Guiding Light Update Friday 2/11/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At J. Farley’s Billy orders two club sodas and turns to see Reva. She demands to know where Josh is and Billy claims he doesn’t know. He tells her that he hasn’t seen him in a few days. Billy looks at Reva and guesses that she assumes Josh has dragged Jonathan off to teach him a lesson. Reva nods, agreeing with Billy. He tells her that he can only hope his brother has done that.

Buzz and Coop walk from the inside of the restaurant to the outside talking. Buzz reminds his son that he knows what he has to do. Coop nods telling his father that they’ve been over it all a thousand times. He lets his father know that he knows exactly what needs to be done and that it will be taken care of. Buzz heads inside and shortly afterwards Lizzie comes along. She reminds Coop that she needs to go over some things with Buzz. Coop tells Lizzie that she can’t go inside tonight.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, the place is empty. Harley comes in from the back and comments on the fact that the place is dead. Buzz tells her that they’re closed for the evening. Marina, Frank and the kids come in. Zach tells his mother that it’s a party. Marina goes off with the kids to color with them. She warns them that it is good that they’re having a party for her now because if her hunch is right she won’t have much free time after the verdict is read.

In the alley of J. Farley’s, Gus walks outside and runs into his father. Alan reminds his son that time is running out. He reminds Gus that with the trial beginning tomorrow that he only has a few more hours to ‘come back to his senses.’ Gus informs his father that if he hasn’t changed his mind yet that he probably won’t. Gus begins to walk off as his father tells him that things are now different. He turns around and Alan explains that he, like the rest of the town now thinks that Harley is guilty. Gus informs his father that Harley isn’t going to prison. Not bothered by his son’s words, Alan tells Gus that he’s seen a change in him the past few days. He wonders when he lost faith in Harley. He tells his father that he’s never lost his faith in her and that he never will. He goes on to tell Alan that he & Harley love and need one another. Alan finds the statement preposterous and wonders why she would need a lawyer who is about to be disbarred or a man who has no money. He mentions that if what his son says is true that Harley is more desperate than he thought. Gus is quick to remind his father that not everything is about money. Alan agrees and tells Gus that it is about what people feel inside. He wonders how good his son will be in the court room when he doesn’t even believe his own client. Gus assures his father that Harley will get the best defense possible. Alan reminds Gus that no matter how much of a good defense attorney that he is that there will be a little voice down deep inside of him that thinks she is guilty. Gus grabs his father, wondering why his father has to continually push his buttons. Soon after Gus grabs his father Jeffery comes along to break the two of them up. He wonders what is going on.

Alan tells Jeffery that his son is desperate and Gus tells his father to come early to the trial. Gus walks away and Jeffery wonders why Alan is trying to ‘bait’ his son. He is quick to remind Alan that the case is out of his hands. He warns Alan to leave the trial to the professionals. Alan doesn’t seem to keen on the idea and tells Jeffery that it is not possible as it would be like leaving the whole thing to chance. He makes it clear that nothing is left to chance in his world.

Coop tells Lizzie that she can’t go inside. She reminds him that it is her restaurant and that she pretty much has control over it. He gently tells her that the family needs it for one night and Lizzie wonders if it has anything to do with Harley’s trial. He nods and tells her that it does. Lizzie laughs at the idea of trying to boost Harley’s spirits and tells him that he needs to face the facts. She thinks that Coop should see the obvious, that Harley killed her father. She looks inside the window while Coop thinks back to when he found the shard of glass in Lizzie’s room. He tells her that she can’t go inside while she claims that she can go inside if she wants. She demands to go inside. He is stubborn in letting her know that it is not possible. He picks her up, throws her over his shoulder and walks off with her. She is screaming for him to put her down.

Buzz asks his daughter to keep up a positive attitude while Frank tells his sister that their father has made all of their favorite foods. Harley watches her children with a smile as they color with Marina. Buzz tells her that they’re going to have a party tonight as well as have one every night until she is acquitted. Harley looks as though she wants to believe what he is saying, but can’t. The two hug and Buzz heads into the kitchen to check on the food. Frank thanks his sister for going along with everything. He then begins to talk to her and doesn’t get very far. She hugs him and tells him he doesn’t need to say anything. She informs him that she’s going to look on the bright side and wants to simply have a good time with her family tonight. Frank hugs his sister and the two smile at one another.

Gus visits the site of Harley’s former house. He sits on one of the construction pails. He thinks into the future and presenting Harley & the kids with a brand new house. In his thoughts he helps acquit Harley and they are in love. Alex stands over Gus and he wonders if Alan has her following him. She tells Gus that Alan doesn’t know she is with him and that if he did know it he would be furious with her. She sits down next to him.

Buzz is sitting at a table inside of J. Farley’s telling a man, Jack Roper, about the restructuring of Lewis Construction. Reva jumps into the conversation and demands to know where Josh is. The two men stand up and Billy introduces Reva to Jack. Reva is rude to Jack and demands to know exactly where Josh is from Billy. He reminds her that he’s already told her that he doesn’t know. She tells him that she heard him the first time, but that it doesn’t mean that she believes him. Jack wonders what is going on and Reva yells at Jack. She tells him that there is no problem as long as she can find out where Josh is. Billy tries to pull Reva aside to talk to her and she refuses. She claims that she won’t move until she finds out where her husband is.

In the church gym, Josh urges Jonathan to keep pushing himself. Jonathan pleads for it to stop while Josh claims that he is nothing but a big talker. He goes on to tell him that he’s always complaining that he is never treated as one of Josh’s own children. He reminds Jonathan that he pushed Shayne hard and wouldn’t let him give up. He goes on telling him that he pushed Shayne so very hard so that he could get well and that it worked. Jonathan makes a comment about Shayne having brain damage. Josh makes a comment about Shayne not wanting to quit and then reminds Jonathan that he is nothing like Shayne. He agrees to let him quit if that’s what he really wants to do. Jonathan laughs at his attempt at ‘lame reverse psychology.’ Josh tells him that if he’s done that he should get off the machine, which prompts Jonathan to commit to 10 more ‘rips.’ Josh is quick to point out that Shayne would have done 15, which makes Jonathan agree to do 20. Jonathan begins to work out as Josh watches on.

Reva lets Billy know that both her and Jack are waiting. Jack decides to leave and tells Billy that if they ever get it settled that they can be in contact. Billy tries to get Jack to stay while Reva remains firmly planted. Billy is mad that Reva made their best client leave. She apologize half heartedly and tells him that she needed to find out if he was covering for Josh or not. She tells him that he’d better not be lying to her and leaves.

Gus looks at Alex and tells him that by looking at her he can see where all of his troubles began. He blabbers on while Alex wonders how he is sleeping. She comments on him looking awful. Gus continues telling Alex that if he had married Harley in the first place that she wouldn’t have felt like she would have had to go to Phillip alone. He tells his aunt that he’s fine and that he’s sleeping at Harley’s office. She wonders how he can properly defend Harley with no money.

She reminds him of all he’s given up for Harley and explains that she knows what the stakes are. He admits that he loves her and she tells him that she knows. She hands him her pearl necklace and tells him that she wants Harley to have the best defense possible. The two joke around about the pearl clashing with his suit and you can tell that Gus is appreciative of his aunt helping him out. She urges him to sell the pearls and explains that she is on ‘love’s side.’

Buzz runs back into the kitchen for more food. Harley comments to Marina that he’s trying so hard to make the night fun. She tells her aunt that the night is fun and smiles. Marina remains positive and mentions that they’re going to have plenty more nights like this as soon as Gus clears her. Harley reminds her niece that they both know what the odds of that happening are. Harley watches her kids work diligently and wonders what they are up to. She and Marina comment on them being good kids and then Harley wonders where Coop is. With a knowing smile Marina assures Harley that Coop will be there soon.

Coop continues to have Lizzie over his shoulder as he walks into what appears to be a Florist shop. She begs him not to leave her there and he tells her that he doesn’t have much of a choice. He takes her purse and her cell phone as well so that she can’t call someone for help. He tells her to relax and locks her inside. She stands at the door and begs to be left out. He claims that he gave her fair warning and that she brought it on herself. Alone she cries, begging not to be left there as she can’t stay there.

Josh watches as Jonathan continues to work out and push himself. Josh wonders why he does what he does. Jonathan explains that he is the kid that people love to hate. Josh doesn’t think it is that simple. He explains to Josh that the reason he does things is because he hates everyone, especially Reva. Josh jumps on top of Jonathan and claims that they both know he doesn’t hate Reva. He tells him that he thinks there is something else going on inside of his head and that he wants to know what it is. Jonathan claims that Josh is nuts. He claims that the reason he destroyed Reva’s car was because nothing stays shiny and new. He goes on to tell Josh that he doesn’t have to explain anything to him. Josh begs to differ and tells him, while pushing down on his chest that he does need to explain it to him as he hurt the woman Josh loves. He informs Jonathan hurting Reva was a mistake. Jonathan confesses that buying her the car was a mistake because he doesn’t want to depend on his mother’s gratitude. He confesses that if he depends on anyone’s gratitude that he will end up getting screwed just like he always does. Josh wonders when the first time that someone didn’t come through for him was. Jonathan screams and Reva walks in yelling at Josh to leave her son alone. Reva wonders if her son is ok and Josh tells her that everything is fine. Jonathan claims to be ‘a little hurt.’ Josh tells Reva that he and Jonathan were beginning to get somewhere and Reva doesn’t buy it.

She accuses Josh of pushing Jonathan to the brink of agony like he did with Shayne. Josh turns to Jonathan and mentions that ‘getting back to normal after being hurt isn’t easy.’ He phrases it so that Jonathan should back him up on it and all he does is tell Josh that he doesn’t know. He confesses that he’s never been normal. Josh’s cell phone rings and he picks it up. He curtly answers, wondering what the person on the other end of the line wants. Reva hands Jonathan his things and tells him to wait for her outside. Jonathan turns to his mother and explains that he knows that she knows the truth about who smashed it. He apologizes to her for damaging it. She hands him to keys to the mini van and he tells her that he figured she knew even before Josh told him. Reva wonders what the hell Josh was thinking and Josh tells her he was wondering the same thing about her. He tells her that she shouldn’t have busted in on Billy’s meeting and that they will be lucky if Jack answers their phone calls from now on. She laughs at him and tells him that she had to know where Jonathan was. She reminds him that she was right and that it was a good thing that she showed up when she did. He tells her that she is wrong.

Alan informs Jeffery that although he is not trying the case nor is he on the jury that he won’t tolerate a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Jeffery tells Alan that he expects Harley to be convicted of what she’s being charged with. He makes it clear that although Harley may have killed Phillip she is still a better person that Phillip ever could have been. He mentions that if he were ever to sympathize with a defendant that this would be the case. Jeffery continues on and calls Phillip a ‘murder waiting to happen.’ Alan wonders what he’s saying and Jeffery makes it clear that he’s just expressing his personal opinion. Alan tells Jeffery that if his personal opinion is getting in the way of the trial that he will be sorry. Jeffery wonders if Alan is threatening him and Alan lets him know that he can ‘call it whatever he wants.’ He warns Jeffery that if there isn’t a guilty verdict that it will be a loss that he will remember forever. Jeffery warns Alan that his last comment was a threat. He calls out to an officer and begins to introduce the two to one another. He stops short explaining that they will have time to get to know one another on the ride down to the station. Alan wonders what is going on and Jeffery explains that he is being arrested.

Lizzie is crying alone in the florist shop and looks up at the ceiling. She cries out trying to reassure herself to calm down. She hears something and tries to get out yet again. She runs around like a maniac crying out the entire time. She breaks the window pane on the door and in reaching to get the lock cuts her hand. She looks down at the blood and hears screams. There is a montage of broken glass, screams, gun shots and blood. She sits down and tells herself that she needs to get it out of her head. She calls out to her father to help her and tells him that she hated him. She tells him that she misses him while crying.

Alex begs Gus to accept her help and he refuses. She tells him that he accepts the pearls that he would be doing her a favor. Gus doesn’t seem to understand and wonders how he’s helping her. She explains that she feels guilty about all the damage that has been done in the name of family loyalty. She tells him that by looking at everyone else she needs to realize how lucky she’s been. She tells him that she hopes to affect and ease some of the pain that she helped to cause. Alex hands the pearls and tells him to sell the pearls in order to save the woman he loves. She goes on telling him that by helping him this way that it means more. She asks if she can give him one more piece of advice and goes on to tell him that he needs to believe in Harley regardless of what anyone or anything is telling him. She begins to leave and he hands the pearls back to her mentioning that she should give them to an important family member. She sighs and lets him know that she just did that. She leaves and Gus looks down at the necklace.

Buzz shouts out orders to Frank for ways to help with the feast. They get the food together and Harley smiles as she watches her family spends time together.

They all begin to do some Greek dancing and everyone is smiling and eating. Harley hugs her children. Frank and Harley argue about having another toast. She gets up to see what her children are doing.

The policeman begins to lead Alan away until Alan stops. He turns to O’Neill and Alan informs Jeffery that he can’t arrest him. Jeffery responds by remind Alan that he’s not arresting him and that the officer is. He turns to Officer Church and mentions that Alan sounds like he might be trouble. He lets the officer know that it might be a good idea to cuff him. The officer agrees and puts Alan in cuffs. Alan wonders what the charges are and Jeffery tells Alan that he attempted to ‘threaten an office of the court in order to influence him in the disposition of his duties.’ Alan thinks it is ludicrous while Jeffery assures him that it is a very serious charge, a felony to be exact. Alan tries to explain and Jeffery doesn’t want to hear it. He informs Alan to save his speech for the judge and then comments that he hopes the judge can fit him in with the big trial going on. Jeffery informs the officer to find Alan a holding cell and that he will be down to visit shortly. Jeffery tells Alan that it is all about justice and not about revenge.

Reva goes on about how she returned home to find the living room trashed with neither him nor Jonathan in sight. She wonders what she was supposed to think and claims that she had every right to be worried. Josh asks her what she was thinking leaving them there armed in the first place. He wonders where she thought they were and if he dropped Jonathan into a lake. She tells him that she might have thought that. Josh raises his voice telling her that she has no trust whatsoever for him and she admits that she doesn’t when he gets it in his head that he needs to protect her. Josh yells at Reva explaining that he brought Jonathan to the gym in order to begin rehab on his leg. He demands to know what the problem in and goes on to tell her that he was hoping Jonathan might open up. He explains that he wanted to know what was going on in Jonathan’s head. Reva wonders why he told Jonathan that she knew about the car. He explains that he didn’t think it was right to pretend it didn’t happen. She gets mad, slams a wall and tells him that she was waiting. She goes on to get upset and tell him that she is having a hard time dealing with him as well as Josh. He reminds her that they both want the same thing. He goes on to tell her that Jonathan seemed to be ready to confess some things that he hadn’t told anyone when she busted in. She tells him that it looked like he was hurting her son. He laughs and tells her that she’s not helping. He claims that she doesn’t trust anyone where Jonathan is concerned because she feels guilty about trusting someone with her son again after Alfred violated that trust. He wonders if she thinks he is like Alfred. She looks at him and doesn’t say anything.

Harley sits with Zach & Coop. They tell her that they made her a story. She reads it aloud. It turns out to be a story about the three of them with Gus and Phillip included. She begins to cry and tells her kids that she loved the story. She thanks them and heads outside for some air. Frank begins to stop her and she explains that she only needs a minute. When she gets outside she repeats the words in the story that repeats ‘mommy we are home’ and leaves.

Lizzie sits alone on the floor apologizing to her father explaining that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Coop comes back to let her out and she runs out. She screams at him for leaving her alone. He wonders what happened inside and he tells her that he thought she would like it there. He sees her bleeding hand and wonders why she freaked out so badly that she cut her hand. She tells him to stop touching her and pulls her hand away.

She claims to be claustrophobic as it runs in the family. Lizzie warns him to never leave her locked in a room alone again. He apologizes and tells her that he didn’t think it was a big deal. She begins to cry and tells him that she has a lot of feelings and that she is sick of people seeing her as a cold calculated girl.

Reva wonders why she shouldn’t feel guilty. She reminds him that Jonathan is the way he is because of her mistake. Josh reminds her not to make the mistake bigger by shutting him out. She explains that she wants to trust Josh with Jonathan as she has all of her children, but that he is special. Jonathan listens in as Reva and Josh talk. Josh tells Reva that sometimes she makes it sound as though her trust is conditional and that she is the sole person who knows what is good for Jonathan. She tells him that if she knew what was best that she wouldn’t be going crazy. He reminds her that he was a good father or Marah & Shayne would have been much harder to handle. She reminds him that Jonathan is nothing like Marah & Shayne. Jonathan continues to listen while Josh agrees with Reva. She calls him harsh and warns him not to ruin something she is trying to fix. He agrees and tells her that in her eyes no matter what she tries to do that it will be wrong. He walks out and she calls after him. Jonathan remains up against the wall listening and thinking to himself. You can tell that what he heard affected him.

Harley goes to the site of her old house and looks at the picture that Zach drew. Gus watches as she stands inside her house. She leaves the picture inside and Gus goes over to pick it up.

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