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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/14/05

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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

In her sleep, Harley has a nightmare of the day’s events at the courthouse. She meets Frank, Buzz, Coop, and Gus outside the courtroom and prepares to go in. However, as they begin to walk through the door, Harley realizes that her family is staying behind. They tell her she is now on her own. She turns around only to be confronted with her jury, made up of only one person, Lizzie Spaulding. To make matters worse, Ruth prevails as the judge of the case and stares deeply and accusingly into Harley’s eyes. Harley jerks awake, takes a deep breath, and begins to get ready for her day in court.

Meanwhile across town, a half-dressed Gus goes over his opening statements for his defense, stressing that Harley is a mother and she loves her family. In the courtroom, Jeffrey is rehearsing his opening speech as the prosecutor, reluctantly repeating that “justice must be done.” Frank sips coffee at Company sadly while Buzz reexamines Zack and Jude’s drawings for Harley from the Valentine’s Day party. Back in her room, Harley takes one last look at pictures of Zack and Jude. Gus arrives to take her to the courthouse, and they leave hand-in-hand.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra walks in to find Lizzie staring at a picture of Phillip repeatedly apologizing to him. “Daddy I am so sorry,” she says while Alexandra moves closer. They get into a discussion about the Spauldings’ tendency to seek revenge. Lizzie vows that people will pay, including Gus and Harley. Alexandra scolds Lizzie for her words. Harley and Gus arrive at Company to a plethora of reporters camped outside. They forcefully ask her if she murdered Phillip, but she brushes past them and into Company. Jonathan emerges to help alleviate the commotion with his usual smart remarks. This time he states to the reporters “Watch out people! I’m trying to be crippled here!”

Inside, Harley frets over the wellbeing of her kids and worries about sending Zack off to school past reporters who will surely antagonize him. Reva and Cassie arrive at Company and happily wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. They walk in to meet Harley and hear of Harley’s worries over Zack getting to school. The three of them devise a plan to get Zack off to school without exposing him to the press.

Edmund encounters Dinah in the barn and grows angry. He asks her why she is trying to instigate a conflict now, and she assures him that she does not want his life to be worse than it needs to be. She asks him to trust her. She then wonders aloud if Edmund really wants to know why Cassie has been acting strangely. Though Edmund is interested and intrigued, he tells Dinah that the only reason Cassie has been acting so weird is because she is worried about conceiving a child. Dinah asks him suggestively if he really believes Cassie, like him, was alone the night before the wedding.

An enraged Edmund pins Dinah up against the barn wall and accuses her of being a liar.

In order to get Zack out of Company, Cassie and Harley switch coats. Cassie, Reva, and Jonathan walk out of Company together leading the reporters to believe that Cassie is Harley. The rest of the Cooper clan successfully leaves out the back door.

Back at the mansion, Alexandra and Lizzie look at Phillip’s model of a conquered Springfield. Alexandra stresses to Lizzie that Phillip would not want to see his daughter become a vengeful person like him. Phillip would want her to forgive and lead a happy life. Lizzie says she could never forgive and never forget, and she believes Harley killed Phillip. Her voice has grown intense and she begins to sweat. Alexandra cannot understand Lizzie’s nervousness and rage.

Upon their arrival at the courthouse, Harley and Gus run into a couple who are about to be married. The couple asks them to take a few pictures and want to know if Harley and Gus are there to be married as well. Both quickly and a bit reluctantly answer no and wish the couple good luck. They both admit they forgot it was Valentine’s Day. Gus looks at Harley and tenderly whispers “Let’s do it. Let’s get married.” Harley is stunned.

She asks “Why now?” Gus replies “because I can see that you’ve lost hope.” He goes on to explain that he can see it in the way she looks as people, especially her family, as if she will never see them again. Gus reminds her that it seems like no matter where they go; the two of them always seem to be pushed back together. It happened on Thanksgiving at the bar, at Christmas because of Zack’s butterfly, and it happened that day for Valentine’s Day. He says that he knows what they are facing, but states “I don’t love you one millimeter less than the day I laid eyes on you.” Harley is speechless at his comments. Meanwhile, Alexandra tells Lizzie they should be getting to the courthouse, but Lizzie refuses to go. She does not want to see Uncle Gus “lie” for Harley or she will be sick.

Reva, Cassie, and Jonathan arrive at Clayton Arms and share a rare laugh about their ability to still work as a family with everything that has happened. Cassie realizes she is bonding with Jonathan and quickly turns her smile into a frown. After Jonathan leaves, Reva and Cassie acknowledge that they both miss one another, and Reva asks Cassie if it really has to be this way. Can she find a way to forgive Jonathan? Reva pleads with Cassie to find a way for them to work through this together. Back in the barn, Dinah tells an angered and disturbed Edmund that while she was at the Beacon visiting Ross the night before the wedding, she saw Jonathan go into Cassie’s room.

In front of Gus, Harley’s heart begins to race as Gus gets down on one knee. Jeffrey walks up and interrupts them, giving Harley one last chance to take his deal. The charge will be Manslaughter 2 with a sentence of five years. Buzz and Frank arrive as Harley makes her decision. She refuses the deal. She has her family behind her and feels confident. Jeffrey walks away after stating that Harley is just being stubborn. Harley, Gus, Buzz, and Frank join hands and walk strongly into the courtroom. Coop, who has also arrived at the courthouse, calls to check on the test results he requested for the bloody shard of glass he found in Lizzie’s room.

Lizzie, now alone, calls her therapist and asks him to come over immediately. She says she cannot get the “guilt and memories” out of her mind. She feels as if she is “drowning,” and it is only a matter of time before she gets punished. She believes she deserves this. In the barn, Dinah tells Edmund she knows of a videotape. Edmund remembers Cassie and Jonathan watching a tape, but he tells Dinah that Cassie destroyed it. Dinah states that whatever was on that tape nearly ruined his wedding to Cassie. Cassie and Reva argue again over Jonathan. Cassie believes that Jonathan has hurt their family worse than anyone ever has. Reva shoots back with “what about Edmund?” Cassie reassures her that Edmund has changed, but Reva asks her if she is really sure of that. Cassie storms out claiming that Reva will always be blind when it comes to Jonathan.

Edmund wonders aloud what Jonathan could have done to Cassie in her room. He orders Dinah to leave, and his anger over what he doesn’t know gets the best of him. He begins to throw things in the barn, letting out his frustration. As Cassie leaves Clayton Arms, she calls Edmund to tell him she’s coming home and just wants to be with him. She mentions that she is with Jonathan and Reva. They hang up, and Edmund storms off, presumably on a rampage for Jonathan. Dinah comes out from the shadows of the barn after witnessing Edmund leave and declares “It’s gonna be a Valentine’s Day massacre.” Reva arrives back at Company and is confronted by a police officer who tells her she must go with him because something has happened with Josh. Cassie arrives at the barn looking for Edmund. Dinah spies on her and says to herself softly “Cassie better get used to being alone.”

Meanwhile, Edmund arrives at Clayton Arms and pretends to be a member of guest services in order to get Jonathan to open the door to his room. Once he does, Edmund slams the door into Jonathan’s nose, punches him in the stomach, and throws him on the bed. He is on a violent rage, and the old Edmund is now apparent.

Edmund snidely remarks “I’m glad I caught you at home.” Harley’s trial is now in session. Jeffrey is the first to speak. He tells the jury that he is very fond of Harley as a friend, but that this case has fallen into his hands, and he must take it. He believes there is no doubt to Harley’s guilt, and assures the jury that he would not have agreed to try the case if he thought otherwise. Harley shot and killed Phillip Spaulding. In the courtroom, Coop whispers to Buzz how strange it is that Alexandra is the only Spaulding present at the trial. He wonders why Lizzie hasn’t shown up. In the final scene back at the mansion, Lizzie’s therapist asks her to start explaining from the beginning. Through tears, Lizzie begins to tell her story. “The gun went off…..and he was just laying there.” She finishes with “but I didn’t want him to die.”

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