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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Frank bursts into the courtroom explaining that the Springfield P.D. has a new witness in custody that can testify to the fact that Harley did not shoot Phillip. Jeffrey calls the new information an attempt to “delay sentencing on the part of the defendant’s brother.” The judge orders him to be quiet. Harley’s side of the courtroom cheers in happiness. The judge asks Harley if she knew about the other witness. Harley is as surprised as the rest of the courtroom. Alan calls out that this is just another attempt for Harley to “get away with murder.” Harley turns to Gus and asks what is going on as the judge calls for order.

Reva is rummaging through her bag looking for the D.A. papers. A security guard wonders what she is doing and offers to help. Reva declines, grabs her cell phone, and calls Jonathan.

Jonathan is with Dinah celebrating when he gets Reva’s call. He decides not to answer it, and he and Dinah continue celebrating the “end” of Edmund and Cassie’s marriage.

Edmund is at Cassie’s suite searching frantically for her when the concierge walks in. Edmund yells at him that he was supposed to obey orders that Cassie not be disturbed. The concierge assures him wholeheartedly that she was not and that Towers obeyed Edmund’s orders to lock the phone and the elevator. He does not know where Cassie went. Edmund continues to yell at the concierge saying “She did not just walk out of here on her own!” The concierge tells him that she did walk out on her own. The doorman apparently saw her exit the hotel. At this comment, Edmund grabs the concierge and pushes him up against the wall. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” Edmund yells.

The papers outlining the charges against Edmund are coming through on the fax machine. Cassie picks them up and reads them, confused. She comes to the part outlining exactly what occurred. “Edmund Winslow assaulted Jeffrey O’Neil in the barn” she reads and gathers that he started the fire that almost killed her and R.J. Cassie thinks for a second and begins to wonder if it is true. She gathers the papers up and runs out the door. Jonathan is outside. They both run into each other as he asks “Where’s the fire?” Cassie tries to brush past him. He stops her and says he simply wants to know if she is okay. He remarks that ever since she had her fertility treatment, it seems like she “dropped off the face of the earth.” “Reva’s been looking for you,” Jonathan says. Cassie assures him that she will call her. Jonathan asks her where she’s been this whole time and comments that it seems like Edmund has been holding her prisoner. This makes Cassie angry. She tells him that Edmund loves her, and he is just trying to protect their unborn child. Cassie begins “And anyone who thinks otherwise…” She stops herself and looks at the papers. Jonathan wonders what she was about to say. Cassie pushes past him with the papers in her hands and leaves.

As soon as Cassie exits, Dinah emerges from behind the wall and goes back to Jonathan. She gives him a pat on the back and says “how right were you?” in regard to faxing the papers to the hotel. They both share in the joy of their “accomplishment.”

Edmund pulls himself back and contains his anger. He explains to the concierge that Cassie is in a very fragile condition and needs nothing but rest in order to avoid stress. The concierge apologizes, but remarks that when Cassie left, she didn’t seem at all fragile. He supposes that perhaps the good meal that was sent to her room made her feel better. Edmund walks over to the food cart and finds the note telling Cassie to meet Reva at the Beacon.

Back in the courtroom, Alan tells the judge that she cannot let Harley change her plea as a result of the new information. “A deal is a deal,” he affirms. The judge orders him to sit down. Gus explains to the judge that while Harley’s reasons for taking the deal are personal, if Frank has new information that would prove her not guilty, it needs to be heard.

“We’re in a court of law,” he adds. Jeffrey adds that justice is indeed what they are after, but he finds Frank’s timing “suspiciously convenient.” The judge agrees, but cannot ignore the new information. She says that court will adjourn until tomorrow when Frank brings in the new witness. Until then, Harley’s plea of guilty will remain on the table. Alan tries to convince Jeffrey that this is yet another attempt by Gus to get Harley off. Jeffrey tells him that they need to put the right criminal behind bars and remarks that it seems like Alan doesn’t care very much who did it anymore. Harley and Gus wonder again who the new witness is as Frank comes over to give them the details. The witness’s name is Jack Webster. He was caught breaking and entering and is looking to trade his information for a lighter prison sentence. The reason he did not come forward with his information until now is because on the night of Phillip’s murder, he was robbing the electronics store next door. The man said he saw Ruth leave Company looking disheveled and disoriented. He then looked into the window of Company and saw Phillip drinking a beer, fully alive, after Ruth left. Alan tries to break into their conversation telling them that the witness is not reliable, but no one listens. Jeffrey leaves the courtroom and is bombarded by reporters, all of whom he refuses to answer questions for. He is caught by Cassie, who grabs him and asks “Is it true?” “Did you file charges against Edmund?” she inquires.

Dinah and Jonathan are still celebrating and start to talk about “jumping into bed together.” Jonathan reminds her that her heart only belongs to “Eddie.” Dinah tells him that there’s no reason they can’t engage in a relationship in the meantime. They begin to kiss, and Reva walks up. “I don’t know what’s worse – That my son’s a thief or a fool,” she remarks.

Dinah tries to alleviate the situation by reminding Reva that Jonathan is not a “pillar of virtue” himself. Reva says she can’t believe that Jonathan has taken up with the one woman who is trying to destroy her sister’s life. Jonathan tells her that it’s not serious. “She’s hot,” he adds. Dinah says she must go and leaves. Reva asks Jonathan if he let Dinah see the papers. He tells her that he’s already faxed them to Cassie. Reva can’t believe what she is hearing.

Cassie continues to push Jeffrey to give her an answer. He tries to stall and tells her to ask Edmund, not him. Cassie says she can’t. Jeffrey concludes that it’s because she is afraid he won’t tell her the truth and that she cannot trust him. Cassie looks at him, wondering if that is true.

Edmund is still yelling at the concierge claiming that he can’t trust them. He orders them to contact him immediately when Cassie returns and if Reva appears, not to let her anywhere near Cassie. He polishes these requests off with wads of cash. The concierge leaves, and Edmund is about to run out the door when he sees Dinah. She cheerfully tells him hello and wonders why he looks so angry. “You seem so grim,” she adds. Edmund covers it up and says that he’s simply worried about the next step of the in vitro. Dinah tells him that Cory explained the next step to her, citing that there is only a small amount of time before the embryo is deemed unusable. Edmund tries to leave again, but Dinah grabs him and tells him there’s one more thing she must do. She pulls him close and kisses him.

Coop and Lizzie are at Company, and she tries to scold him for being late. However, he is too happy about Harley’s trial to care. They hug, and he tells her about the new witness. She smiles.

Harley and Gus arrive back at the office, and Gus offers a toast. Harley is confused. She can’t believe that there is a chance she didn’t do this. Gus knows that she was lying about remembering “killing” Phillip. He tells her that it was stupid for her to lie about the crime. “Why did you lie?” he asks. “Because of you,” she says. He tells her that it doesn’t make any sense. Harley reminds him, first of all, that Webster may be lying. Gus refuses to change the subject. He wants to know why she lied. Harley explains that there were “threats” against Zack. “I did it so my son could have a life,” she says. Harley knew that Gus wouldn’t let her take the deal regardless. She was forced to lie.

Coop explains to Lizzie what happened at the trial, but she is confused. She asks him if Alan knows about this. Coop asks her what this means for the two of them. Lizzie is confused. They begin to flirt, and he asks her to take the rest of the afternoon off with him. He will “show” her what it means.

Edmund pulls himself away from the kiss, but he is not angry. He tries to leave again, but Dinah wants to tell him why she is so happy. She explains to him that earlier in the day, she was ready to give up, but with his “tough love” she is ready to move on. She calls him her “idol” and says she is now ready to live life.

Reva presses Jonathan to tell her exactly what he did with the papers. He tells her again that he passed them on to Cassie so she could read them. Reva is upset at this. “You had no right,” she says. Jonathan can’t understand why she’s upset. He accuses her of “dragging her feet” and simply letting her sister be hurt by Edmund. Reva tells him he’s simply doing this to hurt all of them. Jonathan assures her that he’s trying to help and is hurt by her accusations.

Cassie grabs Jeffrey and pleads with him to tell her the truth. She asks him if Edmund tried to kill him. Jeffrey answers that he’s simply trying to put it behind him. “Then it’s true,” she says. She concludes that it was probably an accident. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to ask him. Cassie becomes angry and wonders aloud that if he has “put it all behind him” then why press charges now. “Why are you trying to hurt us?” she presses.

Jeffrey tells her that it wasn’t him who brought up the charges. Cassie looks at the name on the paper and realizes that it is all Reva’s doing. Cassie can’t believe that Reva is involved. Jeffrey tells her that it’s simply because Reva cares for her. Cassie asks Jeffrey if Edmund knew about the charges. He did not. She then realizes that it would explain why Edmund has been so protective of her and is refusing to let her see her family. Now she has no idea what to do, and she breaks down in front of Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he needs to go. Cassie realizes that this is what he wanted to tell her before the wedding when they were in the park. “Why didn’t you?” she asks. Jeffrey says he just wanted her to be happy. It’s all he ever wanted for her. He tells her to put the papers out of her mind and go be with her husband. Cassie is in tears.

Reva tells Jonathan that she didn’t tell Cassie about the fire because she didn’t have the right. She was simply going to use the papers to get Edmund’s attention in finding Cassie. “Is it too late to get them back?” Reva asks. Jonathan replies “yes.” They both worry about Edmund’s anger.

Coop tries to convince Lizzie to take the afternoon off. They talk again about what it means when Harley gets cleared. “Does that mean our families will get along?” she asks. They are both happy about this possibility. They begin to kiss outside Company as Alan walks up and demands to know “What the hell are you doing to my granddaughter?”

Harley tells Gus that she overheard Alan’s comments about taking away Zack in the courthouse. This is why she lied. She made a deal with Alan allowing Zack to be raised by the Coopers if she took the plea deal. Gus is hurt because Harley felt the need to lie. She continues to justify her decision. Gus tells her to stop explaining. They have a witness, and he will help them. Harley tells him that she might still take the plea deal because she can’t bargain with her children. Gus can’t believe she is still talking about pleading guilty. Harley tells him that she won’t gamble with Zack’s life. Gus understands and asks her to make a deal with him. He wants two days to research the witness. If he is telling the truth, Harley will agree to take the plea deal off the table. Harley agrees and admits that she is scared now. They hug.

Alan accuses Coop of trying to take advantage of Lizzie. Frank walks up and tells Coop to run inside. Alan orders Lizzie to leave with him and take the rest of the day off. He scolds her about spending time with the Coopers. Frank scolds Coop about spending time with Lizzie. “I don’t need to be saved from Lizzie,” he says. He asks her if this is right, but Lizzie morphs back into her cold personality and asks Alan to take her home.

Dinah and Jeffrey share a toast at the bar. He realizes that she may have sent the papers to Cassie. She tells him that she did not, but regardless, it is a good fortune. Now they will both have Edmund and Cassie to themselves. Jeffrey scolds her about causing Cassie misery and tells her that Edmund will never be able to love her. She is “unlovable.”

Jonathan asks to give Reva a lift home, but she refuses. She needs to find Cassie. Jonathan goes after her and tells her that she needs to let it go. They continue to argue about his sending the paper’s to Cassie. Reva leaves. She is disgusted.

Edmund arrives back at the suite to find a distraught Cassie. He is overjoyed at her return. He tells her that he has a car waiting downstairs to take the both of them to the clinic for the second phase of in vitro. Cassie wonders silently if she can go through it. They hug, and Cassie cries. She is contemplating what to do.

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