Guiding Light Update Monday 2/28/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Reva sneaks in and sits at Cassie’s bedside after her procedure has been completed. She gently wakes up a sedated Cassie who tells her that she was so afraid Reva wouldn’t know which clinic to find her in. Reva calms her fears and reminds her that she is there now, but before the fertility procedure can go any further, there is something about Edmund that Cassie needs to know. Dazed at the sound of Edmund’s name, Cassie says she needs to call him in, but Reva tells her it’s not necessary. Cassie begins to worry about the procedure. “Did something go wrong with the retrieval?” Cassie asks. Reva assures her that, like the nurse said, the procedure went fine. Cassie is relieved and calls that knowledge the “most important thing.” Reva nods and begins trying to tell her about Edmund, but Cassie continues to bask in the glow of her new life with him. “I am so in love with him,” she says. She tells Reva again how happy she is. Reva is at a loss for what to do.

Jonathan is carrying the security guard, whom he punched, over his shoulder. This man was trying to keep Reva from seeing Cassie in following Edmund’s orders to obey his list of visitors. Jonathan is mumbling to himself as Edmund comes down the hall trying to find the security guard. He has spotted Reva’s car still in the parking lot. He sees Jonathan.

In the park, Dinah tries to call Jonathan again, but fails to get him. On his voicemail, she reminds him that they had a meeting scheduled in the park and that he was supposed to tell her everything that happened between Cassie and Reva. In return, she promised to “show him everything under her warm and cuddly coat.” But at this rate, she remarks, “my assets will be frozen.” She hangs up. Ross comes up behind her and wonders aloud “Frozen assets?” he asks. He thinks she has now gotten into playing the stock market and asks what she is investing in. Dinah turns around, searching for what to say.

Outside Company, Buzz finds Zack sitting on a bench and asks him why he’s sitting there without a coat on. “If your mother found out, she’d shoot me dead,” he says. He catches himself, thinking about the expression he just used. Zack looks at him and says “Everybody talks,” referring to the kids at school. Buzz asks him if they say mean stuff, and Zack nods. Zack tells him that they ask him if “Mommy killed Daddy.”

At the Harley’s Angels office, Harley continues to tell Gus how she remembers killing Phillip. She is concentrating hard, staring straight ahead of her, as if her thoughts are in the past. Gus admits that he messed up in bringing Alan to the stand and promises to make up for it. Harley tells him to be quiet. She explains that when Alan began talking about the gun, it triggered images in her head. She now remembers what happened at Company that night. Gus refuses to believe her and says that she’s simply upset. Harley shouts “No!” and grabs the phone to call Jeffrey. She wants to change her plea to “guilty.” Gus violently grabs the phone from her and slams it down. “You can take the phone. You can take my cell phone, but it still won’t stop me from going down to Jeffrey’s office,” Harley stammers. Gus asks her what she’s going to say. He remarks that telling him she just suddenly remembers killing Phillip now will not help her. It doesn’t work that way, and no one will buy it. Harley asks why. Then, more forcefully, she asks Gus why he doesn’t buy it. She wonders aloud why her memory kept her from remembering this event until now. Gus moves closer and tells her that she’s just upset. He says what happened with Alan on the stand was his mistake. He assures her that he can fix her case, but she refuses to listen. “This is reality,” she says, referring to her recovered memories. Now she needs to tell people for her own sake. She seems somewhat grateful that she has found the “truth.” In addition, she reminds Gus that at Phillip’s funeral, she promised him and Zack that she would find his killer and bring them to justice no matter who it is. She needs to act on this. Gus refuses to understand what she is saying. Harley asks him why he was so adamant on stopping her hypnosis session. Her answer for him is because he knew “she was getting close.”

She asks him to be honest with her and admit that this is what he has been afraid of. Both of them now know what she must do. “Prove to me that you are the killer,” he says. He requests that they go to Company so she can show him every move she made that night. If she can, then he will help her with her plea bargain. If she can’t, then he doesn’t want to hear any more about it. She agrees, and they leave.

Buzz comes back out with a cup of cocoa for Zack. He says he knows that people have been talking about his father and Harley, but reminds him that the two of them know her better than any other person on earth. “Is it a lie?” Zack asks. In response, Buzz tells him that people are always going to talk, but he must only listen to himself. Harley is one of the finest people they know. Zack nods his head in understanding. Buzz suggests the two of them get ice cream, and he puts a “Closed” sign over the Company sign. They leave.

At a coffee stand in the park, Dinah comes up with an answer and says she’s looking at a high- tech stock that her broker suggested, but she believes it is too risky. “It’s too risky?” Ross asks. “But I thought you liked taking risks,” he tells her. Then he reminds her that taking risks is the thing that usually gets her into trouble, after all. Dinah asks him why he is there. He tells her that he likes the nature of the park. She thinks he is following him. “Why would I be following you?” Ross asks. Dinah replies that she thinks it’s because of her and Jonathan. He wants to know if something is going on between them.

Dinah explains that Jonathan sees her as a role model. Jonathan has noticed that Blake and Ross have forgiven her for her past misdoings, and as a result, Jonathan believes he can learn from her. Ross concludes aloud that there relationship must be a mentor/pupil arrangement. Dinah agrees. However, Dinah tells him that she thinks her time with Jonathan is a waste of time. She needs to focus on moving on. She says she has put Cassie behind her, and now she wants to focus on finding a good job and a good man. Ross asks her if she has any plans for the next few hours, and Dinah responds that she doesn’t. She wants to know why he asked, but Ross remains silent. “Do you want to tell me something?” Dinah inquires. Ross replies that he will tell her when the time is right. At this response, Dinah admits that he “freaks her out” sometimes. “You’re not the only one who can keep secrets,” he reminds her as he strolls away, whistling. Dinah is confused.

Edmund checks on Cassie in her room. Reva has temporarily hidden herself behind a curtain. Out in the hall, at the sight of Jonathan, Edmund reminds him that he told him to leave. Jonathan tells him to “chill,” and Edmund grabs him, throwing him against the wall. “Get out of here now or I will have you thrown out!” Edmund shouts. Jonathan tells him to go ahead and call the cops. Edmund can tell his side of the story and Jonathan the same. Then they will see who should leave. Confused, Edmund asks what he is talking about. Jonathan tells him that once he lets the cops know his side of the story; it will be like the story of Pandora’s Box. Edmund will never know what will come out. The security guard regains consciousness. Edmund warns Jonathan to get out before he hurts him.

Reva resurfaces from behind the curtain and continues to talk to Cassie. She begins trying to tell her again, but Cassie jerks up and complains that she can’t take a deep breath. Reva tells her to relax while Cassie, frantically gasping for a breath, complains of her pain. Reva pages for a nurse.

Gus and Harley arrive at Company and wonder why the restaurant is closed so early. Harley remembers thinking the same thing when she arrived to Company the night of Phillip’s murder. She says when she arrived after following Phillip, she was hoping he had a big change of heart and would bring the kids back home. Gus asks her why she followed him in disguise. She replies that it was because she did not trust Phillip. She knew he wouldn’t be straight with her if she had showed up in person. She believed that with Ruth, he might let something slip. They enter Company, and she remembers that she did not need her keys that night. The door was already open. Gus asks her why she didn’t think that something was wrong then. Harley replies that she wasn’t thinking. When she walked in, Phillip was standing in the middle of the floor, as if he was expecting her to show up as Ruth. She explains that Phillip knew she was disguising herself as Ruth. Then he shoved her and tore off her wig. Phillip laughed at her, asking if she really thought he would give Zack and Jude back now and that he would reward her. She says that Phillip told her she would never see her children again. Then Phillip put the gun on the table and taunted her. “Go ahead, shoot me,” Phillip said. Harley then remembers that Phillip put the gun in her hand and once again told her to shoot him. They struggled, and she got the gun away from him. Harley then raises her right hand in the air, as if pointing a gun. She struggles to find the words for what she did next.

Back in the park, Ross is on the phone asking if now would be a good time. Dinah smiles and wonders aloud what he is up to. She thinks he’s trying to fix her up with someone and reminds him that she doesn’t need it. She is already involved with Cory. The two talk about if Cory is really her type, and Ross wonders aloud if there is more to her involvement with Cory. Dinah believes she can’t get a break from his suspicions. “Don’t you trust me to make my own decisions?” Dinah asks. At this, Jonathan shows up and apologizes for keeping her waiting. He asks if he’s interrupting anything. Ross replies that he isn’t. After all, Dinah and he were just having a little chat about “trust.” Dinah seems disappointed at Jonathan’s presence.

In Cassie’s room, Cassie continues to struggle while Reva grabs a nurse from outside. The nurse runs for the doctor. When the doctor arrives, he requests anesthesia and places an oxygen mask over Cassie’s mouth. He explains that she is having a bad reaction to the anesthesia and orders Reva to leave. Edmund runs into the room and is stricken with fear for Cassie. He then looks over at Reva. “What did you do to her?” he demands.

At Company, Gus grabs Harley’s extended hand. He demands her stop and tells her that Jeffrey would never buy her story. He reminds her that the forensics people said the crime happened differently. Phillip was shot in a different way and in a different place on the floor. Harley reminds him that she had not revealed where she shot Phillip yet. Gus gasps gently. The place where Harley is standing was simply where they struggled and where she got the gun away from him. She took aim at Phillip, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

Gus asks her why. She replies that it was because he was the father of her children. However, then he began saying horrible things to her. He said that she never deserved her children and that she screwed up everything that was ever good in her life. Then she lunged for him. That was how she got his blood on her clothes. It was from the cut on his hand. She grabbed the gun again from Phillip and managed to get away from him. Then she switched positions. She is now standing precisely where the forensics people said the crime was committed. Harley says that she demanded again that Phillip tell her where her children were, but he refused. He said the he would never tell her. At that moment, Harley says she knew that Phillip would never tell her where her kids were. She hated him more than she had ever hated someone at the moment. Then she pulled the trigger. She says that Phillip staggered backward and appeared as a child, confused. Then he collapsed with blood oozing from him chest. After Harley finished recounting what happened that night, she asks Gus “Now do you believe me?” Gus is speechless.

In the park, Dinah tells Jonathan he needs to stop. She lies in front of Ross and explains that Jonathan begged to “meet her in the freezing cold in order to talk about his family problems.” Dinah remarks that she agreed and only told him she could stay for five minutes. In return, Jonathan was late, leaving her in the freezing cold. Dinah remarks to a smiling Jonathan that he needs to find a new role model for himself. Dinah wants to leave, but Ross says he must go first. He tells Jonathan to behave himself and reassures Dinah that he will be calling her about her “mystery date.” After Ross leaves, Dinah tells Jonathan that whatever reason he has for keeping her in the cold will not be good enough. She turns to walk away, and he grabs her, revealing what she has on under her heavy coat – a black bra and panties. “Is that for me?” he asks. She replies that it was until he screwed everything up. He pulls her closer. “Like hell I did,” he tells her. He lets her know that Reva is now telling Cassie about the fire in the barn. He has held up his end of the bargain, and now she must repay him.

In Cassie’s room, Reva tells Edmund that she has nothing to do with what is happening to Cassie. The doctor breaks in and tells them that her breathing has returned to normal, and he must keep her overnight for observation. Edmund frantically wants to know if she is all right. The doctor says she needs rest and walks out. Reva tells him that Cassie needs her rest. “If anything had happened to her…,” Edmund begins. “What? You’d blame Jonathan or me?” Reva cuts in. Edmund tells her that he doesn’t give a damn about her or Jonathan right now. The only person he cares about is his wife, and he almost lost her a minute ago. He tells her to get out, and leave them alone. Reva warns him not to hurt Cassie and leaves.

Standing outside the door, Reva looks in at Edmund and Cassie. Edmund is reassuring a sleeping Cassie that he will stay with her all night and that she will always be safe with him. Cassie wakes up and coughs. She notices Edmund and asks him what happened. He tells her and reminds her that she is fine. She wants to know again about the retrieval. He tells her the process went smoothly. “We’re going to have a baby. I know we are. I can feel it,” Cassie tells him. Reva leaves as Edmund and Cassie share a tender moment.

Jonathan and Dinah continue to kiss and talk about Cassie and Edmund’s projected falling out. Dinah tells Jonathan that Edmund is going need a caring person just like her to get him through this. They sit on the bench and cuddle as Dinah tells Jonathan that she will always have a soft spot for him. Dinah’s phone rings and it is Blake on the phone. Blake tells her there is a family meeting, and Dinah must attend as it is very important. Dinah hangs up, remarking “What does my father see in that woman?” She kisses Jonathan goodbye and tells him she needs to go. It sounds important. Jonathan suggests that she change clothes before she meets with her family.

Harley concludes her story and says she hopes Jeffrey will believe her. Gus tells her that no one has to know about this, but Harley refuses. “I did this. I need to face the consequences,” she explains. Gus grows emotional. “The world is better off without him!” he says about Phillip. Gus catches himself and says he didn’t mean it. He reminds Harley that she has a family to think of and that she could be wrong. He wonders aloud that if she is wrong, this time next year, it will be too late for her. Gus continues to go on. Harley puts her hands on his cheeks. She tells him he needs to let go and call Jeffrey to take the plea deal. If he does not call him, she will. Zack and Buzz show up, and Zack immediately runs into Harley’s arms. Buzz senses that something is wrong. Gus reassures him that nothing is wrong. They simply wanted some family time before court the next day. “We’re going to go back to court and prove that she is innocent,” he says before leaving.

After Gus leaves, Buzz asks Harley if she wants him to bring Gus back. “No,” she responds. “Sometimes you just have to let someone go,” she concludes.

Dinah arrives at the Harley’s Angels office. Blake apparently told her that this was where the family meeting would take place. Matt walks in, to Dinah’s surprise. Dinah is stunned. Ross comes in through the door immediately after and locks it behind him.

Harley is talking to Zack about his ice cream when Zack asks her if she is mad at him. She reassures him that she is not. She just wishes that she could have been there for him and Buzz’s day together. She begins to tell Zack how Buzz is going to teach him lots of things like how to throw a curveball and how to shave. He will show him how to pin a corsage on his prom date as well. Buzz interrupts asking if she is okay. She smiles peacefully and replies that she is. They share a group hug. Gus spies through the window and turns away. “If you’re not going to fight, I will,” he vows. He walks away.

Cassie, drinking a cup of water, remarks to Edmund that she thinks she had a dream about Reva. Edmund tells her that Reva was there, but she just wanted to say “hi.” “I thought she wanted to tell me something,” Cassie wonders aloud. Edmund tells her that isn’t true. Cassie, once again, tells Edmund that he is very good to her. He vows again to always protect her.

Jonathan sees Reva in the park. Reva looks upset, and he asks her how she is. Pressing Reva about what happened; Jonathan asks if she told Cassie about the fire. Reva tells him that she didn’t. Cassie had a reaction as soon as she tried. Jonathan looks disappointed. He tells her that she needs to go back there and tell her. “I can’t,” she replies. She continues to tell him that Cassie is too fragile to hear something bad about Edmund. “The timing isn’t right,” Reva explains. “Don’t tell me about timing!” Jonathan shouts. “You’re a coward!” he yells.

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