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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/18/05

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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Harley pays a visit to the old tree house Frank built for her as a child. While she is there, Frank appears and admits that he had a feeling she would be there.

Harley calls it her only “safe” place, and Frank admits he feels the same way. She assures Frank that none of the recent events are his fault, but he looks thoroughly responsible and sad. There is a flash forward, and the two walk into the courtroom holding hands. Frank kisses her hand, and they both take their seats. Olivia is at Towers leading a press conference about Alan’s imprisonment. Sebastian arrives and asks if she has any idea when Alan will be released. Olivia, puzzled by this new face, answers that she is working on it diligently. He praises her and walks out while she asks his name.

Tammy arrives at the farm to see a nervous Cassie pacing the floor. Cassie is waiting for a call from Dr. Sheehan about the pregnancy process. Tammy wonders where Edmund is.

Reva has a nightmare about Edmund smothering Jonathan as an infant. She is awakened by Josh as she declares “We must stop Edmund!” “He’s going to kill Jonathan!” At Towers, Edmund encounters Jonathan on the balcony and eerily asks “Got a minute for your Uncle?” Back at their house, Josh assures Reva that it was just a dream and that Edmund has changed. He has a lot more to lose now if he reverts back to his malicious old self. Reva rejects this explanation and says again that nearly everyone except her would love to see Jonathan hurt, including Josh. They argue again, and Reva says she feels as if Josh just wants Jonathan out of her life. He corrects her by saying that he just wants him out of their house. Reva grows extremely upset and tells Josh that he has no idea how it feels not to be able to let his guard down with anyone. He quickly realizes she is not talking about Jonathan anymore, she is talking about herself.

Jonathan warns Edmund not to touch him. However, this time Edmund isn’t angry. He approaches Jonathan with a warm and peaceful tone. He assures him he does not want to hurt him. Edmund tells Jonathan that before he and Cassie can begin their life together, there is something he must say to him – I’m sorry. Edmund extends his hand for Jonathan to shake. Cassie admits to Tammy that she’s worried about how angry Edmund is with Jonathan. Tammy looks worried and asks what would happen if Edmund did something to hurt Jonathan.

Cassie says she does not want that to happen. She quickly changes the subject and asks Tammy cheerfully about her “man” Sandy. Tammy smiles and tells her not to jinx it, but that she hopes something will happen. She remarks that she didn’t believe she would ever feel this way again after what Jonathan did to her.

Olivia finishes the press conference and heads to the bar to meet Bill. They both wonder who Sebastian is. Bill asks her how long she’s going to let Alan sit in prison. “As long as I can,” she responds, laughing. Olivia leaves, and Billy walks in and observes that Bill is looking “ragged.” At the prison, Alan is getting bailed out by Sebastian, although he expects that it is Olivia helping him. Alan is confused, but recognizes Sebastian as Roger’s son.

Jeffrey calls Frank to the witness stand and begins to ask questions. He makes the point that Frank arrested Harley because the evidence pointed to her as the criminal. Frank declares “When I arrested Harley Cooper, I believed she was the murderer.” Harley is in tears. Jonathan brushes off Edmund’s hand and asks what he’s sorry about. He replies “for everything.” He’s sorry for the “misery” that has been Jonathan’s life.

Edmund says he wants to make it up to him. He pulls out a family heirloom, an amethyst Buddha that belonged to his mother, to give to Jonathan. Edmund says he will do everything to make it easier for him to fit into their family. “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Sebastian says the reason he bailed Alan out is because he wants a job. “Like father like son,” Alan replies. Sebastian remarks that after his brush with death, he isn’t afraid to live and will apply that to his job. He suggests that it may even help out in Alan’s situation with Olivia, his “self-serving vixen.” Sebastian discloses that he knows Olivia didn’t raise a finger to help bail him out, and he had it done in thirty minutes. Alan says he will consider him for a position. Gus cross examines Frank, suggesting that he thoughtlessly and falsely arrested his family members for the murder. Frank is hurt, but he understands that Gus must take extreme measures to get Harley off. Outside the courtroom, Coop calls the testing site again and asks for the results of the tests done on the shard of glass. The person says they had already informed him of the results and spoke to a girl. Coop suspects that Lizzie intercepted the call.

Jonathan arrives back at Josh and Reva’s and spies on them through the window. He pulls out Edmund’s fragile gift and throws it to the ground, destroying it.

Inside, Josh says he knows that Reva sometimes feels like an outcast, but that is not who she is anymore. She tells him that his voice alone has the power to bring her back to earth. He assures her that no one looks down on her except for herself and that there are many people rooting for her where Jonathan is concerned. Josh offers to help her figure it out as a pair, and they share a long embrace. Jonathan, still spying from the window, looks angry. Josh leaves to meet Billy, and Jonathan walks in looking frightened. Reva wants to know what is wrong with him. He tells her he bumped into Edmund and that it seems like he wants him gone.

Edmund arrives back at the farm and tells Cassie about his conversation with Jonathan. She is surprised but grateful to learn that he apologized to him for trying to hurt him. They kiss, and the phone rings. Olivia is at Spaulding going over Alan’s bail application. She remarks that it’s “putting her to sleep” and yells at the secretary to bring her some tea. “Would you like one lump or two?” Alan walks in and asks. Coop encounters Lizzie at the water fountain, and he asks her if she’s nervous about getting on the witness stand. He reminds her that it isn’t that hard to just tell the truth. Thinking back to his missed phone call, he asks Lizzie if she happened to hear his phone ring while they were at Harley’s house the day before. She declines to answer and asks curiously who he was expecting a call from. It’s apparent that she might know more than she’s letting on. In the courtroom, Lizzie is called to the witness stand.

Olivia is pleasantly surprised to see Alan, and they engage in their usual biting chat. He says he has two gentlemen waiting for her in reception. She opens the door to peer out, and two orderlies from Ravenwood are standing by the desk. Alan threatens to have her thrown back in if she ever attempts something like this again. She now owes him, and he wants a piece of Slingshot Enterprises in return. She refuses profusely. For now, he requests that she sit with him at the trial in order to give the media a good picture. Jeffrey begins to question Lizzie, but he realizes that she’s alarmed at the sight of Gus sitting before her.

Regardless of Gus’s objections, Lizzie informs the jury that he will do anything to get Harley off, including lie. She then shows the jury her self-inflicted bruises on her arm and names Gus as the culprit. The jury gasps.

Cassie hangs up the phone. She tells Edmund that Dr. Sheehan has scheduled the appointment for the egg retrieval the following day. They are overjoyed and rejoice again about their new life. Cassie tells him how great it feels to finally have no secrets. Edmund appears worried. Josh meets Billy at Towers and tells him about Reva’s troubles with Jonathan. He feels like Reva is slipping away from him, and she gets further and further every day. Back at the house, Jonathan tells Reva that Edmund threatened him again, clearly lying. Reva asks again if he believes Edmund is dangerous. He acknowledges “yes” and goes on to say that Edmund nearly killed Cassie. Olivia and Alan arrive at the courtroom, and Bill is bothered to see her sitting with him. Gus cross-examines Lizzie. He remarks that Lizzie has a history of mental illness, like her father. He uses Lizzie’s hit-and-run accident, Olivia’s suspicious fall down the stairs, and the boarding school fire as bait. She grows angry. Gus calls her the most “unlucky” person in the world and accuses her of being the murderer.

Josh tells Billy that he doesn’t think there is any hope with Reva. He can’t win. Reva tries to pull the information about Cassie out of Jonathan. “Remember the fire?” Jonathan asks. Back at the farm, Cassie and Edmund talk again about their future baby and how happy they are to finally be together.

Meanwhile, Jonathan lets Reva know that Edmund was the one who started the fire that almost killed Cassie. Reva is shocked.

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