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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/22/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Dinah and Jonathan continue to kiss and grope one another in Reva’s living room. He mentions to her through kisses that now they’re even since they’ve both sold one another out. They move throughout the room making out while Dinah mentions how perfect their entire plan is. She makes a point of mentioning that Cassie will never forgive Edmund for starting the fire and Jonathan seems to agree, however he would prefer to move upstairs. Dinah begins undressing Jonathan and tells him how ‘hot’ he’s making her. He’s definitely not thinking solely about Cassie & Edmund. Dinah stops him abruptly, wondering if perhaps they should hold off on the celebration until after Reva has told Cassie. Jonathan obviously doesn’t think it’s necessary and mentions that no one would want their sister to stay married to a ‘lying pyromaniac murderer.’ Dinah laughs in glee as Jonathan kisses her neck and mentions heading upstairs to Josh & Reva’s bedroom. Thing between them begins to heat up again as they continue kissing.

Reva sits in Olivia’s Bar. She looks down at her drink obviously trying to figure out if she’s going to say anything. She takes a drink thinking about the conversation she had with Jonathan regarding the barn fire. In particular she thinks about whether or not Edmund is a real threat to anyone in her family. She hears Edmund’s voice and turns to look at him. He sits next to her and she looks at him. He tries to talk to her and she doesn’t respond until he begins to leave, telling her that he understands if she wants to be alone. She grabs his arm, looks up at him, and wonders if he’s ever had the answer to a question fall in his lap. He looks confused and informs her that he doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about. With a smug look on her face she asks him to sit down and offer to fill him in on what she’s talking about.

Tammy wanders around the apartment half dressed. She’s getting her things together for the gym when Sandy walks in. He quickly sees her without a shirt on and turns around. He mentions that this all has to stop and she replies back letting him know that he’ll have the place to himself soon enough as she’s headed out the door. Sandy informs her that she has to move out to which Tammy seems shocked.

Gus approaches Lizzie on the stand. He tells a teary Lizzie that the best way to get past all the hurt is to simply tell the truth so that she can get past it and move on with her life. Coop, Alan and Beth look on concerned for Lizzie. When she finally speaks she tells the court that she killed him. Alan stands up, addressing the judge that it all needs to stop. He barely looks at his granddaughter as he walks up to the bench and informs the judge that she has no idea what she is saying. Beth urges Jeffery to do something, while he looks at the report from the DNA lab. The judge pounds her gavel, reminding everyone that they’re in a courtroom. Alan yells at the judge while Beth tries to explain that Lizzie is confused.

Harley searches Lizzie’s face, obviously trying to figure out what is going on. Lizzie erupts yelling at everyone to stop. She informs them that they’ve all pushed her so much for the truth and that she can’t take it. She goes on to inform them all that she is guilty.

Sandy goes on explaining that she is driving him crazy “but in a good way.’ He further explains that he can’t take much more of her living with him as his platonic friend and mentions that if she moves out that he can properly date her. She smiles, making sure that it is all because she makes him ‘crazy in a good way.’ Sandy explains that with her not living there that they can begin dating one another. He leaves giving her directions on where to leave the key when she goes.

Jonathan and Dinah continue to roll around on the floor with one another. The two laugh as they wonder if one another feels any remorse for betraying someone that they love. They both agree that they don’t and that they did it for the right reasons. Just as they are about to head upstairs they hear someone come in the driveway. Dinah scrambles to get her things and leaves while Jonathan helps her out the back door. When Jonathan returns to the den he finds that Josh has come home. Josh wonders where Reva has gone and Jonathan tells him that he doesn’t know. Josh seems confused and asks a few questions about how Reva was acting before she left. Jonathan gives Josh very few details because as he claims he ‘doesn’t know.’

Josh mentions that Reva had a dream with him (Jonathan) in it and was upset about it. When he tells Jonathan that the dream had him as a victim of Edmund Jonathan assures Josh that it was anything but a dream. Josh looks at him wondering whether he should believe Jonathan or not.

Edmund tells Reva that it’s not really a good time and she urges him to sit down. She mentions the phone call that she was having with Cassie before he hung up on her. Edmund explains that he was trying to lessen his wife’s stress level. He wonders if Jonathan has shared their last encounter with his mother. Reva mentions Edmund attacking her son. He looks at her and wonders if he’s told Reva about Edmund coming to him in an attempt to make peace. Reva listens as Edmund tells her how he gave Jonathan the amethyst statue from his mother and offered to help his nephew. He further explains how Jonathan threw it all back in his face. Reva wonders why she’s supposed to take his word over her sons. He looks at her and urges her to think about what he’s done. She looks at Edmund informing him that she’s thinking about all he has done and it is obvious that she is talking about his evil past.

Ross is at the courthouse in the corridor thinking about what he has just seen at Reva’s house. Suddenly, Cassie comes walking down the hallway and says hello to him. She begins to talk about Harley’s trial when she notices that his mind is elsewhere. When she asks if everything is ok he replies by telling her that he’s finally opened his eyes where Dinah is concerned. Cassie seems glad and Ross assures her that even though he feels his daughter has some great qualities that she somehow feels not enough. He talks to her informing her that he’s worried about losing Dinah. Cassie looks worried and mentions that something should be done. He assures her that he will try his best to deal with Dinah as he knows she & Edmund are already going though a tough time. Cassie smiles and the two head inside the courtroom.

The judge mentions that perhaps they should take a recess and Gus wants to ask just one more question. When he asks her why she pulled the trigger she explains that he beat her mother. She tells them all that she couldn’t love him like a father even though he wanted her to. She mentions Carl’s name and Gus looks confused. Alan has a look of vindication on his face. The judge pounds on her gavel announcing that it is obvious that they’re talking about two separate people.

Lizzie explains that everyone wanted her to confess to being a murderer and that she did just that. She goes on to tell them that she can’t get over killing Carl. When Gus brings up the shard of glass that was found in Lizzie’s room Jeffery stands up announcing that he has the results and that the blood does not match Phillip’s. The judge wonders who the blood on the glass was and Jeffery tells them all that it was a match to Carl Stevens. She explains that the glass was from the potting shed the night that she killed Carl. She tells everyone that she kept the glass as a reminder that Carl Stevens is gone for good. Jeffery urges the court that they get back to the trial of who killed Phillip Spaulding.

As Josh is going through his mail Jonathan continues talking. He doesn’t understand why he’s the only one who remembers what Edmund was truly like. Josh mentions that he knows what Edmund’s past was like. Jonathan takes the opportunity to ask why everyone gets a second chance but him. Just then Sandy knocks at the door and walks in. He came to get a signature from Josh for the company. Jonathan takes the chance to mention that once again someone other than him was worthy of a second chance. When Jonathan brings up Sandy’s relationship with Tammy he replies telling Jonathan that Tammy is moving out of their apartment. Josh interrupts the two of them wondering if he’s heard from Reva. Jonathan mentions that Reva said she had an important decision to make and leaves.

Edmund assures Reva that he’s telling her the truth about her son. He tells her that she might want to believe him for Cassie’s sake. Reva gets up and moves to another table and Edmund follows. He mentions all the changes he has made and that he’s willing to do anything to protect his wife. She looks at him defiant telling him that she sees his actions as a desperate attempt to prove that he’s changed. She informs him that she doesn’t see him as a changed man and he grabs her arms. He becomes agitated telling her that she doesn’t know what she’s dealing with. He goes on to tell her that it is his job to protect his wife and that he will do that at any cost. She warns him to let go of her and he tells her that his wife will never get hurt.

The judge dismisses the courtroom and Beth rushes over to her daughter. Lizzie wonders if her mother thinks she killed her own father. Beth assures her that she didn’t think that. The two hug one another.

Coop tells an upset Gus that he thought the piece of glass was used in Phillip’s murder. Harley watches the two of them and tells Coop not to worry about it. Gus tells Coop before he rushes out that he will prove that Harley is innocent. On his way out Gus runs into his father who wonders if he is satisfied that he attacked his own niece. He informs Gus that he has made everything harder on himself. Jeffery sticks up for Gus and tells Alan to lay off his son. Alan turns his ranting at Jeffery wondering why he didn’t defend Lizzie more when she was on the stand. Jeffery walks away and Alan looks at Ross. He wonders when they can begin to disbar Gus. Ross assures Alan that he loved Phillip and only wants justice done. He wonders what cost Alan is willing to pay for justice. Alan informs Ross that any cost is fine. Ross doesn’t seem to agree with Alan and walks out telling him that when he finally comes to his senses to give him a call. Alan calls out after him yelling that this is the last time he wants to see Gus in court unless he is defending himself.

Harley goes to follow Gus and runs into Cassie on her way out. Harley thanks Cassie for coming and leaves. Cassie turns around to see Dinah standing there.

Dinah wonders if her nemesis is ok and she tells Dinah that things aren’t. She brings up Edmund wondering if the two of them had a fight and Cassie assures her that they didn’t. She tells Dinah that she was simply upset by what happened in the courtroom and that things between her and Edmund couldn’t be better and walks off.

Tammy is packing up her boxes when she hears a knock on the door. Thinking that it is Sandy she calls out to him informing him that she isn’t 100% moved out yet. When she opens the door and Finds Jonathan there she’s shocked and wonders what is going on. He coyly tells her that he heard she was moving and wanted to help. After having the door slammed in his face Jonathan gets a phone call from Dinah informing him that his plan to break up Cassie & Edmund didn’t work. She wonders if he has anything else up his sleeve. He looks back towards Sandy’s apartment and tells her that he’s going to try something else and hangs up on her. He walks back over to the door and begins knocking again. This time he hollers until Tammy opens the door.

When the two are face to face once more he notifies her that he wants to help their mother become sisters once more. She doesn’t believe him and he tells her that he needs her help.

Reva wonders if her brother in law is threatening her and he tells her that he’s not. He takes a drink after informing her that he’s feeling threatened with all her talk of his world collapsing. He urges her to come out and tell him what she wants to. She agrees warning him that if he touches her again that he will be sorry. Suddenly we hear Josh walk into the bar and say hello to his wife. She seems surprised to see him and he wonders what is going on. Edmund mentions that they were toasting to the future. He gets up and tells them that he has to leave and get back to his wife. Edmund tells them both that it was good to see them and walks away. Josh sits down and wonders what is going on. She tells him that Edmund is dangerous and going after Jonathan. She looks at Josh in the eye and tells him that if she doesn’t stop him he will destroy Cassie as well.

Josh and Reva are talking about the fire at the barn as they walk into their house. Reva calls out looking for Jonathan and wonders what will happen if Edmund finds Jonathan again. Meanwhile, Josh is trying to reason with his wife wondering if the story is even true. He continually reminds her that they don’t know what happened and that she wanted to believe it. She urges him that it is true because of the look she saw in Edmund’s eye.

Tammy gives Jonathan two minutes to explain his case. He wonders what he can do and mentions that even if he left nothing would help. Jonathan reminds her that his mother would follow him to help get him back. Tammy listen as Jonathan tells her that it is their job to get their mother back together. She wonders why he wants to help out and he gives her a lame story about wanting to get Josh off his back. She believes it, calling him selfish. Just as he’s about to give up on her helping him she calls out to him wondering what he wants her to do. He thinks that they should meet at Olivia’s to discuss their course of action. He reasons that if they meet there that they will be in public and not alone. She agrees and tells him that he’s doing a nice thing.

Cassie walks into the courtroom and runs into Jeffery who is holding her scarf. She doesn’t look pleased to see him and mentions that he should be happy that things went well for him in court. Cassie is obviously not pleased that he is prosecuting the case against Harley and makes it known that she doesn’t agree with him. She says that unlike him she thinks people come before anything else. She wonders why he is hiding behind the law and he turns the tables on her. He asks what she’s hiding behind. She looks confused and before the two have a chance to talk anymore Edmund appears.

He wonders what she is doing and she assures him that she is ready for tomorrow. Jeffery overhears the two of them and doesn’t seem convinced when Cassie explains that he’s simply being overprotective. Dinah watches the three of them from another doorway.

Coop makes an attempt to apologize to Lizzie who doesn’t want to hear it. She walks off with her mother leaving him with Alan. He assures Coop that he hopes the Coopers are happy with ‘squatting on Spaulding land’ and mentions that as soon as Harley goes down the rest of the family will as well. He threatens that the Coopers will be on the street along with Gus and then leaves with Beth and Lizzie.

With holes in his socks and an ashtray full, Gus continues to work on the case in the Harley’s Angels office. He looks surprised when Harley walks in. He urges her to go home and get some sleep before court. She ignores him, wondering if he’s taking care of himself. He assures her that he’s fine and on to something. She tells him to look at what is going on with him and reminds him of everything he has lost. She tells him that enough is enough.

Reva admits that she had her doubts about what Jonathan told her; but that when she ran into Edmund all her questions were indirectly answered. Josh wonders if she confronted him directly about the information and she tells her husband that she could see it all in his eyes even if he did keep the violence under wraps. Josh thinks that perhaps she is being manipulated into thinking what Jonathan wants her to. The two begin discussing who in the relationship needs who and Josh mentions that he thinks she needs her son more than she needs him. Reva accuses Josh of being melodramatic. After taking a breath and trying to diffuse the situation he mentions that he thinks she did the right thing by not telling Edmund and she reminds him that it doesn’t mean she won’t tell her sister.

Jeffery tells Edmund & Cassie that he hopes things works out. As Edmund leads her away she apologizes to Jeffery for being so hard on him earlier. Once they’ve left Dinah approaches Jeffery wondering why he feels bad if he loves Cassie. He walks back into the courtroom. At the elevator, Cassie tells Edmund that she will meet him at home. Before leaving she tells him that if he continues to worry about her that he’s going to drive himself crazy. He picks up the phone as soon as she’s gone and calls the fertility clinic. He informs them that he’s concerned about his wife’s privacy and security.

Sandy returns home and sees some of Tammy’s things still on the table. He looks around and when he doesn’t’ see her calls her. He also mentions that he’s throwing a party and invites her to it.

Tammy walks into Olivia’s bar which is completely dark. She wonders what is going on just as someone covers her mouth from behind her.

Gus informs Harley that the bottom line is that someone killed Phillip and that it wasn’t her. He goes on telling her that he just needs some time. She expresses concern over his eating and sleeping habits and he mentions that the only thing he cares about is her. She looks thankful that he cares so much for her but worried about him. She makes him lay down and he falls asleep quickly. She climbs into bed and lies next to him.

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