Guiding Light Update Friday 3/4/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

The Cooper family is in shambles over Harley’s decision to plead guilty. All of them take the morning to prepare for the day’s trial when Harley will make her plea known. At Company, Coop looks after Zach while he is working. He tells Zach to draw a picture of his mom while he goes to speak with Buzz.

Buzz stands behind the counter and stares at Zach drawing his picture. “He’s already lost his father,” he says with sorrow. “Now he’s going to lose his mother too.” Buzz and Coop walk back over to Zach’s table and take a look at his picture. Harley walks up to Company and looks lovingly at the three of them through the window. She walks away smiling.

Rick, Mel, and Jude leave the Beacon where they’ve had breakfast. Jude remarks at how good the pancakes were, and the three of them walk happily off to the playground. Harley emerges from behind the wall and smiles at the picture of their family.

At Towers, Marina thanks a worried Frank for breakfast. She takes his hand and says “We’re going to get through this, even Harley.” They get up to leave, and Frank pulls Marina in for a comforting hug. They leave toward the elevator. Harley reemerges from behind a plant and smiles at their concern.

Bill encounters Dinah at the Towers bar. He sniffs her drink. It is bourbon on the rocks. He offers to buy her a “better breakfast,” as she dwells on the thought that she is a “family failure.” Bill seems fed up with her self-pitying behavior. Dinah tells him that the only thing she learned at her family’s intervention was that her whole being was centered around the person she hates the most – Cassie. “I am nothing without Cassie,” she says. Bill shakes his head and asks what is wrong with her.

At a different table in Towers, Reva gets up and says she has to make a phone call. She is dining with Jonathan. While Reva is gone, two men walk up to Jonathan and tell him there is a delivery for Reva. They reluctantly allow him to sign for it and walk away. He looks at the envelope and notices that it says “Office of the District Attorney.” Intrigued, Jonathan proceeds to open the documents. Just as he is reading the papers inside, Reva walks up and attempts to snatch the papers. He pulls them away. “What do we have here?” he asks. “Pressing charges against Edmund for setting the fire and trying to kill Jeffrey?” he pushes. Reva doesn’t say anything. “Good going mom,” Jonathan says in approval. Reva smirks as if she is disappointed he found out.

In her suite, Cassie is woken up to a single rose placed on her arm by Edmund. He tells her he spoke to the clinic and that their embryos are “progressing beautifully.” Two of them are ready to be implanted, and she is scheduled to have the procedure done in the afternoon. Cassie hugs him cheerfully and remarks that she can’t believe this is happening. “I just can’t wait to tell Tammy and Reva!” she exclaims. “Can you please get the operator to fix the phone so I can call them?” she asks. Edmund clams up slightly and offers a neutral answer. Cassie still doesn’t know that he shut off the phone line. He tells her that he already spoke to Tammy and told her everything. There is no need for Tammy to come to the suite. Cassie is a bit confused, but brushes over the topic. She remarks excitedly “I just want to tell everyone!” This makes Edmund uncomfortable. He assures her they will, but asks if it’s selfish to want to keep the information a secret for now. Cassie says no and they share a kiss.

Outside her office, Harley spies on Gus through the window. He is getting ready for court looking dazed and extremely unhappy. He leaves, and Harley ducks in the dark so he won’t see her. She goes into her office and stares at her surroundings. She walks over to the bed, lays her head on the pillow, and flashes back to the sleep they shared together earlier in the week. She begins to cry and remarks innocently “I miss you already.” She picks up a tablet from the floor and begins to write Gus a letter. In it, she tells him that she doesn’t want him to put his life on hold for the 10 years she will be in prison. She tells him to start a new life. It is what she needs him to do. As she is writing, Gus walks in and asks “Are you taking the coward’s way out?”

Back at Towers, Jonathan is still holding onto the papers. “I’m really proud of you mom,” he says. Reva says that she doesn’t even know if she will be using the papers. She just needs a way to get Edmund to take her to Cassie. They talk again about how Cassie shouldn’t have a child with Edmund. “I just want to think about what’s best for Cassie,” Reva says. Reva demands that Jonathan give her the papers. She needs to get to court. He gives them back to her, and Reva leaves. Jonathan bends over and picks up some papers off the floor after she is gone. He gave her back the envelope with a newspaper inside. He kept the papers outlining the charges. He looks at them, wondering what to do.

At the bar, Dinah demands another drink and talks to Bill about her hate for Cassie. She remarks that when she was impersonating Cassie, she almost believed she was her. At the same time, however, she hated her. “Being her and hating her is what my life has become,” she says. “I didn’t realize that until last night,” she concludes. Bill refuses to believe this is true. Again, Dinah remarks that Cassie has everything she wants. Bill says he must go and asks her to go with him. Dinah asks him emotionally to forget that she is his sister. “I will do my damn-dest to forget you,” she says. Dinah doesn’t want her actions to hurt her family anymore. Bill leaves for court.

Edmund is about to go downstairs when his phone rings. Cassie is surprised that she didn’t realize he had his cell phone on him. “I could have called Reva,” she says longingly. Edmund tells her it was a Japanese diplomat asking to meet with him in the restaurant downstairs. He tells her to go back to bed while he’s gone. Cassie gets back in bed and picks up the phone. Once again, it doesn’t work. She is frustrated.

In Company, Coop is looking at Zach’s drawing, praising it. Mel, Rick, Jude, Frank, and Buzz walk over. They remark that it’s almost time to be getting to court. In the middle of it all, an officer comes in and tells Frank he needs to go with him. There is a situation on 5th Street that he may be interested in.

After Frank leaves, Marina remarks to the rest of the Coopers that she feels like Harley is just “giving up.” Buzz exclaims “Dammit!” in an outburst that startles to whole restaurant. “She wants to protect the rest of us,” he says. “Let’s not make it harder than it is for her.” Marina and Coop walk over and immediately agree. “Of course,” Marina says. “We’re sorry,” Coop apologizes.

Gus pulls the letter out of Harley’s hand. He calls it a “Dear John” letter and can’t believe she is “kissing him off” like this. They begin talking about her decision to plea again. “You make the decision without me, you expect me to go along with it?” Gus asks. Harley tells him that it will be 10 years before she gets out. She wants him to move on. Gus tells her that he doesn’t really have a life without her. When she goes to prison, he will “buy the house right next door.” “I can’t live like that!” Harley shouts. She tells him again to start over and gets up to leave. She is going to court to publicly announce her plea and doesn’t expect Gus to be there. He said he “couldn’t be there to hear it” in the days before. She leaves, but not before telling him again to “start over.” Gus sinks on the bed, hurt.

Edmund walks into Towers and asks the concierge if his meeting partner has arrived. He has not. Edmund says he will wait and orders breakfast for Cassie. He tells the concierge the number of Cassie’s room. Jonathan overhears it and repeats it to himself.

Frank gets down to Fifth Street and sees the man in custody. The other officer tells Frank that the man wants to make a deal with him. He knows something about the night Phillip was murdered. He was there the night of the shooting and remarks that he “saw things.” Frank is intrigued.

Jeffrey walks out of an elevator at the courthouse and encounters Reva. He asks if she got the papers about Edmund. He tells her to take her time before she uses them. They both go inside.

Harley arrives at the courthouse and sees Gus in the courtroom. She is surprised. “I thought you weren’t coming,” she says. He says that he wanted to see it through.

They both walk in, and the Judge calls the trial into session. Harley tells the judge that she is ready to take the deal. The Coopers hang their heads in sorrow.

Reva is talking to Josh on her cell phone outside of the courtroom. Bill walks up behind her and they walk into the court room. Inside, Jeffrey brings a copy of the plea to the judge, and the judge asks Harley if she was coerced into signing it in any way. Harley remarks that she was not. “Are you prepared to finalize this plea today?” the judge asks. Harley pauses and answers “yes.” The judge begins to read the plea aloud. Everyone looks on. Harley is in tears as the judge asks if she is ready to proceed.

Dinah is still at the bar ordering drinks when Edmund walks up. He notices that the bartender is now refusing to serve Dinah, and Dinah enlists his help.

Edmund sits down next to her and asks her why she is stalking him. “You set up a meeting between me and a Japanese diplomat,” Edmund says. Dinah tells her that it wasn’t her. He believes her. Then, he proceeds to lecture her about envy. He knows what it means to want to be someone else because he wanted to be Richard. He tells her that her life hasn’t even begun yet.

In her suite, Cassie answers a ringing phone and wants it to be Reva. However, the call is for Edmund, and she takes a message. “I take it the phones are working now?” she asks. The person on the phone tells her that the phones are working fine. Apparently, Edmund restricted their phone to incoming calls. Cassie is thrown off by this. There is a knock at the door, and she hangs up telling them she will deal with it later. She opens the door and sees her breakfast. The man wheels it in, and Cassie sees a note. She reads it. It says “I need to see you. Please come to the Beacon. It is important.” It is from Reva. Cassie grabs her coat and leaves.

Edmund is still consoling Dinah. He remarks that he is living proof that she can change being an “outsider.” He has everything he ever wanted, and she can have it as well. She wonders aloud if the reason he has everything he wants it because something was eliminated. He says this is not true, but if someone tried to take his dream away from him, they would be eliminated. Dinah pauses at this. She asks him if he hates her. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says no. “I feel sorry for you,” Edmund answers. Dinah is hurt.

Cassie rushes in to the Beacon while Jonathan comes from behind the wall outside. Cassie walks into the lobby and looks around for Reva, but she is not there.

She goes through the messages at the desk. Jonathan looks in through the door and smiles.

The judge asks Harley if she has a copy of the plea agreement. Reva’s cell phone rings and disrupts the court. She goes outside, and it is someone from her show asking if Harley would want to do an interview. Reva is outraged. Inside the courtroom, Marina remarks to Buzz that she thought Frank would be there by now. Harley confirms that she has her copy of the agreement. She gives it to the judge. The judge begins to read. “How do you plead? Guilty? Or Not guilty?” the judge asks. Before Harley answers, Frank bursts into the court room and asks them to wait. He says he must say something before Harley makes the biggest mistake of her life.

Dinah tries to hit Edmund and tells him to get out of her face. He tells her to stop. He can help her change. She refuses to believe him. Edmund continues to tell her that he can help her. She tells him to “take his perfect life and leave her alone.” Edmund leaves.

Jonathan comes up behind Dinah. “Life sucks so bad,” Dinah remarks. Jonathan tells her that “it’s always the darkest before the dawn.” He asks her to come with him. “You’re gonna love this,” he concludes.

Edmund goes back to the suite and discovers that Cassie has left. He runs out the door to look for her.

Reva writes something down from the call and grabs the papers she got from Jeffrey. She opens them up and notices that there is a newspaper inside instead of the papers. She gasps. “I don’t believe it!” she says.

Cassie waits for a fax at the Beacon. The papers outlining the charges against Edmund begin to come through.

There is chaos in the courtroom. Frank tells the judge that he has a man in custody who just gave a statement about the night Phillip was shot. This man can testify to the fact that Phillip was still alive when Harley left the scene, and he hadn’t been shot yet. The Cooper clan shouts “Yes!” in relief. Jeffrey tries to brush this off as the defendant’s brother simply trying to delay time. Harley faints as the judge calls for order.

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