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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/15/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Cross Creek, Josh presents Reva with some valentine candy. She laughs when she opens them to find a few missing. Josh seems disappointed and they both act like they’re freezing. She tells him that she appreciated everything, including the cop dragging her to the police station. Josh reminds her that she likes things edgy and that he only wanted to surprise her. She tells him that she knows it was simply his way of getting her alone and away from Jonathan. He assures that wasn’t the case and that he simply wanted to spend some time with his Valentine. The two kiss one another and end up bumping heads. She apologizes and the two agree to head inside to warm up. Reva wonders if perhaps Olivia has changed the locks and Josh tells her that he’s sure Bill would have told them if he did. Reva puts her key in the lock turns it and an alarm sounds. Suddenly a man with a rifle appears and points the gun directly at them. He orders them to freeze.

Edmund and Jonathan wrestle with Edmund taking the upper hand. He forces Jonathan on the bed and has a pipe of some sort across his neck. Jonathan tells his uncle that he can’t breathe to which Edmund replies “Well, then we’re off to a good start.” He tries to get his uncle off of him and Edmund won’t relent. Jonathan wonders what Edmund wants. He explains that until he finds out exactly what Jonathan did to Cassie in the hotel room that neither of them are leaving.

Cassie gets out of an elevator and Dinah follows. She demands to know why Dinah is following her. She tells Cassie that there is a problem. Cassie retorts by telling Dinah that the only thing she cares about now is Harley who happens to be fighting for her freedom. Dinah informs Cassie that someone is getting out of control and that it is Edmund. She goes on to explain that if she doesn’t get to Jonathan before Edmund that “Harley won’t be the only one facing murder charges.” Dinah gets back on the elevator, leaving Cassie speechless in the hallway. She looks worried and walks away.

In the courtroom, the judge orders Gus to deliver his opening statement. He stands up and reminds the jury that he is Phillip Spaulding’s brother. He goes on to explain that it may shock them that he felt he needed to defend Harley because he believes in her innocence with all he has. Both Buzz and Jeffery have a look of mild shock on their faces at Gus’s opening comments. He tells the jury that the DA was wrong in telling them that the case was about vengeance. Buzz looks at Jeffery, searching his face for a sign that Gus is doing well. Gus continues on telling those in the jury box that the trial is about love, the kind that a mother has for her kids and a daughter has for her father and the man she loves. He goes on telling them that the only crime Harley committed was in loving her children too much. Gus tells them that she would never take away her child’s father and assures them that after they hear the facts of the case that they will see she is innocent. He tells them that every one of them would be lucky to be or to know someone like Harley Cooper.

The man with the rifle informs Reva & Josh to move away from the door. Josh tries to explain to the man who he is. The guy with the gun doesn’t want to hear it and requests that Josh & Reva keep their hands where he can see them. Reva begins to explain why they are there. When the man tells them to be quiet and lets them know that they will be explaining everything at the police station Reva urges him to call the owners of the building. She even drops Bill & Olivia’s name hoping that the man will realize they’re not thieves. The man doesn’t seem to want to hear any of it. Reva tells the guy that they belong at Cross Creek and offers to tell the guy things they would only know about the property if they owned it. He wonders what they might possibly know. Reva mentions a big tree that was hit by lighting and the man mentions the names ‘Josh & Reva’ being carved into it. Josh & Reva let the man know that they’re those names. The man smiles and tells them that he always wondered what became of those two names. Josh looks relieved once the security guard tells them that he’s sorry. He goes on to tell Josh & Reva that if they know the security code that he’ll leave and asks them to punch it in the pad next to the door. Josh looks at Reva and shrugs. It is apparent that neither of them knows the code.

Edmund continues to wrestle with Jonathan. He throws Jonathan up against a wall. Jonathan admits that he crashed Cassie’s bachelor-ette party and wonders ‘what the big deal’ is. Edmund makes it clear to Jonathan that he knows there is more to the story. He shoves the pole tighter against Jonathan’s neck and demands to know everything. Jonathan wonders if Edmund has been spending time listening to Dinah’s lies. Edmund comments that Jonathan guessed correctly a bit too quickly and wonders why that is. He informs his uncle that it wasn’t hard to figure out seeing as how Dinah hates Cassie. He assures Edmund that nothing happened and reminds him that Cassie hates him. He goes on to tell Edmund that Cassie avoids him at all costs and that if his uncle wants someone to blame that he should go after Dinah. Edmund tells his nephew that he won’t be leaving until he gets to the bottom of everything. He confronts Jonathan about the tape he brought to the farm and insists on knowing what was on it. Jonathan looks worried and Edmund informs Jonathan that he saw them watching a tape that Cassie later destroyed. He wants to know what is on the tape. Jonathan tells Edmund that he should ask Cassie. Edmund pushes him against the wall harder. He tells Jonathan that he did ask his wife and that she told him a story about it being a video of the bachelor-ette party and being drunk. Jonathan lets his uncle know that Cassie did do a nice dance which only results in Edmund pressing him up against the wall harder. He mentions that Cassie would only lie to protect someone, even if it was him. Jonathan laughs at the idea of Cassie protecting him and Edmund informs Jonathan that Cassie would be protecting him because she knows what would happen if he found out. Edmund reminds Jonathan that his wife knows that if he did anything to hurt Cassie that he would ‘disembowel Jonathan and leave him in a field to die.’ Edmund takes the pole and whacks it against Jonathan’s knee. He wonders what was on the tape. Jonathan calls him a ‘sick bastard’ and Edmund assure him that he has no idea the lengths he will go. He demands to know, once again, what was on the tape. Jonathan tells Edmund that the tape was the night before the wedding in Cassie’s hotel room and that nothing happened. He doesn’t believe Jonathan and takes another whack at his leg. Jonathan mentions that the only reason Cassie lied was to protect herself. He informs his uncle that Cassie invited him into her hotel room because she wanted him there.

Cassie grabs Dinah’s arm wondering what she has told Edmund. She informs Cassie that Edmund thinks she is lying to him and that it has something to do with the videotape. She goes on to tell Cassie that regardless of what happened that Edmund wants to protect her. Cassie assures Dinah that nothing happened. Dinah wonders if Edmund owns a gun and then tells Cassie that she hopes it is not too late. Cassie begins to blame Dinah who doesn’t want to hear it. She reminds Cassie that she’s not the one who is on the warpath. Cassie leaves with the intention of trying to find Edmund.

Inside the courtroom, Jeffery begins questioning Mr. Sullivan the man who was walking his dog past Company the night Phillip was murdered. He confirms that he saw Ruth Karloff run out of the darkened restaurant. He claims that Ruth looked disoriented and upset.

He fails to recognize the woman he saw leaving the restaurant and Jeffery instructs Harley to stand up. Jeffery opens a box that he has filled with Harley’s Ruth Karloff disguise. Gus doesn’t want his client to have to put on the disguise and is overruled. Harley puts on the Ruth outfit and Mr. Sullivan recognizes Harley as the woman who was leaving the restaurant. Jeffery rests and it is Gus’s turn to question the witness. He instructs Harley to leave the wig on. Gus questions if Harley/Ruth looked anything but disoriented. Buzz and Alex exchange looks. Mr. Sullivan tells the courtroom that his dog was sympathetic to Harley and that she’s always a good judge of character. He further adds that Harley looked confused and dazed. Gus finishes his questioning and the judge orders Jeffery to call his next witness.

Suddenly a man dressed in red & gold enters the courtroom with a bow and arrow. He begins talking about love & Valentine’s Day. He throws confetti all over the court telling everyone that all they need is love.

The security guard motions to the panel while Josh & Reva remark how things have changed. They mention that they never used to even lock their doors. Reva bluffs and tells the guard that she knows the code when he presses her for it. Reva walks over to the panel with Josh while the two try and guess what it might be. Josh warns his wife that they only have one shot and Reva looks like she has an idea. She spells out Emma’s name and they get the green light. Josh looks at the guard and wonders if they have the all clear to go inside. He tells them that they can for the time being, but that he will have to call Olivia and get her final stamp of approval. The guard leaves and Reva comments that it is a sad day when they have to get permission from Olivia to visit Cross Creek. Josh agrees and follows his wife in. He tells her that the worst is behind them and meets her in the living room.

She has an unhappy look on her face and a shoe in her hand. She informs him that the worst is most definitely not over.

Edmund throws Jonathan up against another wall while yelling at him for taking advantage of Cassie. Jonathan warns his uncle not to kid himself and informs him that Cassie slid Jonathan a note inviting him to her room. Edmund rants on about Jonathan forcing himself on Cassie. Jonathan reminds Edmund that there is a fine line between love and hate. He tells Edmund that he should remember that he & Cassie used to hate one another. He goes on to wonder if perhaps Cassie has a thing for men with a dark side. This just infuriates Edmund more. He throws Jonathan back onto the bed and puts him in a headlock demanding to know what happened the night before his wedding. Jonathan admits that Cassie wanted to convince Reva that he was bad news. He goes on explaining that Cassie got into skimpy clothing and was trying to get Jonathan to come on to her as a set up. When Edmund continues to strangle Jonathan he implores his uncle to check with Josh and Reva who know everything. Jonathan continues to tell his uncle about the night letting him know that after one glass of wine Cassie turned into her ‘old stripper self.’ Edmund gets angrier and twists Jonathan’s head again. Jonathan tells his uncle that this would be the perfect time to finish what he started so many years ago. Edmund lets Jonathan go and punches him in the face. He lands on the floor and Edmund begins to raise Jonathan’s own cane to strike him. Just then Cassie walks in stopping Edmund. She warns him that Jonathan is not worth it.

The man who is dressed to impersonate Cupid is running around the courtroom. He urges everyone there to get into the spirit of St. Valentine and continues to throw confetti all around. The bailiff tries to apprehend the subject unsuccessfully and the cupid pulls the fire alarm. The sprinklers go off and everyone rushes around. They all leave the courtroom to leave. Gus and Harley are ushered into another room and begin kissing one another. They realize that they are not alone when a judge tells them that they are on time. Gus and Harley looked surprised and wonder what he’s talking about. The judge tells them that they’re there to get married.

Josh and Reva look around the living room at Cross Creek to see that it has been changed completely. He thinks that perhaps making a fire might make it all seem cozier. Reva picks up a wooden sculpture and urges him to burn it. The two begin kissing. Reva wonders what Olivia has done to the bedroom and Josh reminds her that they can camp out in the living room if necessary. He goes on to tell her how much he loves her and how she is everything that he has ever wanted.

Harley assures the judge that they’re not there for the wedding. It looks as though she and Gus are going to ask the judge to marry them when another couple walks in. They inform the judge that they had trouble getting there on time because of the big murder trial going on and tell him that the witnesses aren’t coming. The groom to be asks Gus & Harley to be their witnesses and although Harley doesn’t want to at first she agrees to it when Gus assures her that they have enough time. The bride goes over to Harley for help with her bouquet and you can tell that she is upset.

She confesses to Harley that her husband to be lied to her and that the reason they have no witnesses is because her friends don’t agree with her marrying him. The groom comes over and apologizes to his bride who wonders how she can ever trust him again. Gus and Harley comment on how awkward the situation is. When the bride looks like she may walk away a single girl Harley tells her that she can’t walk away.

Buzz and Alexandra run into one another in the hallway. He seems shocked that the fire alarm got rid of the reporters and wonders where she got the idea for Cupid to crash the courtroom. She laughs telling him that she thought it was his idea. He informs her that it wasn’t but that he wished he could have sprung his daughter out of the courtroom. She laughs nervously realized that he’s been busy with Harley and trying to prepare for the trial. She wonders if he has time for her friendship. He kisses her on the nose and laughs. The two leave with one another.

Jeffery comes out of the courtroom with the bailiff behind him. The two are carrying all of their books and supplies while Jeffery gives instructions that they need to track down Cupid. Jeffery wants him arrested and the bailiff wonders what he should charge him with. Jeffery doesn’t know what to say, so he tells the bailiff that they can start with indecent exposure and go from there. Dinah walks up to Jeffery and comments on his wanting to throw Cupid in jail. Jeffery looks surprised to see her and wonders what she is doing at the courthouse. She informs him that she has something for him. She shows him a candy heart that says “be mine” and he tells her that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He urges her to find her friend, the OBGYN and tells her that she “reeks of desperation.” She informs him that Corey; the fertility specialist is nice but not the same as being with him. Dinah walks away looking sad while Jeffery heads in a different direction.

Edmund tells Cassie to leave while she pleads with him not to hurt Jonathan anymore. They are fighting over Jonathan’s cane. Jonathan makes fun of the way Cassie tries to get to her husband and she warns him to stay away from everyone in her family. Edmund looks spent as though he has just been through a big emotional ordeal. She cautions him that she will get a restraining order against Jonathan if necessary. Edmund looks like he may take another swing at Jonathan when she grabs the cane away from her husband. She demands that he give it to her and he obliges.

She hands it to Jonathan who says his goodbyes and the leaves. Edmund wonders how his wife knew how to find him and she informs him that Dinah thought he might do something drastic. He wonders what happened between her and Jonathan the night before their wedding. She asks what he told her. He tells her that Jonathan said that she invited him into her room and got naked. He pleads with her to tell him that she is lying. She tells him softly that she can’t. He is surprised and wonders why. She tells Edmund that she was so desperate to get him out of their lives that she tried to use his own tactic against him and that it backfired. Cassie admits that what she did was wrong and goes on toe tell him that she simply wanted them to be completely happy. Cassie assures him that nothing happened and begs him to believe her.

Josh and Reva are on the floor drinking champagne laughing. Reva seems a bit tipsy. They’ve toasted everyone when Josh thinks they should toast Jonathan. She laughs telling him that he doesn’t have to say anything that he doesn’t mean. He pulls his wife closer and tells her that Jonathan has taught him a few things. She wonders what he’s taught Josh. He mentions that he should have gotten her the red convertible and when she protests he further explains that he doesn’t want her to think that he takes her for granted. He goes on to compliment her and tell her that he thinks she is just as beautiful as the day they got married. She smiles at him and they reminisce about old times at Cross Creek. He kisses her.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Jonathan sits on the bench trying to nurse his wounds when Dinah walks by. He stops her and wonders why she sent both Cassie and Edmund after him. She comments on his bruises and he wonders why she had to use him as a pawn to break up the newlyweds. She is instantly curious and wonders what happened. He informs her that the only thing to happen was almost getting him killed. He comments that all she seems to care about is Edmund and she lets him know that at least she has her priorities straight. He sits her down in a chair and stands over her. He begins talking to her and mentions that she seems to like starting trouble almost as much as he does. Dinah comments that it seems as though he’s hitting on her and wonders whose place they should go to. He informs her that he knows just the place for them to go. He helps her up and the two leave together.

Cassie continues to plead with Edmund assuring that nothing happened. She brings up that she had a glass of wine with Jonathan and he wonders why she was drinking with him. She informs him that it was part of the plan and that she had to keep him there until Reva showed up. She continues explaining telling him that she knows Jonathan drugged her and that she can’t remember anything else that happened. She finishes by telling him that when she awoke the next day she only knew that he was lying next to her. He wonders if that is why she showed up at the wedding upset and comments that he thought it was his fault she was upset. She assures him that it was because of her mistake. She goes on telling him while she cries that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Harley wonders what the groom lied about and she tells Harley that he lied about his family. Harley mentions that she “knows that one.” The groom mentions that he lied because he wanted to protect her. Harley jumps in wondering if the bride to be wanted protection. The bride, Tracy tells them that he told her that his father was a lawyer. Gus guesses correctly and mentions that his father being an ex-con wasn’t his fault. Harley wonders if Tracy would have understood if her fiancé had simply told her the truth. Gus wonders if he thought she wouldn’t understand. The groom tells them that Tracy’s family is a different story while Tracey mentions that she simply wanted the truth. Harley sympathizes with the bride. Gus mentions that the groom probably realized how much that one little lie cost him when it was too late. The judge wonders if everyone is almost done. The four of them mention that they need a bit more time. Harley tells the bride that from experience that she knows there are worse thing than a lie that was told in order to protect someone. Tracey wonders how she can ever trust him and Harley assures her that she needs to think about it all. She goes on to tell her that she needs to trust her future husbands actions and think about whether or not he would stand by her in good times and in bad. Gus wonders if the groom is ready to be married and own up to mistakes. Both Tracey and the groom think that they’ve found the one. The judge comments that Harley and Gus are quite the matchmakers. Gus wonders if what Harley meant what she said about forgiveness. Harley nods and the ceremony gets under way.

Jeffery and the bailiff drag cupid into the courtroom. Jeffery demands to know who paid him to interrupt the trial. Cupid informs Jeffery that one can’t pay for love and maintains that he is the real deal. Jeffery informs Cupid that he’s going to be telling it all to the people at Ravenwood. Before he leaves Cupid tells Jeffery that although love hurt going home alone is worse. The bailiff drags Cupid out of the courtroom leaving Jeffery standing alone speechless.

Reva and Josh stand in front of the mantle that has their names carved into it. The two begin to kiss again and he can tell that she’s thinking of something else. She admits that she was thinking about Jonathan being all alone on Valentine’s Day. He kisses her and assures her that he’s sure Jonathan is fine.

In what appears to be Josh & Reva’s bedroom Dinah and Jonathan are naked in bed. He kisses her and she reminds him that they need protection. He brings up the fact that they need protection and he jokes about her wanting to get pregnant. She informs him that she doesn’t want to have his kid. Jonathan finds what he needs and the two begin to kiss once more.

Cassie pleads with Edmund for his forgives through tears. He tells her that he forgives her, but that he wishes she had trusted him. She informs him that she does trust him and he asks her to let him deal with Jonathan. He goes on to tell her that she doesn’t have to go through it all alone and she tells him that everything got carried away with. Edmund looks at her and tells her that it all ends tonight. She wonders if he can truly move on without looking back. He assures her that he loves her and that he can. She cries again telling him that she was so afraid. He lets her know that he can’t blame her as he was angry enough to want to hurt Jonathan. She wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t walked in. Edmund lets her know that he’s not the same person he was in San Cristobel. He insists that the old Edmund doesn’t exist. She looks as though she doesn’t quite believe him but hugs him anyway. Edmund looks menacing as he looks into the mirror and sees his inner ‘voice,’ the evil Edmund.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Buzz cuts a heart cupcake in half. He is sitting at a table with Alexandra. She wonders what she has done to deserve such a thing. He tells her that he knows all about her. He goes on to inform her that he knows she gave her heirloom pearls up to help pay for Harley’s defense. She makes light of the situation and mentions that she likes diamond better. The two laugh and she refers to Buzz as her ‘diamond in the rough.’ He kisses her.

The judge pronounces the couple as married. Harley and Gus kiss one another as he pronounces the couple married. The judge gets ready for the next couple when Tracey realizes she’s forgotten something. She tosses her bouquet to Harley and wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. Harley hugs Gus and the two smile at one another.

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