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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/24/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Marina walks into Elizabeth & Company with Danny following her. She has a paper in her hand and the two discuss apartments.

He mentions to her that cozy is a euphemism for being small. He mentions that she has to be in court soon and she informs him that she has some time left so they agree to get lunch before she has to go. The two head to the bar and Marina mentions an apartment that they saw earlier. Danny doesn’t like the place as it doesn’t have a backyard for Robbie and she reminds him that there is a park nearby for him to play in. When she accuses him of dragging his feet he lets her know that he simply wants to find the perfect place. Marina tells him mater of factly that he needs to realize that nothing will live up to the house he shared with Michelle.

Michelle opens the door for Tony as he brings another box into Danny & Michelle’s old house. He begins to leave and tells her to have fun and she stops him. He kisses her letting her know that he’s glad she’s there with him. He begins to pick up a box to move it upstairs and stops. She wonders what is wrong and he replies wondering if she is sure this is what she wants to do. He offers for them to get their own place and he tells him that it’s fine.

She reminds him that it wasn’t the house that she didn’t like, but living with Danny. He repeats to her that she had a life in the house and it looks as though he’s worried about them living there together. She reminds him that she’s now with him and that she wants to build a new life with him.

In Olivia’s bar, Bill and Olivia are sitting at a table eating dinner. She questions whether or not he’s ever testified in court before and it is obvious by her tone that she’s not ok with him helping Harley out. He makes light of the situation making a joke about being in traffic court, however you can still tell that he is nervous about his upcoming appearance in court. She looks at him and mentions that the best thing he can do is to stick to the fact. Bill looks at Olivia as though they’ve had this conversation many times before. He asks if she thinks he should not help a friend. She looks at him worried and tells him that by lying he might not be helping she goes on to explain that she heard him offer to lie for Harley. He defends himself explaining that he wasn’t going to lie and she interrupts him. Olivia advises him that if he helps out Harley that Alan will come after their family. He looks her in the eye and assures her that he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their family. He informs her that she and Emma are his priority.

Gus snuggles up to Harley when they both realize at the same time that they’re still in bed. She grabs his hand, looks at his watch and lies back down. Gus begins freaking out going on and on about how he’s not prepared to cross examine Bill. Harley tells him that he needs to calm down as it’s not that late and they still have time. She asks him to pretend that he’s not trying to save her life while at the same time throwing his away. Gus looks down at the ground not meeting her eyes.

Michelle and Tony continue to unpack their things as she tells him that although Danny tried to make things work for her that he couldn’t. She also thanks Tony for helping him give the house to her son. She smiles as she informs him that she finally feels like it is her home. He kisses her and lets her know that he wants them all to be together. When he mentions that the fireplace is broken she assures him that she knows how to fix it as Danny showed her. He looks at her strangely and wonders if she is remembering as she lived in the house with Danny only in the summer months after the explosions. She brushes it off claiming that he must have mentioned it to her and looks down at her watch. She notices the time and tells Tony that she has to go pick up Robbie. He offers to pick up Robbie and asks her to fix the fireplace. He leaves and while she looks at the fireplace wondering how she remembered. The door slams and Rick walks in with a basket full of toys.

He tells her that they are Robbie’s and that he left them over at the house. Michelle seems evasive and ignores Rick to some degree. He apologizes to her about their conversation and she lets him know it’s not a big deal. When she mentions that she’s tired & overwhelmed because of the move. He takes one look at her and guesses that she’s had more memories. She assures him that she hasn’t and walks out of the room.

At the restaurant, Danny defends himself claiming that his inability to find an apartment has nothing to do with Michelle. Marina shrugs telling him that she knows how much he loved his old house. Danny becomes defensive telling her that he never loved the house and that he bought it for his wife as she wanted it. Marina looks slightly worried when he admits that he might miss some of his old life and asks what part it is he is missing. Danny smiles and tells her that she is strange. They joke and he gets his coat while she tells him that it is ok to admit that the change is hard. He tells her that he’s going to go look at the small house he had dismissed earlier. She offers to go with him and he lets her know that if he thinks it is worth a second look that he will drag her over there tomorrow. He urges her to get to court to support Harley. Marina looks worried that she might have said something to offend him. He thanks her for giving him a nudge and kisses her goodbye. He leaves and Marina is left by herself feeling as though she said something wrong.

On his way out of the restaurant Danny runs into Lizzie who is sitting by herself on the bench. He says hello and begins to walk off. As he’s walking away it appears he’s thought of something and turns around. He mentions that he heard what happened in court and that he knows how it feels to be falsely accused. Without skipping a beat Lizzie looks up at him and informs him that she doesn’t want to hear it. She mentions that she knows he is a ‘Cooper sympathizer’ and that he can save his speech. She looks back down as Danny rolls his eyes & walks off. Alan comes up to his granddaughter and wonders why she isn’t dressed for court. He reminds her of how important it is for the family to look unified. She yells at him reminding him that Gus has already ruined that image and that she will never go to court. Alan tries to calm her down and tells her that she doesn’t have to go. He looks concerned. She stands up lets him know that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to, grabs the sign for the restaurant and heads inside. Inside, she announces that the place is closing early and that everyone’s food is on the house. Once everyone is gone she locks the door, turns off the lights and sits alone in the darkness.

Harley is upset with Gus that he didn’t tell her about his disbarment hearing and threatens to find another lawyer. He warns her that he’s getting sick of her trying to intimidate him by warning him that she’s going to find another lawyer. Gus goes on about how the hearing is not a big deal. She mentions that she’s sure she’s going to jail while he asks her to remain positive. She mentions that he is losing everything because of her. He sweetly tells her that he doesn’t want to be in the world without her. He kisses her and heads off to take a shower. Harley looks worried.

Olivia and Bill walk into the courtroom and Jeffery immediately approaches them. He checks to make sure they Bill is ready. Bill mentions that selling your friend up a river isn’t something that he thinks he can ever be ready for. Jeffery sympathizes with him, explaining that he doesn’t like having to prosecute Harley either but that it needs to be done. He tells Bill that as long as he answers the questions that there won’t be any problems. Jeffery walks off and Olivia begins to remind Bill about how important his testimony is. He looks annoyed and heads out to get a drink of water. While in the hallway he runs into Alan who makes a point of telling him hello and asking if he is ready.

Michelle brings in some mugs of coffee for her and Rick while they talk about her getting her memory back. She assures him that she’s not and the two act as they used to. Michelle remind him that she’s sick of the pressure that everyone has put on her to regain her memory and informs him that she’s intent on making new one. He apologizes to her and says that he never thought of how hard it must be for her. He lets her know that as far as he is concerned that he only wants her to be happy. She wonders how he is doing and he lets her know that things are getting better a little bit each day. He smiles and lets her know that he’s got to get to the courthouse. After he leaves she finds a photo of Danny and places it in a trash can. As she is looking at it someone rings the doorbell. She answers the door and finds Marina standing there.

Tony is playing soccer in the park with Robbie when Danny comes along. He buttons up Robbie’s coat and seems annoyed that Tony has his kid.

He wonders where Michelle is and Tony tells him that she had some things to do. Danny reminds them that when she isn’t going to be able to pick him up herself that she is supposed to call him. Tony apologizes and assures his cousin that they will be sure to let him know if it happens again. Tony then looks at his cousin and tells him that there is something else he should know. He informs Danny that Michelle is moving into the house with him.

Lizzie moves the tables & chairs and lies down on the floor near where he father was killed. She cries until she hears someone knocking on the window. Tammy is there wondering if everything is ok and why she’s on the floor. Lizzie prays that Tammy will go away while Tammy threatens to call the cops if she doesn’t open the door. Lizzie reluctantly opens the door and Tammy wonders what she was doing. She tells her that she was spending time with her father. Tammy looks worried.

Alan mentions that he heard Jeffery tell Bill to ‘behave himself.’ It is apparent that he’s asking a question more than making a statement and Bill replies telling Alan that he doesn’t need to be warned to tell the truth. Alan goes on to caution him that nothing good would come of trying to be a hero. He goes on to mention that regardless Harley will go to jail and sacrificing himself will only result in screwing up things for him and Olivia. Bill looks down like he’s not entirely sure what to do. Harley and Gus walk into the corridor and she tells him that she’s not ready to walk into court just yet. She urges him to head inside while she gets some air in the hall. Jeffery walks out of the courtroom and hands something to a bailiff. While heading back inside he notices Harley informs her that she needs to take the plea bargain. He then leaves and she looks like she is thinking about it. Bill looks over and sees her. He clears his throat and wonders what is going on. She lets him know that Jeffery doesn’t think she should be talking with him or with Bill. He laments that they used to talk all the time. She smiles wondering if she listened to him when she asked him to only tell the truth. He offers to help her once more. She takes his hand and asks him to be honest.

Inside the courtroom, Alan approaches Olivia and lets her know that he thinks she’s done good work as far as Bill is concerned. She lets him know that she didn’t do anything and that Bill knows that he has to do what is right for her and Emma. He looks at her smiling and informs her that he won’t be a happy boss if he doesn’t get what he wants. The judge comes into the courtroom and calls the trial to order. She tells Jeffery that he can call his first witness. Jeffery calls Bill to the stand.

Tony wonders if Danny has a problem with them living together. He reluctantly tells him that he’s simply worried about Robbie. Tony defends himself reminding Danny that he loves Robbie as well. He goes on to mention that he would never intentionally hurt him. Danny interrupts his cousin and admits that he knows that but he’s worried about how Robbie is going to take the news. Tony looks confused and reminds him that Robbie loves the house. Danny seems annoyed and tells Tony that he doesn’t think his 4 year old son is going to understand why his mother is living with his uncle instead of his father. Tony thinks that if they explain it to him that all will be fine while Danny doesn’t agree. Tony wonders what is up with Danny lately. He mentions that he hates the way things turned out and that everyone has to pay. Danny barely looks at his cousin and mentions that he doesn’t seem to be paying for anything. Tony looks mad and says that he’s not surprised that Danny can’t see the price he’s had to pay for being with Michelle. He looks at Tony and wonders what he’s talking about. Tony explains that he had to lose his best friend and that there wasn’t anything easy about that at all.

Marina seems surprised to see Michelle answer the door and wonders where Tony is. She informs her that Tony is out and offers to take a message. Marina tells her that she’s not even sure what she was going to say to him and offers to leave. Michelle wonders if Marina wants to stay and hang out with her. She looks confused and mentions the boxes, inquiring as to what’s going on. Michelle explains that she’s moving in and mentions that as they used to be friends and because she is dating Danny that they should try and get along. Marina is quick to deny that she isn’t officially dating Danny and Michelle smiles. She reminds Marina that it is obvious that she really likes him. Marina shrugs and asks Michelle to drop the subject. She admits that it makes her feel uncomfortable and Michelle mentions some pictures that she found of the two of them with Marah. She heads into the living room to find the pictures so that she can show them to Marina. She looks confused and follows Michelle. She sees the photo of Danny in garbage and comments that she threw the picture away. She assures Marina that she doesn’t hate her ex-husband but that she doesn’t want it to bring back anymore memories of him.

Lizzie sits on the floor crying and Tammy wonders if there is anyone she can call. She assures Tammy that she is fine and wants to be left alone. Lizzie cries out wondering is Tammy is glad that this happening. She kneels back down and tells her that she would never wish that anyone would lose their father. Lizzie reminds her that bad things happen everyday. Tammy looks concerned and mentions that she wished things didn’t happen to them. She sits down while Lizzie explains that she wants the bad things to just stop for a while. They hold hands and Tammy apologizes for what happened to her father Lizzie puts her head on Tammy’s lap and cries. Tammy tries to console her as best she knows how.

Everyone in the courtroom wonders where Bill is. Suddenly he strolls in and Jeffery mentions that he is late.

He has a briefcase in his hand and when he is questioned about it he informs the court that it is to help him remember. Jeffery questions Bill about he knows Harley and Bill admits that they teamed up together to bring down Spaulding Enterprises. During his reply to the question Bill tries to supply the court with paperwork to back up his claims and the judge has to explain that he can’t provide evidence. Olivia begins to act worried about Bill’s testimony. He tells everyone that although he is a friend of Harley’s that he doesn’t think she ever became possessed with the idea of bringing down Phillip. Bill even goes so far as to tell everyone that the idea of Harley’s alter ego ‘Ruth Karloff’ was his idea. When Jeffery wonders if he is lying to protect Harley he assures them he is not. He even offers to provide a rough sketch of what ‘Ruth’ was supposed to look like when the first came of with the idea. The judge reminds Bill once again about offering up evidence. Bill puts on a wig to demonstrate the fact that he couldn’t impersonate a woman very well. The judge gets angry and orders the bailiff to seize the briefcase. Jeffery asks if Bill knew Harley was dressed as Ruth the night that Phillip was killed. When Bill admits that he didn’t know Jeffery wonders if perhaps Harley developed an obsession without his knowing it. Gus has his chance to question Bill. He does a great job answering the questions of the defense and admits to strong arming Harley into dressing up as Ruth Karloff. He goes so far as to admit the idea to scam Phillip was his idea completely and mentions that his wife even witnessed Harley’s reluctance to the idea. Harley rolls her eyes and Olivia looks as though she can’t believe what Bill is saying.

Michelle throws Danny’s picture away again and informs Marina that she is happy with things the way they are.

Marina wonders if she is afraid of remembering. Michelle says that the only thing she is worried about is how confusing everything is to her son. Suddenly Robbie comes into the house. Danny is behind him and wonders what Marina is doing there. She quickly lies that Michelle ordered some food. He picks up on it and reminds her that she wasn’t working. She mentions that it was on the way to the courthouse and turns the tables on him asking what he is doing at his old house. Robbie notices the toys and she mentions that she brought some toys over for him. Danny looks worried as Robbie places his mothers hand in his fathers.

The judge orders a recess and as Bill is getting off the stand Harley stops him. She wonders what he was thinking with his testimony. He mentions that he merely gave his ‘version of the truth.’ He replies that Olivia will remember things the right way as well when Harley wonders how his wife will recall the events. Bill walks away from Harley leaving her speechless.

Alan approaches Gus who is diligently working at the defense table. He is quick to remind his son that he is the next witness. Unfazed, Gus tells his father that it won’t bother him to cross-examine his father. Alan gives his son a look and informs him that he won’t be asking any questions. Gus wonders what his father is talking about and is informed that unless he refuses to question his father that he will arrange it so that the disbarment hearing is moved up. He threatens that if the date is moved up that Gus won’t be able to defend Harley. Jeffery watches on and Gus shrugs, not knowing what to say.

In the hallway Olivia looks at Bill as though she wants to smack him.

Michelle and Danny look at one another and attempt to explain what is going on between them. They explain that it is probably confusing for him, but that his mother will be living in the house with Tony and not his father. Danny explains that he won’t be living there because he and Michelle think it is best. She even mentions that Tony doesn’t want to take Danny’s place. They assure him that they are both going to be there for him. They try to explain that things change but that sometimes it is for the best. Robbie decides that he wants to go play and they all let him. Both Marina and Tony commend the two of them for how they handled the situation. Michelle seems worried about Robbie and Danny assures her that it will be alright. He goes on telling her that he thinks they need to be more honest with him and Michelle apologizes to him. Tony adds in an apology as well and agrees with Tony that they will need to try harder. Something falls down the chimney and Danny offer to fix it. Tony heads off to get a broom and Robbie sneaks from the stairway to the door. He runs outside leaving the door open behind him.

Lizzie dries her tears as Tammy watches on. She thanks her for listening and Tammy thanks her in return for ‘acting like a real person.’ Lizzie grins telling her friend that she has her moments. Tammy offers to make her a sandwich and she tells her that she not that hungry. Lizzie reminisces with Tammy about going to a concert once and how Phillip found them sneaking back in at 3 in the morning. Lizzie smiles admitting that her father was ‘cool about that kind of stuff.’ Tammy agrees remembering that he never even told her mother about it. She mentions that Lizzie should go home and do something nice for herself. She looks at Tammy and asks if she wants to come to the mansion and hang out. Tammy denies her request telling her that she has class. They say goodbye & hug one another and Tammy leaves.

Olivia is angry and doesn’t know why Bill lied on the stand. She mentions that not only did he lie about Harley, but that he lied about her as well. She wonders why he would drag her into it when Alan was already less than pleased with her. Bill looks annoyed and wonders why his wife won’t stop bringing up Alan. He reminds her that Harley’s freedom is more important that Spaulding. Bill even goes so far as to tell her that since he had her back before she has to back him up as well.

In the courtroom, Jeffery is questioning a forensics expert about the handkerchief that Ruth had in the video. He confirms that it contained Phillip’s blood. Jeffery rests. Gus tries to make the case that anyone could have gotten a hold of Phillip’s blood if they had visited him at Company as he cut his hand breaking into the restaurant. When he is done questioning the expert the judge Jeffery announces that he is done calling witnesses to the stand. Everyone seems surprised including the judge and Harley. Alan is even standing up in the seats. Jeffery explains that there has been a change of plans. When the judge asks Gus if he needs more time for his first witness he announces that he is ready. He calls Alan Spaulding to the stand. Alan glares at his son.

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