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By Elizabeth
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Alexandra walks into Olivia’s office at Spaulding Enterprises and is surprised when she sees Alan. She makes a joke about seeing Olivia being excited to work for them. Alan smiles and tells his sister that Olivia is on her way to deliver papers to him that will finalize the buying of 50% of the Lewis Construction building. “She sold out her own husband’s company?” she asks her brother with a shocked look on her face. He has a grin on his face as he tells her that she did so without a second thought. Alan goes on to mention that he believes it is only the beginning of what she will be willing to do for their company.

At Towers, Olivia wonders why her husband is going by the Lewis building. He doesn’t see what the big deal is and points out that everyone was supposed to be getting along last time he checked. She forces a smile and makes a comment about everyone being one big family which prompts Bill to ask her about Alan. She looks worried and wonders what he means. He shrugs and tells her that he seems to trust her more and more and wonders how it all came about. He turns and orders a drink as his wife explains that she ‘turned on the charm.’ Bill looks directly at his wife and lets her know that he doesn’t buy that at all.

Sitting at a table in Towers, Holly stares at the gold coin Roger gave her. She snaps out of her daydream when Ross tells her hello. He laughs, apologizes for startling her and wonders who she is meeting. When she doesn’t volunteer up whom she is meeting Ross guesses that it is Sebastian. He gives Holly his two cents and lets her know that he thinks it is a bad idea.

Dinah knocks on a suite at Towers and hopes that someone is home. Blake answers the door and immediately reports that Ross isn’t home. With a smile on her face, Dinah informs her that she is there to see her. She jokes that she doesn’t have a gun and that she needs Blake’s help. Blake wonders what is going on and what in the world Dinah would come to her for. “I want to be lovable. And only someone as hateful as you can show me how.” She tells Blake.

Edmund rushes about while telling Cassie that they can’t be late for the egg transfer. Cassie thinks about the fire and RJ calling out for help. She sees the paper that accused her husband off almost killing her and RJ. Cassie turns to Edmund and informs him that if he wants to have a baby with her that there is something that they need to do first. After telling him how much she loves him she lets him know that they can’t move forward with their lives until he’s one hundred percent honest with her.

Edmund is obviously trying to figure out what she’s talking about and she continues on. She enumerates all the ways that they’ve had it harder than most and reminds him that until everything is out in the open that nothing is ever resolved. He agrees with her and she asks him one last time to be honest with her so that they can have ‘total trust.’ She goes on about how she wants a baby, but that she needs to know everything. He tells her that he thinks he knows what she is talking about. She looks a bit surprised and very relieved as he admits there is something he has to tell her.

Olivia looks nervous as she wonders if her husband is going to accuse her of keeping something from him. He lets her know that as of late, her whole life has become a secret. He mentions that she’s no longer around very much anymore and that her absence is the root of the problem. She assures him that she’s working on it all and that as soon as she gets rid of Sebastian that she will be around more. As a compromise she tells him that tonight they will have a romantic night together. Bill worries about her, wondering if everything he has heard about Sebastian is true. She lets him know that he has been nothing but civil to her. Olivia goes on to assure him that she can handle Sebastian on her own and tells him that she will see him at home before she leaves. As Olivia is leaving Michelle walks in.

She sits down next to Bill at the bar and remarks how sad he looks.

Blake look confused about why & how she’s supposed to help her. “I see the way you treat people. I see the way that you stomp on people, and yet you are still the first lady of Springfield. “Dinah explains. Blake wonders if this is about the intervention and she admits that it partially is. She reminds her that none of them said they didn’t love her. Dinah brushes off what she is hearing and wonders if she is lovable. She presses Blake for an answer claiming that her step-mother is one of the few people in town who has hurt as many people as she has. She wonders how she can always come out smelling like roses. Blake laughs and lets her know that it isn’t always true. She wonders where these sudden questions are coming from. Dinah explains that she wants to settle down and questions what is wrong with her. Before she has a chance to answer they are interrupted by RJ who has a broken doll. Dinah looks excited to see him and offers to fix the doll for him. Blake seems excited to get RJ away from Dinah and mentions that she has to bring him home to Cassie. She wonders if there is anything else that Dinah wants and then lets her know that Ross will be home soon if she wants to wait. The three say goodbye to one another and Dinah stays in the suite. Before she leaves Blake tells her that she hopes she does get her life together. She also reminds Dinah that it will require a lot of work and she leaves. As soon as Blake & RJ leave, Dinah picks up her phone and calls someone. She tells them that she needs them ASAP.

Ross tells Holly that he’s not going to tell her how to live her life, but that he hopes she will be careful. He doesn’t get much else out as Sebastian shows up for lunch. He says hello to the both of them and Ross leaves the two of them alone to have their meal. As soon as he’s gone, Sebastian remarks that he doesn’t think Ross particularly likes him. He goes on to tell Holly that he thinks he should work on it for his sister’s sake. He compliments her how she looks and then mentions how hungry he has been lately. He is acting as though everything is fine and Holly comments on it. She forces a smile and mentions that sitting in a restaurant with him seems ‘surreal.’ He agrees and goes on to let her know that it is what he wanted to do with her from the moment he laid eyes on her. He smiles and tells her that he is a happy man.

Edmund admits that he should have told his wife the truth as it would have come out sooner rather than latter. She wonders how he could do what he did. Both are being somewhat vague and not actually mention what it is exactly that they are talking about. He informs her that he was trying to protect her by keeping those that wanted to rip them apart out of their lives. She looks like she can’t believe it as he admits that his solution was to eliminate those that were attempting to come between them from their lives. He lets her know that he can’t apologize for doing what anyone who loved their spouse would do. She is crying and lets him know that his actions have nothing to do with love. He tells her that it may have been controlling, but that he’s most sorry he didn’t tell her that he put the block on her phone. It is now painfully obvious that the two are talking about completely different things.

Cassie looks shocked and wonders what he is talking about. He confesses that in being worried about her stress levels that he put a block on her phone. She clarifies that he is apologizing for keeping her away from her family. He tells her that he is just as RJ rushes in. He heads toward Edmund and Cassie stops him. She orders him to stay near her.

After Alan signs the papers, Olivia wants to immediately talk about her job at Spaulding. He brushes her off, letting her know that they will in time. She looks shocked and he goes on to tell her that he wants to see more from her.

Bill admits to Michelle that he’s missed her as he hasn’t had his best friend around anymore. She wonders if he’s having problems and he lets her know that it’s his wife. He goes on telling her how Olivia is obsessive about winning. He looks sad and as if he doesn’t understand his wife’s driven nature. When Michelle wonders if it is because he doesn’t have that same drive, he explains that he thinks it may be because he grew up surrounded by it. He wonders out loud how far his wife will go. Michelle looks at him and assures him that is Olivia has any brain at all that she won’t let anything come between her and her ‘hot husband.’ He blushes and thanks her for being a good friend. The waiter delivers them some pie and she looks at him and mentions apple pie. He looks at her and tells her that it is the pecan pie that they just ordered. She looks confused and then mentions that she has a memory including him and apple pie. She wonders if they were ever in a pie eating contest together and he smiles as he tells her that they were. He explains that it was at one of the Bauer BBQ’s at her house and wonders what else she remembers. She admits that she’s been having little flashes of memories and doesn’t seem excited about them. He wonders why she doesn’t like remembering.

Out on the balcony at Towers, Holly clams that she realizes that dinner with Sebastian was a trick. He looks confused and wonders what she is talking about. “You meet me for dinner. You're all sweetness and light with your new hair and everything. No mention of me throwing you out the airplane. When I let my guard down, you lead me out here where we're all alone. We look down over the town and then you do it.” She explains. He laughs at her and wonders what she thinks he is going to do to her. She tells him that she knows he wants to push her over the edge. He laughs and explains that at least he knows where he stands with her.

Dinah is glad that Corey showed up. He tells her that he thought there was an emergency. She pins him up against the door with her body and orders him to tell her that he wants her. He obliges and tells Dinah that he wants her. She pushes him further wanting to hear that he needs her and again he tells her what she wants to hear. She then wonders what she means to him, all the while kissing him. He tells her that she has a great body and that she’s special. She questions if he could truly love her.

Blake wonders if this is a bad time and Cassie simply asks if she can keep RJ for a bit longer. She offers to keep him overnight, but Cassie assures her it won’t be necessary. Blake agrees and tells them that she and RJ will have dinner with Ross in the Towers Restaurant. Blake and RJ leave while Edmund wonders what is going on. He reminds her that together they can get through anything. She looks at him angry and wonders how he can lie to her. He looks confused and she admits that she knows all about the fire.

Dinah asks Corey to tell her how much he loves and cares for her. He is agreeable and tells her that he loves her while she wonders if he can see marrying & settling down with her. He looks surprised and mentions that she didn’t think she wanted that with him. He admits that he loves her and the two fall onto the bed. Corey is almost completely undressed and they continue kissing one another. He tells her how much he loves her and it seems to excite her. “I've waited so long to hear you say that, Edmund.” She tells him. Corey immediately notices the slip and wonders who Edmund is.

Edmund realizes that Cassie knows the truth and tells her that it was an accident. Before he has the chance to say much else she interrupts him, wondering how an attack on Jeffery could be an accident. She reminds him that both she and RJ almost died in the fire and that he never mentioned it. He stutters trying to tell her that he never meant for anyone to get hurt. Again, Cassie disrupts his train of though wonder why he kept it a secret and why he lied to her for so long. She wonder what is was he wanted to do in the barn that night. He lets her know that although he wanted to tell her that he couldn’t. She asks him flat out if he wanted to kill Jeffery that night. He tells her no and she goes on, letting him know that her memory of that night is vivid. She reminds him of how angry he was when they came back from DC and how it was him who invited Jeffery to dinner. She questions whether or not it was a set up. He tells her it wasn’t and that he overreacted. Cassie asks what he would have done if Dinah hadn’t shown up in the nick of time to save her and RJ. He turns away, not wanting to hear it. She continues yelling at him, with tears in her eyes. Cassie tells him how much she trusted him and that she doesn’t think she can ‘live like this.’ He assures her that he never betrayed her trust while Cassie wonders how they can bring a baby into their already tumultuous marriage.

Sebastian is on the railing of the balcony walking back and forth. Holly wonders what in the world he is doing. “Living life on the edge. The excitement. The rush. Dancing on the precipice of danger. “He informs her. She looks nervous and he reminds her that there was a time when they lived for the danger. He goes on to tell her that they’ve made it to ‘reality’ and that things have finally turned out the way they were supposed to. He jumps down onto the floor of the balcony, safely next to her.

Bill questions why Michelle is hesitant about getting her memory back. She informs him that there are many things that she wants to remember. She then goes on to remind him about something he said to her in the past about how she and Danny would always end up with one another. Bill realizes that she is wondering where Tony fits into everything. She looks at him and questions if he could always read her mind. With smiles he admits that they were very close. She marvels at why they were never in love. He lets her know that although they tried being together once, but that it didn’t work out. He speculates that perhaps it would have been too easy. Bill also mentions that with her it was always about Danny and that he never truly had a chance with her. Michelle looks at him and wonders what he thinks about soul mates. Bill thinks and then tells her that he doesn’t believe in them. He explains that it is his belief that sometimes situations work, but that other times choices we make decide how things will work out.

Olivia wonders what else it is that she has that Alan could want. He gently reminds her that there has been a new witness in Phillip’s murder case that is going to help Harley. She nods, letting him know that she knows what he is talking about. He continues on, wondering what the chance is that Harley will go free. He makes it clear that he believes that if Harley goes free that it will make everything worse. Olivia looks confused and wonders how finding that someone is innocent could worsen things. Alan reminds her that he has a lot of anger and that should Harley go free that he will need to find a place to direct his anger. “You’re threatening me.” Olivia remarks. Alex butts into the conversation telling her that Alan never threatens, that he only makes people aware of what is going to happen. Alan smiles and agrees with his sister. Olivia looks worried and wonders why they don’t simply pick a persons name out of a hat and ruin their life. He reminds her that regardless of what anyone else says that Phillip was the victim, and that she will have to pay. “: If you loved Phillip as much as you say you did, you would leave me alone to raise his daughter and to devote myself to Spaulding. Emma is thriving and so is this company. “She tells him. He agrees that she’s doing a good job, but mentions that he thinks her co-president; Sebastian is up to the challenge. He remarks that he thinks Sebastian is the type of person who will remove anything in his way.

Back inside, Sebastian mentions that he had a good time with Holly. He goes on to let her know that he’d like to do it again and she seems surprised. He smiles, telling her that they will always have a connection, no matter if they like it or not. Blake comes over to their table with Ross and RJ. Sebastian hugs his sister telling her how good it is to see her. He also exchanges pleasantries with Ross and RJ. He tells them all how it was great to talk with Holly about how nice it is to finally feel normal. “I doubt that you will ever be ordinary, Sebastian.” Ross says. Sebastian laughs and takes it as a compliment. He admits that he has a lot of work to do in the trust department and that he hopes he can make it. He thanks Holly for having dinner with him and excuses himself. He leaves and Blake wonders what is going on. Her mother tells her that he claims that the near death experience helped him to see the important things in life. Blake looks shocked, but pleased and mentions that they should all give him the benefit of the doubt. “Maybe things will get back to normal.” Holly muses.

Dinah pleads with Corey to come back to her. She reasons that Edmund is a married friend who she was talking to earlier. She doesn’t think he should leave and he lets her know that as far as he’s concerned that they’re finished. He admits that although her cared for her, he can now see that he could have never loved her. She refuses to believe it, claiming that he’s too upset. He leaves and she is left wondering why he said he loved her when he didn’t.

Edmund continues to plead with Cassie. He asks her not to throw their relationship away and mentions that he’s forgiven her for mistakes made. She looks at him like she can’t believe what she’s hearing as he compares her night with Jonathan before the wedding to the fire in the barn. She yells, telling him that the two instances are nothing alike. She reminds him that she went for Jonathan in order to protect Tammy & Reva while he went after Jeffery because of his own jealousy. Edmund tells her that he was trying to protect her & their relationship and that when the lantern fell, causing the fire that it was an accident. He continues telling her that although he has a temper that he loves her regardless. She lets him know that she’s no longer even sure of their love. She even goes so far as to tell him that it seems like the old Edmund is resurfacing. He assures her that he’s not the same person he used to be and mentions that they should talk again after the egg transfer. Cassie is suddenly reminded that they are trying to have a baby. She tells him that she still loves him and he begs her to go to the clinic with him for the procedure.

Alan lets Olivia know that as long as she does as told that everything will be fine. He tells her goodbye and he and Alexandra leave. Outside of Olivia’s office, Alex wonders what her brother is up to. He reminds her that a desperate person will do anything. “The trick is keeping her desperate.” He tells her. Alex wonders what he hopes to accomplish and her informs her that both she and Harley will pay for what they did to Phillip.

Inside her office, Olivia calls Jane to check in on Emma. She gives the nanny specific instructions to call her if there are any calls at the house and not to answer the door if anyone knocks. She hangs up and sighs.

Bill wonders what Michelle knows about Sebastian and she calls him a ‘psycho.’ She is curious as to why he’s interested and Bill admits that Olivia and Sebastian are working with one another. She assures him that there is nothing to be jealous of and then mentions that she has to go to meet up with her son. She thanks him for hanging out with her and mentions that she hopes to do it again soon.

Bill walks up to Sebastian who is putting his credit card away after paying for dinner at the maitre’d stand. He introduces himself and with a laugh Sebastian asks what being married to Olivia is like.

On the balcony at Towers, Holly looks out below her. She hops on top of the ledge while talking to herself about how safe & sound she is.

Blake tells her husband that Dinah came to their suite and he wonders why. Just then Dinah walks into Towers and overhears her father’s conversation. Blake tells Ross that she thinks Dinah may be trying to make a life for herself. She overhears her father as he says “I know this is something for a father to say, but my daughter is difficult to love. “ Dinah looks crushed.

Edmund asks Cassie to take his hand and head to the clinic to have a child. HE assures her that they can work it all out. She tells him that although she loves him that she can’t trust him. She runs out of the room and hides behind a pillar in the hallway. He stands in the doorway and hollers to her. When she doesn’t come back he goes inside. He his in a rage and destroys the room, throwing furniture all around. Cassie walks back to the door, hears what is happening inside and leaves once more.

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