the shot isn’t in the arm, it’s in her butt. She agrees. Edmund goes to get the shot ready and reassures her that he’s very good at this. When he turns around, Dinah is standing seductively with part of her bottom half exposed. “Let’s have it doc,” she says.

Jonathan slams the trunk closed and accuses Reva of simply kicking him out. She tries to reason with him. She wants him in her life, but there are some things she could do without. He makes her feel guilty, and he manipulates her. Moreover, she doesn’t like the person she becomes when she is around him. He is causing problems for her and Josh. She also needs space. Reva explains to him that she has reserved a room at the Clayton Arms for him until he can find a place. She gives the key to Jonathan, and he throws it on the floor. Reva tries to kiss him goodbye, as she will be taking a cab home. Jonathan has tears in his eyes. “That’s it?” he says. “I get a key and a dish rack and that’s it.” Reva assures him that she will call him later to see how he’s getting settled in. She walks away. A tearful Jonathan rips up the pictures they took together and throws them on the ground. He sits in his car and cries for a moment. Then he gets out, picks up the ripped pictures, and gets back in the car to leave. Reva watches from the doorway with tears in her eyes as he drives off.

While Gus, Jeffrey, and the Judge meet, Bill walks over to Harley and asks if everything is okay. She replies that it is, but she thinks it’s strange that Jeffrey and Alan have been exchanging looks all morning. Bill tells her not to worry; it’s probably nothing. He walks back to his seat.

Gus tries to object to Jeffrey’s request, but the judge doesn’t allow it. She agrees with Jeffrey. Gus sits back down, and Harley asks if everything is all right. “Jeffrey’s trying to pull something,” he responds. “It’s not going to work.” The judge announces that she has allowed Jeffrey to call one more witness. Jeffrey calls Gus to the stand amidst a courtroom of gasps. Harley is shocked and confused. Alan looks as if he is getting exactly what he wants.

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