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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/15/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sandy and Josh are looking over plans in the Lewis Building offices. They are talking about moving walls when Josh commends Sandy on knowing what is going on. Tammy walks in. Josh wonders if she has seen her mother around and she lets him know that she hasn’t. She hugs Sandy and then wonders if he’s ready to go. Josh seems surprised that his right hand man has a date and asks why he wasn’t told. Sandy looks uncomfortable and tells his boss that he wanted to finish up at work before going out. Josh takes on a gruff tone and tells Sandy that he needs to get his priorities straight. “You can’t disappoint a pretty woman” he says and points to his niece.

Tammy smiles and looks happy. She turns to her uncle and offer to double date with him and her aunt for pizza and a movie. Josh tells them that she’s not picking up her phone and he doesn’t look too happy about it. He tries to explain that she’s had a long night when Jonathan walks in. He informs everyone there that the last time he saw his mother she was dancing with another man.

At J. Farley’s a drunken Reva is yelling out the door to people. Her friend from Olivia’s bar who is also drunk stumbles in after her. They both remark on how it seems they had a band playing earlier. She smiles and heads away from the stage remarking on how J. Farley’s has the best jukebox in town. He lets her know that he thinks the place looks like a dive. Paul, Reva’s friend notices that Reva is looking around and wonders what she is thinking. She remarks that her son comes to this bar a lot and then mentions that she wants to kill him for leaving her at the Beacon. She orders another drink and Paul tells her that he’d like to hug her son. It is obvious that he’s trying to hit on her, but she just laughs at him and tells him she’s married. They both joke about how being married can’t get in the way of the two of them having a good time drinking & dancing.

Ross & Blake are sitting down at a table inside of Elizabeth & Company. She remarks that she’s not that hungry after all of the popcorn she ate at the movies. She looks up wistfully and mentions how romantic she thought the ending of the flick was. Ross lets her know that he thought the ending was cliché and typical. She jokingly tells him to stop being such a spoil sport. With a smile she lets him know that she had a good time. Ross laughs and reminds his wife that he knows how to have fun with his wife. She agrees and mentions that although that is true they haven’t had many of those moments since Dinah came to town. He looks a bit sad and lets her know that he doesn’t think his daughter has made a huge impact in their life. Swallowing her pride, Blake tells her husband that she thought Dinah was being sincere when she came to their room at the Beacon looking for help. Ross thanks her for taking the time to talk to his daughter and takes her hand into his. She reminds him that she thought if she helped Dinah it might make things easier for everyone.

Dinah watches as the doctor’s play with some medical equipment in her room at the fertility clinic. They let her know that everything is ok and that they are ready to begin when Edmund asks for a minute alone with his ‘wife.’ Edmund and Dinah are left alone and she wonders if it was Cassie on the phone before he made his ultimate decision to let her have the baby. He looks resigned and informs her that it was indeed Cassie and that she was calling to let him know she was leaving town. He also mentions that he heard Jeffery’s voice in the background.

He looks surprisingly calm and Dinah lets him know that he can’t allow Jeffery to ‘weasel his way’ into Cassie’s life. “He has a way of taking over other people’s lives.” She explains. He agrees and wonders if he is too late. She tells him that perhaps if he can give Cassie a reason to come back to town that it might not be too late. It is as if he snaps out of his daze and agrees with her. He lets her know that he has the same opinion and that she is quite possibly his only hope. He calls for the doctor to come inside and tells them that they are ready. The doctor shows them a monitor where they can watch everything happening. Dinah watches as Edmund looks at the monitor intently.

Reva falls towards Paul while they are dancing and he compliments her on how pretty she is. He asks if she would like to go someplace else to have a good time and she declines his offer. They continue dancing as Paul wonders if the reason she doesn’t want to have a good time is because of her husband. She lets him know that Josh is the love of her life and wonders what is up with his wife. He tells her that his wife is at her sister’s. He mentions that he has a son about the same age as Jonathan who isn’t his biggest fan. He wonders why Reva isn’t with her husband and she mentions that every couple has a time when they don’t see things the same way. She lets him know that she’s there to help blow off some steam. He comments on how relationships have stormy weather and the two laugh with one another.

They mention other kids and rush back to the bar to show one another photos of their kids. He comments on how nice their families look. Paul notices that she doesn’t have a photo of Jonathan and wonders why. Reva looks down and realizes she doesn’t have a picture of him and looks slightly upset.

Josh demands to know why Jonathan is at the office. He sarcastically tells his step father that perhaps he will one day want to work alongside him. He doesn’t seem to be buying the story so Jonathan continues to talk. He points out how worried Josh must be, since he just mentioned that his mother is dancing with another man. He reiterates the fact that Reva is with another man, and then lets Josh know that if Reva gets into any trouble that it will be his fault. Tammy wonders if perhaps her uncle should look for Reva. He quickly dismisses what she is saying and tells her that Reva is more than capable of taking care of herself. Jonathan antagonizes Josh declaring that being ‘too crazy’ isn’t in the blood, so they have nothing to worry about. Josh raises his voice, wondering if there is anything else that Jonathan feels he needs to share. He lets him know that he’s done and Sandy ushers him out. He closes the door and wonders why Jonathan won’t let up. Josh looks downward obviously thinking about why Jonathan won’t stop and how it will affect them.

Blake confesses to her husband that she truly hopes that Dinah will change. With a resigned sigh, Ross lets her know that time will tell her true intentions. He goes on to declare that he is proud of his wife for the way she has treated his daughter as of late. “I know your feelings for Dinah run deep.’ He lets her know. She notifies him that she will never forgive her for killing Hart. He nods and reminds her that regardless he is thanking her for reaching out to Dinah. Half sighing and half laughing Blake clarifies that she didn’t reach out; she merely refused to slam the door in his daughter’s face. Ross smiles, thankful that his wife is trying to get along with his child. Blake’s attention is caught when Dr. Butler walks in with his mother. He comments that Corey is Dinah’s boyfriend. Blake gets up and drags Ross over to say hello with her. “He could be your future son-in-law” she reminds him. They say hello to Corey & his mother and introduce themselves. Blake makes a point of telling him that Dinah has been ‘singing his praises’ and he smiles. She goes on to mention that perhaps they should all get together for dinner. Corey’s mother is quick to dismiss that as an idea and is not looking pleased. Corey looks down, embarrassed by his mother’s attitude. She continues to tell everyone there that his son is no longer going to date Dinah. She declares that her decision is final. Corey tries to get her to be quiet, but she won’t listen. She mentions that she thinks Dinah should be locked up and Ross looks taken aback. He turns to Blake and then asks what his daughter did.

Dinah and Edmund watch on the monitor and she gets teary when she realizes that there is a baby inside. The doctor reminds them that there are no guarantees, but that they do need to remain hopeful. She also mentions that they will know in a week, when they do a pregnancy test. The doctor leaves as Dinah and Edmund think about how incredible it all is. She mentions that she knows he is wishing she was Cassie. “I wish for a lot of things Dinah, it doesn’t make them happen” he tells her. Dinah smiles and lets him know that together they made something happen and that in time Cassie will come back. He wonders of she truly will return or not. Dinah informs him that she will and urges him to concentrate on loving Cassie as best he can. She lets him know that she thinks he is noble as he is doing this for his family. Edmund grabs his head, and wonders if he was out of his mind in his decision. He paces around the room, wondering what he was thinking. Dinah lets him know that he made a good decision after being presented with an opportunity. He tells her in an exasperated tone that it might be the worst choice he’s ever made. She mentions that he did what he had to in order to prevent his world from falling apart. He continues to rant, doubting that Cassie will ever understand how or why he made this judgment call. He looks torn, realizing that there is now no hope of reconciling with his wife. She doesn’t agree with hi, but casually mentions that there might be another way. “I can leave tonight, I can disappear” she tells him. He looks confused as she explains that if he would like Cassie would never need to know about the child and he wouldn’t ever have to look at her again. He gazes at her in awe, as if he can’t believe what he is hearing.’ He sits next to her wondering what she would do with the baby. She lets him know that she could leave town with the child and mentions her reasoning for being the surrogate mother. She reminds him that she wants to do something worthwhile with her life and that she’s sick of being seen as a thorn in everyone’s side. He listens as she goes on to tell him that she is sick of being bitter and that she will do so if he wants her to. He grinds his teeth, not knowing what to do. He gets frustrated letting her know that although he wants to do the right thing, he’s no longer sure what it is. Dinah looks at him and tells him that deep down he knows what is right and what he has to do. She tries flattering him by letting him know that sometimes he knows better than anyone else what needs to be done. He looks at her and while pointing at himself and her mentions that when people ‘like them’ do something for other people that they want things in return. He makes it clear that he wants to do the right thing for his wife and wonders if she wants love & respect in return. She admits that those are the two things that everyone wants and offer to leave if he so desires. He explains that he thinks he has made enough quick decisions for one day and refuses to decide. He asks her to get dressed and lets her know he’s going to bring her home and decide what to do next in the morning. Dinah smiles and when Edmund leaves the room she looks relieved.

Ross wonders what Mrs. Butler is trying to say about Dinah. She declares that Dinah has done many things wrong. When Blake tells them that her step-daughter is trying to change, Mrs. Butler tells them all that there is no changing when someone is rotten to the core. Ross wonders how Corey can sit there and listen to his mother berate Dinah.

He admits to Ross that he truly cares for Dinah, but that she’s not that fond of him. Ross wonders what he means and presses the issue. Mrs. Butler tells Ross that Dinah was trying to ‘lure’ him into bed and that once she got him there she called him ‘Edmund.’

As Jonathan is getting into his car in the parking garage, Tammy calls out to him. He wonders what she is doing there and taunts her over the night they spent together. She looks disgusted and tells him to stop trying to hurt everyone all the time. He inquires as to what she means and Tammy asks why he had to push buttons when he was in the office with Josh. She goes on to ask why he wants to cause problems between his mother and Josh. He explains that he wasn’t trying to do anything but make Josh aware that his wife was out getting loaded. She even goes so far as to accuse him of pushing his mother into dancing with the man she was with. Jonathan looks as her and asks “Think about it. Have you ever seen your Aunt Reva do anything she didn’t want to do?” Tammy looks down, obviously agreeing with him. He smiles and questions who they blamed everything on before he came to town. She lets him know that she understands that he has something with his mother, but that she can’t understand why he has torture everyone connected with his mother as well. He asks if she is talking about herself and she admits that she is, but that she’s also talking about her mother. He clarifies that he thinks she has it all wrong. Jonathan claims once again that it was Cassie who originally tried to set him up. Tammy defends her mother, letting him know that it was her mother who couldn’t stand what he was doing to their family. She tries telling him that although her mother’s plan wasn’t the best, she was trying to protect her family because that’s what she thought needed to be done. Jonathan gets a smirk on his face and tells her that he’s a member of the family as well. He raises his voice slightly and reiterates that ever since he came to town that everyone has been trying to set him up to fail. As he rattles off the list of names who have framed him, or tried in one way or another she seems to realize that he may be right in some small way. He wonders if she is going to try and frame him as well and lets her know that she can take her best shot.

In his office, Josh stares out the window in a daze. Sandy comes in offering to stay and finish things up if he wants to go. He refuses and sits down at the desk, letting Sandy know that they should just keep working. He tells his boss that he agreed to meet Tammy later and that he can finish it all. Josh takes what he has just said and turns it around. He lets Sandy know that they need to finish their work so that he can go and meet Tammy.

When he presses the issue Josh raises his voice. He mentions that Jonathan is playing a game and that he can’t let him win. “You of all people should know that” he tells Sandy. He is quick to remind Josh that by refusing to let Jonathan win that he might be punishing Reva as well. As he is thinking about what Sandy said, Reva comes stumbling in the office wondering if they were talking about her. She has a big grin on her face and is laughing. She hopes they are saying good things about her and Sandy smiles, telling her that they wouldn’t dare say anything but. She kisses him wondering if he’s sure he’s not her son. Josh sits stoic in his chair, not exuding any emotion. She comments on how late they’re at the office and he informs her that they are working. Suddenly, Sandy brings up the fact that he has a date and tells them that he’s leaving. Josh thanks him for all his hard work, and he leaves. Reva yells to him to try and have as good of a time as she did. Josh doesn’t move a muscle while Reva continues to laugh. She sees him and asks “Is this where you tell me I’m grounded?” He sits forward and continues working while she goes on and on about how he should tie her to the bed as a punishment. He doesn’t say anything and she mentions it. She goes on about how he has ‘the look’ on his face that he uses when he’s trying not to look disapproving. He raises his voice, trying to get her attention. He wonders if they can go home and not argue. She stands up declaring that she knows he won’t be able to drop it. She continues talking; slurring her words while she tells him that she only had a little fun. Josh stands up letting her know that her idea of fun isn’t always what he thinks is fun. He kicks some things around on the floor and she tells him that each person should do what makes them happy. He yells at her, claiming that she is showing the ‘new’ Reva that doesn’t care what others think as long as she is happy. She frowns and lets him know that she doesn’t think it’s true while he informs her that she is pulling away from the entire family except Jonathan. He asks if that is her plan and lets her know that if it is true that he wants to know. She questions Josh, wondering if he’s the one pulling away as opposed to her. Reva mentions his work habits and he asks what he should be doing as opposed to working. He reminds her that he loves her wild & crazy side, but that lately she has become too predictable. He goes on to explain that as of late she has been willing to do anything that her son wants her to. Josh goes so far as to mention that Jonathan came to the office with the sole intention of trying to stir things up, the same way he stirred things up with Cassie & Edmund. She tells him that everyone needs to stop blaming her son and blame the person responsible for the fire. Josh accuses her of wanting to chastise Edmund for taking Jonathan away from her. “You keep thinking you can change Jonathan. The fact is, he's changed you. “ He tells her.

Tammy denies wanting to set him up and informs him that with her family comes first. He makes fun of her and she gets angry with him. She wonders why he would even want to stay in town if he hates everyone so much. He makes another joke about needing to be near his mother and she tells him that it is probably closer to the truth than he wants to admit. A father and son walk by, the father dragging his son and yelling at him. It is obvious it isn’t a good situation. Jonathan walks over to the father and grabs him. He lets him know that if he wants to make a point that he should pick on someone his own size.

Edmund walks Dinah into her apartment. He makes sure that she doesn’t need anything and once again asks why she is willing to help him out. She reminds him that she wants to help. He lets her know that he’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but if she’s trying to play games that she will pay. She lets him know that she can trust him and urges him to think about his important decision. Edmund leaves and Dinah begins to get ready to go to sleep. Someone knocks at the door and she answers it. She looks surprised when her father walks in and demands that they talk about her and Edmund. She wonders what he’s talking about and he lets her know about his run in with Corey. Ross then comes out and simply asks his daughter if she is in any way interested in Cassie’s husband. She seems shocked and tells him that she should have seen this coming. Dinah mentions Corey’s mother and tells her father that his mother never liked her. She accuses Mrs. Butler of spreading lies about her and claims that Corey has an odd notion that she wants to be with Edmund. Ross wonders if his daughter is telling the truth and she assures him that she is. He begins to leave and she lets him know that she’s learned something new lately. He looks at her quizzically and she tells him “it's ironic. I realized I have something that Cassie will never have. Something inside of me. Something no one can ever take away. “

Inside J. Farley’s bar, Edmund sits at the bar and watches as the bartender pours a drink. He guesses that Edmund is having wife troubles and walks away. Edmund downs the drink, wondering what he has done. He hears his inside voice telling him that he didn’t have much of a choice with his actions. In an effort to silence his voice Edmund walks outside. He admits to himself that by allowing Dinah to get impregnated that he was listening to the ‘old Edmund.’ Bad Edmund continues rationalizing that as long as a child is produced nothing else matters. He claims that they can deal with Dinah and Cassie when the time becomes appropriate and that he was backed into a corner by the only woman he ever loved. Edmund isn’t sure if the circumstances will excuse his actions or not and evil Edmund warns himself to ‘keep his eyes on the prize.’

Tammy warns Jonathan not to hurt the father. He yells at the boy’s father wondering why he needs to pick on children. The child pleads with his father not to get into a fight and Tammy comforts him. The father yells at Tammy to stay away from his child and heads toward her. Jonathan warns him to stay away from Tammy.

Suddenly a security guard comes on the scene. He wonders what is going on and the father tells him that he wants Jonathan to be arrested. Tammy warns the father that if the cops are called then she will tell them exactly what she saw. The father looks at Tammy, realizes that she’s telling the truth and tells the security guard that he can leave. Jonathan walks over to the kid, kneels down and tells him that if his father gives him a hard time again that he should tell someone. The child nods and heads off with his father. Jonathan watches as they walk off and Tammy wonders if he is ok. He tells her that people, who don’t know how to treat children, shouldn’t have them. With tears in his eyes he lets her know that it reminds him of his childhood. She nods knowingly and tells him that she was in foster care and saw things she shouldn’t have. She clarifies that although nothing ever happened that she learned how to be quiet and be good. Tammy hugs him as Sandy walks into the doorway leading into the parking garage.

Reva wonders why it always comes back to her son. She has tears in her eyes and tells him that what was done was to protect Cassie. She goes on talking to both Josh and herself at the same time. She mentions all the guilt and pain she felt because of Edmund and realizes that perhaps she did want to hurt Edmund. She admits that by looking at Jonathan she sometimes feels out of control. Josh warns her that her behavior has to stop and she continues talking. “I did exactly to him what he did to me, and I did it to punish him. Why didn't I see it?” she says.

Tammy agrees with Jonathan that it is hard to see children in pain. He thanks her for stopping him from doing any further damage. Sandy walks up to the two of them, wondering if everything is ok. He mentions that they missed the movie, but that he will make sure she gets him ok. She looks as Jonathan as if she has to make sure he’s ok before leaving and he tells the two of them goodbye.

Sandy & Tammy walk off while Jonathan opens his car door. He opens it simply to slam it, full of rage.

Edmund lets himself into Dinah’s and walks over to her bed where she is asleep looking content. He pulls a book out of her hand and tucks her into bed.

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