Guiding Light Update Friday 3/11/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Olivia watches from the shadows as Webster runs down the stairs in the parking garage. As she observes him, Jonathan sneaks up behind her and whispers “Who are you stalking?” Olivia is startled, but she willingly volunteers the information about Webster. “You see that guy over there?” she asks. “He could save Harley’s life, but he could also destroy mine.”

At Company, Harley clears the dishes from a vacant table looking glum. She seems to be hard at work despite her negative mood. Buzz walks up behind her and casually wants to know if she’s striving for employee of the week. Harley answers that she’s simply trying to stay busy so she won’t look at a certain piece of paper she has in her possession. She pulls out a permission slip from Zack’s school and hands it to Buzz. “He wants me to be class parent on his class field trip next month,” she says with slight annoyance. Buzz is confused as to why she is upset about this. “Well maybe they can go on a field trip to the state prison!” she suggests. “What do you think?” Buzz quickly casts this down and tells her that having a ray of hope for her innocence isn’t such a bad thing. He thinks that Harley needs to learn this, but she refuses to let herself “go there.” They switch subjects, and Harley asks if he has picked a movie for their “father-daughter” night. He tells her that he’s going to have to bail; he’s found a better partner that will treat her for a night on the town.

Harley turns around and glances out the window. Gus is standing outside looking in.

At the pool hall, Jeffrey walks up and orders a drink. He sees Dinah and orders her a drink as well. Jeffrey tries to strike up a conversation with Dinah, but she refuses to talk with him. “You wouldn’t want to be seen with the unlovable right?” she asks smugly. Jeffrey apologizes for his comments the previous day, but Dinah won’t hear it. She tells him she doesn’t need him in her life and walks away.

In the park, Cassie strolls around slowly, pondering the recent events. She sits on a bench and hangs her head in sorrow. Josh walks up behind her. “I heard about Edmund and the fire. I’m sorry,” he says. Cassie remarks that today was supposed to be the beginning of a new life for her and Edmund. She doesn’t understand how Edmund could have lied about something so scary. “I’m a newlywed, and I’ve lost total faith,” she admits. “Maybe you didn’t have much faith in him to begin with,” Josh answers.

At the Beacon, a desperate Edmund tries again to get through to Cassie’s cell phone. He leaves a message telling her that he knows things are unclear, but they can work through them. All she needs to do is meet him at the clinic. In the middle of leaving his message, he spies Reva at the information desk and immediately grows angry. He goes up to her and demands to know where Cassie is. When she says she doesn’t know, Edmund grabs Reva and shakes her. She pleads with him to let her go, but Edmund’s anger is taking over him. He tells her that at this very moment, he is supposed to be at a fertility clinic with Cassie. However, because of Reva, he is not. “I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you,” Reva says bitingly. Edmund then tells her that everything that has happened recently is all because of her.

Gus walks into Company with flowers, and he and Harley flirt for awhile. She asks where they are going, and they agree to go out for a “strategy session” – both afraid to call it a date. Buzz pushes them and says that a strategy session sounds like a great idea. Harley nervously takes the flowers and says she’s going to change. While she walks away, Gus covertly asks Buzz for a bottle of wine for their “session.” Buzz agrees happily. Harley walks back after putting the flowers in water and asks if she would wear anything specific. Gus says no, but if it happens to be a certain black plunging dress, that would be “good.” Harley walks away excitedly.

Jonathan and Olivia still sit watching Webster. Jonathan asks why she is so interested in him. Olivia tells him about Alan’s plans for her – if Harley doesn’t go to prison, Alan will pursue Olivia as the criminal and take Emma. “Do you need some help?” Jonathan asks, implying that he can handle Alan Spaulding. “The last time I asked you for help, Phillip ended up dead,” she answers. Jonathan laughs and calls himself a good luck charm. “Maybe Alan needs to join his son on the other side,” he says, commenting that he knows Olivia realizes how tempting it is. Jonathan asks her what she’s even going to do with Webster. She doesn’t know. She realizes that Harley too has children, and if she did not kill Phillip, then she should not go to prison. Olivia is clearly just watching Webster to think about ideas. Jonathan offers her his advice. “It’s every man for himself,” he says. “You get them before they get you.” He wishes her luck and kisses her goodbye, leaving Olivia to ponder his words.

Jeffrey joins Dinah at a table and tries to apologize again, but she won’t listen to him. She tells him that she is not going back to him and back to their games. Jeffrey says that he knows a little too much about their “cycles.” Dinah refutes this, saying that during the time that they worked together, he needed her as much as she needed him. He needed her to fill the “void” left by Cassie in his life. Jeffrey is quiet. Dinah continues and tells him that her family staged an intervention for her. It made her realize one true thing – that she deserves real love and real happiness. “I’m going to go find it,” she says and leaves.

Again, Cassie paces in front of Josh, saying that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. One minute she thinks she can go back to Edmund and the next she can’t imagine it. Josh reminds her that she has an important decision to make and this is not the time to be making it. She should freeze the embryos so she can use them if she wants at another time. Josh tells her that he thinks while she believed in Edmund 100 percent in the past; she was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cassie compares this to his relationship with Reva. “You’re still waiting and worrying about her going back to her old ways,” she says. Josh is quiet. He tells her that she can’t just bail out on Edmund; she needs to fight for things. “I know how to handle this,” Cassie says. She thanks Josh and walks away.

Reva and Edmund continue to butt heads at the Beacon. Reva reminds him that he was the one who started the fire, he was the one who almost killed Cassie and R.J., and he was the one who decided to cover it up. Edmund grows even angrier and yells that she has now taken his marriage from him, his wife, and worst of all, his child. She responds by saying that he took her child away from her in the same way. Josh walks inside just in time to break up the fight, and Edmund runs off. Josh looks at Reva and asks her what she thinks she is doing. He is angry with her.

Gus and Harley arrive at their destination – the parking garage. Harley is confused. She thought they’d be having their “strategy session” over a nice dinner. Gus brings out take-out food and the bottle of wine Buzz gave him. “Some of our best times have been in the car,” he reminds her. Harley is a little weary, but soon grows happy to be sharing this time with him. Olivia walks up to their window. “Olivia? What are you doing here?” Harley asks.

At Company, Jeffrey has a meeting with Buzz. He asks if Buzz has seen Gus or Harley, as he has been looking for them. “I don’t know,” he says. “Are you ready to drop the charges against my daughter?” Jeffrey answers “no,” but discloses that if the new witness is right, he “would never be happier to drop the charges.” Buzz tells him, in that case, that he hasn’t seen them. Jeffrey asks Buzz to please let him know if he does. Just as he is leaving, Cassie walks in and tries to ignore him. Jeffrey tries to talk to her, but she quickly remarks that she is fine. “I don’t need a helping hand,” Cassie says. Jeffrey leaves. Outside of Company, Jeffrey calls an unknown person and says “We need to do this tonight.”

Outside the Beacon, Edmund tries again to get through to Cassie’s cell phone. Dinah walks over and overhears his comments. She asks if he’s having trouble with Cassie. Immediately, he throws her against the wall and demands to know if she was the one who told Cassie. Dinah reminds him that she had no reason to let Cassie know about the fire. She had been keeping his secrets for months. Edmund remarks that he has to find out who was responsible for Cassie finding out. Then he starts to wonder aloud about his life, confiding in her. She tells him that she knows what it’s like to lose happiness. “It was so real, Dinah, so real,” he says. “Just for a moment.”

Josh continues to stare at Reva. She walks away proclaiming “I don’t like the way you are looking at me.” Josh lets her know that he just saw Cassie outside. “You have completely torn her life apart,” he tells her. Reva stops him and reminds him that he just heard Edmund admit that he began the fire. Josh says that he isn’t trying to defend Edmund, but that he now realizes why Reva is doing this. She wants revenge for what Edmund did to Jonathan. “You are punishing Edmund,” he says. He thinks she is doing all of this in the name of vengeance. Reva says this is completely not true. She is outraged.

Cassie sits in Company staring at her wedding ring. Suddenly, she sees Jonathan through the window and gets up to leave. He catches her. He comes up to her and immediately apologizes. Cassie tells him to leave her alone. He apologizes again, and Cassie wants to know why. “I’m sorry that you bought into the whole fairy tale thing,” he says. He says he understands why she was “flirting with the dark side.” Girls apparently “love the bad boys.” Cassie realizes that it was him who set her up to see the papers at the Beacon. Jonathan admits this and asks what she is going to do about it.

Olivia covers up her reasons for being in the parking garage by telling Gus and Harley that she forgot where her car was. Olivia asks them what they are doing; Harley responds that they are having a strategy session. In the midst of their conversation, Gus hands Harley wine and food. Olivia praises her on the finding of a new witness in the trial. She notices that it looks like they are on a date, and says she must leave. After Olivia leaves, Gus and Harley reminisce about what they used to do during stakeouts. Harley remembers how fun it was to play Truth or Dare with Gus. They agree to play a game, and Harley is first. She picks truth. Gus asks her why she came out with him tonight. After joking that “Jude Law was busy,” Harley says that there is no place she would rather be than this “musty old car” with Gus. They smile at one another.

Reva is frantically crying while trying to explain to Josh that she is not doing this for revenge. She wishes she did have a master plan, but she doesn’t. She continues to go on, stating that lately it seems like she can’t control her reactions to things.

Josh thinks that she is just using her moods as an excuse. Reva assures him that she fully realizes she is pushing Cassie, along with him, away. Josh asks her to let him help, but Reva refuses. She wants time to figure it all out. In tears, she turns around and walks away leaving a confused Josh in the Beacon lobby.

Jonathan admits that he was the one who sent the papers, but says that he only did it to protect her and R.J. Cassie refuses to believe this, and tells him that he only did this to see Edmund suffer and to see her marriage crumble. “That cookie was crumbling a long time ago,” Jonathan says. Cassie is livid. Jonathan wonders aloud what Richard would think of this. This makes Cassie grow even angrier. “Don’t speak for Richard,” she demands. Jonathan says that he will always be Richard’s son, and there is no changing it. Maybe he’s supposed to do the work of bringing the truth, like Richard. Cassie yells that she and Edmund have come so far and that she did not do this just so someone like him could destroy it. She gives Jonathan a hard push and storms out of the restaurant.

Dinah continues trying to bond with Edmund. She says that she understands what losing a great love is like and starts to explain what losing Hart was like again. “If I have to endure one more moment of this bonding, I think I will put both of us out of our misery,” Edmund says. Dinah continues to describe what losing a love is like, and Edmund surprisingly relates. She says that she knows he feels like he won’t be able to go on after losing Cassie, but assures him that he will be okay. Edmund turns to her and responds “I will not lose her!”

Jonathan finds a drunken Reva at Olivia’s bar. She is clearly drinking her troubles away. They both laugh at their meeting while Reva complains about how she “ruined Cassie’s life” and “drove Josh away.” Jonathan tells her that for whatever its worth, he believes she did the right thing. He says that since there’s nothing more she can do, she should just have fun tonight. Reva laughs. Jonathan admits that he has heard lots of things about how Reva used to be and encourages her to let loose. Reva agrees. She yells at the bartender to change the music to something more upbeat and orders another drink. The “wild” Reva is back.

Gus and Harley continue to play their game. Harley’s response to the first question created some romance between them. Gus remarks that this is a “sexy” car ride. Harley leans over and attempts to give him a kiss, but she forgets to unbuckle her seatbelt. Her attempt is ruined. They both agree to play another game of Truth or Dare. This time, it’s Harley’s turn to ask. Gus chooses dare, and Harley dares him to moon the next person who walks by. He proudly gets up and stands through the sun roof with his pants undone, waiting for the next person to walk by. An old woman and an employee walk by just as Gus moons the two of them. Harley laughs uncontrollably and says they need to get going before someone calls the cops. She pulls him close after he sits back down and gives him a long, passionate kiss. They drive off. Meanwhile, Webster stands in another part of the garage looking at his watch. He seems to be going somewhere. Once he leaves, Olivia reemerges and follows him.

Josh enters Company and asks Buzz for advice. He knows that Buzz was a “wild one” back in his day, and he asks Buzz if he ever feels like his wild side is conflicting with his new self. Buzz doesn’t understand what he is asking. Josh then responds that it’s about Reva. Buzz remarks that he has heard the stories about Reva’s “wild days,” and can’t speak for her. Josh tells him that he believes Jonathan has “opened doors” in Reva’s personality. Buzz comments that the only thing he does know is that once a genie is out of the bottle, you can’t get it back in. He advises Josh to “hold down the fort.” Buzz is sure that can handle it. Josh remarks that it gets harder and harder every day.

Meanwhile, Reva is getting wilder over at Olivia’s bar. She overhears a farewell party going on for a man given by his coworkers.

She decides to join in. She walks over to the man in question, “Paul,” and proceeds to tell him all the good things she thinks he has going for him. Paul and his friends think that Reva’s behavior is hilarious and all join into the fun. Jonathan walks away amused and orders a drink. Reva sneaks up behind him and tells him that he better not drink. He is the designated driver, and she is going all out tonight. She starts to wonder again if there’s anything she can do about Cassie and Edmund. Jonathan tells her not to think about it, just “go wild.” They begin to dance and Jonathan calls her the “life of the party.” Paul overhears the expression and enlists Reva to dance with him. They share a flirty dance on the dance floor while Jonathan looks on smiling.

Edmund gets a call from the fertility clinic wondering where he is. Apparently, Cassie has arrived and is ready to begin the next procedure. Edmund is confused at first, but the doctor assures him that Cassie is ready to go through with it. He hangs up the phone and runs off to the clinic.

Back at Company, Harley looks again at Zack’s permission slip and smiles. Buzz walks up behind her and asks what she is smiling about. She tells him that she had a wonderful time during her “strategy session.” He knew that she would. He tells her to sign the permission slip, put her faith in writing. She does and acknowledges that she has to believe she will have a life. “We have a believer!” Buzz calls out. Harley sits and daydreams about her life. She has to believe that she will be a mother and maybe “one to Gus’s kids.” She has to believe that she will have a life. She jumps up, overjoyed, and runs to Buzz to give him a hug. Her faith has returned.

Meanwhile, Olivia is still following Webster. She ducks behind a pole and thinks to herself. Suddenly she whispers “I’m sorry Harley, but it’s every man for himself.” She takes out her camera phone points it toward Webster. She takes his picture.

Reva finishes her dance with Paul and walks over toward Jonathan. Jonathan has walked over and pulled her keys out of her purse. Paul goes after her and asks for another dance, but Reva is weary about it. Jonathan encourages her to go, saying “it’s not like you have to sleep with the guy.” Reva agrees and tells Jonathan to watch her drink. She goes back with Paul and dances the night away. Jonathan looks back at her with her keys in his hand. “Don’t stay up too late Mom,” he says quietly. He leaves.

Edmund makes it to the clinic and asks a nurse where Cassie is. She points him to her room and assures him that they are still within the window of using the embryos.

He prepares to go in and calls out “Who is the luckiest man in the world?” as he opens the door. Startled, Dinah is sitting on the bed.

Cassie arrives at the pool hall hoping to order a drink and have a quiet night. Suddenly, an announcer comes on and introduces their new local talent, the band “Stakeout.” “Great, a loud night with bad live music,” Cassie says, as she prepares to leave. She looks back to see the band and is surprised to see that Jeffrey is the lead singer and is playing the guitar. She stays to watch him sing, intrigued.

Dinah shuts the doors and grabs Edmund’s hand. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she says.

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