Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/9/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Bill and Sebastian are at Towers. Bill answers Sebastian’s question of what it is like being married to Olivia. Sebastian is clearly trying to get a rise out of Bill, suggesting that Olivia’s “passion” must make for a good union between her and her husband. Bill isn’t buying it. He begins to threaten Sebastian. “She’s passionate about everything including work, and I’d hate to see someone squash that,” Bill tells him, threateningly. Sebastian stops and grows serious. “I didn’t come here for confrontation,” he discloses. “I came here to make friends.” Bill still doesn’t believe him. He tells Sebastian that he has “some nerve” showing up in Springfield after what he did to Holly and Michelle. Sebastian tries to explain, stating that Michelle volunteered to go with him to the island. Bill reminds him that “locking someone up” doesn’t qualify as part of the deal. “People make mistakes,” Sebastian answers. “What do you call marrying your business partner so she won’t get deported?” he asks. Bill grows angry and throws a punch. Sebastian quickly moves out of the way, and Bill punches his hand into the wall. He is hurt. “That, I think, was a mistake, my friend,” Sebastian comments.

Jonathan walks into Company and sees Josh sitting at a table working. Josh has just hung up the phone. “Was that Mom on the phone?” Jonathan asks. Josh coldly asks him why he wants to know. Jonathan tells him it’s because he’s worried about her. Josh tells him that he hasn’t spoken to her since that morning. “I better let her tell you then,” Jonathan answers, walking away. Josh boldly calls out “Wait!” He asks if something has happened to Reva. “Not Reva, Cassie,” Jonathan responds. He goes on to tell Josh that Cassie found out the truth about Edmund and the fire. Josh is disappointed and disgusted at Jonathan. He realizes it was probably Jonathan’s doing. Jonathan senses Josh’s anger at him. “I may have pulled the trigger, but Reva loaded the gun,” he says, suggesting that both he and Reva acted together to create this latest conflict. Jonathan leaves, and Josh angrily gets up from the table.

At Olivia’s bar, Reva finds Cassie sitting and crying at a table. She immediately asks her if she’s okay. She apologizes for Cassie finding out the way she did. She simply wanted to protect her and R.J. She tries again to tell Cassie that Edmund is dangerous and apologizes. Cassie doesn’t believe she is sorry. “This is what you’ve wanted all along,” Cassie responds. She gets up and walks away.

Outside of Company, Edmund encounters Jeffrey and pushes him violently up against the wall. “You just had to tell her didn’t you?” Edmund yells. Jeffrey tries to tell him it wasn’t him, but Edmund won’t let him speak. “If I lose Cassie then I have nothing left to lose!” “Maybe I should have finished what I started in that barn!” Edmund continues. Jeffrey is disturbed.

At Spaulding, Olivia calls out to her secretary and asks if she has heard from Bill. Her secretary, Carla, asks her she should send a copy of the Lewis Construction agreement to Bill. Olivia quickly answers “No.” The deal was just between her and Alan, and Bill should not know about it. Olivia dismisses Carla and says she needs to get home to Emma. She makes a call to Bill’s cell phone, but Sebastian answers. He is with Bill in the hospital. Bill is sleeping and lying on a stretcher. “What have you done with my husband?” Olivia asks, frightened. A nurse walks into the hospital room. “Excuse me sir, cell phones aren’t allowed in the hospital,” she tells Sebastian. Olivia overhears. “Hospital?” she says. Sebastian hangs up as Olivia grabs her things and runs out the door to see Bill.

Olivia arrives at Cedars and sees Sebastian in the waiting room. “What have you done with my husband?” “Did Alan put you up to this?” she asks. “I did everything I could, but it was just too late,” Sebastian answers. Deceitfully, he leads her to believe that Bill is dead. Olivia runs into the room and sees a sleeping Bill. He is silent. She walks over to him and lays her head next to his, beginning to cry. She thinks he is dead. Suddenly, Bill lets out a snore that startles Olivia to a loud shriek. Sebastian walks in and laughs.

Lizzie meets Alexandra at the pool hall for “girl’s time.” Lizzie is surprised at Alexandra’s choice of activity. She thought that pedicures would have been the more girly route. Alexandra tells her that she thinks it’s time start thinking “outside the box.” “Grandpa wanted you to keep an eye on me didn’t he?” Lizzie suspects. Alexandra nods, but says that their playing pool is also for Phillip. He apparently wanted Lizzie to be well-rounded. “Well-rounded means studying French and staying away from people like the Coopers,” Lizzie says. “Well, yes, but I’m in charge now,” Alexandra answers. A confused Lizzie begins getting ready for their game.

Jeffrey pushes Edmund off of him. “I didn’t do it! I didn’t file the charges against you!” Jeffrey yells. “Who did it then?” Edmund demands. Jeffrey can’t believe that even when Edmund has been caught “red-handed” he is still looking for people to blame. Edmund tells him they he and Cassie were happy, and he would have done anything to protect her and their unborn baby. “Why don’t you do the right thing and get out of Cassie’s life so she can have a real chance at happiness?” Jeffrey asserts. Edmund is livid.

Back inside Company, Jonathan eats at the bar and tells Josh what happened with Cassie and Reva. “Mom was worried about Cassie so she went to Jeffrey and had him draw up the papers,” he says. “I figured she would have told you all this.” “And it was you who showed the papers to Cassie?” Josh asks. Jonathan tells him that he wasn’t going to wait for Edmund to strike again. He continues on to say that he thinks Edmund especially has it out for the “small fries.” In reference to R.J., Jonathan says “Come on, he almost charbroiled the little guy.” Josh talks again about how he does not believe that Jonathan cares about Cassie or her family. “This is about you punishing Edmund for destroying your childhood,” Josh says. Jonathan denies this. Once again, Josh asks him about Reva, citing that she had just as much of a role in Jonathan’s “childhood” as Edmund. Jonathan claims that he really knows what is going on. Josh is just upset that Reva did not confide in him. She chose to confide in Jonathan. “Better put in that 911 call to Dr. Phil to get the trust back into your marriage,” Jonathan smoothly comments. He walks away.

Reva goes after Cassie. She tells her that she is just as shocked about Edmund and apologizes, citing that the way she found out was wrong. Cassie wants to know how she found out and what the plan was. Reva tells her that she just wanted to find out where Edmund had taken her. She wanted to tell her at dinner a few days before, but she couldn’t because Cassie was so filled with hope about her future with Edmund. Cassie can’t believe that Reva would wait until she was in the middle of her in vitro process to tell her this. “How did the papers wind up at the Beacon?” Cassie asks. Reva lies and says she does not know. Then she offers to help Cassie get through this. “Wow, after all that you’ve done, you’re going to help me get through this?” Cassie asks bitingly. “That’s really nice.” Cassie calls all her “warm, loving concern” “crap.” She thinks it is just about Reva wanting revenge. “I hope you’re satisfied,” Cassie says and leaves.

In the hospital, Olivia asks Bill if he is okay. She asks Sebastian what happened, and he tells her. Bill is now on painkillers and half out-of-it. Bill starts to tell Olivia that during the ride over to the hospital, he and Sebastian became “pals.” This bothers Olivia. “What are you on?” she asks him. Sebastian answers for him and says “this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Lizzie and Alexandra are playing pool, and Lizzie is feeling down on herself. They start to talk about Phillip, and Alexandra says that Phillip had an “amazing life.” “How can you say that?” Lizzie asks. Alexandra gives her a lecture about all of his accomplishments. Then, she turns to the subject of love. Alexandra starts to tell her that love can creep up in the strangest of places. Lizzie suspects that Alexandra is talking about her relationship with Coop. She is quick to assert that what she and Coop share is definitely not love. After all, he is the most “annoying person” she knows. Coop walks in and comes to their table.

Josh tells Jonathan that he thinks that he’s developed an “unnatural relationship” with his mother. “Like Hamlet?” Jonathan asks. “More like Norman Bates,” Josh answers. Jonathan says he should remember that the next time he’s in the shower. He continues to tell Josh that Edmund has gotten what he deserves. He spent his childhood trying to protect himself from Alfred and has finally learned how to watch out for himself. “I got Edmund before he got me,” Jonathan says. Josh tells him that he is no different than the men he hates. He has become a bully, plain and simple. He is going to end up alone with the knowledge of what he could have had and what he missed out on. That in itself is worse. Josh leaves, and Jonathan ponders this. He looks sad.

Edmund assures Jeffrey that Cassie knows he loves her. Jeffrey can’t understand this since he simply locked her away from everyone she knows and loves. Jeffrey asserts that Edmund is the one true problem in her life. “With any luck, Cassie will finally see that and walk,” he says. Edmund tells him that he loves Cassie and not to get his hopes up about a chance with her. At Jeffrey’s refusal to admit the truth, Edmund explains that everyone can see his love and devotion for Cassie. However, Jeffrey is “the last man Cassie would ever want,” according to Edmund. Jeffrey looks hurt.

Cassie continues walking away from Reva as she goes after her. Cassie accuses Reva of being happy about her not knowing how “evil” Edmund is. Reva assures her that she isn’t. Cassie stops to think and wonders aloud about why, after giving her all to Edmund, he lied to her about the fire. “I can’t imagine being with him, and I can’t imagine not being with him,” Cassie says. Reva tries to comfort her by telling her that Edmund was trying to change. Reva asks if she has already gone ahead with the embryo transfer. “No, Reva I am not pregnant,” Cassie responds sternly. She admits, however, that part of her wishes she was. Then she would not have to cut Edmund out of her life. Reva can’t believe she is thinking of going back to him. “You can’t go back to him because I won’t let you,” Reva asserts. Cassie is angry. “Stop telling me what to do,” she says. “I wish I didn’t have to!” Reva yells. Cassie begins to tell Reva that Edmund is hurting and that she should have seen how much of a rage he was in because of his pain. Reva says that she needs to stay away from him. She offers to take Cassie home with her, but Cassie can’t believe she would offer this when she knows Jonathan will be there. Cassie places the blame of the situation on Jonathan. Reva is shocked that Cassie would blame him. “It’s because of him that I lost my sister,” Cassie says. She can’t trust Reva anymore. She walks out leaving Reva alone and upset.

Josh pays his Bill at Company. Jonathan tries to rile him up by asking “Are you and Billy going to strap me to a bronco and chase me off a cliff now?” he asks. “No, but it would certainly make my day,” Josh answers. He leaves.

“If you’re so sure I don’t stand a chance with Cassie then why did you try and kill me that day?” Jeffrey asks. Edmund responds that it was all for fun. Jeffrey tells him that Cassie runs to him in need because she knows he won’t freak out and lose his temper like Edmund will. Edmund reminds Jeffrey that he has also been lying to Cassie about impersonating Richard in San Cristobel. This makes him a “coward.” “No, a coward is someone who whacks someone else with a shovel when his back is turned!” Jeffrey responds. At this comment, Edmund rushes at Jeffrey and tries to hit him. Josh emerges and pulls Edmund back. He tells him to leave before he does something that will surely get him arrested. “You stay away from my wife!” Edmund shouts to Jeffrey and runs off.

Josh tells Jeffrey that he’s going to find Cassie and leaves. Jonathan, who witnessed the whole thing, tells Jeffrey that he can’t believe he’s letting Edmund rough him up so many times. He is the D.A. He should be handling this differently. Jeffrey warns Jonathan to stay away from Edmund for awhile and leaves.

Coop and Alexandra share a conversation. Lizzie has since left, and Coop thinks that he scared her away. He asks Alexandra for advice since Alan doesn’t want him within 50 feet of Lizzie. Alexandra tells him to wait it out. She is clearly a supporter of this relationship. Lizzie returns, and Alexandra says she is tired. Coop offers to drive Lizzie home. Lizzie is both happy and scared at the same time to be spending time with Coop.

Back in the hospital, Olivia and Bill are kissing, and Olivia is overjoyed that Bill is okay. Sebastian says he must go, but before this, he congratulates her on her new “deal.” “The acquisition of the Lewis Construction Building for Spaulding was sensational,” he says. Bill clearly hears this and is shocked at this new information. Bill, still waking up from his medicine, stops them and says “Wait, did you just say something about the Lewis building?” Olivia eyes Sebastian in an attempt to get him to cover it up. Olivia answers that they were just talking about what a great location the building is in. Bill agrees and says it’s in a prime location. “We’re gonna hold on to that for a long time, baby,” he says. Olivia pulls Sebastian aside and advises him to never pull anything like that again. Sebastian apologizes, as he did not realize she was keeping this from Bill. Olivia says she just hasn’t had the chance to tell Bill yet. She threatens Sebastian to stay way from Bill. They both butt heads about their relationship with Alan Spauldin, and Sebastian leaves.

Back inside Company, Jonathan tries to advise Jeffrey on his handling of Edmund. Jeffrey is hostile toward Jonathan, and Jonathan can’t understand why. “Why the hostility?” Jonathan asks. “I thought we were all working together.” Jeffrey realizes that it was Jonathan who sent the papers to Cassie. He warns him to stay out of Cassie’s life, and if he hurts her, Jonathan will have to answer to him. Jonathan is intrigued at Jeffrey’s feelings for Cassie.

Josh meets Reva at Olivia’s bar. Reva is visibly upset. She cries and goes running to Josh. “I’ve made a mess of everything! I tried to speak with Cassie, but she won’t listen to me,” Reva says. Josh asks how Cassie is, and Reva tells him she is in pain. Now she is blaming all of it on her and Jonathan. Josh agrees and tells Reva that he thinks she has a right to. Reva is stunned.

Back in the suite, Edmund finds a disturbed Cassie. She is examining what happened in his violent rage of throwing things. She is just getting her things to go home. Edmund asks her for one more chance. He pleads with her not leave. “I understand you are angry. I betrayed every promise I made to you,” he says. Cassie says she must leave. She can’t deal with this right now. Edmund admits that he wasn’t himself the night he went after Jeffrey. He says he is not that same person anymore. Cassie can’t be sure of this, however. He tries to go to her and hug her, but Cassie runs away. “You’re not afraid of me are you?” Edmund asks.

Olivia goes after Sebastian and threatens him. Sebastian stops her. Just because Alan is trying to pit them against each other doesn’t mean they can’t work on their own page, he suggests. Bill calls out for Olivia. Olivia warns Sebastian to stay way from her family. He finally leaves. Bill comes out and wonders what is wrong. He tells her that she needs to get away from Spaulding. From the looks of things, she can’t handle it. Olivia assures him that nothing bad will happen to her.

Lizzie wins the game of pool and requests that they play again. “I’m still on the clock,” Coop assures her. Lizzie thinks this is the only reason why he is hanging out with her. Coop tells her this is not true, but Lizzie won’t accept it. He leaves as Lizzie claims silently that she will show him that she won’t settle for a guy like him.

Jeffrey threatens Jonathan again, saying that he knows people who “will make him disappear” if he asks. He won’t deny his feelings for Cassie. Jonathan says he understands his feelings for her. Jeffrey threatens him again about hurting Cassie.

Cassie tries to leave. Edmund tells her there’s no reason for her to be afraid of him. He asks her to stay. Cassie turns around and tells him that nothing he could say to her could make her understand what he did. Edmund tells her there was no excuse. “I could never commit an act of violence like that again, I promise you,” Edmund says. Cassie tells him that his anger is out of control. He says he can change, but Cassie does not want him to change for her. He must change for himself. Cassie breaks into tears. There is no way she can believe him. Edmund comes toward her, and he hugs her. She tries to pull away, but can’t. She wants to feel him, but at the same time, she is scared. Edmund promises her that everything will be okay. They come closer for a kiss. “I love you Edmund, but I can’t be with you,” Cassie concludes. She leaves. Edmund watches her go. “I’ll never give up on us Cassie, never,” he ends.

Back at Olivia’s bar, Josh and Reva talk about the past events. Reva believes that Josh isn’t interested in hearing her side of what happened. Josh tells her about what Jonathan said. He wonders why she even cares what he thinks. He reminds her that he asked her to wait and think about things before talking to Edmund. She agreed to that, but she didn’t do it. Reva believes that she did not make a mistake in letting Edmund know. She “always fights for the people she loves.” She will never change. She reminds him that she is the same woman he fell in love with. “I still follow my heart, first, last, and always,” she says. “You’re right. You are the woman I fell in love with. The problem is, sometimes, I can’t live with you,” Josh concludes. He leaves. Reva sits hurting at the bar.

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