Guiding Light Update Monday 3/14/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Harley sits on a bench outside Company reveling in her date with Gus. Zack runs out of the restaurant with Buzz not far behind him. Harley wonders why he isn’t asleep, but Zack proudly proclaims “I’m not sleepy!” She picks him up and sits him on her lap, pointing at the stars. She recalls the time when she was around Zack’s age. She used to pick the biggest and brightest star to wish on, and she would wish that Buzz would come home to her and Frank. “He came home didn’t he?” Zack asks. “Yes, he did,” she responds before Zack announces “I like happy endings!” Buzz jumps in and says “I think you’re going to have another one soon.” They all smile and laugh together, but a dark cloud settles over them when Alan walks up to them.

Olivia snaps a shot of Webster in the parking garage. However, after she snaps it, a hand grabs her shoulder. She is startled.

At the pool hall, Cassie still looks curious and happy at the realization that Jeffrey is a singer in his own band. He seems to notice that she is there and continues to sing.

Edmund bursts into the hospital room expecting to see Cassie waiting for the procedure to begin. Surprisingly, when he opens the door, Dinah is sitting on the bed. “Hi honey, I’ve been waiting for you,” she says. Edmund grows angry and demands to know where Cassie is, but Dinah doesn’t know. She tells him that, clearly, Cassie isn’t going to show up for the procedure, but that doesn’t mean a baby isn’t possible. “My body is as good as any,” she proclaims, going on to state that she’s done some “studying up” on the procedure. She knows the embryos are only viable for a small amount of time and volunteers to become his and Cassie’s “gestational carrier.” Edmund is speechless; he has a look of shock on his face. Dinah tells him to “let it sink in for a moment.” She is “the answer to all of his prayers.”

Harley looks at Alan and pleads with him not to begin another conflict. Buzz demands that he not make any more threats against his daughter. “I’m just here to give you advanced warning,” Alan says. “All agreements concerning my grandson are now null and void since Harley is backing out of our deal,” he says. Zack looks up at him, not comprehending what he just said. Harley begins to get up and say something to Alan, but Buzz insists that he, Alan, and Zack all go inside for some cocoa. He wants to give Harley some more alone time and keep Alan at bay. “Lead the way Zack,” Alan says sternly. As soon as they leave, Harley looks up at the stars again and begins to wish on all of them.

“Please let me be innocent. I need this to work out. I need a happy ending,” she wishes. She closes her eyes tight and hears someone’s footsteps behind her. She opens her eyes and turns around. It is Gus.

The person who grabs Olivia turns out to be Bill. He apologizes for startling her and asks if she is okay. She is, but she has a problem. She tells Bill that she can’t let him know any of the details. She was simply in the parking garage to “think.” She starts to ask him a question. “If you had some information that could help you out a lot, but it could hurt someone else just as much, what would you do?” she asks. Bill responds that he knows exactly what this is about. “You do?” Olivia answers, suddenly defensive. Bill thinks it is about Alan, and that Olivia needs to do something unethical for the business. He reminds her that he told her not to get back into “the snake pit” with Alan. She responds that she knows that, but regardless, she and Alan will always be tied together because of Emma. “He is her grandfather; that is where it stops,” Bill responds. She stops and tells Bill that she really does have a problem. She needs to protect herself, but in order to do that, she has to hurt someone else. Bill understands, but responds “That’s just wrong.”

“This is insane, you’re insane,” Edmund responds to Dinah. He begins to walk out, but Dinah grabs him. She reminds him that Cassie “will never come back to him unless there is something to come back to.” “You mean, a baby?” he asks, outraged. Dinah begins to explain herself stating that if Cassie had only found out about the fire a few weeks from now, she would already be pregnant and could not turn her back on Edmund. “What better gift to make up for both of your mistakes than the greatest token of love there is – a child,” she explains. “So I’m supposed to believe you’re just going to carry this child and give it over to me and Cassie when it’s born,” Edmund says. “It would be my gift to you,” she responds. He tells her that she’s even sicker than he thought.

Jeffrey wraps up his song amidst a room full of applause. The band takes a break, and he walks up to the bar eyeing Cassie on the way over. She comes over with a smile. Jeffrey is a bit embarrassed. “I had no idea,” she says. He thinks she is about to criticize him and asks that she not say anything. “I was just going to tell you I liked the song,” Cassie answers. “Did you write it too?” Jeffrey answers “yes” and grabs his drink. Cassie responds that he just “full of surprises.” “Good ones,” she says with a smile. Jeffrey immediately realizes that she has not made up with Edmund. She admits that she wanted to, but she can’t. Then she proceeds to tell him that she is supposed to be at the fertility clinic, but instead she’s here watching his band. Jeffrey doesn’t want to hear about her problems with Edmund, but Cassie goes on. “I still love him,” she says, almost as if she is convincing herself of her feelings. Jeffrey nods casually. Cassie says that clearly, that everyone has their secrets, even some they keep from themselves. There was a big part of her who wanted to believe Edmund had changed. Jeffrey is quiet. “Okay, so this is the part where you tell me you don’t want to hear about my problems and to go back to my husband, right?” she asks. “Wrong, not this time,” he says.

Olivia starts to walk away from Bill, angry that he said it would be wrong. He grabs her and says that he just doesn’t want Alan to do these things to her. She tells him that she is just afraid that if she doesn’t do them, he will take away Emma. “There’s no possible way he could do that; you are her mother,” Bill responds. He tells her that Alan is just jealous. “Jealous of what?” Olivia asks. “Do I have to say it? You’ve got nicer legs,” Bill responds humorously. Olivia laughs and Bill remarks that she seems happy. She has a great daughter and a great husband and nothing bad is going to happen to her. He offers to drive her home, but she wants to walk alone. After Bill leaves, she walks away and opens up her phone, staring at the picture she just took.

Gus and Harley look up at the stars together. She asks him why he came back. “I just didn’t want the night to end,” he says. They both look in at Zack in the restaurant and remark at what a cute child he is. “We really missed you,” Harley says. Gus says he missed them too. “I think that we should all be together. What do you think about that?” Gus asks. Harley admits that she thinks so too; she’s just afraid to say it out loud for fear that she will jinx it. Gus encourages her to say it aloud, as sometimes “you have to say things to the universe for them to hear it.” Zack runs out and jumps into Gus’s arms proclaiming “I missed you!” They all hug. Olivia stares at them from the shadows.

Jeffrey walks away with his beer as Cassie follows him. “Why is it whenever I talk to you about my problems with Edmund, you always blow me off?” she wonders aloud. Jeffrey remarks that he isn’t blowing her off. He reminds her that he knew about the fire and kept it to himself. He watched her marry Edmund still keeping it a secret. It doesn’t matter what he says to her about Edmund, but he will admit one thing, he’s not exactly upset to see their marriage on the rocks. “Well that’s a terrible thing to say,” Cassie says. She reminds him that he was the one who pressured her about forgiveness, and he was the one who kept pushing the two of them together. “Away; I was pushing you away,” he tells her. Cassie is confused.

Edmund storms out the door while Dinah runs and catches him desperately. She tries to convince him that this is his only chance, but he doesn’t believe her. “For all I know, you would keep the baby hostage!” he yells. “What baby? Without me, there is no baby,” she responds. Edmund says then that is the way it is supposed to be. Dinah grabs him again, almost violently. “Gee I had no idea that giving could be so militant!” Edmund says.

Dinah stops and admits that volunteering to carry the baby isn’t all about giving. “Thank you, then what do you want?” Edmund asks. “Exactly what you want, redemption,” she responds. Dinah walks back into the room. Edmund follows her. “This is about my salvation, as much as it is about yours,” Dinah admits. Edmund asks how. Dinah explains that she has zero respect in Springfield. Her family went as far as to stage an intervention to impress upon her what a “loser” she is. She has realized the she is unlovable, and the only thing that can save her is to do a “major league good deed.” “And carrying this child is just that?” Edmund asks. Through tears, Dinah nods. “It’s perfect,” she says. “Because who hates a pregnant woman? Nobody.” On top of this, she believes that doing this deed would be extremely noble to the woman she has wronged so many times – Cassie, as well as to the man who loves her. Edmund starts to think aloud. Dinah grows a bit angry and yells “there isn’t much time!” The doctor comes in and says that they are ready to begin the procedure. Edmund remains quiet. After a few moments, Dinah, realizing that Edmund is probably going to say no, starts to leave. “Wait. Doctor, can I have a few more minutes with my wife?” Edmund asks. Dinah turns around completely surprised.

Back inside Company, Buzz pours Alan a glass of wine. “The peace between the Coopers and the Spauldings doesn’t have to be a fantasy,” Buzz says. He reminds Alan that it should begin with the two of them. They are the “grand old men” of the family, and if they begin, surely others will follow their lead. “What do you say?” Buzz asks. Alan responds that he wants to do this, but only when the Coopers “surrender.” “That is the reality and that is the world I live in,” he says. Gus walks in carrying Zack. Alan notices him and looks annoyed.

Outside, Olivia walks up behind Harley, and they both stare inside at Zack. “Zack is really growing up fast,” Olivia says. “Yeah, and with any luck, I won’t miss a minute of it,” Harley responds.

Buzz gets up when he notices Gus and Zack. Loudly, he proclaims that Gus seems to “really be at home here.” It is clear that both of them hope Alan is listening. Alan gets up to leave, and Gus stops him. Before Gus can say anything, Alan begins “I think you’ve made it clear where your home is,” He looks at Zack and says “At least there’s hope for the future.”

Alan walks outside and in between both Harley and Olivia. He ignores them both. “If looks could kill,” Harley says after he has walked away. “But that doesn’t matter,” she concludes. Olivia asks her what she means. Harley goes on to explain the things she’s had to do as a mother in order to protect her children. Olivia listens intently. “I was all ready to plead guilty to a crime I didn’t commit,” Harley says. At least with the plea deal, she would get to see her kids graduate. Olivia comments that it’s amazing that her desire to protect almost drove her to do something that drastic. Harley responds that, as mothers, they must do anything to protect their children, even if it isn’t right.

Alan walks into the parking garage and sees that his car has a flat tire. “Damn!” he yells. “As if this day could get any worse.” Bill walks up behind him with coffee and nearly laughs. Bill suggests the he call his driver or a cab. Alan responds that he gave his driver the night off and he’s not leaving his car there while he calls a cab. He asks Bill to help him, seeing as he’s never changed a tire in his life. Bill agrees and says it’s because he feels sorry for him. Alan always has to get other people to “do his dirty work,” like Olivia. Bill tells Alan that whatever it is he has put Olivia up to, he has talked her out of it. Alan gets annoyed and tells Bill matter-of-factly that he now owns 50 percent of the Lewis construction building. He says that the deal was coordinated by Olivia. Bill is astonished.

Jeffrey makes his way back to the stage. His band needs him. “But I need to talk,” Cassie responds, sounding desperate. She asks him what he meant by saying that he was pushing her away. “Maybe you don’t bother me as much as I say you bother me,” Jeffrey responds. Cassie is still confused. “It means that I thought Edmund could make you happier than…” he begins. Jeffrey can’t finish. He suddenly grows mean and tells Cassie that he doesn’t want to hear anything more about Edmund. Cassie is startled by his cruelty. He says she’s not going to find her answer about Edmund in a fertility clinic or in a bar. He leaves and returns to his band.

Edmund shuts the door and remains quiet. “You want me to carry the baby,” Dinah says joyfully. “You called me your wife.” Edmund tells her that he just said that to get the doctor out of the room. Dinah refuses to believe this and tells him that she can “feel” that he wants this to happen. “Maybe I’m something better than your wife. Maybe I’m your angel,” she reasons. She pressures him to “do the right thing” and call the doctor back in so they can go through with the procedure. Edmund yells that he needs time to think. Dinah doesn’t understand what he has to think about. “There is no downside to this,” she assures him. Edmund laughs at this statement as Dinah begins to cry. She tells him that she needs to do this in order to be “saved.” She needs to do this because “everyone loves a pregnant woman.” If she carries the baby, people will want to be around her all the time and she won’t be “unlovable” anymore. Edmund thinks for a moment, but ultimately, refuses. He is not going to resort to something “as twisted as this.” Dinah is hurt. Edmund walks out leaving Dinah crying. Edmund gets a call from Cassie in the hallway. He begins to beg her to come to the clinic as time is running out. “Edmund,” she responds. “I’m leaving.”

In Company, Buzz tells Gus about his conversation with Alan. He thought they were going to make a truce, but Alan refused. Gus tries to cheer him up by telling him that he has made his choice in standing by the Coopers. “That was the right choice to make,” Buzz answers. They start to talk about Harley, and Gus vows to never let her go again. He has already lost his chance with her once, and this time, it won’t happen again. Buzz is happy to hear this.

Olivia walks away from Harley and begins to cry silently. Harley walks toward her and asks if she’s okay. Olivia responds that she is, but she has a big decision to make that she’s worried about. “Your words about being there for your kids just helped me make it,” Olivia says. Harley remarks that she’s glad she could help Olivia make her decision “easier.” “Not easier,” Olivia remarks. They hug, and Olivia tells her that she’s sorry that Harley had to suffer for Phillip’s murder. Harley thanks her and goes inside. Olivia stares ahead, thinking about what she will do.

Bill believes what Alan said was a lie. There’s no way Olivia would sell him out and give Alan half of the building without consulting him. Alan responds that she did it to protect Emma. Olivia calls Alan during their conversation. She tells him that she’s found something that may break Harley’s case. She has a photograph. She offers it to Alan on one condition, that he leaves her and Emma alone. “Bring it to me and if I like what I see, we’ll talk,” Alan says. Olivia promises that he will.

Edmund continues to talk with Cassie. She tells him that she can’t live with what he did and what he is capable of so she’s taking the boys and leaving. Cassie begins to cry. Jeffrey sees her and walks over to ask if she is okay. Edmund hears his voice. He presses to know where she is, but Cassie won’t tell him. She says she must go and hangs up. At the realization that Cassie is with Jeffrey, Edmund makes an impulsive decision. He turns around to see Dinah preparing to leave and telling the doctor that they won’t be going through with it. “Let’s do this!” he says. “Let’s make a baby!” Dinah is surprised.

Jeffrey begins playing another song about lost loves and chances. This song serves as the background of the rest of the scenes. Cassie gets up to leave, but lingers near the back of the door.

Harley, Gus, Buzz, and Zack cheerfully play make-believe in Company as a picture-perfect family.

Olivia walks away from Company and looks solemnly at the picture on her cell phone. She sends it to Alan.

Alan looks at his phone, presumably at the picture Olivia sent him, and smiles. Bill stops fixing Alan’s flat tire and walks away leaving Alan stranded. He smiles while he watches Alan run for more help.

Cassie finally leaves the bar and is back at home with her kids packing to leave. She leaves a note for Tammy next to a picture of her and Edmund. She looks at the picture for a moment and then leaves with Will and R.J.

Dinah and Edmund are ready to begin the procedure. Dinah holds out her hand hoping that Edmund will take it. He sees that she is scared. He grabs her hand and holds it. The doctor pulls the curtain around them as she prepares to do the procedure.

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