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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/14/05

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley walks out of the elevator at the courthouse escorted by her father. Frank and Coop stand behind and they walk up to Gus who is waiting for her outside the courtroom. Buzz hands his daughter off to Gus who makes sure that Harley is ready. She smiles and assures him that she is. He takes her hand and pushes her gently into the courtroom. He doesn’t follow and she turns around questioning why. He tells her that ‘from here on out you’re on your own.’ The courtroom doors close leaving Harley inside while all the men are outside. The doors slam close and Harley turns around to see Lizzie sitting in the jury box. Harley wonders why Lizzie will be deciding her fate and she explains that she is the best person to do it as she’s the one who lost her father. Lizzie multiplies and there is now two of her telling Harley that it is Phillip’s children who will truly suffer. Someone knocks gavel and Harley turns to face another direction. She sees Ruth Karloff sitting on the judge’s bench. Ruth tells her that ‘it is not looking good.’ Harley looks frightened as she turns from Ruth back to the multiplying Lizzie’s. Suddenly, Harley wakes up in her hotel room. In the background the radio is on and talking about how the Phillip Spaulding murder trial is going to start today.

The following is a mixture of images while the song ‘Displaced’ by Azure Ray plays in the background.

Harley catches her breath and realizes where she is. She looks next to her and shuts the radio off. She lies back down and sits up. Harley gets up and takes a shower obviously worried about the day.

At the Harley’s Angels office, Gus looks over his notes and swigs some stomach medication. He reads his opening statements about what Harley means to him and her family. He makes some notes and talks about how she is an example and then scribbles the rest of his words out.

In the courtroom, Jeffery practices his opening argument. He goes on about how Phillip’s murder is a tragedy for not only the Spaulding family, but for his perpetrator as well. He mentions something about justice and stops.

Harley remains in the showers letting the water run over her.

Frank looks at a side by side photo of his sister and Ruth Karloff in the restaurant. Buzz walks by and rips it out of his hand. Frank looks down and Coop pours his brother a cup of coffee. Frank looks up looking thankful and Coop pats him on the shoulder.

Harley brushes her hair while looking in the mirror.

Buzz packs Zach & Jude’s lunches and sees the story they wrote for their mother the prior night.

Harley sits on her bed and looks at the photos of her children. She smiles.

Gus continues to works on the case, scribbling out one thing and writing another.

Harley changes her clothes and then throws the new outfit on the bed.

Gus ties his tie.

Lizzie stares at a photo of her father while Alexandra looks on. Lizzie apologizes to her father.

Jeffery scribbles and then rewrites his words. You can tell that he doesn’t know what to write.

Gus reworks his tie and finishes up.

Harley finishes getting dressed and looks at herself in the mirror. There is a knock at the door and she silently goes to answer the door. Gus is on the other side and asks if she is ready. She nods yes without saying a word. He holds her hand, raises it to his lips and kisses it. She smiles at him.

Alex walks into the study and wonders what’s wrong with Lizzie. She assures her aunt that everything is ok. She wipes her tears and asks Alex if she watched the morning news. He aunt is quick to tell her that no good can come from watching that ‘filth.’ Lizzie is quick to remind her aunt that the only good news they could get would be to find out that Harley is guilty. Alex tells Lizzie that she wouldn’t go that far and mentions that everyone simply wants ‘justice.’ She stops short and tells Lizzie to never mind. Alex mentions visiting Alan in jail before the trail and Lizzie vehemently opposes it. She goes on telling Alex that her grandfather wouldn’t want her to see him ‘locked up in a cage.’ Alex tries to Lizzie to go. Reminding her that Alan knows they will love him no matter what. Lizzie erupts, yelling at her aunt telling her to forget it. She refuses to go telling her Alex that everyone is after them and trying to lock ‘us’ up. She wonders why. Alex points out that ‘this time’ it is because Alan threatened a DA. Lizzie doesn’t seem to want to listen and shrugs it off. She claims it isn’t fair that her grandfather is in jail while Harley gets to walk free. Alex reminds her that no one knows for sure if Harley killed Phillip or not. Lizzie then points out that Gus attacked her and all he got was a ‘stern lecture.’ Lizzie walks away from her aunt and slams her hand on the desk. She tells her aunt that ‘people are going to pay just like her grandfather said they should.’ She goes on staring at her father’s model of ‘New Springfield’ and tells Alex that Gus is going to get nailed & Harley will get what is coming to her as well. She smiles. Alex points out that she used to love Harley. Lizzie retorts by reminding her aunt that Harley used to love her father as well. She warns that Harley should think about not loving her father everyday for the rest of her life until she ‘dies in jail.’ Alex walks over to her niece and grabs her shoulder. She warns for her to stop it and tells her that she should feel bad for what she is saying.

In the back of Elizabeth & Company, Buzz wonders if Coop has heard back from the lab. He tells his father that he hasn’t yet. They both remark that if it is Phillip’s blood on the glass that it would be nice to know before the trail begins. Buzz looks at his son and tells him that although he’s not getting his hopes up that it might prove Harley didn’t kill him.

Outside of the restaurant, the media waits for Gus & Harley. They attempt to make their way through the crowd while everyone questions them. Jonathan is trying to make it through the crowd as well. He tells them all to back off as he’s ‘crippled.’ He waves his cane in the air while Harley and Gus head inside. Inside Elizabeth & Company, Harley rolls her eyes toward the media. Gus checks to make sure she’s ok and she lets him know that she is.

She heads toward the counter where Zach’s back pack is and wonders why he hasn’t left for school yet. She sounds excited. Buzz informs her that he’s brushing his teeth. She checks to make sure that her father has packed her kids lunch the right way. Frank comes over, wondering what is going on. Harley tells him that she’s trying to explain to her father about Zach. Buzz reassures Harley that Zach is fine. He hugs his daughter and tells her that she will be fine. She turns to Frank and he lets her know that he understands that she was simply being a mom. She mentions something about not having much time left with her kids. Gus pipes up and reminds that she will be free in no time.

Outside of the restaurant, away from the media circus Reva and Cassie run into one another. They comment on how crazy the whole scene is and Reva wishes her sister a happy Valentine’s Day. Cassie wishes her sister the same sentiment and wonders where Josh is. Reva informs her sister that she and Josh had a disagreement. Cassie shrugs and lets her sister that she’s not too sure what to say. Reva smiles and agrees. She mentions that she’s at the restaurant to see if she can do anything for Harley. Cassie tells her that she’s there for the same reason. Jonathan yells and tells his mother that he’s headed inside for a cheeseburger. Reva smiles and heads inside. Cassie follows her.

Inside, Harley tells her father that Zach can’t miss school. She goes on to explain that she’s also not going to send him out into the ‘pack of vultures.’ Reva and Cassie walks in and Harley tells them hello. They tell her that they were wondering how she is holding up. She tells them that she’s trying to figure out what to do with Zach. She explains that they try and question him and bribe him with toys. Reva reminds Harley that Zach has to go to school and that luckily she and Cassie are ‘two moms with attitude.’ Cassie agrees and tells Reva that they should take care of it. Harley smiles, thankful for her friends.

In the barn, Dinah hugs Edmund. She goes on to tell him that she was hoping ‘it would be him.’ He grabs her arm and drags her over to the scorched hay. He points it out and wonders if the fire was supposed to be some sort of joke. She looks down at the patch of hay and assures him that she had nothing to do with it. Edmund demands to know why she’s decided to initiate something now. She reminds him that although she is guilty of many things that she didn’t start a fire in the barn. She wonders why he would think she would do such a thing. He reminds her that she’s probably frustrated at his marriage to Cassie or that she’s doing it to be spiteful. Dinah tells him that he should know she would never do anything to hurt him. She reminds him that he’s one of the few friends she has and tells him that she understand he might not trust her. He tells her that he doesn’t believe her. She tries to assure him that she doesn’t want to see him make his life worse. She then brings up Cassie and it is apparent that Edmund doesn’t want to hear it. She wonders why he has been so unwilling to see what is going on around him. She asks him to admit to her that he doesn’t want to know what is going on in his wife’s life. Edmund tells Dinah that he’s fed up with her riddles. She goes on to explain that she simply wants him to believe what he already knows. She reminds him that both he and Cassie were ready to get married and that something then happened to make her change her mind. Dinah goes on to remind him that he was beating himself up for Cassie leaving because he thought he did something wrong. She mentions that he did nothing wrong and he disagrees. He assures her that he’s done many erroneous things and informs her that he doesn’t even know where to begin with listing them. She agrees that he’s done things wrong, but that recently he’s been living a life of ‘atonement.’ He looks at her and tells Dinah that the only thing that is wrong is that Cassie is worried about conceiving a child. Dinah puts her head in her hands and shakes her head. She walks away from Edmund and mutter that the child is the smokescreen. She asks if he was alone the night before his wedding. He admits that he was and she wonders if he can say the same thing for his wife.

Edmund grabs Dinah and throws her against the wall. He informs her that she lies too much and that she needs to stop.

Reva looks out the window at the restaurant while Cassie yells to her that ‘it will never work.’ She assures Cassie that it will be fine if she listens to her. Jonathan sits at the bar and laughs at the two of them. Harley wonders if they’re all ready to do what they have to. Cassie is buttoning Harley’s coat. She warns Cassie not to try and be too noticed while Harley and Zach head out the back. Harley puts a head scarf on Cassie. Reva tries to give her sister advice about going unnoticed and the three women joke about Reva being anything but a wallflower. Everyone gets ready to go and Jonathan offer to run interference for his mother and aunt. Everyone laughs as Jonathan does a bad Sean Penn impression. Harley thanks them and they go their separate ways. Jonathan comments that they’re finally working like a family and heads out the front door with his mother and aunt in tow. He goes out onto the stoop and warns the reporters that there is a ‘new sheriff in town.’ The reporters buy the idea that Cassie is Harley and hound Cassie & Reva. Inside, Harley finishes packing Zach’s backpack. She tells her father to remind Zach of how much she loves him and he assures her that he will tell him. Buzz gives her daughter a hug and kiss. She hugs her brothers as well telling him that she will see him at the courthouse. She tells them goodbye and warns them not to be too long. She heads out the back door with Gus.

Alex forces her niece to look at Phillip’s model of ‘New Springfield’ closer. She wonders what Lizzie sees. She tells her aunt that she sees her father’s dream that needs to be finished. Alex informs Lizzie that they don’t see the same thing. She tells Lizzie that she sees a man’s life destroyed when he began to believe that everyone and everything in the world was against him. Lizzie begins crying and tells her aunt that he didn’t deserve to die. She wonders what Alex’s point is. She points out that Lizzie’s father wouldn’t want to see her go down the same path of hatred that he did.

She goes on to tell Lizzie that neither she nor her father would want her to be consumed by the need for revenge. Alex goes on to remind Lizzie that everyone makes mistakes and that she needs to learn forgiveness. She further tries to drive home the point by telling Lizzie that she thinks Phillip would want his daughter to learn forgiveness. She reminds Lizzie that Phillip wanted his children to have a better & happier life than he had. Lizzie erupts into tears and lets her aunt know that when she is hit that she hits back. She goes on to tell Alex that she refuses to forget her father, what he was or the fact that he’s gone. She yells telling Alex that those feelings don’t make her a monster. She tells her aunt to stop looking at her. Alex begins to tell Lizzie that Phillip would hate to see his daughter acting like she is. She warns her aunt to shut up and advises her that things are out of control. She further mentions that she knows actions have consequences and that so should Harley. She looks angry & vengeful with a half smile on her face.

Harley gets off the elevator with Gus. The two run into a couple getting married. The engaged couple ask Gus to take their picture and remark that they only wanted to be married to one another and not have a big fancy wedding. The bride wonders if Gus & Harley are there to get married and Harley looks shocked at the question. She tells them no and wishes them good luck. Gus remarks that he’d forgotten it was Valentine’s Day. She reminds him that they’ve both been busy. Gus turns to her and tells her that they should ‘do it.’ Harley looks at him confused and he tells her that they should get married. Harley seems out of breath as she and Gus get back onto the elevator. She comments that she knows it’s not a joke because of the timing. He lets her know that he thinks his timing is perfect. He goes on to let her know that they have enough time to go downstairs and get married before she has to be in court. She wonders what he is doing and why he would propose now. Gus tells her that she seems to have lost hope. He goes on about how he sees how she looks at other people as though it will be the last time she ever sees them. He wonders if she truly believes he will get her out of the charges. She looks at him sadly as he tells her that their wedding day was when everything came crashing down. He continues on telling her that he wants today to be the day that they finish what they started. She tells him that it is crazy and gets out of the elevator. He reminds her that they keep getting pushed together. He goes on and on about how he doesn’t believe in fate, but that he knows what feels right in his gut. She wonders what his gut is telling him. He jogs her memory by telling her that they ended up with one another on Thanksgiving & Christmas for a reason. He reminds her that once again they’re together, and on Valentine’s Day of all things. Gus goes on telling her that he doesn’t love her any less today than he did on the day her met her. She looks at him speechless and he warns her to tell him that she feels differently.

Alex warns Lizzie to calm down and mentions that it is time to leave for the courthouse. She tells her aunt that she refuses to go and see her uncle defend Harley. Alex thinks she is being a bit dramatic. She offers to stay at the house with Lizzie who assures her she will be fine alone. Alex leaves and Lizzie picks up the phone. She calls someone and asks them to come over.

Cassie, Reva and Jonathan make it into Harley’s hotel room. The three are excited that they’ve fooled the media. Jonathan commends Cassie on impersonating Harley well and goes on to tell her that the three of them work well together as a team. Reva watches on, pleased with her son. Cassie thanks him and tells him that she wants to talk to Reva alone. He heads outside and tells his mother that it might be a nice place to live. Reva thanks Jonathan and mentions that the three of them did well. The two sisters laugh and joke about their escapade. She mentions that she misses her sister and Cassie tells her the same. Reva wonders why thing have to change and mentions that things simply feel right. She goes on telling Cassie that whatever happened was in the past and implores Cassie to try and forgive Jonathan just a little bit. Cassie tells her sister that she wishes things were different as well and that it is unfair for Reva to ask her to forgive Jonathan. Reva goes on telling Cassie that what he did to Tammy was wrong but that they need to find a way to work through the pain together.

Edmund lets Dinah go and informs him that he is attacking the wrong person. She reminds him that she was a witness to what happened, not a participant. He wonders what she is saying. Dinah tells him that she’s not sure but that she was at the Beacon the night before his wedding. She goes on to tell Edmund that she saw someone knock on Cassie’s door and then walk in. He wonders who it was and she tells him that she doesn’t want to be the one to tell him. He demands to know and mentions that she has been hinting around at things for weeks. She tells him that she was hoping he would be able to figure things out for himself. He yells at her and insists that she tell him who went into Cassie’s room. She tells him that it was his nephew. He looks confused and says Jonathan’s name. Dinah tells him that yes, he did go into Cassie’s room the night before the wedding. Edmund looks confused and furious.

Harley takes a deep breath and tells him that he’s never stopped believing in her. She looks like she’s about to tell him some bad news when he asks her to be his wife yet again. She looks at him and he nods. Gus gets down on one knee and Jeffery O’Neill comes along. Gus asks Jeffery to go away and he comments that he is sorry to have walked in on something. Harley wonders what Jeffery wants and turns to Gus to tell him no. Jeffery looks confused and tells Harley he wanted to offer her one last chance at a plea. She wonders what he is offering. He tells her that he can give her manslaughter two and that she would be out in five years. Harley looks like she is considering the deal and Gus tells Jeffery no for Harley. Jeffery wonders why she’s gambling with her life and her children’s lives. He goes on to remind her that she doesn’t believe in herself. He then questions why she thinks that a jury will believe in her. Harley looks like she is considering the deal. Gus begins to talk her out of it and she turns to him explaining that it has to be her decision. Frank & Buzz walk out of the elevator and she begins speaking to Jeffery. She goes on to tell him that these men have believed in her enough since day one that she didn’t have to believe in herself. She informs him that she owes it to her family. He reminds her that they won’t be the one sitting in jail. Harley tells Jeffery that she will see him in court. He tells them that they will lose and walks off. Gus looks at Harley and she tells him that they need to get into court. She grabs his hand and walks into the courtroom. Buzz grabs his daughter’s hand and follows. Frank goes in as well and the court begins filling up.

Outside of the courtroom, Coop gets on the phone. He demands to know what is going on with the shard of glass and insists on getting the results as soon as possible.

Lizzie opens the study door and lets a man dressed in black come in. He wonders why she has called for him and why it sounded like an emergency. He wonders if she’s been having bad thoughts. Lizzie goes on telling him that she’s been trying to push memories back down.

She mentions that she can’t get rid of the guilt. He begins questioning her and how it makes her feel. She tells him that it feels like she is drowning and that she doesn’t know how far down in the water she will go. She tells him that she deserves it.

Edmund wonders why he should believe her. Dinah tells him that she questioned Jonathan about what happened with Cassie and that he wouldn’t tell her. She goes on telling Edmund that she knows that there was some videotape evidence. He turns around and it looks as though he might believe her. He wonders what is on the tape and she informs him that she doesn’t know. He admits that he saw Cassie and Jonathan watching a tape and then Cassie destroyed the tape. Dinah reminds Edmund that whatever was on the tape nearly destroyed their wedding.

Reva admits that Jonathan was horrid to Tammy and that she understands that it will take some time to get over that. She goes on reminding Cassie of what has happened since his night with Cassie. She tells her sister that it seems as though everyone ‘wants to burn him at the stake.’ Cassie wonders why anyone shouldn’t want that. She reminds Reva that he hurt Tammy and her. She goes on, claiming that Jonathan hurt their family worse than anyone else ever has. Reva begs to differ and claims that Edmund has hurt the family as well. Cassie tells her that it is not the same. Reva wonders how and why it can be different. She informs Cassie that she loves her son just as much as she loves Edmund. Cassie assures her that Edmund has changed and Reva wonders how sure she is of it. Reva mentions that perhaps Edmund simply hasn’t had a good enough reason to become vindictive yet again. Cassie remains silent.

Edmund wonders what Jonathan did to his wife. Dinah looks like she is happy with what is happening.

Cassie claims that Reva is trying to shift the blame away from Jonathan. She reminds Reva that Edmund did nothing wrong. Reva wonders how long that will last for and mentions the night Edmund showed up at her house. Cassie steps back and tells Reva that she is blind to what Jonathan is doing.

Edmund dismisses Dinah and wanders out of the barn. She wonders if he is ok and he demands her to leave. She tells him that she hates to see him hurt. He reiterates that he wants her to leave through clenched teeth. He walks back into the barn and throws some things around.

At the hotel, Reva walks out of Harley’s room. In the hallway Jonathan tells his mother that he’s tried. She tells him that she knows. He wonders if they are cool with one another, she tells him that he tried and wonders if he’s ready to leave. He lets her know that he doesn’t want to have another run in with Josh and that he’s going to stay where he is. He mentions that he is sick of fighting. Jonathan tells her to consider it his gift to her and kisses her on the cheek.

Cassie picks up her phone and Edmund is on the other end. He wonders why she doesn’t sound too good and she informs him that she is at the Clayton Arms. She tells him that Reva & Jonathan are there as well and that it is a long story. She tells him that she wants to come home and see him. He agrees and walks out of the barn. Dinah emerges from behind a trunk and comments that it is going to be ‘a Valentine’s day massacre.’

Reva walks into Elizabeth & Company and finds the place empty. She turns around and heads outside. Once outside, a police officer stops Reva and informs her that she will have to come with him. Reva wonders if it has something to do with Jonathan. He tells her that it doesn’t and that it involves her husband.

Inside the barn, Cassie calls out looking for Edmund. Dinah is standing behind a wall and comments that Cassie had better get used to not finding Edmund.

Jonathan is sitting on a bed inside the Clayton Arms stretching his led when there is a knock on the door. The person on the other end tells him that is guest services. Jonathan opens the door and Edmund bursts in. He punches Jonathan which lands him back on the bed.

Edmund tells a bloodied Jonathan that he was ‘glad to have caught him.’

Alex wanders in the courtroom and sits down on the DA’s side. The bailiff announces the judge and she walks in.

She informs the jury of the rules. Jeffery makes his opening remarks. He tells the jury that he’s fond of Harley and that it makes it hard for him to prosecute the case. He reiterates that Harley murdered a man over and over again and tells the jury that it is because of that fact that he has to prosecute the case. He assures the jury that he wouldn’t allow the case to be brought to trial unless he was sure of her guilt. Everyone in the courtroom looks uncomfortable as he says this. Coop comments to his father that it seems weird that Alexandra is the only Spaulding at the trial. Harley remains stoic.

The man in black, who appears to be a psychiatrist, asks Lizzie to go over what she is saying yet again. She tells him that the gun went off and that she didn’t want him to die.

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