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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/21/05

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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Cassie and Edmund are kissing by candlelight when Cassie suddenly pulls away. She says she must get ready for her appointment with her fertility doctor the next day and begins rummaging through the house. Edmund trails after her, reminding her that the doctor said not to undergo any more stress. They step out on the doorstep, and Cassie nearly trips over the broken amethyst statue. Edmund picks it up and realizes that Jonathan paid them a visit. He remarks to Cassie that after reaching his hand out to Jonathan, he simply “spit in his face."

Jonathan continues to convince Reva that it was Edmund who started the fire in the barn. Confused, Reva asks him why Edmund would do such a thing. Jonathan tells her it was because of Edmund’s jealousy over Jeffrey. Reva remembers that Jeffrey was present the day of the fire and that he was injured when something “fell” on him. Jonathan responds “Or something smacked him,” leading her to believe that Edmund attacked Jeffrey.

Outside the courtroom, Dinah tried to get Jonathan on the phone. She has just learned from Cory that Cassie is set to begin the first step of the in vitro fertilization process the following day. In her message to Jonathan, she boldly tells him “whatever you are doing to break up Edmund and Cassie is not enough!” Ross surprises her in the hallway, but appears not to have heard her words. He coerces her into joining him at the trial to support Harley.

In the courtroom, there is chaos after Gus accuses Lizzie of being the true murderer. Alan and Beth are outraged, and the judge warms Gus to tread lightly in his questioning. He resumes and asks Lizzie how it made her feel to learn that Phillip planned on abducting her as well. She replies she hated him for it. “Did you hate him enough to kill him?” Gus demands.

Tammy arrives at Lewis construction to visit a very busy Sandy. It seems the secretary has taken the week off leaving Sandy alone with hours of work. Tammy sweetly volunteers to help him out with the office chores.

Edmund is infuriated at finding his broken gift to Jonathan on the ground. Cassie tries to calm him down, but it does not work. Edmund’s rage is growing again, and she acknowledges that it needs to stop. She doesn’t want to have a baby with someone who cannot control his anger and has it in his blood to nearly kill someone. She reassures him that Jonathan can’t hurt them anymore because all of their secrets have been resolved.

Back at Reva’s house, Jonathan tells Reva that Edmund hit Jeffrey with a shovel causing him to fall and drop the lantern that started the fire. She refuses to believe that was how the fire was started without Jonathan naming his source. Jonathan refuses, and she continues to think about it herself. She realizes that it had to be either Dinah or Jeffrey, and at Dinah’s mention, Jonathan lights up in confirmation. Still, Reva has a hard time stomaching the thought of Edmund being so cruel to Jeffrey. Jonathan tells her that Edmund hasn’t changed, and she better start believing it.

Gus continues to question Lizzie by asking her what she would do in a situation where her family members are being hurt. She begins to speak in a daze, reliving the night of the murder. She says she tried to talk him out of hurting the children and her in the process. The entire courtroom is stunned. Harley appears to have a ray of hope for her acquittal. Gus then presses Lizzie and asks “Is that when you pulled the trigger?” Suddenly, Lizzie’s vision blurs, and she faints forward on the witness stand. Alan and Beth rush to Lizzie’s aid as the trial goes into temporary recess. Harley is equally concerned, but Coop urges her to stay away from Lizzie. Gus will get the truth out of her.

Alan warns Gus to stop badgering Lizzie. He reminds him that his children and grandchildren are all he has, and he’s not going to let them be hurt simply because Gus will do anything to get Harley off. To Alan’s vow of protection for his grandchildren, Gus strongly replies “So you’re going to protect her like you protected Phillip?”

Beth asks Jeffrey if he’s going to allow what Gus is doing to Lizzie. He replies that Gus is doing what anyone would do in his position. Beth reminds him that while Lizzie may appear strong, she is “as fragile as glass” on the inside.

Coop sneaks up to talk to a recovering Lizzie on the witness stand. He tells her she needs to speak the truth. He lets her know that he found the bloody shard of glass she kept in her room, and now she needs to talk about it. “You need to tell them what you did!” he urges. She slaps him across the face in response.

Back at Lewis, Tammy tries to make small talk with Sandy while getting their work done. However, he is unable to concentrate on anything except how she looks in her miniskirt. He says it’s impossible to do office work while she’s present. Tammy reminds him that they’re almost finished and playfully demands that he buy her dinner in return for her generosity. He cheerfully agrees, and they leave together.

Edmund continues to weigh the recent events with Jonathan in his mind. He appears obsessed with his thoughts as Cassie continuously begs him to forget about it. She says that there is nothing more important to think about than their relationship. He corrects her by adding “protecting” their relationship. Cassie asserts that they can’t protect themselves by becoming obsessed with Jonathan. They must try another source – Reva.

Reva is crushed in learning that Edmund caused the fire, and she wonders what to do with the information. Jonathan tells her that he’s really not sure if Edmund’s behavior was a one-time thing or the beginning of a pattern. He suggests that she tell Cassie. The phone rings. Cassie is calling to tell Reva some news of her own. Reva replies “Yeah, I’ve got some news for you too.” Reva hesitates. She tells Cassie that it would be better to speak about this in person since it’s about her and Edmund. Cassie is angered when she realizes the information came from Jonathan. They bicker again until Edmund grabs the phone and promptly hangs it up. Reva concludes that because Edmund ended her conversation with Cassie, he now wants to keep them apart.

Cassie asks Edmund why he had the nerve to hang up on her sister. He reminds her that no new stress is supposed to enter her life and that for the next few days; he will see that it doesn’t. He vows to take control of her life whether she likes it or not. “I will do anything to protect you,” he repeats.

In the courtroom, Lizzie scolds Coop saying “You have no idea what you’ve done! It’s all coming back now, and I’m nothing like him!” Beth confronts Harley as if she is enjoying the interrogation of Lizzie. Harley reassures her that she is not enjoying it one bit. Beth accuses her of trying to pin the crime on Lizzie just to be acquitted. She warns her that if he does get off, there’s no way she’ll be able to live with herself knowing she did it all by incriminating Lizzie.

Alan begins to badger Jeffrey about his ability as a lawyer. He demands to know what type of evidence Gus has on Lizzie. Jeffrey vows to find out. A law clerk of Jeffrey’s walks in and informs him of the new evidence. Someone had a DNA test run specifically for that case. Jeffrey looks back at Coop in wonderment. The trial comes back into session.

Reva leaves the house, but not before telling Jonathan that she really doesn’t know if she can tell Cassie about the fire. Cassie won’t listen to her, and she will probably lose her if she does tell her. Jonathan says again that he is scared of Edmund, and he just wants Reva to be safe.

Dinah arrives to see Jonathan after Reva leaves. She warns him again that he must do something to break Cassie and Edmund up before their appointment tomorrow. Jonathan says he’s taken care of it. They begin to kiss again.

Emphasizing a stress-free environment, Edmund asks Cassie to go to a clinic in New Mexico for their appointment. It would be just the two of them in a tranquil desert with no stresses to slow them down. Cassie refuses, citing that she wants to be at home with a doctor she trusts, and she wants him by her side. Edmund agrees and gets up to leave. When he walks out the front door, his face suddenly turns angry.

Over dinner at the pool hall, Tammy and Sandy talk about second chances. She acknowledges that Edmund has changed, and all of them gave him a second chance. Sandy says he is grateful for his own second chance. They both wonder about two people who don’t seem to deserve a second chance – Jonathan and Lizzie. Sandy admits that he believes Lizzie does.

Gus begins pressing Lizzie again by asking what happened and how she felt the night of the murder. She says it was “horrible” and that she was pushed too far. “He was a monster. I had to make him go away,” she declares.

Sandy offers to drop Tammy back at home on his way back to the office. Tammy agrees, although she is disappointed. Sandy thanks her again for her help at the office. “No problem, we make a good team,” Tammy responds. He pleasantly agrees and watches her closely as she leaves the restaurant.

Reva goes to Olivia’s bar and orders a strong drink. She asks the bartender what to do in her situation. Should she tell Cassie? He answers that it depends on who the person is in question. Reva hopes that she makes the right choice. Edmund walks into the bar and grabs a seat next to her. He orders the same drink as Reva and turns to her. She tips her glass in recognition.

Cassie examines the broken amethyst once again. She flashes back to Edmund’s comment about keeping her life in control whether she likes it or not. “He’s just being overprotective, that’s all,” she reassures herself.

R.J. walks in, and Cassie tells him of their plans for a baby. R.J. seems happy, but a little worried about something on his mind. They embrace, and Cassie takes a long look at the broken statue again.

After hearing that Jonathan named her responsible for the story of the fire, she pushes Jonathan across the room angrily. He lets her know it was an eye for an eye. Since she told Edmund about his night with Cassie before the wedding, he feels at liberty to tell Reva her information about the fire. Jonathan then tells her not to worry. His telling Reva about the fire will surely break up Edmund and Cassie. The two kiss again, more passionately this time.

Ross walks up and sees them through the window.

Gus continues to coerce Lizzie into telling the truth. She finally declares “I did it! I picked up the gun and shot him. I killed him!” Harley is speechless.

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