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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/16/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Towers, Holly sits alone at a table. A waiter comes over to her and lets her know that a package has come for her. At first she seems excited and then she actually opens the present. Inside is a green flower print dress. She looks around nervously, obviously searching for someone. She thinks back to being in her cell at the villa in Santo Domingo. Sebastian had given her a gift and when she opened it she found a green flower print dress. Holly thinks back to when she tried on the dress and then snaps back to reality. She looks at though her heart has stopped beating.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Marina grabs Coop telling him that she needs his help. He wonders what is going on and she explains that she needs help picking out a Valentine’s Day card for Danny. She lays three choices out on the counter and Coop reminds her that she’s a day late. Marina advises him that she did it that way on purpose so that a big deal couldn’t be made out of the day. She tells him that she wants one and then can’t finish her sentence. Coop looks at the pile of cards surprised that she bought them all. He jokes around telling her that she’s a bit pathetic. She tells shim that they all seemed nice in the store. The two of them look up and after seeing something outside rush out. Outside, Lizzie stands in front of numerous reporters. She informs them that Harley was her father’s ex wife and that she was never happy with anything Phillip did for her. She goes on explaining that now she and her 3 other brothers no longer have a father. Marina gets to Lizzie and yells to everyone that her aunt is not a murderer. Coop tells the reporters to stop while Lizzie maintains that Marina is bias. Marina looks at her as if she can’t believe what she is hearing and reminds Lizzie that she’s bias as well. Lizzie looks spiteful and tells Marina to go back inside as she’s still ‘on the clock.’ Marina informs her that she won’t go inside while Lizzie bad mouths her aunt and her family. She doesn’t think Marina has a choice. Coop seems like he’s heard enough and grabs Lizzie. He throws her over his shoulder and walks off. The reporters watch & follow Coop as he walks away while Marina stays at the restaurant. She watches on as they leave.

Josh comes inside the living room at Cross Creek to find Reva standing in front of the mantle. He announces that he has the car packed up and that they’re ready to go. Reva turns to Josh and tells him that she wonders what Olivia is going to do when she sees their names carved into the mantle. Josh jokes that he thinks she will sand down the entire mantle and re-do it. Reva laughs a little and tells him that they will simply have to keep returning in order to make sure that it stays there. She goes on to tell him that Olivia can’t keep Cross Creek. He tells her that “they will see” and Reva wonders if it means he’s already working on the problem. He laughs and informs her that it only means that they will see what they can do. Reva kisses him and tells him that it is a thank you. She insists that this is her favorite place in the whole world even with all the changes. She comments that at least they know what they’re going to find at home. The two leave together.

Dinah laughs as Jonathan kisses her feet. They’re still naked and in Josh & Reva’s bed. She tells him that they should get up and he wonders if she is trying to get rid of him.

Dinah laughs telling him that she’s had as great of a time as he’s had. He kisses her and notices her looking at something else. She leans over and picks up some photos on the stand of Cassie’s wedding. She points out that he’s not in any of them and informs him that they should “do something about all the freaking happiness.” She and Jonathan begin kissing once more.

Holly puts the dress back in the box and then gets up to walk over to the bar. She asks the waiter who the gift came from. He checks that she was the person he was supposed to give it to and informs her that it came from a messenger. She wonders what messenger it came from and he tells her that he can’t remember. Holly walks back to her table and finds the present missing. She looks around for it and then picks up her phone. Ross and another man come out of the elevator just as Holly begs for the person on the other end of the line to pick up. Ross’s phone rings and he answers it. She tells him that she needs to seem him right away and asks him to come to Towers. He tells her that he thinks he can do that and then taps her on the shoulder. Frightened she shirks away wondering why he did that to her. He apologizes and she begins talking. Holly tells him that Sebastian is alive and that he sent her a dress she wore on Santo Domingo. Ross look confused and she goes on to explain that it was gift wrapped and delivered to her. He looks for the dress and she tells him that it disappeared. Ross looks around wondering what waiter gave her the package. Holly looking like a frightened mouse looks around and tells him that she doesn’t see the one who gave her a package. Ross wonders if she spoke to him and she tells him that she did. She insists that the waiter must be on a break in the kitchen or something similar. Ross asks her to sit down and she explains to him that she can’t stay there. He tells her that he can’t leave with her as he has a meeting in an hour at Towers. She goes on telling him that all along she thought she was losing it and he’s actually alive and in Springfield. She adds in that he’s playing with her mind. Ross wonders of she is sure about the dress when she tells him that she is he asks her if she’s been drinking. Holly looks hurt that he would even ask such a thing.

The reporters try and come into the restaurant but Marina holds them off. She begins picking up some things that are on the counter. When someone walks in she reminds them that she will truly hurt them if they don’t leave her alone. Danny speaks and lets her know that it is only him. He wonders what is going on. She informs him that Lizzie happened and told the reporters that Harley was guilty. He reminds her that she is just as upset about her father as she is about Harley. He warns her not to worry about it. Danny informs her that no one will take what she says seriously. She reminds him that Harley has already been found guilty in the papers and that they don’t need this. She goes on to mention that if wants to hear what she said that he can watch the 5 o’clock news.

Danny offers to get rid of the reporters by giving them his “cement shoes” speech. He informs her that it may be rusty but that it might get rid of them. Marina mentions that she could kill Lizzie. She laughs wondering if Danny was serious about the speech. He tells her he was joking and she smiles. He wonders how everything went yesterday. She gives him a diatribe about how lame Valentine’s Day is and he looks down. He tells her that he was asking about how the trial went. She looks down and tells him that it sucked as well.

Lizzie yells to Coop to put her down. He walks her into Harley’s half built house and drops her. She wonders what is going on. He explains that this is his sister’s new house that is being rebuilt for her. Lizzie doesn’t seem to understand and wonders why they’re here. He asks if she has ever wondered why her father destroyed both Harley and her younger brother’s house. She maintains that she is sure her father had a good reason. She tells him that it was ugly and not missed. He thinks she is missing the point and reminds her that she and Harley used to be close. He wonders what happened to drive them apart. Lizzie tells Coop that she “saw what she could really do.” Coop wonders what that is supposed to mean. He tells her that she shouldn’t get on the bandwagon and reminds her that Alan wants the Cooper family to pay regardless of who really killed Phillip. She yells at him telling him that they should pay after everything that has happened. The two begins screaming at one another. Coop mentions that everything happened the night the wrecking ball hit this house. She angrily tells him that the house can be replaced but that her father can’t. He reminds her that his family can’t be replaced either. She yells that ‘you people’ asked for everything that they get. He informs her that she sounds just as crazy as her father. Lizzie freaks out telling him to shut up. She begins pounding on a wall yelling for him to shut up over and over again. Coop looks almost scared at what is happening.

Dinah picks up the photos she threw on the floor and mentions that neither she nor Jonathan are malicious people. He wonders why she’s so against Cassie and hr family. She informs him that Cassie took everything from her. She goes on to analyze Jonathan and mentions that the only reason he does anything wrong is because his mother left him as a child. She sits back down on the bed telling him that she can relate to that. He wonders what one has to do with the other. She informs him that in the spirit of efficiency was so that they can pool their resources together. He jokes that he feels used about last night. He then wonders that if he were to want a partner what she would be able to bring to the table. Dinah mentions that she has experience that he could only benefit from. She informs him that she is an expert at many things. She wonders if they have a deal and he tells her that it depends. Dinah wonders what it depends on. Jonathan writes the word ‘fire’ on her arm and informs her that he wants the whole story. She wonders what she will get out of the deal. He draws a mustache on a photo of Cassie and tells her that it will be a souvenir for her to keep. The two begins kissing once more and Dinah begins to tell him about the night Cassie’s barn caught on fire.

Danny is on the phone outside of Elizabeth & Company. He tells the person on the other end of the line that he wants to cancel his order. He goes on to tell the person on the other end that the person who he bought the gift for won’t like it. Inside, Marina picks up some Valentine’s that Zach made out and comments that her cousin didn’t have any trouble figuring out what ones to give out. She chastises herself for ‘saying everything that pops into her head.’ Danny is still on the phone and assures the person on the other end that it is fine if he gets charged but simply doesn’t want the delivery. Marina comes outside and apologizes for yelling at him. Danny is concerned that she’s too cold and gives her his jacket. He tells her that it is fine and she tells him that she’s so stressed out that she’s become emotional. She mentions that for once she wants things to go right. She goes on to tell him that she doesn’t want him to think she’s a bitter person who hates Valentine’s Day. She even admits to him that she likes it. She decides to head inside and wonders if Danny is going to come with her. He tells her that he will but that he needs to make a phone call first. Marina heads inside and Danny calls the person he was talking to before. He tells them that he needs to reorder it.

Lizzie continues pounding on the wall and Coop yells at her to stop. She wonders why she should stop. She yells at Coop telling him that it doesn’t matter as his sister is going to jail. He backs away from her letting her know that she has no idea what she is talking about. She continues yelling telling him that it wasn’t her father’s fault that he struck back when Harley continually attacked him. He warns her that she has no idea what she is talking about. She even threatens to have him arrested for bringing her to the house against her will. He tells her that she is so similar to her father. Lizzie continues to beat on the wall with a rock while refusing to listen to Coop. He pulls her away from the wall and she backs into another room.

She trips over a board and falls into some wet cement. She yells at him for what he has done and he isn’t apologetic. He tells her that all she had to do was give him the rock. She tells him to shut up through her tears.

Holly is mad at Ross and walks away from him while informing him that she hasn’t been drinking. She gets a glass of water while he tells her that if she truly pushed him out of the plane that he’s dead. She wonders what she should tell him and mentions that “he has nine lives like his father.” Ross doesn’t want to hear that. She informs him that no one else knew about the dress. He mentions that the dress is no longer there and goes on to remind her that she’s been through a traumatic ordeal. He thinks that she is seeing things. Holly admits that she thought she was loosing it for a while and that she thought she saw him. He reminds her that she couldn’t have. She tells him that she’s sure that she’s not positive about everything. He thinks that it might be time that she seriously looked into seeing a professional. He mentions Felicia’s name and she dismisses that idea, reminding him that she is Blake’s friend. He offers to find her someone else. She walks away telling him that she doesn’t want to see anyone. Ross tells her that she can’t let Sebastian take over her life. He gently reminds her that he’s dead and she wonders what she has to do in order to get him to believe her. He insists that he wants to believe her and that it is not too late for her. Holly tells him that he should wait with her until the waiter comes back. Ross tells her that even if there was a dress or a waiter that none of it proves that Sebastian is alive. She looks at him and accuses him of thinking she’s crazy. Ross looks her square in the face and tells her that he hasn’t seen her this upset since Fletcher died. He informs her that back then he didn’t know the warning signs, but that he does now. He tells her that he only wants to help her. She informs him that he can’t help her and walks away.

Dinah begins getting dressed as Jonathan lies on the bed. He tells her that he can’t believe the story about the fire. She looks at him and smiles telling him that she hopes he does the right thing with the information. He admits that he will and that he will leave her name out of it. She comments that she wishes she could be there when he drops the bomb. Dinah mentions that she would love to see the look on Cassie’s face while Jonathan comments that he’s more interested in Edmund. She defends Edmund telling Jonathan that she doesn’t think Edmund is such a bad guy. He laughs and calls Edmund a ‘baby killer.’ She tells him that he’s no different that anyone else who pushes back when they want something badly enough. Jonathan wonders how she’s going to get around the fact that Jeffery might press charges. Dinah is quick to tell Jonathan that she thinks Jeffery would jump at the chance to be with Cassie and that he would forget about being a DA. Jonathan mentions that the idea of Cassie & Jeffery is sick. He wonders what he’s going to do if she gets together with his uncle. He calls her ‘Aunt Dinah’ and kisses her.

In the hallway of their home, Josh and Reva kiss one another. They walk into their bedroom to find Jonathan making the bed. He is standing in his underwear and wonders how their Valentine’s Day was. Reva wonders what her son is doing in their bedroom. He admits that he slept in their bed the night before because their mattress was so comfortable. Reva looks around and tells her son that he needs to try again. He wonders if they would believe him if he told them that he missed them and wanted to be closer to them. Josh tells him that they wouldn’t. Jonathan tells them that he is going to come clean. He admits that he had a girl in their bedroom the night before. He smiles, laughs and tells them that they all got lucky. Jonathan and Reva do not look pleased.

Inside the restaurant, Danny sits and eats while he informs Marina that she’s not buying him breakfast. She fills the salt shakers and tells him that she wants to after her whole Valentine’s Day spiel. He looks and her and insists that he understands she is going through a lot. He tells her to stop bugging out and she wonders why he doesn’t think she’s a big freak. He admits that he does think she’s odd but that it is what he likes about her. She goes on telling him that people should share their feelings with one another every day of the year not just on Valentine’s Day. She mentions that her idea of a good Valentine’s Day is a low key one. Danny sits at the counter looking worried. Suddenly someone comes though the door dressed as a champagne bottle with balloons. He motions for them to leave and they back up a bit. She turns around wondering why he sounds weird and if he agrees with her. He tells her that he’s not following. She informs him that the giant stuffed animals & greeting cards are too much. She begins laughing and tells him that the worst gifts are the singing telegrams. She laughs while Danny looks uncomfortable. She goes to hand him her card when he runs outside telling her that he will be right back. Marina places her hand on her forehead and sighs.

Lizzie demands that Coop help her out of the cement. He tells her that he will only help her if she says please. She obliges and then he wonders if she has learned her lesson. She wonders what she should have learned by falling. He informs her that when people talk badly about others that something bad will happen to them. Lizzie wonders why karma is the best explanation that Coop can come up with. He stands up and it looks as though he might walk off. She informs him that she will sit there until he returns to help her. Coop tells her, with a smile on his face, that he’s not helping her until she learns her lesson. She calls out to him and wonders what she should say. He says that he wants her to admit that Harley might not have killed Phillip. She calls out to him and tells him that she thinks the cement might have dried. He comes back and tells her that it is karma at its best.

Ross ushers Holly over to a table. He informs her that he doesn’t want her to leave with them arguing. She wonders what he would prefer and mentions that he might like it if she was headed for Ravenwood. She sits down wondering why he thinks she is loosing it. She admits that she doesn’t know what is going on. He mentions that he knows what extreme pressure can do to a person. He brings up Dinah’s name and Holly wonders if she’s harassing Cassie again. He tells her that she is and he doesn’t like it. Holy sighs admitting that it is not easy to watch your children make mistakes. He repeats that Dinah is nothing like Blake was as a child. Holly wonders if he’s talked to his wife about it and he tells her that he hasn’t. He jogs her memory reminding her that Dinah killed Blake’s brother and that she doesn’t like Dinah. Holly sighs stating that she killed Blake’s other brother. Holly declares that perhaps seeing a shrink isn’t such a bad idea. He smiles wishing that Dinah had that kind of attitude. Dinah appears next to their table and wonders what they are talking about.

Jonathan mentions that he thought he had an agreement with Josh & Reva to have an open and honest relationship with them. Reva walks over to her son and tells him that she can’t believe what he has done. He doesn’t seem to get what the big deal is. Reva reminds him that it is there bed. Josh notices that Jonathan is wearing his underwear and directs him to the linen closet. Reva looks annoyed and advises Jonathan to leave and take a shower instead. Jonathan asks what he was supposed to do as he was only supplied with a twin bed. As he limps out of the room Reva wonders how he’s re-injured his leg. He tells them both that Edmund found out about his night with Cassie and came after him. Reva questions how Edmund found out and Jonathan claims he doesn’t know. She then inquires as to how Edmund knew where to find him and Jonathan looks directly at Josh. Reva looks mad and turns to Josh. She demands to know if their time at Cross Creek was simply a ploy to get her away so that Edmund could attack Jonathan. Josh looks baffled that he wife would even think such a thing.

Outside Danny tries to pay off the singing telegram. He hands him a tip for his trouble just as Marina comes outside.

The telegram hands Marina a box of chocolate, a teddy bear and some balloons. He informs her that her boyfriend can’t make up his mind. Marina looks at Danny and wonders if he did it all for her. He shrugs claiming that he’s an idiot. She hugs him.

Coop comes back to check on Lizzie and tells her that he wondered how she was doing. He begins by grabbing her feet and she yells at him not to ruin her expensive shoes. He informs her that he’s going to go and see if he can find something to get her out of the mess with. She complains about being cold and he gives her his jacket. He places it over her shoulders and takes off. After he leaves a cell phone rings.

Lizzie pries her hand out to the goop to answer his phone. She tells the person on the other end of the line that she is his niece Marina.

Dinah wonders if her ears should be burning. Holly gets up and leaves and assures Ross that she will be fine. Dinah wonders what is going on and her father mentions that her name simply came up. She walks over to the bar and Ross follows. She advises him that she has a breakfast date with Corey, the doctor that Olivia introduced her to. She goes on to tell her father that she’s making better choices. Ross looks pleased. She tells him that the fight with Cassie wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t invited her to the barn in the first place. He reminds her that she didn’t have to go and wonders if that occurred to her. She tells him that it did and that she realizes it more now. He informs her that he only wants the best for her. She assures him that she wants the same. As she opens her purse the souvenir that Jonathan gave her falls to the floor. Ross sees it and picks it up.

Josh pulls Reva over to him. He wonders if she believes that Cross Creek had anything to do with Jonathan. She smiles at him and admits that she doesn’t. Josh goes on to tell them both that he thinks Jonathan is making the whole thing up. Jonathan hobbles toward them proclaiming that Edmund truly did come after him. Josh mentions that if Jonathan’s leg was truly hurt that he wouldn’t have enough energy to find a girl, bring her home and then sleep with her. Reva tells Jonathan to go take a shower and closes the door. She sighs after he leaves the room.

Marina tells Danny that she liked his gifts. He informs her that he bought it meaning for it to be funny. She apologizes for missing the singing part of the gift. She tells him that she had a hard time finding him a card that wasn’t too mushy. He tells her that he had the same problem. They exchange cards with one another. He opens his card to find one from Zach that Marina has also signed. She opens her card to find one from Robbie that Danny signed. They’re also both the same card. The two laugh about it and agree that it is the thought that counts. He kisses her.

Lizzie pretends to know all about the DNA test and wonders what the result are with the person she is on the phone with. She hears the results and agrees to give him the message. She begins crying.

Ross wonders if Dinah’s idea of starting fresh is drawing mustaches on Cassie. She claims that she hasn’t used her purse in months and that she can’t remember adding the graffiti. He tells her that given everything that has happened that it is not funny. She promises him that she will stay away from Cassie and assures him that she has her own life. He tells her to have fun on her date and she walks off. As she is leaving he mentions that he wishes he could believe her. Ross motions to the man he walked into Towers with. Ross tells the man that he has an assignment for him.

Holly stands outside the elevator and tries to convince herself that there are a million reasons why these things could be happening to her.

She gets into the elevator and Sebastian is standing behind her with white hair.

Josh tells his wife that he knows how hard it was for her to do that and send Jonathan out of the room. Josh wonders if Edmund didn’t have some right to come after Jonathan. Reva doesn’t think so and then further mentions that she’s not going to mention it to Edmund. Josh smiles and tells her that they have to burn their sheets. She leaves heading off to make some breakfast. In the hallway Jonathan assures his mother that he wasn’t lying about Edmund.

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