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By Elizabeth
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Dinah arrives at the Harley’s Angels office. Blake apparently told her that this was where the family meeting would take place. Matt walks in, to Dinah’s surprise. Dinah is stunned and wonders what her step father is doing in town. Ross comes in through the door immediately after and locks it behind him. Dinah looks puzzled and wonders where her mother is. Matt informs her that Vanessa isn’t in town and that he made the trip alone. Bill comes toward his sister from the back office and Dinah looks even more confused, wondering what everyone is doing there. No one says a word as Blake walks in from the side entrance. Dinah looks mad and makes up a lame excuse about having to ‘wash her hair.’ She attempts to leave and is stopped by her father.

Danny and Michelle are trying to get Robbie to go to bed. He tries to convince his son that he will be there when Robbie wakes up but he doesn’t buy it. Tony is sitting in a chair watching while Robbie’s parent do everything to try and convince him that everyone truly is spending the night at the house. Robbie demands that everyone sleep in the living room together. After a few minutes of insisting, he explains that they can sleep in one room on sleeping bags. The four adults look at one another with uneasy looks until Michelle cautiously tells her son that it might be an ok idea.

Josh is coming out of Elizabeth & Company when he runs into Tammy. She invites him to stay and have dinner with her but he refuses letting her know that he just finished his meal. Josh asks how Cassie is doing and Tammy reports back that as far as she has heard that everything went well. She laments that she wishes she could have been there to support her mother. Josh smiles telling his niece that Cassie is lucky to have her. He goes on to tell her that he’d been meaning to thank her for setting up the dinner where Reva and Cassie made up. Josh mentions that it was something that needed to happen for a long time. Tammy grimaces and tells her uncle that the dinner wasn’t her idea. She confesses that it was Jonathan who came up with the plan and then heads inside leaving a baffled Josh behind.

Jonathan is angry with his mother wondering why she still hasn’t told Cassie about the fire. Reva looks a bit bewildered as to why Jonathan cares so much and informs him that she can’t tell her sister what she knows just yet. She maintains that the timing isn’t right because Cassie is still in the hospital. Jonathan calls his mother a coward and lets her know that he wouldn’t have told her in the first place if he had known ahead of time that she was going to “flake out.” Reva looks like she doesn’t know what to make of her son. The argument gets heated as he warns her that if something happens to Cassie that it will be on her shoulders. Reva speculates that if he’s so worried about it that there must be something in it for him. She asks what it is he hopes to get out of it and he continues telling her that it isn’t about him. When he declares that he’s doing it for her she looks like she wants to believe him, but can’t.

Marina and Danny have moved the couch and set up sleeping bags while Robbie plays on the couch with his toys. Danny doesn’t look pleased and apologizes to Marina for getting her involved. “You can leave as soon as he goes to bed” he tells her. She lets him know that she doesn’t feel pressured and that she’s fine. She goes on to mention that as long as Robbie is happy that it’s all that matter. Marina mentions that she’s going to move her sleeping bag away from everyone so she’s not near the door and Robbie directs her to sleep next to his mother and father. Danny rolls his eyes while Marina does her best to appease Robbie.

Outside of the living room, Michelle pours a drink for herself and thanks Tony for going along with the whole thing. He reminds her that they’ve both slept in places much worse. She laughs and lets him know that once Robbie falls asleep that they can all go their own way.

He hugs her while he mentions that he had big plans for their first night in the house. Tony kisses her and lets her know that he’s going to take a shower. Michelle walks into the living room and announces that it is time for bed. They all lay down with him, minus Tony. Marina watches on as Robbie pulls his parents close to him on the floor.

Dinah is obviously amused at the thought of an intervention and asks where her ‘mommy’ is. Matt replies letting her know that Vanessa wanted to be there, but simply couldn’t. Ross butts in letting Dinah know that everyone is worried about her. She scoffs at the idea and show her arm, making the joke that she doesn’t have any ‘track’ marks. Bill pipes up reminding his sister that it’s not a laughing matter. She assures them that she is fine and that she’s moved on. Dinah even reports that she is dating the doctor. Blake mentions that they all know she’s not seeing him. She tells Dinah that everyone knows she is pretending to be dating Corey while in fact she’s seeing Jonathan. Dinah turns to her father and acknowledges him. “I’ve already told you daddy that I’m fine. I’m Jonathan’s life coach” is her explanation. Blake sighs and her step-daughter assures her that she saw it. She refuses to look at Blake and faces her father. He lets her know that he’s seen the two of them together. When Dinah tries to explain that he must have misinterpreted what was going on he assures her that he didn’t. He further reminds her that Jonathan isn’t the ‘type’ of person that she should be getting together with. Dinah laughs and mentions that the age issue is silly. She makes a comment about following in her mothers footsteps. Without blinking an eye Matt guarantees that the issue with Jonathan isn’t his age. Dinah turns to Blake and blames her for the meeting, saying that she’s sure it was her idea. Ross takes full credit letting his daughter know that he was worried about her. Dinah tries to guilt her father. She asks why he thinks she is such a bad person and he promises that he doesn’t think that. He declares that everyone is simply concerned about her well being. Matt mentions that her mother is worried as well and Dinah all but laughs in his face. She lets him know that she could really tell that Vanessa was worried by her presence. “Give her a break, she picked up everything and moved halfway around the world for you” Matt reminds her. Bill butts in letting his sister know that his mother and the rest of them love her. Dinah ‘uh huhs’ him without truly listening. She wonders if they’re giving her the kind of love that she needs. Blake wonders why she doesn’t want to have a better life with her second chance. Dinah mentions that perhaps confronting her wasn’t the best idea. She wonders if they see her as a ‘freak’ that wouldn’t care while they point out all her faults. She replies to Blake telling her that she does want a better life. Bill says that they can all see that she is hurting. Matt repeats that they all know what she’s been through and that it hasn’t been easy for her. He continues on letting her know that it is time that she stopped acting like a victim. She sarcastically asks if they’re there to pretend that they care and tell her that they want to help her. Ross walks over to his daughter and lets her know that he is there for her and that he truly does want to help her. “I love you” he tells her. Blake tells Dinah that they don’t want to see her destroy her life or Cassie’s. Dinah turns to Blake and demands to know if the intervention is about Cassie.

Josh strolls into the restaurant to Tammy who is holding an open menu. He wonders if he heard her correctly. She nods telling him that she knows it is weird, but that Jonathan wanted to help out. Josh picks up his cell phone and leaves a message for Reva asking her to call him back. Josh wonders if Tammy knows Jonathan didn’t plan the meeting without an ulterior motive.

Tammy sighs and agrees and then remembers that he mentioned that the dinner might score points with Josh. He laughs while Tammy defends Jonathan. She mentions that Reva really needed to be there for her sister. Josh nods knowingly and tells her that she can’t forget what Jonathan did to her or her mother. Tammy looks confused and wonders what he is talking about. He warns her to be careful. She doesn’t say anything and just before he leaves she calls out to him. She demands to know what Jonathan did to her mother. He lets her know that the situation has been dealt with and tells her that he needs to find Reva. Before leaving he advises her once more to stay away from Jonathan.

Reva doesn’t seem to buy Jonathan’s line that he is doing it all for her and makes it known. He reminds her that she’s still the reason he’s in Springfield. She begins ranting wondering if she is the reason that he wants to destroy Cassie and Edmund’s marriage. “It’s not about that” he insists. Jonathan reminds her that he never had to help her find Cassie in the first place, but that he did because he wanted her to ‘do right’ by her sister. He mentions the risk he took by even showing up at the clinic. She looks like she wants to trust him and then informs him that she’s not sure what to believe anymore. He seems exasperated and wonders if she truly thinks that it is all part of a ‘revenge’ plot. He further reminds her that Edmund is a threat to everyone and anything and that it was proved by what happened at the clinic. Jonathan reminds her that Edmund is the sole reason that she got rid of him. He sits next to her and apologizes for thing being screwed up. She becomes choked up and lets him know that she wants to believe him. Reva has tears in her eyes and she tells him that she so very tired of not knowing who to trust. Jonathan becomes angry with her and through clenched teeth tells her that it is fine if she wants to walk away from her sister.

Dinah picks up a photo that is on a desk of Cassie, Harley and Blake. Her father lets her know that Dinah’s ongoing feud with Cassie isn’t the sole reason everyone has gotten together. Once again, they try to remind her that they are confronting her because they love her. She refuses to believe them, claiming that they simply want to protect Cassie. She calls Cassie the ‘slut who stole her life.’ Blake interjects wondering what she thinks they should do. She explains that “Blake wouldn’t understand because she has a husband and children.” Matt reminds her that if she wanted to she could be married with children as well. Bill softly tells his sister they only want her to ‘pull herself together.’ Dinah turns the tables claiming that perhaps they should talk about his family. She wonders if Matt or Vanessa knows that Bill got married simply to save Olivia from being deported.

She claims that his wife goes through husbands ‘like most people go through toilet paper.’ He defends himself claiming that his sister doesn’t know the first thing about his marriage. Blake wonder if Dinah realizes that she’s hurting the people who love her, she then asks if it makes her feel good to hurt those same people. Dinah gets mad and then enumerates the men that Blake has been married to. “Is there anyone in Springfield you haven’t slept with?” she asks Blake. Ross shuts her up letting her know that he’s heard enough. She shakes her head and lets her father know that she’s just beginning.

Tony is standing above everyone that is sleeping and looks down at Michelle. He walks towards the kitchen and runs into Danny. He ends up with red wine over all his clothes. Tony suggests that he go and take a shower and offer to let him borrow some clothes. He thinks that’s a good idea and assures Tony that he can find everything. He heads upstairs while Tony goes into the living room. Robbie wakes up, sees his uncles and asks him to sleep where his father was. Tony climbs into Danny’s sleeping bag and then puts a pillow over his face. Michelle wakes up and wonders where Tony is. She heads upstairs while Marina inadvertently cuddles up next to Tony. He wakes up wondering what she is doing while she wonders where Tony is. Tony looks over, sees her empty sleeping bag and wonders where Michelle is.

Upstairs, Michelle slowly opens the door to the bathroom. She hears the water running and apparently thinks Tony is still inside. She smiles, gets naked and then opens the shower curtain. Both she and Danny are shocked.

Reva sits back, obviously contemplating what she should do. Jonathan presses her about what is going to happen and she gets up. She tells him that she thinks he has used up his ‘you gave me away card.’ She declares that he can’t continue to go around hurting people; he stands up reminding her that it is Edmund they are talking about. Josh waltzes into the park and tells his wife that Jonathan is getting exactly what he wants. Jonathan tries to get rid of Josh while Reva tells her husband that her son is confusing her.

Josh smiles and tells his wife that Jonathan is enjoying what he is doing to his mother. He tries to point out that Jonathan is trying to drive a wedge between Reva and everyone she cares about. He wonders if his mother believes Josh and she tells him that she does. “I’m having trouble stomaching you” she says to her son. An angry Jonathan warns his mother that the clock is ticking. When Josh makes it less than important Jonathan reminds his mother that if Cassie becomes pregnant that she will remain tied to Edmund forever. Jonathan walks off and it is obvious that what he has said has got Reva thinking.

Dinah turns to Matt mentioning how quiet he’s been. He looks at her and informs her that he’s surprised that she’s gotten worse. She wonders where her mother is and Matt tells her that her sister (Maureen) has the flu. Ross points out that Vanessa was on the way but obviously got held up. Dinah claims that because her ‘favorite daughter got sick that her mother just wanted to screw Dinah.’ Ross reiterates that Vanessa loves Dinah very much. She goes off on her mother wondering how her father can defend her after she lied to him. He defends Ross reminding Dinah that they were very young when all that happened. Dinah claims that her father couldn’t imagine Vanessa doing anything bad because he sees her as a saint. She mentions how long first loves last and then turns to Blake. Blake isn’t intimidated and brings up the fact that Dinah never truly let go of her first love either and mentions Hart’s name. She tells them very softly that she loved Hart completely. Ross reminds his daughter that although she loved him he was the one who hurt her, not Cassie. Dinah screams at her father, yelling that she doesn’t want to hear Cassie’s name anymore. He tells her that Hart moved on and that she didn’t. She looks her father in the eyes and tells him that he never wanted her because no one ever has. Ross replies back telling his daughter that he knows she has goodness in her and until she finds it again she won’t be happy. He insists that for her to have the life that she wants that she needs to let go of the past. She smiles and cries at the same time and it looks as though his words might be getting though to her.

Matt interrupts Ross and tells her that he’s there to help her look toward the future. He hands her a plane ticket and mentions that he wants to take her back to Italy with him. She wipes her tears away and in typical Dinah fashion slyly calls him a ‘naughty boy’ and wonders if her mother knows what he is doing. Ross rolls his eyes, knowing that he probably didn’t get through to her.

Marina and Tony are up and awake wondering where Michelle has gone. She wonders if perhaps Michelle didn’t know Tony came out of the bathroom. He states that she would have known he was out, although he doesn’t look too convinced. She mentions that Michelle has recently begun to get back her memory and Tony dismisses it. He lets her know that Michelle has only begun having memories of her mother and nothing of Danny or the house. Marina rationalizes that the house is big, that Michelle is probably just in another room and opts to head back to bed. Tony stays up and looks worried.

On her way out of the restaurant, Tammy runs into Jonathan. She stops him and demands to know if he did anything to her mother. She grabs him and he jokes around, wondering what other people are going to say. He tells her that he’s surprised that she’s the last to know and informs her that Cassie wanted to ‘get in his pants.’ She calls him ‘sick’ and he lets her know it’s the truth. He goes on to tell her that her mother and he shared a bed the night before Cassie’s wedding. He jokes that there is even a videotape of it. Tammy looks like she can’t believe what she is hearing.

Danny yells at Michelle who is staring at him and he quickly closes the curtain. She turns away and looks stunned. She apologizes claiming that she thought it was Tony. She reopens the curtain and takes another look at him. Again he closes the curtain. She begins to have a memory of them making love by the fire which Danny interrupts by telling her that he knows she is still in the bathroom. She lets him know that she is beginning to leave as she back toward the door with a smile on her face.

Matt throws the plane ticket in her hand and lets her know that he doesn’t care one way or another if she actually goes to Italy or not. Dinah smiles and asks if he “is playing hard to get again?” She claims that they’ve been ‘playing the game’ for years. When he informs her that no amount of money could make him want her she brings up the fact that he used to be paid for his services. Both Bill and Ross yell at her to stop. She makes a comment about how her father can’t get rid of her so easily and he makes it clear that he doesn’t want her to leave, but that he wants her to do what is right for herself. When Matt asks her why she wouldn’t want to leave Springfield she tells him that she has two reasons – her brother and her father. Both Bill and Ross promise to visit her every chance that they get and remind her that she could do anything she wants while in Europe. Blake thinks that perhaps Dinah might need to take a mini vacation at the beach while Matt tells her that he and her mother would help her in any way possible. They all agree that she has some time to think it over and she agrees to go. She has a fake voice as she mocks them and then drops the bomb that she could go back to impersonating Cassie.

Reva tells Josh that Edmund has taken her sister to a high security fertility clinic without telling anyone. Josh doesn’t seem concerned because as he points out Reva still found her. She likens Cassie’s being locked up in the clinic to being his prisoner. Josh shakes his head, thinking that his wife is overreacting. He even goes so far as to defend Edmund, citing that he’s most likely simply trying to protect her from Jonathan. Reva defends her son claiming that he never meant to hurt Cassie. When Josh doesn’t look convinced she reminds him that her son wasn’t the one who set the barn on fire. She asks him for advice and he informs her that he thinks she should calm down. He looks at her and mentions that Jonathan has brought out a side of her he hasn’t seen in a long time. “I love all parts of you. There's a part of me, too. That part that reigns you back in. That's been asleep for awhile” he tells her. She assures him that she doesn’t want to fall back into old patterns and he suggests that perhaps she talk to Edmund before deciding on what to do.

Tammy looks disgusted and Jonathan mocks her, claiming that she’s most likely ‘jealous.’ She doesn’t believe him claiming that he’s trying to get to her and he challenges her to go talk to anyone in the family. He insists that she is the last one to know.

Reva doesn’t think that she will get the truth from Edmund. Josh looks at her and simply reminds her that regardless of what she gets from Edmund that Jonathan isn’t being on hundred percent honest either. Again he tells her that she should talk to Edmund and offer to go with her.

Michelle turns to Tony explaining that she thought he was going to be in the shower. Slightly annoyed he tells her that she got the ‘wrong Santos’ and promises that he’s not mad at her. He does mention that Marina said that with Danny in the house that it might trigger some memories for her. Michelle becomes defensive and wonders why Marina would say such a thing. Danny explains that Michelle was confused and Tony doesn’t say much. Once Danny walks into the living room, Tony wonders if everything is ok and mentions that she seems a bit freaked out. “I almost climbed in the shower with my almost ex- husband. I am freaked out.” She explains to him. Tony smiles and lets her know that he understands.

Danny and Marina are in the living room and he mentions that it wasn’t a big deal. She smiles as he explains that Michelle and he were both shocked. Marina jokes that perhaps she was more impressed. The two get into a pillow fight.

Ross doesn’t think his daughter realizes that she’s hurting herself. He reminds her that he only wanted to help and wonders if perhaps it is too late to help her. She looks at him and through tears lets him know that she’s a lost cause. After telling her father that she ‘expected more’ from him she leaves. He lets her know that he too expected more from her and throws her the keys informing her that she ‘can let herself out.’

Robbie wonders where his mother is and Danny coaxes him back into bed. Marina gets up to head to the bathroom and overhears Tony and Michelle talking. He mentions how happy Robbie is and that Danny will have to see it. He thinks that perhaps Robbie should come live with them full time. Tony thinks that it would be the best thing for Robbie. Although she admits that she loves her kid she doesn’t think that she’s used to the ‘whole parent’ thing just yet. She smiles and thanks him for looking out for both her and Robbie.

Ross thanks Matt for coming to town once they are all by themselves. Bill looks at his step-father and invites him out for a drink. The two leave and Ross promises to catch up with them soon. Blake sees how upset her husband is and he asks for some time alone. He looks down at the keys he threw Dinah and looks at them sadly. He walks out the door.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Dinah walks in. Jonathan sees her and approaches her immediately. He offers to get her a drink and she declines, citing that she wants to be alone. As he gets closer to her physically, she grabs his hand and threatens to break one of his fingers. He wonders what is going on and she explains that it is her family. Jonathan looks at her with a sad & knowing look and tells her that she doesn’t need to say anymore. She looks at him and informs him that she’s through with her family.

Reva and Josh walk into the clinic as she explains that the head nurse told her that they were going to keep Cassie overnight. Josh thinks that they should pull Edmund aside quietly and talk to him. Suddenly Reva sees Tammy who is upset. She claims that her mother is gone from her room. A nearby nurse explains that she must have just left as she was there for evening rounds.

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