Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/10/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Danny shows Marina a painting that Robbie made. It shows the three of them holding hands. Marina laughs at how red her hair is in the picture and the two comment on how cute it is.

Michelle and Tony walk in to see Danny and Marina having a good time. Michelle asks to see Robbie’s drawing and Danny shows it to her. He tries to blow it off, telling her that it’s simply something he did in preschool. She looks at the painting and comments on how nice the ‘family’ looks and wonders where ‘mommy’ is in the picture. Danny doesn’t say anything to her.

Holly is in the alley at J. Farley’s when she thinks she hears someone. She calls out around her, in a nervous voice wondering who is there. No one responds and she runs off.

Cassie meets up with Blake who is sitting on the bench outside of Elizabeth & Company. Cassie is wondering if Blake has seen Edmund and she hasn’t. Blake looks up and sees that Cassie is a mess; she wonders what has been going on. Cassie explains that she got into a scuffle with Dinah. She goes on to ask Blake to cover for her and tell Edmund that she gave Cassie a videotape of her bachelor-ette party if Edmund should happen to ask. Blake is intrigued and wonders what the real tape had on it. She asks Cassie if she has a ‘boy toy’ that she hasn’t told her about. Cassie becomes very serious and wonders if Blake is trying to joke around. It is obvious she doesn’t find the comment amusing.

Edmund is outside of Reva’s house banging on the door and yelling for her to open the door. She comes running to door from the living room and opens the door with Josh standing behind her. Edmund wonders where Jonathan is and when Reva asks what he wants with her son he yells into the house calling out for Jonathan. Edmund is raging around, more mad than we’ve seen him appear in moths. Jonathan comes down the stairs slowly while Reva wonders what Edmund wants with her son. Josh interrupts reminding Reva that she can’t protect her son forever. He mentions that Jonathan will have to be accountable for his actions at some point. Josh tells Edmund that Jonathan is upstairs.

When Edmund tries to walk in Reva pushes him away. She tells him that if he wants to get to Jonathan that he’s going to have to go through her.

Tony wonders why Danny is trying to keep Michelle out of Robbie’s pictures as well as his life. Marina jumps in trying to tell them it’s not a big deal. She goes on to explain that she was there at his preschool for ‘zoo day’ and that’s why she was in the painting. Michelle asks to talk to Danny alone. Tony and Marina walk to another part of the restaurant. Michelle tells him that she is sorry and that she simply expected to be in the picture. He explains that he would never let Robbie forget about her. He reminds her that it is one painting of many. She reminds Danny that she loves Robbie and that she never meant to be away as long as she was. He reminds her that it is going to take Robbie some time to get used to the fact that she’s back for good. She tells Danny that she had a memory about Rick warning her about staying with Danny. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear about anymore of her memories. She tells him that she believes that he wouldn’t try and separate her from Robbie. She goes on to explain that she hopes he understands that she is truly trying. She hands the painting back to Danny and walks away.

Holly looks around her, nervous that someone is following her. She walks into J. Farley’s bar and all she sees are a bartender and people drinking. There is a montage of alcohol and the scene ends with Holly staring at a martini.

Cassie sits down and tells Blake that she needs something to calm her nerves. She explains that she gets upset when people joke about her cheating on Edmund. She apologizes for snapping at her. Blake pretends to understand, but can tell that something is up. She wonders if there is a reason that it is bothering her so much. She wonders if Cassie really is having an affair. Frustrated, Cassie stands up repeating that she isn’t and wouldn’t ever cheat on Edmund. Blake seems to believe her, but still can’t understand why Cassie needs her to lie. Cassie tells her that something has happened and reminds Blake of ‘how Edmund can get.’ Blake mentions that she knew how angry Edmund used to get. Cassie informs Blake that everyone has a boiling point and that she doesn’t want to take any chances with Edmund. After admitting that she’s pushed Ross over the edge a few times Blake agrees to lie for Cassie. Cassie thanks Blake and hugs her.

Jonathan listens as his mother defends him to Josh. She then turns to Edmund and wonders why he is so upset. He explains that Jonathan was at the farm with Cassie watching a videotape. He goes on to mention that after watching the tape that Cassie became angry and smashed it. Reva turns and looks at Josh. Edmund realizes that both Reva and Josh know what is going on. He demands to know from Reva what was on the tape. She tells him that he should ask his wife. He lets her know that he’s already done that and he’s pretty sure that she lied to him. Reva looks smug and tells Edmund that ‘Cassie would never lie to you.’ Edmund turns away, disgusted by everything and tells them that there had to be a reason for her to smash the tape. Reva tells Edmund that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Josh interrupts and tells Reva that Edmund has a right to question Jonathan about why he was at the farm. Reva thinks that now might not be the best time with Edmund’s temper flaring. She reminds Josh that when Edmund is mad that he does things that everyone regrets. Edmund warns Reva that everyone will regret it if Jonathan doesn’t come to talk to him. Reva demands that Edmund leave immediately. She reminds Edmund that everyone has made mistakes and tells him to leave. She urges him to forget what he saw. Edmund leaves and gives Reva an ultimatum before her goes. He warns that ‘if she doesn’t stop her boy’s reign of terror that he will.’ Reva turns to Josh and mentions that she’s sure he would have liked it if Edmund had tried to ‘hammer Jonathan into the ground.’ She accuses Josh of being willing to send Edmund to Jonathan’s room despite knowing what could happen. Josh tries to calm her down as she tells him that if he wants to hurt Jonathan that he has to do it in front of her. Jonathan appears in the foyer where Josh and Reva are arguing.

Danny and Marina are sitting at a table in the back of Company. He looks up as she brings him lunch and she warns him that he doesn’t have to put on a happy face for her. She thinks that he should want to punch someone. He looks up at her smiling, and mentions Tony’s name. She is obviously not happy and tells him that she thinks it is wrong that Tony bad mouthed Danny for being a good father. Danny shrugs and tells her that he has to keep it together for Robbie. She stares at him and mentions that being a parent means that it never ends. He agrees and tells her that you have to keep it together for the sake of the kid. He goes on about how a parent ‘does what they have to’ in order go on. She asks what would happen if a parent made a horrible mistake. He looks at her confused by all of her questions and informs her that she does a great job with Robbie. He tells her that it’s ok. She informs him that it isn’t ok. She confesses that she once had a doll that she left outside and a dog ate the doll. She becomes emotional and begins crying. She stands up and tells Danny that she ‘can’t do it.’ Danny looks as though he’s wondering what is going on.

Holly sits at the bar. She fingers the gold coin from Roger while the bartender repeatedly asks her what she wants to drink. She orders a dirty martini. It almost looks as though Holly is in a daze.

Edmund is outside of Company and looks in through the window. He sees Cassie inside talking to a waitress and turns away. He walks toward the bench and hears his evil inner voice talking to him. The voice tells him that the new Edmund is making him sick and wonders what has happened to him. Edmund explains that he’s come to his senses as he has a woman who loves him. The voice wonders what Jonathan has told Cassie and what would happen if Cassie were to find out about the fire in the barn. Edmund reminds himself that he carried Jeffery out of the fire while his inner self reminds him that RJ was caught in the fire. He goes on reminding Edmund that Cassie was quick to jump to conclusions about the antimonious case and wonders if Cassie ever really trusted Edmund to begin with. His inner self tells Edmund to finish Jonathan off to protect his future. Edmund is in turmoil, wandering around the outside of Company running into the bench and chairs. Edmund grabs his head and tells his voice to stay away from him. Cassie comes outside and wonders what Edmund is doing. He looks at her, sees that she’s a mess and wonders what happened. She tells Edmund that she saw Dinah and that things got out of hand. She goes on quick to tell Edmund that Dinah mentioned something that happened in the barn. Edmund looks worried.

Jonathan hobbles toward the living room with Josh and Reva right behind him. He tells him that their punching bag has arrived. Reva warns Jonathan that he’s not getting off scot free while Jonathan tells his mother that ‘she’s better than a guard dog.’ She reminds him that it’s not funny and wonders why he was at Cassie’s. He reminds his mother that Cassie called him wondering what happened in the hotel room. Reva is quick to point out that he told her he wasn’t going to call Cassie back. He continues on telling them that he told her nothing happened, but that it wasn’t good enough so he showed her the rest of the tape. Reva seems shocked that there was more to the tape. Jonathan explains that all there was to the tape was many hours of sleeping and that he edited that out. Reva wonders why her son couldn’t have shown the original tape to begin with. Josh wonders what else was on the original tape. Reva realizes that he wanted to put Cassie through hell. He tells his mother that he wanted to see if she would believe him without proof. Josh thinks that Jonathan’s sole reason was to make it all harder on Cassie.

Jonathan admits that it was part of the reason. He tells them both that as far as he is concerned that Cassie is getting what she deserved for luring him into her room. Josh erupts, yelling that he went to Cassie asking her to come clean to Edmund and that she is still protecting Jonathan. He tells Reva that he wanted Cassie to ‘take away the power’ that Jonathan has over her. Reva looks at Josh and tells him that she knows it isn’t about power. She sighs and tells Josh that the only reason he wanted Cassie to come clean was so that Edmund would come after Jonathan. She accuses Josh of wanting Edmund to kill Jonathan. Josh claims that Edmund has a right to know what is going on with his wife. Jonathan interrupts telling Reva that he’s glad she can finally see what is going on. She tells Jonathan that she thinks that he needs to be taught a lesson. She continues by telling him that just when she thinks they’re getting close that he does something to prove that she can’t trust him. She turns to Josh and wonders if he realizes what he could have done. She wonders if he is so afraid of losing her that he would be willing to hurt Jonathan. Josh reminds Reva that everything he has done since Jonathan came to town was for her. Reva accuses Josh of working against her and tells Jonathan that she never knows what to expect from him. She tells them that she doesn’t know what to do and that she can’t handle it anymore. She hands Josh a lamp and Jonathan a vase. They look confused and she tells them to go ahead and go at it as they’re both armed. She tells them to leave her the hell out of it as she can’t take it anymore and leaves. Jonathan looks at Josh and lets him know that the next move is up to him. It is almost like he is daring Josh to hit him. Josh throws the lamp on the ground and tells him that he has other things to worry about. He reminds Jonathan that Edmund is ‘on his tail.’ Josh walks out of the room angry. Jonathan slams the vase on the ground and takes after throwing stuff around. As he’s on the porch he makes a phone call to Dinah. He tells her that he wants to know exactly what happened in the barn and that she is going to have to tell him. Jonathan goes on to let her know that he tried to be the nice guy and it didn’t work. He pulls his cast off and leaves.

Holly sits at the bar with a martini in front of her. She pulls it toward her as if she is going to take a drink and merely smells it. She stares at it and then knocks it over. The bartender comes over and offers to make her another drink. She refuses and asks for a cup of coffee. Someone is watching her from across the room and it is almost as if she can sense it. She turns to look and doesn’t see anyone. The bartender comes over with a bottle of wine and she tells him that she asked for coffee. He lets her know that a man on the other side of the bar wanted her to have the entire bottle. She looks at the label and sits it down. One could assume it was the same bottle of wine that Holly was left with near her cell in Santo Domingo. She gets up wondering where the man is. She wanders around and sees another man sitting at a table. The man tells Holly that she looks like someone who might be able to save his life. Holly looks frightened and accuses ‘him’ of putting the man up to sending her the bottle of wine. The man looks confused and mentions that the wine is Sebastian’s label. Blake walks in just in time to see Holly yell at the man asking who set him up. She tells Blake that ‘he’s back.’ Blake wonders what her mother is talking about.

Marina mentions that Danny must think she is a freak. He jokes that he’s always thought that and then guesses that she must be stressed out about Harley. She nods, sitting down on a bar stool. She explains that she promised Harley she would take care of the kids if Harley went to jail. She confesses that she loves them and Danny understands that she’s scared of the responsibility. He tells her that no one, including parents are perfect people. She smiles and reminds him that she’s a good aunt and babysitter but that children need more than that. She wonders what will happen if she can’t give them everything. He tells her that she has to give it all she has and pray that they turn out ok. Danny goes on to explain that she won’t be alone and enumerates all the people in her family that she will be able to turn to. He counts himself in the list, telling her that he’s not going away any time soon. She shrugs it off, telling him that it would be too weird with Robbie. He looks her in the eyes and tells her that with everything he’s been through that being with her could never be hard.

Michelle and Tony walk into the Bauer house. She tells them where Mel, Rick & the family are and lets him know that no one is home. She tells him that it is a good thing, so that no one can see what they are doing. She walks in and throws her things down. He wonders what is going on. She informs him that if Danny wants a fight then he can have one. She pulls out a recipe box and reminds Tony that Valentines Day is coming up. She goes on to explain that Robbie’s class is probably going to have a party, which means that they will need cupcakes. She shows Danny her mother’s recipe and informs him that she will bring the cupcakes. She looks indignant as she tells Tony that she’s going to show Danny what a good mother she can be.

Edmund moves toward Cassie and asks her to sit down. He tells her that there is no excuse for what he did. He apologizes and tells her that he wished he would have told her. She becomes angry and wonders why he didn’t tell her that Dinah tore down their wedding decorations. He looks stunned and tells her that he knew how upset she would be. He goes on explaining that he didn’t want to ruin the good mood. Cassie rants on about how she should have known that Dinah was on their property. She confesses to him that she got into a fight with Dinah. She reminds him that they were supposed to have a romantic evening and hugs him. He tells her that no one can come between them. He puts his hand on her head and comes away with a hand of mud.

Jonathan walks in Cassie’s barn and mentions how secrets are terrible. He mentions that there is one way to ‘smoke out the truth.’ He bends down and lights some hay on fire. Josh comes up behind him and grabs Jonathan. He pushes him toward the fire, wondering if he wants to get any closer. Jonathan tells him he’s had enough. Josh informs Jonathan that this is the end of the line for him.

Blake wonders what the man did to her to get her so angry. Holly explains that the man sent her the same kind of wine that Sebastian had on the island. She mentions that ‘she knew he was up to something.’ Blake wonders what her mother is talking about and reminds her that Sebastian is dead. Holly turns to her daughter and then grabs her head. She admits that there is so much she hasn’t told Blake. She explains that when she was with Roger there were many times that she wanted to leave but that every time either she or Roger wasn’t ready to let go. She continues on about how she had many different feeling for Roger and how he ‘made her heart beat faster.’ She tells Blake that Sebastian, like Roger, got under her skin. She explains that her obsession with him is horrifying and familiar. Blake wonders what happened between her mother and Sebastian. Holly informs her daughter that she wasn’t intimate with Sebastian and that she’s glad he’s dead so that she doesn’t have to feel things she’s not ready to. She does confess that she did dream about him though. Holly wonders if her daughter hates her and Blake doesn’t say anything.

Cassie and Edmund are together in a bathtub. She tells him how good it feels to relax and he reminds her that she needs to let him take care of everything. She wonders if he is ready to be a father and he tells her that he wants to be the kind of father that always makes a child feel safe and loved. He wonders if she feels safe and he tells her that she needs to trust him with everything. She turns to him and tells him that she does. He wonders if she can trust him under any circumstances and she doesn’t say anything. He tells her that he didn’t think so.

Josh throws a blanket on the fire, putting it out while Jonathan claims that he didn’t start it. Josh obviously doesn’t believe him as the two are alone in the barn. He tells Josh that he was lighting a cigarette and the fire was an accident. Josh warns Jonathan to save the stories for Reva as she’s the only one who believes them. He goes on to tell him that he has something in store for Jonathan that will hurt. He pushes him out the door and the two leave.

Blake hugs her mother and tells her that she can’t hate her. She confesses that she thought there was more to the story and that she thinks she can now understand. She goes on telling holly how she remembers how Roger always wanted to ‘own’ her. She informs her mother that she would never have wanted that to happen again. Holly apologizes to her daughter for not telling her sooner. Blake admits that she wouldn’t want to lose her mother for her brother and asks if there is anything else she needs to tell her. Holly tells Blake that she wants to go home and the two begin to leave. However, first Blake has to run inside the bar and pay the tab. She heads inside leaving her mother in the alley. Holly leaves the gold coin on a garbage can and then walks back over and picks it up. Someone watches her from inside.

Tony and Michelle are in the mess of a kitchen. He tells her that he’s been mixing, but that it’s the wrong color. She informs him that he’s doing ok and takes some cupcakes out of the oven. She hooks him up with a taste test and he spits it out. He tells her that it tastes like clump of dough and has her taste it. Michelle thinks that they simply need a lot of icing. Tony doesn’t think that she can give those to the kids. The two begin kissing and Michelle wonders when he’s had worse cupcakes. He tells her that some women can’t bake and that’s ok. He tells her that they can go to the store, but plain cupcakes and then refrost them so that the kids think they’re homemade. Michelle thinks that the idea is perfect.

Marina is staring off into space when Danny breaks her concentration. She tells him that she was thinking about how amazing he is. He doesn’t believe her and she informs him that she’ll be fine with Zach & Jude. She goes on to explain to him that she’ll be fine. He’s quick to remind her that it is ok to ask for help when you need it. She assures him that the freak out was minor and not something that’s going to happen all the time. He smiles and wonders why it is ok for him to count on her and not for her to count on him. He lets her know that he’s there for her. Marina laments that it is too sad that Michelle can’t remember what a good guy he is. He mentions that he hopes with Michelle’s influx of memories that she will soon remember what Robbie needs. Marina looks concerned that his ex wife is having flashbacks and wonders what Michelle is remembering. He walks off to get more coffee while Marina watches him.

Cassie corrects Edmund telling that she loves trusts and needs him so much that it frightens her. She goes on to tell him that the thought of coming home and not finding him there scares her. He tells her that he will live there with until she throws him out and that he won’t leave unless she asks him to. She assures him that it won’t happen. She goes on to tell Edmund that she’s made the choices she’s made so that no one will take him away from her. He reminds her that he would do anything for her. She makes him promise that he will love her no matter what happens. The two kiss and Edmund gets out first, offering to build a fire in the bedroom so that she doesn’t get cold.

In the barn Edmund sees some burnt hay and wonders who did it. He calls out, wondering who did it. He feels that it is warm and calls for the person who set it to come out.

Reva returns home and sees Jonathan’s cast on the front porch. She runs inside calling out her son’s name. She hollers out to Josh and becomes worried when she sees the broken glass in the living room. She immediately wonders what Josh has done.

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