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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/17/05

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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Olivia is at Spaulding headquarters as Bill breezes through the door. She is wrapping up a phone conversation with Alan from prison and motions to Bill to stay silent. She tells a very eager and restless Alan to “sit tight,” and she will have him out very soon. She lies happily and says that she hates the thought of him being in prison just as much as he does. As soon as Olivia hangs up, she turns to Bill and smiles. “That was more fun than I thought,” she says. Bill and Olivia engage in their usual sexual innuendo, and Olivia remarks how much she loves to run Spaulding while Alan “rots in prison.” She also begins to speak about how much of a turn on it is to be the only people at Spaulding. Bill becomes uneasy. “Speaking of that, there’s something I need to talk to you about,” as a knock sounds at the door. Olivia looks disturbed as Harley walks in.

Holly is alone in the elevator at Towers with a newly made-over Sebastian. He has tanned skin and bleached blonde spiky hair. “You don’t exist,” she says while giving him a hard poke on the shoulder to make sure he’s real. Sebastian smiles at Holly’s realization that it’s actually him. Holly is shocked. She promptly faints. Ross meets Blake at Company and hands her an envelope with two tickets inside. They are for a Broadway show in New York, and Ross happily informs her that he’s made reservations for them to stay at the Plaza that weekend. Blake is somewhat suspicious. “Why now?” she asks. He explains that the gesture is not only an attempt for romance, but also an apology for keeping the information about Sebastian a secret. Blake refuses and tells him she can’t be bought that easily.

At Towers, Jonathan sneaks up on Dinah at the bar and kisses her cheek. “Scram,” she says in a careless tone. Confused, Jonathan reminds her that she didn’t take that tone with him last night or that morning. She says she’s meeting someone and gives him the cold shoulder until he suggests to her that he has information about a rift between Cassie and Edmund. She grabs him, interestedly. Edmund is at home having flashbacks of hurting Jonathan the day before. Cassie comes up behind him, startling him and asks if he is okay. She apologizes again about the night before their wedding. He says it’s over now and that he must get to Towers for a meeting. They share a long kiss and Cassie says “I love you,” to which he replies “same.” She is a little taken aback. After Edmund leaves, Reva bursts through the door and shouts “Where’s Edmund?!” In an effort for appeasement, Cassie tries to calm her by asking why she needs to see him. Reva replies coldly “so I can tell him to stay the hell away from my son or he’s going to be sorry!”

Harley is greeted warmly by Bill and coldly by Olivia. She asks if it is a bad time. Olivia wants to say “yes” but declines in favor of Bill’s wishes. Bill tells Harley that he was subpoenaed by Jeffrey to testify at her trial. He knows he will ask him about Ruth. Bill assures Harley that he will do anything to make things better for her.

Olivia overhears him from her desk and asks angrily “You’re going to perjure yourself for her?”

Holly is still on the floor in the elevator while Sebastian pushes the button to stop it from moving. She awakes, startled, and demands to know how in the world he survived. More importantly, she wants to know if he’s back for revenge.

Sebastian has no idea how he survived, just that he did, and for that he feels a great sense of duty to live his life fully. In Company, Ross apologizes for trying to buy Blake off. Blake says she understands his relationship with Holly. It means that he must sometimes be less sensitive to her, and she doesn’t hold that against him. However, she still has a lot of questions and will pursue them no matter what. Changing the subject, Blake asks where they are eating and requests they go to her favorite New York restaurant. Ross agrees, and Blake is back to her bubbly, romantic self. “Guilt can be a positive force,” she discloses to him. At this statement, Ross becomes uneasy. “If that’s the case, I think I should be guilty for a little while longer,” he replies. He tells Blake that he has reason to believe that Dinah is up to her old obsessive tricks and has been playing him for a fool. Blake asks him what he’s going to do about it. “I have something up my sleeve,” he answers. She replies “Good!” with a wicked smile. Blake rises and says she must go to Towers, but not before she tells him to pay her bill and make sure their plane tickets are first-class. They kiss, and she struts off with a diva-like elegance.

Back at Towers, Jonathan tells Dinah that Reva saw him limping at their house earlier in the day. He was forced to tell her about Edmund’s attempt to “rough” him up. Dinah’s mouth drops. Jonathan informs her that Reva is now on her way to Cassie’s in order to confront Edmund. “Fabulous,” Dinah responds excitedly. He says she owes him one now and that he knows exactly how he wants to collect, hinting at another sexual escapade. She refuses. With that, Cory, her date, arrives across the room. Jonathan stares him down with a chuckle and asks if she’s joking. “Where’s his pocket protector?” Jonathan inquires. Dinah explains to him that he’s a fertility doctor, and she thinks he might come in handy since Edmund and Cassie are trying to get pregnant. They playfully banter back and forth until Dinah leaves to meet Cory. Cory is boyishly excited when Dinah shows up to greet him. The two sit down for cocktails, and Cory says he has invited someone else along – his mother. On the other side of the room, Edmund walks in and meets eyes with Jonathan.

As Cassie’s farm, Reva restlessly runs around the room demanding to know where Edmund is. “He attacked Jonathan,” she says to an already enlightened Cassie. Reva does not know that Cassie was present at the time. Cassie tells her that nothing happened. Yes, Edmund was angry. Yes, he attacked Jonathan, and yes, he might have done something terrible if she hadn’t shown up. “Might have?” Reva asks with a tone of disbelief. Cassie says that Jonathan deserved it, and if she wants to blame someone, she should blame her since she was the one who set him up in the first place. Reva informs her that she’s missing the true reason why Cassie didn’t just tell Edmund about it that night—because she knew how he would react. Reva shouts “big bad Edmund is back!” to a concerned and hurt Cassie.

Olivia tries to reason with Bill about not lying on the witness stand. He thinks she is making too big a deal about it, and turns to Harley. Harley agrees that Olivia is right, but Bill says he will do whatever it takes. Harley tells him to just be honest on the stand. He smiles as if he has another agenda. Sebastian helps Holly to a seat at the Towers bar. He assures her he won’t hurt her, and that he is happy to let her off the hook for the “accidental” push. He acknowledges that he has been following her these past few weeks, but only because he wanted to see how she would react. Now he feels like a better and cured person. Lastly, he says he doesn’t blame her for the things he drove her to do. He is in Springfield because, after cheating death twice, he wants to “revel in life.” Holly is suspicious.

Dinah is uneasy about meeting Cory’s mom. In walks an old, critically-sounding woman. The three of them engage in biting small talk, and it is apparent that she does not like Dinah. Cory leaves to get a drink, and Dinah and his mother are now alone.

Dinah tries to start a casual conversation, but is offset when Cory’s mother proclaims “Drop the act…I know all about how you shot your ex-fiancé, and you have another thing coming if you think I’m going to let you sink your hooks into my baby boy.” Across Towers, Jonathan tries to talk to Edmund, but he is ignored. Edmund shoots him an evil look and tells him he should leave. Jonathan is a bit stunned and leaves while Edmund clearly contemplates something going on in his head.

Reva continually tries to convince Cassie that Edmund has not changed. She tries to remind her of the time when Edmund locked her in the tower in San Cristobel. Cassie rejects Reva’s beliefs, reminding her that Jonathan is the same kind of terror Edmund was, and Reva is allowing him to change.

Reva explains that the only reason Jonathan causes pain is because he was made that way through the pain inflicted on him as a child. In her eyes, Edmund was born an evil person and always will be. That is the difference between the two of them. Cassie orders Reva out of her house, but she refuses. Cassie leaves, slamming the door as Reva calls out “You know I’m right!”

Cory arrives back with a drink only to hear his mother call Dinah a “vulture” and exclaim “I’ll die before I see him with you!” Edmund walks up behind the woman and calmly says “that’s enough.” Dinah is delightfully surprised. Outside Company, Cassie sees Jonathan who innocently asks if Edmund has ever considered anger management classes. Cassie ignores him, but returns to ask if he really thinks Edmund would have hurt him had she not shown up the day before. “Ummm yeah,” he replies.” “Hurt me, kill me, and then hurt me some more.” He reminds her that both he and Edmund are from the same gene pool, and he would have done the same thing. Cassie forcefully retorts “you and Edmund are nothing alike.” Jonathan then wonders aloud if it’s ever strange for Cassie to share a home and a bed with someone who did such hurtful things to her and her family in the past.

Sebastian tells Holly that he’s moving to Springfield to be near his family, and he wants to find something to do that will make him feel happy and useful. Holly believes it is only because Roger lived there. She begins to ask him a question, but is interrupted when Blake walks in and is shocked to see Sebastian standing before her. Bill maintains that he wants to help Harley and will not give up on her. She says he sounds like Gus, who’s even building a house for her to live in after she gets “acquitted.” She says that she simply wants everyone to be realistic about their lives and stop worrying about her. He agrees to abide by it. They share a hug with an unnerved Olivia looking on. Blake is shocked to see Sebastian alive. He lies and tells her he was in a coma and just happened to wake up as opposed to telling her Holly threw him out of a plane. Next he asks if Blake “hates” him for the “crazy” things he did on the island. He wants to make it up to both Blake and Holly. He leaves, and Holly remarks that she does not believe he’s changed. Holly catches Sebastian in the lobby and thanks him for not telling Blake about the plane incident. He tells her again that he is truly here for a new start.

Bill leaves the office to pick up food. Harley and Olivia are left alone. Harley remarks to Olivia that Bill is a very good man, but Olivia is upset because of her presence at Spaulding. She does not want to give the impression that Spaulding is “fraternizing with the enemy.”

Olivia tells Harley that if she loves Bill as a friend, she will think of him and keep her distance. Bill returns to see Harley rush out the door, annoyed. He looks at Olivia and they begin arguing over Harley. She calls her a “lost cause,” and reasons that they do not need to be mixed up with her when they have their own agenda to follow. Still outside Company, Cassie grabs an unknown man in a dark business suit who has been following her. She demands to know who he is just as Ross rushes up. He says that he assigned “Rufus” to follow her in order to protect her from Dinah. She rejects his explanation and storms away. Edmund tells Cory’s mother that she owes Dinah an apology. She refuses to give one, grabs Cory, and they leave. Dinah thanks Edmund cheerfully, but Edmund says he must go. As Reva leaves Cassie’s, she runs into Jonathan, who is frightened by her touch. She wonders why and concludes that he was afraid it was Edmund. “Did you think I was going to hurt you?” she asks.

Olivia, now alone, calls Jeffrey’s office and offers willingly to testify against Harley. Bill meets Billy at Harley’s unfinished house. He asks if it’s possible to help Gus finish it on their dollar. He agrees. Blake sees Harley at Towers. Harley informs her that Jeffrey has decided to put Frank on the stand to testify against her. Sebastian tells Holly he will steer clear of her. He owes her, and he will honor her by keeping his distance. After he leaves, Holly calls her secretary and asks her to get her a plane ticket “to the farthest place” she can get. Reva asks again why Jonathan was frightened. He says he feels as if someone is following him. He appears to be worried about Edmund finding him again. Edmund and Cassie meet for lunch at Company. He assures her that the situation with Jonathan will not escalate. Cassie gets up and walks to the counter, and Edmund is clearly still fighting thoughts in his mind. The scene finishes with him proclaiming “I won’t lose you Cassie, and I will destroy anyone who gets in your way.”

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