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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Spaulding Enterprises, Gus wonders what it is that his father thinks he should know. He attacks Alan asking if he’s only going to point out all the ways in which he has failed his family. While Gus is ranting Alan thinks back to his conversation with Harley where she admitted she couldn’t remember killing Phillip. He looks at his father wondering why he came to him for help and wonders if he was completely off his rocker for coming to his father. Alan softly tells his son that he’s not crazy for coming to him.

Olivia sees Bill and Harley hugging in the park. She checks to see if everything is ok with her husband. He quietly tells her that Harley has decided to take the plea bargain. Olivia turns to Harley wondering why; Harley laughs nervously and tells her that she thinks it is for the best. Harley decides that it is time for her to leave and casually mentions her house to Olivia who you can tell by the look on her face has no idea what Harley is talking about. She explains how Bill is such a wonderful friend and that she couldn’t turn down his offer to rebuild her home. Olivia smiles and pretends that she knew about it.

At the front desk inside the Beacon, Sandy and Reva are checking for Cassie with the people that work there while Tammy is on the phone. The three report back to one another and realize that they’ve learned nothing. Tammy seems perplexed by her mother’s sudden disappearance, while Reva explains that Edmund has all but kidnapped her sister.

Cassie wakes up and is wondering where she is. Edmund assures her that she’s fine and lets her know that she has a suite at Towers. He reminds her that they came here with one another after he checked her out of the clinic. He lies to her, telling her that the reason they aren’t in his room is because it is being repainted. He urges her to get some rest while he goes out to run some errands. Cassie wonders how the procedure went. He lets her know that everything is ok and that they have to wait and see how things went.

Tammy looks confused and wonders what her aunt is trying to say. Reva mentions that although she’s sure Edmund didn’t take Cassie against her will that she doesn’t think it’s much different from the time he locked her in the tower. She doesn’t look like she buys the story but still looks baffled at why her step-father would keep her mother away from her family. Tammy asks Reva if she thinks it has anything to do with the night her mother spent with Jonathan. She assures her niece that regardless of what is happening that it has nothing to do with her and is all about Reva. Her phone rings and she answers it, hoping it is news about Cassie. Sandy checks to make sure everything is fine with Tammy. She begins to mention to him what Cassie attempted to do with Jonathan when she sees Edmund come down the stairs. She immediately asks him where her mother is. Edmund defiantly tells everyone there that Cassie is perfectly fine and then lets them know that none of them will be finding out where she is.

Harley thanks Bill one last time for being a wonderful friend to her before she leaves. Once she’s gone he turns to his wife and wonders what she thinks. She mentions the house and it is apparent that she doesn’t think it’s one of his best ideas. She yells at him wondering what he’s trying to do to her career at Spaulding. Bill stands up for himself comparing her job at Spaulding with Harley having to go to jail. He thinks that Harley most definitely has the short end of the stick. Olivia shakes her head, wondering why her husband has to antagonize her boss. When he takes on an ambivalent attitude and mentions that he doesn’t work for Alan she reminds him that they were supposed to be in it all together. She flat out tells him that he is ‘screwing her over.’

Harley calls Jeffrey and lets him know that she thinks it’s time that she ends it once and for all.

Alan admits to his son that he doesn’t want to see him in pain and offers to help in any way. He looks at his father and tells him that perhaps when it is all over that he would like things to be better between them. Alan takes on a condescending tone and reminds his son that when it is all over that Harley will be in prison. He goes on to tell his son that it luckily doesn’t mean it’s the end for the two of them. As soon as his father mentioned jail it is noticeable that Gus has stopped listening. He informs his father that unfortunately not everyone is better off with Harley in jail. He continues on, blaming his father for everything that has happened. Alan scoffs at the idea that everything is his fault and lets Gus know that if doesn’t want help then he won’t get it.

Both Reva and Tammy wonder what Edmund is doing with Cassie. He pretty much ignores Reva and addresses Tammy, telling her about the side effects Cassie suffered from the anesthesia. She nods, letting Edmund know that she’s heard that. He goes on telling them that Cassie needs rest and Tammy wonders why she can’t see her own mother. He pulls Tammy aside and although Reva wants to be part of the conversation Tammy gives him a chance to explain his side of the story without Reva interrupting. He explains that he’s sure it is all upsetting to her, but that he’s only doing it for the well being of his wife. Tammy still looks like she doesn’t understand and he apologizes. He mentions how he can’t let Jonathan get to his wife and she wonders what he’s talking about. He mentions how Reva showed up at the clinic with Jonathan and Tammy’s face drops. Edmund makes a snide comment about how Reva neglected to tell her about who she came to the clinic with. He lets her know that he sees Reva as a threat.

Gus takes a walk in the park, looks for some cigarettes and thinks back to when Harley told him that she remembered shooting Phillip.

Olivia checks for mail at the front desk of the Beacon when Matt approaches her. He mentions that he’s heard of her as well as Slingshot Enterprises and she looks impressed. She flirts with him calling him a ‘secret admirer’ while he mentions how he’s heard how accomplished she is. She inquires if he’s staying in town and he informs her that he’s only in town for a short while. Bill, who was watching the whole conversation from the couch, gets up. He approaches his wife and introduces her to his step-father.

Jeffrey walks into the Harley’s Angels office just as Harley is opening a pack of cigarettes. He remarks about it being a bad habit that is hard to break and she forces a smile. “Well, I hear it's a great way to kill time. And I will have plenty of that on my hands. And you could use it as currency in prison,” she tells him. He reminds her that she’s not going to prison just yet and she looks at him with a sad smile. She lets him know that she no longer wants to fight. He shows her a copy of the plea agreement and mentions that he doesn’t think it is what she truly wants to do. She reminds him that he doesn’t have to care about what she believes and he goes on telling her how hard prison will be. She rips the papers out of his hands as he reminds her that she is an ex cop and that it will be a tough prison. As she signs the papers she lets him know that she will manage just fine. Once she’s done with all of her signatures she wonders what she has to do next to make everything official. He lets her know that in the morning she has to tell her intentions to the judge in open court and that it will be final. He tells her he will see her tomorrow and leaves. As he is walking out Gus walks in with a sad look on his face. Harley throws him his cigarettes.

Olivia maintains that she knew it was her step-father-in-law, but that she was joking with him. Bill doesn’t buy it for a minute. When Matt mentions that he came to town for Dinah’s intervention she sticks her nose in. She mentions how being in a room with everyone against you is a hard thing. She then casually asks about Vanessa and he tells her that she had to stay home with their daughter. Olivia makes his comments into something they’re not and turn to Bill. She points out that Matt was doing something for his wife that she asked him to. She offers to buy him a drink for his ‘wonderful commitment.’

Reva heads over to interrupt Tammy and Edmund despite Sandy’s best efforts to stop her. She demands that Tammy be allowed to see her mother and is shocked at by what Tammy tells her. She sticks up for Edmund, claiming that she thinks he is doing the right thing. She then mentions that she thinks the person lying is her aunt instead of Edmund. When Reva looks shocked Tammy asks why she didn’t mention that she brought Jonathan to the clinic. Rev defends herself, telling Tammy that she didn’t want to upset her. An angry Tammy yells at Reva telling her that Jonathan would upset her mother. She further calls her aunt a bad influence if she wants to continue bringing Jonathan around despite it being against Cassie’s best interests. Reva turns around to find that Edmund has gone and Sandy reports that his car was already waiting. Reva pleads with Tammy claiming that she has Cassie’s best interests in her heart. Reva apologizes to Tammy and once again mentions that the issue is between her and Edmund. She then leaves abruptly before fully explaining herself to Tammy.

Edmund walks into Cassie’s room wondering if she is ok. She tells him that she was trying to sleep but couldn’t. He lies next to her and reminds her that she has to rest in order to get better and she smiles. She looks at him and mentions that he was supposed to get her things and that he’s returned empty handed. He smiles at her and tells her that he was going to wait for her to fall asleep before he headed back out to the farm. She mentions to him that while he was gone that she felt lonely and tried to use the phone. Cassie goes on about how the operator mentioned that there had been a block put on the phone and that she couldn’t use it. Edmund does his best to looks surprised and even walks over to the second phone in the room and picks it up. He explains that he put a block on incoming calls to avoid disturbing her while she was sleeping. She smiles, thinking he is sweet for not wanting to disturb her and then mentions that she simply freaked out a bit, especially when she couldn’t find her cell phone. He lets her know that he will take care of the problem with the phone as soon as possible. He mentions that he saw both Reva and Tammy earlier and that he updated them on her progress. She smiles glad that they know she is ok while he lies to her, telling her that Reva agreed that ‘his plan is the best way.’

In the park, Reva looks slightly surprised when Jeffrey shows up. She comments on how she doubted if he would come or not. He lets her know that she has to make it quick and wonders what the meeting is about. She looks at him and tells him that she wants to know about the fire in Cassie’s barn. He casually mentions that it was a long time ago and Reva wonders if he knows the truth about what happened. They both side step over coming out and saying what actually happened and Reva realized that Jeffrey knows the truth. She goes on about how Edmund put the lives of Cassie & RJ at risk and wonders how long he has know. He admits that he’s know since right before the wedding and didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to be the one who put an end to Cassie’s marriage. He reminds her that Cassie made it clear to him that she was in love with her fiancé. Reva doesn’t think that it was a good enough reason to keep quiet about it and he asks if she’s told Cassie the information yet. She sighs, telling him that it is complicated and that she’s tried to tells Cassie but that now she can’t find her sister. She mentions that Edmund has ‘stashed her away someplace for his own reasons’ and Jeffrey wonders what he can do. Reva informs him that she wants to file charges against him and that she’s like him to do the paperwork.

Sandy wonders if Tammy is thinking about her mother and she admits she is. She also mentions that until she sees her mother that she can’t ‘get the other thing resolved.’ Sandy wonders what she is talking about. She explains that the night before her mother’s wedding that Cassie tried to seduce Jonathan. Sandy defends Cassie, claiming that she can’t see her doing that. Tammy looks down and mentions that there is a supposed videotape. She goes on and on about how she’s so mad. Sandy looks at her and reassures her that Jonathan is an easy person to be angry at. She tells him that she’s madder at her mother than Jonathan. She can’t believe that Cassie came up with idea of coming on to Jonathan so that he would leave town. She looks to Sandy to back her up and he lets her know that he thinks her reaction is more shocking than her mother’s behavior.

Alan shows up at the Beacon and Olivia pulls him aside for a moment leaving Bill & Matt alone. Matt comments on how quickly Olivia left Bill for Alan. He sticks up for his wife telling Matt that she had some business left to deal with. He mentions how he wishes people would stop acting like he doesn’t know how to live his own life. Matt apologizes and then mentions that he’s heard about Bill’s new wife. He excuses himself to go call Vanessa and agrees to meet Bill at the restaurant.

Olivia wonders if her boss has though anymore about firing Sebastian. He tells her that a man in his position needs to cover his bases and reward loyalty. She reminds him that she has always been a dedicated employee. Alan mentions that if she was truly dedicated that she would have agreed to his offer of good faith. She shakes her head telling him that she can’t give him a piece of Slingshot Enterprises. He nods and tells her that because of that he needs to keep Sebastian on as he’s not sure where her loyalties lie. Olivia wonders what he would do if she were to offer him something more exciting than a piece of Slingshot Enterprises and he wonders what she is talking about. “How would you like to be co-owner of the Lewis Construction building?” she asks him.

Gus wonders if Harley has already signed the deal and she admits that she has. She mentions that it’s now too late. He looks at her and lets her know that it isn’t over until she stands up in court and tells Judge Ellis that she’s guilty. She tells him that she’s ready and that her opinion on the matter won’t change between now and the morning. He asks her to leave the country with him. She looks at the plane tickets he has in his hand and mentions that she’s never been to South America. He looks hopeful and tells her that now is her chance.

Sandy wonders what Tammy truly thinks of Jonathan. She doesn’t understand what he’s getting at and he mentions that she usually goes out of her way to tell him how much she hates him. He wonders if perhaps she is trying to convince him that Jonathan no longer has a hold over her. He lets her know that he doesn’t need that kind of reassurance. He then kisses her.

Cassie asks Edmund to stay with her until she falls asleep and he happily obliges.

Jeffrey looks shocked that Reva wants to take such drastic measures. She mentions that she wants to file as many charges as possible and lists off arson, attempted murder, and reckless endangerment to begin with. He mentions that it’s going to hurt both Cassie and their relationship as sisters. Defiant, Reva tells him that her only concern is for the well being of her sister. He wonders how she will be if she’s got a broken heart. She looks him square in the eye and lets him know that he has no idea what kind of havoc Edmund can wreak. She wonders how soon he can draw up the papers. He lets her know that the paperwork won’t take long, but that he wants her to take a couple of days to think about what she is doing. He mentions that he’s sure she doesn’t want it to get worse for her sister. She agrees and then wonders why he wasn’t even tempted to tell Cassie. He tells her that he did think about telling her but that he didn’t because he didn’t want to destroy Cassie’s happiness. Reva looks at him and realizes that he may have feelings for her sister.

Olivia tells Alan that in order to show how loyal she is that she is willing to split ownership of the Lewis Construction building 50/50 with him. He smiles telling her that she always makes a good pitch. She wonders if her deal worked and he tells her that he will let her know.

Olivia joins Bill and he mentions how ‘cozy’ she looked with him. She balks at the idea and when he asks what they were talking about she simply tells him business. “At least he didn't ask me why my husband is rebuilding the house of the woman who shot his son,” she mentions to him in a snide voice.

Harley tells Gus that she can’t leave even though she does love him. He explains that he thought it would be their way out. She looks at him and tells him that unfortunately she already has her way out and that she’s made her decision. She asks for him to let go and he tells her he can’t. He goes on and on about how he would support her with anything except this decision. He tells her that without her that she is nothing and mentions that he thinks there is still a chance to win the case. She remains firm and tells him that she’s taking the deal. He lets her know that if she takes the deal that she’s on her own. She looks at him and then walks out. He looks broken and in the alley she leans up against a wall, obviously upset.

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