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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/23/05

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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Olivia is at Spaulding doing work when Alan drops in with a guest, Sebastian. Olivia looks up and immediately recognizes Sebastian. Alan looks a bit confused as to why they know one another. Sebastian tells him they met at her press conference a few days ago, and he praises her for Olivia for her good work.

Over at Company, Coop is flustered because they are short-handed since Lizzie is at home recuperating from the events at the trial. He walks up to Buzz at the counter and demands know where the salad for a table of diners is. “But you just placed that order thirty seconds ago,” Buzz responds. Coop then gives Buzz a strange speech about how late orders can “really screw up people’s lives.” Buzz realizes that Coop isn’t talking about the food; he’s talking about what happened to Lizzie on the witness stand. Coop admits that he feels responsible for what happened with Lizzie. Buzz tells him not to do this to himself, yet Coop can’t help it. “She is suffering right now because me,” he declares.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie goes on a rampage trying to clean out her room. She continuously repeats “We’ve got too much stuff. We have to get rid of all this stuff!” while throwing item in trash bags and boxes. She knocks over one box and is momentarily frozen by the sight of an old stuffed horse that has sentimental value. She throws it back in the box, declaring again “I don’t need it!” and attempts to get rid of it. She can’t, however, and she places it gently on her desk in tears.

She is comforted by her puppy while she lies on her bed and calls her “the only friend she has.”

In a private room at Olivia’s, Jonathan grabs Lizzie violently from behind. She is startled. Jonathan admits he was just joking as Tammy goes on to wonder why they are standing in a private room. He tells her that they are going to organize a private meeting between Cassie and Reva, and because neither of them will listen to Jonathan, he has called upon Tammy to help out. She agrees and admits it’s worth a try, but she warns him that there might even be more trouble when they arrive and are face-to-face. She leaves, and Jonathan mumbles to himself “We can only hope.”

Outside Company, Cassie receives a call from Edmund. She reminds him that she’s remaining stress-free and will be home in time to have dinner in front of the fire. She reassures him that the procedure will be perfect the next day, and the two of them continue to give one another compliments about how happy they are to share their lives together.

At a table inside Company, Reva leaves what appears to be another of a number of messages on Cassie’s phone. “I really need to see you,” Reva says. Reva imagines Cassie in a white dress sitting across from her. Cassie agrees that she really needed to see her as well. She thanks Reva for telling her about the fire and making her believe that Edmund truly hasn’t changed. The image of Cassie disappears, and Reva immediately gets up to leave. “I’ve got to find her,” she says, determined. However, another image of Cassie appears behind her. This time she’s wearing black, signifying her anger. “What did you think you were going to accomplish by telling me about the fire?” Cassie asks angrily. “Did you care that I was happy?” she inquires. Cassie then tells Reva that Edmund won’t be the one she’s getting rid of; Reva will be. The image disappears, and Reva paces the floor, worried about what to do.

At his apartment, Sandy puts the finishing touches on a romantic dinner table setting by lighting a few candles. “Where are you Tammy?” he wonders. He takes out his cell phone to call her again, but only reaches her voicemail. He leaves a message saying that she’s late for the “party,” and he hopes she has a great excuse.

Back at Olivia’s, Tammy calls Cassie to ask her to come to dinner. She confesses the she feels like she hasn’t been around much and offers to buy dinner. Cassie agrees even though she has plans to eat with Edmund and resolves to do both. She will see her soon. When she hangs up, Jonathan praises Tammy by saying “Nice work,” and gives her a high five. She reminds him, with an annoyed expression, that she’s only doing this because she knows Cassie and Reva miss each other. Jonathan says he understands and tells her now she must call Reva. However, before Tammy can dial the numbers, Reva calls her looking for Cassie. Tammy informs her that she was planning on having dinner with Cassie and suggests that Reva could drop by, accomplishing her next feat. Reva agrees, and they hang up. Tammy comments on how strange it is that Reva was already looking for Cassie as if she has something to tell her. Jonathan remarks that maybe the talk he gave Reva before worked. Tammy asks him what he said, suspiciously. He tells her that by now, Reva should be ready to “let it all hang out.” Tammy is suspicious.

At Company, Coop is getting ready to leave while Buzz asks him about Lizzie. “You care about her don’t you?” Buzz says. Coop responds that he was the one who made her relive one of the worst memories of her life. “I need to do what I can to fix this,” he declares as he heads toward the door. “Of course you do,” Buzz remarks after Coop leaves.

Jonathan and Tammy wait for their mothers to arrive. Jonathan says that the mission was accomplished, and now they must wait for the main event. He playfully grabs Tammy’s hand and tries to spin her around and dance. She jerks away, looking scared. Jonathan apologizes, and he confesses that since he noticed Tammy is much more independent now, he felt that what happened with them didn’t matter much to her anymore. “You don’t,” she responds. “Sandy and I are serious,” she adds. “Of course you are,” he answers with a stern look on his face. “Serious is good.” Just then, Dinah calls him and says that she heard he had something in the works about Cassie. He tells her to take it easy and asks where she is. They agree to meet. On his way out, he brags to Tammy that he’s moved on as well. “A woman,” he says. “Hot with a double T.” He then tells her that he’s not even getting any sleep at night. Tammy looks disgusted. He tells Tammy to say hello to Sandy for him. “You kids have a good time,” he concludes.

Back at Spaulding, Sebastian continues to praise Olivia. “She left no doubt about who was running Spaulding,” Sebastian remarks. “I’m sure she didn’t,” Alan responds. He then tells Olivia that Sebastian was the one who bailed him out of jail and suggests that she give him a tour. She agrees and shuts the door forcefully after Alan leaves. “All right slick cut the act,” she shoots at Sebastian. She accuses him of being dishonest while he wonders aloud if honesty is really that important to her, given her past actions. Olivia follows him out of the office and requests that they talk about honestly. “What exactly are you?” she asks. He pours them drinks while he remarks that he saved her behind. “I’m not a rat. I’m friend, and maybe we can help each other out,” he tells her. She is willing to listen.

Alan arrives at Company looking for Lizzie. He asks Buzz and accuses him of “running her into the ground” with all the work she must do. He tells her he will see to it that Buzz has no chance of getting Company back and promptly leaves. “Nice talking to you too,” Buzz answers.

Coop knocks at Lizzie’s window. An upset Lizzie opens it and demands to know what he wants. He says he just wants to see her and that coming through her window was the only way he could since the doormen won’t let him in. She tells him she’s through with him.

Jonathan meets Dinah at Company, and he tells her that he devised a plan to get Cassie and Reva together. She is visibly pleased, but reminds him that her life is not a game. They kiss and he agrees that neither is his. Ross walks in.

Cassie arrives at Olivia’s to a private dinner table laden with candles and an eager Tammy waiting. They hug, and Tammy begins to explain what she’s really up to. Reva walks in, and at the sight of her, Cassie looks at Tammy angrily. She apologizes and tells them that they need to work their problems out. After she leaves, Cassie apologizes to Reva and says she must go. “I’m not going to let you go,” Reva pushes.

Tammy arrives at Jonathan’s and wonders where the “wild” party is. She walks in to see Jonathan’s romantic table and dinner. She is pleased.

Cassie and Reva begin to talk. Reva says she’s been trying to call her, but Edmund keeps hanging up on her. “Edmund thinks I shouldn’t be talking to you,” Cassie answers. “So Edmund runs your life now?” Reva responds. Cassie remarks that no, he does not. Reva wants to know why Cassie hasn’t gotten back to her. Cassie explains that she has a lot going on in her life since she’s trying to get pregnant. She reassures Reva that Edmund will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. “Did you ever think that maybe it’s Edmund you need protecting from?” Reva asks.

Ross walks up to Dinah and Jonathan’s table and says hello. Suddenly, Dinah accuses Jonathan of stalking her. Ross is confused.

Alan is sitting outside Company on a bench while Buzz walks out and offers him a beer. Alan reminds him that it wasn’t that long ago when they both went through the hard situation with Carrie. T

hey both admit that they felt a certain kinship with each other through all of that. He says he was hoping that the kinship would have spilled over to all of the Coopers and the Spauldings. Alan says he blames everyone for what happened in the courtroom. He begins to justify Phillip’s actions again by blaming Phillip’s mental illness. Buzz remarks that even if Harley killed Phillip, she will still be his daughter.

Lizzie, crying on her bed, calls to Coop who has been banished outside her window. She agrees to let him in, taking his flowers and throwing them in the trash. Coop apologizes to Lizzie for what has happened, and justifies it by telling her he was just trying to save his sister. He knew there was broken glass all over Phillip’s murder scene, and he simply thought the shard of glass was part of the scene. She says she understands, but then remarks that maybe she is the killer. She remarks that she’s not that different from her father.

He tells her that she did not kill her father. Lizzie reminds him that he stole the glass from her room because he wanted her to be guilty. “You must have been so disappointed when you found out it wasn’t me,” she says. Coop says he had never wanted to be so wrong in his life when it came to that. They stare at each other, each seemingly thinking of the other.

Olivia and Sebastian have finished their tour. He says that he’s more impressed with how the workplace fawns over Olivia. She asks him what he thinks, and he says that he’s looking for someone to take care of his finances. She sweetly responds that she would love to take care of his money, and he asks her to join him for dinner. She agrees, knowing that he is up to something.

Tammy and Sandy talk about their old life together. He playfully lets her know of her bad habits. They feed each other sensually.

Ross confronts Jonathan about him stalking his daughter. Dinah stands behind Ross, smiling as Jonathan jokes about calling Dinah numerous times a day. They banter back and forth pretending that Jonathan is actually a stalker. Ross catches on and says they need to leave. He asks her what she’s doing with him, and Dinah honestly answers that they are spending time together. Ross thanks her for her honesty and warns her to be careful. When Ross leaves, he encounters Buzz. Buzz remarks that he doesn’t like the look of Dinah and Jonathan together. Buzz remarks that he’s desperately trying to save his daughter.

Dinah thanks Jonathan for devising a plan to have Reva tell Cassie about the fire. She kisses him, promising him that there will be more of that when the plan works.

Cassie accuses Reva of not being able to forgive Edmund for the man he used to be and of holding on to a child who does not exist. She can’t believe Reva can’t see that Edmund hasn’t changed. Reva reminds her that the only reason Jonathan has the problems he has today is because of Edmund. She tells him that Cassie is blind to the danger “under her own roof,” and she must inform her of that. Cassie tells her to love her son. However, she does not have to. Cassie begins to leave, and Reva apologizes again. “There’s something I have to tell you,” she says.

Tammy and Sandy slow dance in his apartment. He asks her kindly and tenderly if she would like to stay over. She refuses and says she’s not that kind of girl. He says he remembers a time when she used to beat herself up because she thought she was that kind of girl. She reminds him that it was him who helped her get through it. He agrees to end the night with a kiss. They kiss sweetly and continue to dance.

Lizzie looks up at Coop and asks “You really believed in me?” He responds that he always has. She says she’s not going to fall for it and runs into her room, screaming at him to leave. He can tell she’s not okay. Once she slams the door, she sinks to the ground bawling. Coop listens from the outside and appears more than concerned.

Still at Spaulding, Olivia makes a phone call to a private investigator. She demands that they get her everything they can on Sebastian. “You have no idea who you are dealing with,” she says to Sebastian’s memory as she hangs up the phone.

Outside, Alan and Sebastian speak privately. Alan remarks that Olivia has no idea who she’s dealing with. He tells Sebastian that Olivia is under the illusion that her job is permanent, but he’s really just waiting for the right candidate. He tells Sebastian that he should get to know Olivia better, but Sebastian has already planned for that. Alan is pleased.

While Dinah is paying the check, Jonathan remarks that Ross just gave him the evil eye and that he can see where she gets it from. Dinah stops, grabs Jonathan violently and reminds him that Ross is the only one who cares about her, and if he messes with him, no one will be able to find his body. Jonathan notices that she is serious, and he changes the subject. They begin to kiss again and decide the next place they will “celebrate.”

Outside Company, Ross makes a call and tells the person that the situation with Dinah has gone too far. He needs their help.

Cassie patiently asks Reva to back off and let her try to have another baby. She tells her that having a baby with Edmund is real to her. She has love and joy in her life. She has everything she could have ever dreamed of except for her sister. Cassie asks Reva to be by her side for the procedure. Reva is moved to tears. “I’ve always needed you,” Cassie reassures her. Reva says she would be honored to be at her side. They hug and cry together.

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