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By Elizabeth
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As they watch from behind a two way mirror at the police station, Gus reminds Harley that they will soon know if the witness is for real. They watch as inside the interrogation room, Frank begins questioning Webster, the witness. Harley is in disbelief as she realizes how close she was to going to prison and that it might all change if Webster is telling the truth. Gus tells her that they need to take things as they come, little by little.

Danny is sitting at the bar inside Elizabeth & Company when Marina comes up to him. She hands him some papers and he wonders what it is. With a smile she tells him that sheís giving him the keys & lease to an apartment that he likes. He looks at her shocked and she lets him know that the apartment is wonderful and that they need to secure it for themselves before someone else decides they want it. He smiles and agrees. He kisses her just in time for Michelle and Tony who have walked in to notice. Michelle seems uncomfortable by the sight of seeing her ex-husband and Marina together.

They all say hi to one another, and Danny & Marina quickly leave. Tony looks at Michelle and comments on how quickly things seem to be moving with Danny & Marina. He wonders if Michelle is ok with it. She assures him that she is and even tells him that she thinks it is good.

Alexandra is sitting alone at a table when Olivia interrupts her. She demands her help as she witnesses Alan threatening her. Olivia claims that Alan is going to begin to make her life a living hell. She mentions that she’s aware that he wants to use Sebastian to go after Bill and mentions his recent trip to the emergency room. She further mentions that she thinks he will try and take Emma from her and wonders why he would do such a thing. Alex reminds her that since he’s lost Phillip all he has are his grandchildren and that they mean everything to him. “Well, in Alan’s mind, maybe you're Phillip’s murderer. And he would never allow a granddaughter of his to be raised by his son's killer. “She reminds Olivia.

Alan walks out of his granddaughter’s restaurant holding Zach. He sees Lizzie and wonders what she’s doing standing alone. She lets him know that she’s waiting for someone and before he even has a chance to ask who it is she lets him know that it isn’t Coop. He smiles and mentions that the Coopers are probably all celebrating the new witness in Harley’s case together. She isn’t surprised and mentions that Harley & Gus headed down to the police station. Lizzie wonders if the new evidence is enough to clear Harley. He lets her know that regardless of what happens in the courtroom that Harley will pay.

Harley watches as her brother continues to question Webster. She remarks on how he’s not lying and doesn’t even appear to be nervous. She points out that it is easy for him to be so calm when he’s alone in a room and wonders if she should go check him out. Despite Gus warning her not to, she rushes inside the interrogation room. She begins questioning him on whether or not he is lying for a deal.

Inside her restaurant, Lizzie waves to Coop. She is sitting with a young man and she introduces him as Tyler. He’s in business school and owns his own business as well. He’s basically the male version on Lizzie. Coop nods and she begins to rattle off the many ways the restaurant needs work. She lets him know that he has to clean the bathrooms as well as work on bussing & setting the tables faster. He quickly turns it around and lets her know that there is someone in the handicapped spot without a permit. Tyler speaks up letting them both know that it was him and mentions that it isn’t a big deal as he wasn’t going to stay long. Tyler is instantly snooty and mentions that he needs Coop to get him a clean fork. He walks off and to heads to the counter. While he’s picking up a fork the waitress mentions that the ‘new guy’ might want a spoon. Coop notices that Tyler has ordered chili and offer to take it to him. While no one is looking he dumps a good deal of hot sauce in the bowl.

Marina and Danny walk into his new apartment and comment on how huge it seems. He mentions that it needs some work. Meanwhile, Marina mentions the paint job it needs. She tells him that she ahs a surprise for him and unveils a bunch of paint that she’d bought earlier. He seems pleased and can’t believe that she bought all of the supplies to paint the place for him.

Michelle picks up the newspaper that Danny and Marina left and notices a red circle. She tells Tony that she thinks she knows where they will be living and mentions getting them a housewarming gift. Tony seems shocked. She continues to tell him that they should head over to Danny & Marina’s apartment and surprise them. Tony reluctantly agrees.

Sitting at a table alone, Tyler looks excited for his bowl of chili. As soon as he takes a bite he begins to choke.

Frank tries to stop his sister from asking Webster questions, but she doesn’t listen to him. She continues to put the questions to Webster, wanting to know everything from how long he’s facing in prison to why he was silent for months. He explains that seeing her flee was a good break and that he was saving the information ‘for a rainy day.’ She claims that she doesn’t know what to believe even though he continues to maintain that he’s telling the truth. Frank looks as his sister and tells her that he hasn’t lied to whole time he was being questioned. She seems excited to hear the truth, but a little sad at the same time. She leaves the interrogation room to find Alan standing on the other side of the two way mirror. “, I hope you're not planning on reneging on our deal. Because if you do, it'll be another mistake. “He warns her.

Olivia seems confused as to why Alan would want to pin Phillip’s murder on her. Alex wonders what Olivia expected and wonders if she was naïve enough to think there would be no risk. She reminds Olivia that she’s gotten the better of Alan before and that she will have to do it again. She then asks if Olivia has something to hide. She denies it and then asks Alex for help once more. She pleads with her, claiming that she needs help because of Emma. Alex agrees to help her and instructs Olivia to do exactly as Alan tells her. She then reminds Olivia that if Harley goes free that Alan will turn on her. Olivia stands up, obviously not pleased with how the conversation went. On her way out she picks up her cell phone and calls Jeffery O’Neill. She informs him that she needs to speak with him about Harley’s case and that it is urgent.

Marina and Danny joke around about what his new place needs in terms of a paint job. While talking about colors for the kitchen they end up getting into somewhat of a paint fight in the kitchen. Eventually, the two fall to the floor kissing one another. They are interrupted by knocks at the door. Tony and Michelle come in and Danny seems shocked to see them. Michelle smiles at the paint on their bodies and mentions that she & Tony know all about paint fights. Both Danny and Marina wonder what the two of them are doing there and Michelle informs them that they came over to help them celebrate. Danny looks confused, wondering what they are going to celebrate. “You two moving in together. You know, I hope you're as happy as Tony and I are. “She tells them.

Alan warns Harley that he hopes her jury will believe Webster and tries to intimidate her. Gus stands up for her, and lets his father know that he passed the lie detector. He makes it clear that Webster knows what he saw. “You signed a statement changing your plea to guilty. Now, that sends a very strong message to the jury. “Alan warns Harley.

Gus pleads with her not to listen to his father, while Alan claims that Gus is once again giving her bad advice. He reminds her of their agreement in regards to Zach and Harley looks like she is trying to figure out what to do. Gus pleads with his father, reminding him that that the situation has changed. Alan doesn’t buy it and lets them both know that regardless of the new witness that she could still lose. He makes it clear that if her big break backfire that he will take Zach and raise him as a Spaulding. She looks conflicted and tells him that she could be innocent. She wonders if he cares at all about finding the real killer. He lets her know that he only wants those who hurt Phillip to pay and makes it clear that she is one of the main people who hurt his son. Again, Gus pleads with her to trust him to get her out of the trial in one piece. He begs her to trust him, while Alan reminds her that she’s trusted him in the past only to have it backfire. “We have taken a beating because we want something special and good in our lives, and some people, they can't stand that. Some families, they can't stand that, but that's not us. Now, I know there's a lot on the line: Your future, Zach’s future, your freedom. But we're going to win. We're going to beat this thing, okay? It's going to turn out the way we want it to. This is the way it's going to be. “He pleads with her.

Harley turns and walks into the interrogation room where Frank is with Zach. She asks her son if he believes in Gus and he lets her know that he does. She walks back into the room with Gus & Alan and lets them know that she will be going to court. Alan warns her that she will live to regret her decision. She warns Gus to come through on his end of the deal.

Coop sees Lizzie and wonders where Tyler is. She mentions that he’s out having a cigarette and he seems surprised that she would date a smoker. He lets her know that her plan to make him jealous isn’t working. Without flinching she lets him know that he’s at work and that he needs to take the trash out. He picks her up and walks her to the door. He sees Tyler outside talking to a waitress and goes to see what is going on. He overhears the conversation as Tyler puts the moves on the waitress. He mentions taking her out later as Coop listens.

Michelle hands Danny a bag and lets him know that it is for their new place. She comments on how nice the apartment is. He interrupts her, letting her know that he and Marina arenít living with one another.

He explains that she found the place and thatís it. Michelle looks surprised tells him that she hopes he enjoys there present. She and Tony leave. Marina stands beside Danny and thinks back to the conversation about Robbie that she overheard during the sleepover. Michelle offers one last time to help Danny out with the new place before leaving. Danny remarks to Marina how nice it was of Michelle and Marina doesnít look to sure. She warns him to be careful around his ex wife.

Outside, Michelle seems slightly embarrassed that she was wrong about the two of them living together. Tony wonders if perhaps she heard what she wanted to.

Olivia walks into the darkened courtroom and wonders where Jeffery is. She is shocked when she finds herself alone with Alan. He tells her that he found out about her meeting with Jeffery and thought he should talk to her before she met with O’Neill. Olivia doesn’t seem to understand why and Alan explains that he thinks Harley will be acquitted. He mentions that the law will prove she’s innocent and that it will be up to him to make sure that someone pays for Phillip’s death. Olivia wonders if he’s talking about her and he informs her that he has enough evidence to incriminate her.

Coop interrupts Tyler & the waitress. He sends the girl inside and wonders what Tyler is doing. He explains that while he likes Lizzie that he’s aware of her ‘mental problems.’ He mentions to Coop that he was ‘covering his bases.’ Coop doesn’t seem thrilled with his explanation and sends him packing. He throws him off the premises and warns him to never come back. Lizzie comes out just in time to see Coop throwing her friend off of the property. She wonders what is going on and he tells her that ‘Tyler had to leave early.’

Danny wonders if Marina is jealous of Michelle. She tries to wiggle out of explaining what she meant and Danny won’t let her. She tells him that she’s not jealous, but that she wanted to make sure that he’s ok. Danny reminds her that he and Michelle are trying to remain friends for the sake of Robbie. He begins to kiss her.

Tony offers to buy Michelle a drink in an attempt to help keep her from thinking about Danny. She claims that she’s not, although has a memory flash. In the memory it is Valentine’s Day and she’s sharing a moment with Danny. Tony snaps her out of the daze and tells her what he thinks about the situation. He clarifies that perhaps she wanted to think Danny & Marina were more serious than they were so that it would keep them from coming between the two of them. Michelle shrugs, not sure what to think. He mentions that he knows she has been having memories and that she hasn’t been telling him about them.

Alan shows Olivia tickets to San Cristobel for her & Emma. He points out that they were bought days after Phillip was shot. Olivia claims that they donít prove anything and he reminds her that she was the one who embarrassed herself at Phillipís funeral. He goes on to mention her alibi, which doesnít account for much of her night and then reminds her that she checked herself into the mental hospital.

Olivia doesnít think it adds up to much, citing that the police didnít arrest her to begin with. She also jogs his memory and reminds him that heís the one who checked her into Ravenwood. Alan smiles deviously and tells her that as far as the court is concerned she signed the papers to admit herself voluntarily. He muses that regardless it wonít look good for her and it wonít take much to prove that she murdered Phillip. She yells that she didnít kill his son. He wonders what she is willing to do in order to protect herself.

Gus lets Harley know he loves her and she lets him know it isn’t what she needs. She asks him to please do what he promised and make sure she goes free. He assures her that she won’t go to prison and that he believes in the two of them. She smiles and lets him know she’s frightened. He lets her know that she’s not alone and that she will be ok.

Alan continues to harass Olivia, reminding her of the time she won’t have to prepare a defense. She yells, obviously upset, that she didn’t kill his son. He doesn’t seem to care and reminds her that she’s going to need to do what she has to in order to protect herself. She wonders if expects her to make sure Harley isn’t freed. “It's justice the way it should be. “ He tells her.

Lizzie wonders why Coop would throw her friend out. He thinks it is all a joke and confronts her. He lets her know that he realizes the only reason she even invited Tyler to her restaurant was to make him jealous. She shakes her head in disgust and lets him know that the two men are nothing alike.

He agrees with her and then kisses her.

Marina and Danny continue to kiss, only this time they’re lying on a bed. A cell phone rings and Marina gets up to answer is. It’s her father and the more she talks to him the happier she looks. She gets off the phone and lets Danny know that Webster’s story checked out. Danny smiles, happy for her and lets her know he’s glad the phone rang. He tells her that he wants things between them to be ‘righter’ before anything more happens. She tells him that she has to go to be with her family and they kiss once more before she leaves.

Michelle admits to Tony that she’s had some memories. She tells him that it scares her a bit, and that she never meant to upset him. “I figured, you know, the faster we all kind of settle down, the quicker things will work themselves out, you know? “She says to him. She assures him that she loves him as he’s the person she wants to be with. She goes on telling him that her memories are nothing more than snapshots from her past and that they have nothing to do with how she feels about him.

Zach comes running into the room, interrupting Harley & Gus. Frank follows and apologizes. They let him know that it’s fine and that they’ve worked everything out. She tells her brother that they’re going back to court. He agrees to support her, telling her that she can obviously see something in Gus or she wouldn’t trust him. Harley looks happy that her brother seems supportive and decides that it is time to go home. She, Gus & Zach all leave together.

Frank warns Webster not to be late for court the next day. He lets Frank know that he’ll be there.

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