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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Coop is leaving Company. In an attempt to get Lizzie to talk to him, he leaves a message on her cell phone saying he thinks it would be a great idea to turn Company into a “male strip club.” However, he stops mid-joke and tells her what is really on his mind. He wants to know if she is okay since she is obviously dodging his calls. He apologizes again for what happened in the courtroom and asks her once again to call him. “Just let me know you’re okay,” he concludes.

Meanwhile, Lizzie sits atop a building pondering something serious. She is holding her cell phone in hand and seems to have just listened to Coop’s message. Lizzie looks upset and bothered.

At the Spaulding headquarters, Olivia walks into her office and finds Bill sitting at her desk with a dozen roses in hand. She smiles, walks over to him, grabs the roses as if to say “thank you,” and throws them out the window. “Oops!” she exclaims, as if it was an accident. Bill looks defeated.

In Company, Gus walks in looking for Frank who is helping out the diner. Gus wants to talk to him about Harley’s case.

Frank already has the subject on his mind and is visibly infuriated. He says he can’t believe how many twists and turns Harley’s case has taken. “Now she admits to killing Phillip and wants a plea deal?” he asks Gus astonishingly. Gus assures him that it won’t end like that. Harley walks in and tells both of them to stop. “I did it!” she shouts in front of a room full of dining strangers. “I killed Phillip!” Frank grabs her arm in an attempt to get her to quiet down, but Harley tells him that it’s done. She walks away as Frank and Gus stare helplessly at one another.

Harley leaves Company and makes a call to Alan. He is surprised to hear from her, and she tells him she needs to see him in order to give him something he wants. “The only thing I want is to see you behind bars,” he replies. He agrees to meet her alone at the Harley’s Angels office.

Lizzie is leaning over the building looking curiously at the view as Coop runs up behind her and grabs her. He thinks she is going to jump. He pulls her onto the ground and lies on top of her while she yells at him to get off of her. “There’s so much to live for – your life, your family, even your little mutt who loves you too,” he assures her. Lizzie looks confused while Coop goes on to remind her that taking a “concrete dive” isn’t the answer. “This world is not going to be a better place without you,” he says. At hearing this, Lizzie stops. She repeats back to him “The whole world.” “Are you involved in that?” she asks. Coop doesn’t know what to say. She goes on to ask him if he would care if she wasn’t around anymore. He gets off of her, and they both sit up. Lizzie smiles while Coop searches for his answer.

Bill recovers the roses and comes back into the office. He tries jokingly to tell Olivia that he thinks the chocolate he gave her hit someone on the head. She is still angry. “Look, I gambled. I took a shot at trying to help Harley,” Bill explains. Olivia answers that she found out she can’t trust him. Bill tries to reassure her that they are both fine. She still has Emma, and they still have each other. However, Olivia is afraid that Alan will try to take Emma from her again as a result of Bill’s actions on the stand. Bill tells her that cannot happen. “Do I matter to you?” she asks. “Of course you matter,” he replies. They share a tender moment, and Bill kisses her. He gives her back the roses, and Olivia’s anger subsides. They agree to “make up” later, and Bill leaves Olivia to her work. Sebastian walks in a tosses a file on Olivia’s desk. He tells her he figured he would save her investigators their work. “In that file is everything you ever wanted to know about Sebastian Holtz,” he explains.

At Harley’s office, she sits and kisses a picture of her kids. Alan knocks at the door. “I hope you didn’t invite me here looking for mercy,” he tells her as he walks in. Harley assures him that she doesn’t want to fight. “I’m going to take the plea bargain,” she informs him.

“Are you saying you killed Phillip?” he asks. She replies that she will be signing the piece of paper that says she is guilty. Alan wants to know why. She tells him she remembers what happened the night of the shooting. “I remember pulling the trigger and leaving Phillip on the floor to die,” she responds. “You finally have justice for your son,” she says. But before Alan leaves, Harley informs him that there is something she wants from him in return.

Back at Spaulding, Olivia asks Sebastian if he understands why she had to investigate him. He jokingly responds “Did you see the section on former girlfriends?” They share a subtle laugh. Sebastian tells her that she can trust him, but Olivia discloses that she cannot trust anyone anymore. “I want to be a friend,” he responds. “Sure you do, to Alan,” Olivia says. Sebastian refutes this and answers “No, to you.” He asks if they can start over and extends his hand in introduction. “Sebastian Holtz, not a threat,” he says. “Olivia Lewis, we’ll see,” she answers. They shake hands. Sebastian goes on to tell her that they have all the time in the world. “I’m banking on my office being right next to yours,” he tells her. Olivia thinks it’s a joke, but is confused when she realizes he is being serious. He tells her that he is her new co-president.

Lizzie asks Coop again if he would care if she was gone. “I just saved you from jumping off this building,” he responds. She goes on to ask him what if he was too late. “All you would see would be a cascade of couture,” she jokes. Coop smiles. “Now I know you’re messing with me,” he responds. Lizzie apologizes for messing with him. He asks her what she is doing up there. She tells him that it’s because she likes the view. He was worried that it was because of him. She quickly casts this idea down. “Come on Coop, I’m rich and blonde. I’m rich and young. Oh and did I mention I was rich?” she tells him. “I have so many more reasons to live for than you do,” she concludes. She tells him it would make more sense for him to be the one to take a “swan dive” off the building.

Back at Harley’s office, Alan says he surprised that Harley is not fighting to the bitter end. She tells him again that she wants something in return. She informs Alan that she overheard his comments to Gus the other day at the courthouse. Alan said that he would ruin Gus’s life and take Zack away from the Cooper’s if Harley did not take the plea. Alan infers that Harley wants him to leave Zack with the Cooper family to be raised. She nods. Harley explains that Zack is used to being with the Coopers and is used to their lifestyle. Alan cuts her off. “Why don’t you just come out and say what you really mean?” he asks. “You don’t want Zack to be raised like Phillip was,” he tells her. “Can you blame me?” Harley comments. She reminds him that Zack has already lost his father, and now he’s on the verge of losing his mother.

She wants him to have some consistency in his life. Alan wonders aloud what would happen if he changes his mind while she’s in prison. Harley springs to anger. She yells at Alan that she is taking responsibility for this murder, which is what she thinks he wants. “I am prepared to give up years of my life when I don’t even know if I ki…,” Harley begins. However, she stops herself before finishing. Alan asks her if it is all an act. “You don’t remember killing Phillip do you?” he asks. Harley says she does, but he wants her to tell the truth. Harley admits that she still doesn’t remember killing Phillip. She goes on to explain that if seeing her behind bars is all he really wants then she will plead guilty as long as Zack grows up as a Cooper. Alan wonders aloud if he should just take his chances. He knows that Harley’s defense is weak. He says that she will probably go to jail whether she pleads guilty or not, but that taking the deal will put her ahead of the game. Harley remarks that this is true, but that a jury is unpredictable. “Why would you throw away a sure thing?” she asks. She tells him to take the deal and leave Zack alone. Alan admits that he realizes how comfortable Zack is with the Coopers. “I see no reason why Zack can’t live with Marina, Buzz, and Frank,” he concludes. “I just want to see you behind bars,” Alan asserts. As he is leaving, a hurt Harley remarks what a sad man he is. All he thinks he has left is punishment and vengeance, but that is simply not true. She tells him that he still has Gus, even if Phillip is gone. “Gus loved you, and he saved you,” Harley tells him. Alan changes the subject and brings up her prison time. Harley tells him that she will call Jeffrey, but she trusts him to keep his word. “I trust you,” Alan responds. He leaves.

A happy Lizzie now asks Coop if they can name all the reasons she has to look forward to in life. He tells her that it almost feels good to have the “annoying and self-appreciating” Lizzie Spaulding back. She asks him what he is even doing there. He apologizes again about the trial and explains that he was just trying to help Harley. She wonders aloud if he spent so much time with her simply for Harley’s sake or to help her fit into his family. He remarks that at first, it was because of Harley. Lately, however, there have been “moments.” They move closer. Lizzie is touched. She thanks him for saying that, and says she has to go. She goes to get up and falls down screaming. Coop shouts her name.

At Spaulding, Olivia says that there is no way a co-president could be hired without her knowledge. Alan arrives and asks Sebastian if he is getting settled in. Olivia asks Alan what he expects Sebastian to do when the company is designed to be run by only one person. “Well to help you get some of that workload off your desk,” Alan responds. Olivia assures him that she can handle the work. Alan tells her that now she won’t have to. Sebastian seems a little too eager to begin is work. He tells Olivia he wants to be close to her so he can absorb the “Spaulding knowledge oozing out of her.” Olivia walks out of the office and slams that door. Alan and Sebastian smile at one another.

Harley is leaving her office when Gus arrives and tells her to sit down and listen to him. He tells her she has to cancel the plea, but she says it’s too late. She has already told Alan she shot Phillip. He can’t believe she has done this.

Gus is hurt. Harley tries to explain that their case was never strong enough. She wants to get to prison and get out as fast as she can so she can be with her kids again. Harley reminds him about what he said at Thanksgiving. She needs to have faith. He now has to find a way to be okay with what is about to happen. Gus leans in to kiss her, but she stops him. “Promise me that you won’t make your own life a prison,” she tells him. Harley continues, telling him that he needs to forgive Alan and go back to the family that loves him. Gus refuses. He thinks it is a waste of time, but Harley assures him that it is never a waste of time to love someone and do what is best for them. He cuts her off and kisses her. They both shed tears during the kiss. Harley pulls away and leaves. “Not like this,” she concludes, walking out the door. After she leaves, Gus pushes everything off the desk in anger.

On the building, Coop has Lizzie by the arm. She is hanging over the side and leaning on the roof. He manages to pull her to safety, and they share a hug. “I wasn’t going to let you fall,” he assures her. They share a long kiss that surprises them both. “I guess I’m forgiven,” he says. Lizzie, startled by what just happened, runs away scared. “I’m in trouble!” Coop says to himself.

Bill encounters Harley in the park. She is sitting silently and thinking. Bill asks her what she is doing, and she tells him that she will be taking the plea deal. She goes on to let him know that she “remembers.” “All I really care about is that my kids are safe,” she tells him. Bill assures her that they will be and that they are with a family who loves them. She tells him she’s not thrilled that they will be growing up over the diner. Bill says that she doesn’t need to worry about that. He is helping Gus finish her house and she will have a place to come home to. He reminds her that her life is not over. She doesn’t have to be strong for him. He tells her that she can let it all out. They hug. “I’m scared,” Harley says. “I’m really scared.”

In the hallway, Olivia accuses Alan of setting her up. She says he wants to see who will come out on top, Sebastian or Olivia. She can’t understand why he would hire Roger Thorpe’s son. She reminds him that at one point in time he only wanted a piece of Slingshot. “Would you be willing to give me that?” Alan asks. Olivia refuses. “Then you better get used to your new co-president,” Alan concludes. Olivia and Alan walk back into the office as Sebastian is toying with the things on her desk. Olivia says she must get to an appointment and storms out. Sebastian says that he is flattered Alan gave him the position, but surprised. He thought he would have given it to Gus. “Gus is nothing,” Alan asserts. He believes he is better off. Gus is standing in the doorway and overhears his comments.

Back at Company, Frank is on the phone searching for files. Lizzie walks in, starry-eyed and meets a starry-eyed Coop at the same time. He goes in the back and gets his apron. He comes to the counter and asks Lizzie to pass him the coffee pot. She complains that he hurt her shoulder when he saved her. He comes around the counter and examines her shoulder. While he is looking at it, Frank spies Coop and wonders what is going on. As Lizzie leaves, he approaches Coop and grabs him.

“Don’t even think about it,” Frank tells him. He tells Coop not to get involved with Lizzie. “The Coopers and the Spauldings are like oil and water,” Frank concludes. “Stop it before it’s too late.” Lizzie walks out and remarks that she thinks her dad would spin in his grave if he knew she liked a Cooper. “My grandfather would have another heart attack,” she says. She looks inside at Coop and smiles.

In the park, Harley breaks away from Bill’s hug. He tells her to go ahead and lose it. She says she can’t because if she does, she will not be able to control it. Bill assures her that everyone is going to be there for her. She tells him that no one can go with her. “When that cell door closes, something inside me will die,” she says. He tells her that she’s going to get out. “But my kids won’t know me anymore,” she says, as she sinks into his shoulder and cries uncontrollably. Olivia walks up and sees them.

At the sight of Gus, Sebastian leaves and says he has work to do. Gus asks Alan what he did to Harley to make her take the plea. Alan replies “nothing,” but Gus doesn’t believe it. Alan tells him that she’s paying her debt to his family.

Gus asks him if he remembers what it was like before they all hated each other. He reminisces about how Alan would come over to his house and they’d eat macaroni and cheese. He calls them the “good old days.” Gus can’t believe everything has come to this. Alan apologizes. “Are you happy?” Gus asks. “Does this bring Phillip back?” he wonders aloud. Gus tells him that he was right when he said he was nothing. Without Harley, he is nothing. Alan stops. “Son, there’s something you should know,” Alan says. Gus turns around and faces him.

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