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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/25/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In the courtroom, Gus tells the judge that he wants to call Alan Spaulding to the stand. Jeffery initially objects, but the judge overrules it as Alan was already on the witness list.

Reva is on the phone at Elizabeth & Company when Jonathan walks in. He overhears her arguing with someone about a fertility clinic and wonders what is going on. At first she shrugs him off, but as he persists she fills him in on the fact that Cassie suddenly changed her fertility clinic without telling Reva. She mentions that it was weird as Cassie had asked her to go with her. Jonathan seems shocked that the two made up and mentions that although the sudden change is unlike Cassie that it sounds like something Edmund would do.

Lying in a hospital bed, Cassie tells her husband that she’d rather do the procedure at Cedars. He shushes her and reminds her that the clinic they are at now has many more specialists. He asks her to think of it in terms of what place has the better chance of them having a baby and reminds her that this clinic has a much higher success rate. She thinks it over and agrees with him. A nurse comes in letting Cassie know that they will start the procedure soon and Edmund is excited to begin working on their family. He mentions that with the two of them no one will stand in their way.

Tony and Danny continue to work on the fireplace when Michelle walks around a bit. You can tell that she’s looking for something and can’t seem to find it. After a minute or two she wonders if anyone else has seen Robbie lately. They scatter looking for him and Danny notices that the door is open and they all begin to freak out.

In the park, Robbie is standing by himself kicking some snow around when Sebastian says hello to him. He asks if Robbie is ok and tells Robbie that he’s not a stranger as he knows his parents.

Danny and Michelle realize that he’s not inside the house. Michelle begins to blame herself for him running away and Danny tells her that they don’t know anything yet. He urges them all to focus on finding Robbie. Marina goes to call her father to see if they can get some help from the police. Danny begins to leave and Tony stops him. He thinks that Danny and Michelle should stay at the house together in case Robbie comes back. He offers to go with Marina and look for Robbie. He promises Danny that they will find Robbie. After Marina & Tony leave Danny and Michelle talk. She is worried about all the things that could happen to him while Danny tries to comfort her as best he can. Michelle wonders if Danny blames her.

Edmund reassures Cassie that it won’t take long at all. She tells him that she feels weird being there. He tells her to focus only on having a baby when she mentions that she wanted Reva to be there with her. He goes on to tell her that it seems whenever Reva is around that the situation becomes high stress. Edmund assures Cassie that they will be home before she will know it.

Reva admits to her son that she didn’t tell her sister about the fire. She wonders if Cassie left her a message about the change of plans. Jonathan wonders why his mother didn’t come clean with the truth. Reva tells her son that she didn’t want to be the one to take away Cassie’s dream of having a baby with Edmund. He presses the issue reminding his mother that her brother-in-law is a murderer. She becomes exasperated and tells him that she can’t do this with him. He offers to help her out and she informs him that she can handle it on her own. Jonathan mentions that no matter what he does Cassie won’t cut him any slack. He casually slips it in that he was the one who planned the dinner at Olivia’s bar. Reva looks shocked and wonders why he would do such a thing. He looks at her and tells her that he wasn’t going to ever mention it but that he wanted her to know his heart was in the right place. She thanks him and admits that she’s not sure what he can really do to help. He looks over her shoulder and tells her that he has an idea. A girl walks in and waves to him. He smiles and heads over to her.

Jeffery argues that the state wasn’t expecting Alan to be called and that he would like to have a recess in order to prepare. The judge reluctantly agrees to a ten minute recess. Harley turns to her lawyer and wonders why he’s calling Alan to the stand. Gus reasons that he believes Jeffery is worried that Alan might be too irrational on the stand. Harley looks at him in the eye and wonders why he’s not more worried. The bailiff comes and hands Gus a message.

He tells Harley that he has to return a call to his ‘forensics guy’ and walks off. Coop, who was sitting in the seats behind his sister checks with her to make sure that her lawyer, knows what he is doing. She assures him that he does.

On his way out the door Alan wonders why his son couldn’t resist ripping into his father. Gus looks at his father in the eye and reminds him that his loyalty is with Harley and not him. He wonders why Gus has to prove his loyalty by showing the world how much he hates his father. He threatens that if Gus trips him up that it will only further his case for getting Gus disbarred. He tells his father that he doesn’t have time for him. Alan stops his son yet again. He tells Gus that when he is through with him that he will have nothing. He further threatens his son by telling him that he will get custody of Zach. Gus waves off the threat and tells his father to ‘keep dreaming.’ He vows to get Zach and raise him to hate both Harley and the Cooper Family. Gus looks at his father and tells him that he doesn’t have to hate him to love Harley, but that with the way things are going that he makes it easy. Harley interrupts the two of them and comes outside to tell them that court is beginning again.

Groggy, Cassie wonders where her sister is as Edmund reassures her that everything is ok. He tells her that they will see her as soon as the procedure is over with. He heads out and finds a security guard. He gives her a piece of paper telling them that it is the list of who is allowed to see his wife. The guard comments that the list is awfully short and he reiterates that the only people allowed to see his wife are him and their children.

Jonathan sits down with the girl who appears to be someone who works at the hospital. She mentions that he hasn’t called her and he thanks her for the information with a kiss. He stands up and heads over to his mother. He announces that it is her lucky day as he found out where she’s having the procedure. He tells his mother that she’s having it in Riversville, which is a fancy clinic that caters to celebrities and that is big on security. He likens it to a bunker and Reva announces that she will be there because Cassie wanted her to be. Reva heads off.

Marina is on the phone outside of the restaurant. She mentions that she still hasn’t found Robbie yet and that she’s going to hang around the outside of the restaurant for a few more minutes in case he heads over there. Alexandra happens to be walking by and wonders what is wrong. Marina tells her about the situation with Robbie and Alexandra offers to help in anyway necessary. The two talk about how the Spaulding’s and Coopers can’t seem to get along. Alexandra makes a statement about how she can’t really go to court because she’s stuck in a hard place. She mentions that although she doesn’t think Harley is guilty if she makes it known in the courtroom that Alan will go ballistic. She tells Marina that she’s decided it just seems best to stay away. Marina nods knowingly and tells Alex that her father is glad when she doesn’t show up in court.

She tells her that he’s a bit overprotective and he likes it when she doesn’t have to deal with the ‘harshness of reality.’ When Alex comments on knowing what it is like to have an overprotective father Marina wonders if Brandon was ever disapproving of the men she dated. Alex laughs telling Marina that her brother & father never like the men she was with. Marina wonders how she dealt with it. Alex tells her that she won’t have to worry about Frank or Buzz being anywhere as extreme as Brandon and Alan were. She comments on how her family cost her a lot of happiness, but that she and her brother have a special bond regardless. Alex comes out and asks if they’re still talking about her or if they’re talking about Danny. Marina seems shocked that Alexandra knows why she was asking the questions. Alex smiles and reminds Marina that she was at the football game and ‘felt the electricity in the air.’ Alex laments that sometimes her Brandon and Alan were correct in their assessments of her boyfriends. Marina remains defiant, claiming that she will stand by Danny and fight for him. Alexandra takes the opportunity to tell Marina that Danny is lucky to have her.

Danny assures Michelle that it’s not her fault but she doesn’t want to hear it. She blames herself for moving in with Tony and thinks that they ‘told Robbie the wrong way.’ Danny sighs, telling Michelle that their son won’t stop wanting his parents together no matter how the news is broken to him. He thinks that if they continue to talk to him and support him that he will be ok. They agree that they have to work together to get along for the sake of Robbie. Michelle smiles and thanks her ex husband for not blaming her. Suddenly Sebastian appears at the door with Robbie.

Gus once again calls Alan to the stand. Alan glares at his son as he makes his way up to the chair. He is sworn in and his first question makes him tell the court that he was Phillip’s adopted and not biological father. When asked about Phillip’s enemies, he goes on and tells the court that his son was misunderstood by many people but that it didn’t mean that they were his enemies. At the tail end of his answer he adds in that at the end of Phillip’s life he only had one enemy, Harley Cooper. Gus tries to mention all the things Phillip did toward the end of his life and Alan informs everyone that he’s not going to allow Phillip to be put on trial. He remains adamant that Phillip was the victim. When Gus tries to say that Phillip would be alive if it weren’t for his father, Jeffery objects. He accuses Gus of badgering the witness and holding a grudge against Alan. Gus assures everyone that there is nothing personal going on. The judge makes sure that Gus has a reason for his line of questioning and then allows him to proceed. Gus informs his father that he’d like to talk about motives. Harley stares ahead as if she is in a daze.

Michelle kneels down telling Robbie how worried she was about him. Danny wonders what Sebastian is doing with their son and how he found him. Sebastian informs them that he found their son wandering around the streets and brought him home. Danny doesn’t seem to believe him and checks with Robbie to make sure that everything is ok. He assures his father that Sebastian was nice to him just as Tony & Marina come back into the house. He’s obviously not pleased to see Sebastian in his home and wonders what is going on. Sebastian knows that they have no reason to believe him and decides to leave since Robbie is safe at home. Just before he leaves Michelle thanks him for getting her son home safe to her. He smiles, thanks her and lets her know that he too thinks he has a lot to make up for. On his way out he mentions to Tony that he saw his motorcycle and asks if he is willing to sell it. Tony threatens Sebastian and warns him never to come near Michelle again. Sebastian walks off letting Tony know he has nothing to worry about.

Edmund is outside of Cassie’s room when he calls Tammy to let her know that everything is going well. When he can’t hear her very well he heads outside to get a better connection.

Jonathan and Reva walk into the clinic just as Edmund is walking out. He commends his mother for the way she handled the nurses at the front desk. She notices Cassie’s room and decides to head inside. Jonathan looks slightly frightened and plays it up, telling her that he might want to stick with her if Edmund is around. She lets him know that she can handle her brother-in-law and that she doesn’t think it’s the best idea in the world that he hangs around Cassie. He agrees and is about to leaves just as Edmund comes back inside. He grabs Jonathan and yells wondering what he’s doing there.

Reva warns Edmund not to touch her son. He wonders how the two of them got in and Reva lets him know that she didn’t think it was ok for him to switch clinics without telling her. Edmund looks at her and lets her know that he didn’t think it was any of her business. Reva looks at him in disbelief as he further tells her that he thinks she should leave.

Gus continues questioning his father asking about Phillip’s hospitalization at Ravenwood. He mentions the electroshock therapy that he took and wonders if he was sent home because he got better or if it was arranged so that the company stock didn’t plummet. Alan assures the court that he son was truly better when he was released. Gus presents his father with evidence that old employees of Phillip that don’t think he was truly well when he retuned home. Alan denies any knowledge of that information. Gus wonders if Alan ever saw the damage Phillip was doing to the town and wanted to intervene. Harley stares straight ahead with no expression on her face as she watches Gus question his father. He finally gets Alan to admit that he tried to help his son but that he was too sick. He further gets him to admit that he blames everyone else for Phillip’s murder.

When Gus continues to press him, Alan tells the court that when he needed help he called Gus. Gus suddenly ends the questioning and it is Jeffery’s turn to question Alan. Gus looks worried as though he’s just made a mistake. He asks what Alan’s call to Gus was about. Alan explains that when Phillip took the children that he called Gus to help reason with Phillip. He then mentions that during the day Harley confronted Phillip about taking the children and that she pulled a gun on him. Gus glares at his father while he testifies. Everyone gasps and Alan tells everyone that Harley told Phillip that if he didn’t return her sons that she would kill him. Harley looks down pleading silently that he doesn’t continue. The judge bangs her gavel calling order to the court.

Holly is inside Elizabeth & Company on the phone with her back to the door. . She calls a hotel looking for Sebastian and leaves him a message on his voicemail. She mentions that she thinks that the two of them should try to keep their distance, but that she thinks they can get along. She stresses that she wants to make it work. Sebastian overhears part of her conversation as he’s sitting behind her at a table. He agrees that she has the right idea.

Edmund drags Reva away from Cassie’s room. Reva yells at Edmund to let her go while he reminds her that he brought her to the new clinic for a stress free environment. She reminds him that she’s Cassie’s sister while he tells her that he’s her husband. Reva wonders why he feels he has to isolate the family to protect her and he mentions that people Reva considers family Cassie doesn’t. He goes on telling her that if she brought Jonathan to the clinic that he doesn’t think she has her sister’s best interests in mind. Reva doesn’t seem to think that Edmund does and informs him that she’s going to see him. Edmund tries to get a guard to remove Reva from the building. She eggs him on reminding him of the time he locked Cassie into a tower.

He looks at her and lets her know that he will have a child with Cassie regardless of her and Jonathan. The guard drags her away from Edmund while Reva asks that he let go of her arm. Jonathan comes out from nowhere and smacks the guard on the head with his cane. He falls to the ground and Reva sighs.

Jeffery repeats what Alan said about Harley pulling a gun on Phillip. He then rests after asking if she pulled the trigger. Alan ‘guesses’ that she waited to do that when they were alone. Gus declines to re-question Alan and he is ordered to step down. The judge adjourns court for the day. Jeffery mentions to Gus & Harley that the plea bargain is still on the table. He assures Jeffery that his client won’t be taking any deals. Gus presents Jeffery with a couple of motions and Harley takes off.

Michelle tries to comfort her son and lets him know that she and Danny are there for him. They remind him that it isn’t ok to talk to strangers and Robbie wonders if it is time for his father to leave. He asks his dad to stay overnight and at first Danny objects. Robbie wonders why everyone can’t stay the night. Marina and Tony laugh at the idea and Michelle wonders why it can’t work. She reasons that the place is big enough and that they can have a slumber party. Danny doesn’t seem sure of the idea and Marina takes off with Robbie to get him out of the room. Tony agrees with Michelle that it all seems like an ok idea while Danny doesn’t seem so sure. She reminds him that they have to work together to make the transition work for Robbie and lets him know that one night is not a big deal Danny reluctantly agrees.

Holly assures Sebastian that she wasn’t trying to avoid him by leaving voicemail but that she meant what she said. He lets her know that he understands. As she is about to leave she mentions that she thinks the two of them should have dinner with one another to discuss how they’re going to handle the mutual friends they have in life. He agrees and she seems ok with it. She walks outside wondering what she has just done.

Jonathan tells his father that the guard shouldn’t have had his hands on his mother. He makes sure she is ok and she lets him know she’s mad but fine. He goes on about how he should have punched Edmund as well. He looks out to where Edmund is wondering if she still wants to see Cassie. She does and he lets her know that Edmund has left. Reva thinks that it is time that she told Cassie about everything, including the fire. She walks into the room and wonders how her sister is feeling. Cassie mentions that she is surprised that Reva has found her. She goes on telling her that there is something that she needs to know before the in vitro goes any further. She mentions that it is about Edmund and Cassie looks worried.

Alan commends Jeffery on a well done questioning and Jeffery doesn’t seem to want to hear it. He walks out on him.

In the hallway, Coop is on the phone with his father telling him that Gus questioning Alan turned into a nightmare.

Gus finds Harley in her office and wonders why she took off so quickly. He apologizes to her thinking that what happened in court wasn’t so bad. She turns to him and lets him know that while he was questioning Alan that it all came together for her. Harley is crying and is clearly upset. She tells him that she remembers killing Phillip.

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