Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/9/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In the hotel, Gus packs up his belongings while Harley lies on her bed. She hears his door open and runs out into the hallway to talk to him. She lets him know that he doesn’t have leave the hotel. He reminds her that he doesn’t have a choice with his money problems and she offers to pay for his room. She justifies it by reminding him that he’s her lawyer. When he refuses to take her money she lets him know that he can stay with her. He smiles and tells her that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. She wonders where he’s going and he lets her know that he will be fine. She hands him the keys to the Harley’s Angels office and offers to let him stay there. He takes the key and accepts the offer. She looks at him and tells him that she can’t stand the fact that he’s given up everything for her. She thanks him and he in turn thanks her for the place to stay. She leans in to kiss him goodbye and the two have an awkward kiss goodbye on the cheek. He tells her that he’s off to find a killer and leaves.

In the Spaulding Mansion, Ross and Alan walk down the hallway to the study. Ross is telling Alan that he’s done some far out thing, but disbarring his own son tops the list. Alan tells Ross that it’s not out there and that Gus has done some terrible things. He further adds that he simply wants his son to be prevented from practicing law. He lets Ross know that he’s serious and that he needs to be stopped. Ross wonders if this sis imply about preventing Gus from defending Harley and Alan doesn’t disagree. He tells Ross about Lizzie’s bruises and that Gus is simply too desperate to save Harley. Ross merely thinks it is a sign that he still loves her. Alan thinks that Gus’s biggest mistake is loving Harley. Ross comments that Alan’s timing is impeccable, with Harley’s trial coming up. Alan pretends that he didn’t know it was so soon while Ross refuses to help Alan. He tells him that over the years he watched as he destroyed Phillip and that he’s not going to help him do the same thing to Gus. Alan raises his voice telling Ross that he will not rest until it is taken care of. Ross walks out on Alan. Lizzie watches from down the hallway as her grandfather follows Ross. Lizzie has a large smile on her face and looks very smug.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Coop is on the phone checking up with the DNA testing facility. He wonders when the shard of glass will be done being tested and asks the person on the other end of the line to call him back as soon as the results come in.

Inside the restaurant, Dinah comments to Bill & Olivia that Elizabeth & Company seems an odd venue for a Spaulding stockholders meeting. Olivia tells Dinah that Alan insisted on having it here. She mentions that Alan said something about ‘family unity’ to which Dinah points out that Phillip was murdered in the restaurant. Bill reminds Dinah that because some people blame Olivia for Phillip’s murder that neither of them need reminding. Dinah apologizes and wishes Olivia good luck. She walks away from their table.

As Dinah is walking away a flower delivery man approaches Dinah. He hands her a basket of pink roses and tells her that they are for her. Olivia comments on how beautiful they are while Bill wonders who they are from. Dinah reads the attached card which says ‘the stork suggests you get your ass to the barn.’ She tells them both that Corey sent them to her and Olivia seems excited for Dinah. Dinah heads out the door and Olivia comments to Bill that she didn’t think Dr. Butler and Dinah would hit it off. He reminds her that many people said the same thing about the two of them.

Outside, Dinah puts her flowers down and wonders what Cassie is up to.

Inside the barn, Cassie stands alone talking to herself. She says that if Dinah wants to ‘mess with her’ then she’d better come and get it.

Bill warns Olivia that he’s going to leave before Alan shows up. She reminds him that he’s a stockholder and he thinks that he should keep a low profile.

Suddenly, two stockholders walk inside. They tell Olivia that she’d better have something up her sleeve to help Spaulding out with. The female stockholder walks off while the male one stays to talk to Olivia. She lets them know that if they give her six months that Spaulding will be stronger than ever. Bill comments that the guys she was talking to was a big fan and wonders if there is anything he should know. She half ignores the question and assures him that after her presentation that she will have them eating out of the palm of her hand.

Harley is busy cleaning up her room in a hurry when there is a knock at the door. She seems surprised to see Coop at her door. She seems disappointed to see him and then corrects herself telling him that she was expecting Gus. She is nervous, which makes you think that she is up to something. Coop hands her a bag from the restaurant and tells her that he brought her breakfast. He walks in and she wonders who sent him. He tells her that no one sent him. He looks confused and informs her that he came of his own volition. She wonders if he’s there to convince her to take the plea deal and he pretends to not know why he would do that. She jogs his memory by reminding him that everyone in the family thinks she is guilty besides Gus. He tells her that he doesn’t want to see her give up when everyone is still out on the case. You can tell that he wants to tell her about the glass shard, but doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She tells him that if it isn’t her that it could be someone she knows or cares about. He informs her that it is possible that it is someone who has a motive that no one has even thought of yet, someone no one knows.

She smiles and tells him that she likes his idea and wonders if there is something he should tell her. She goes on to tell him that Gus is out there right now trying to prove the same theory. Coop smiles and tells his sister that he’s glad Gus chose her over his ‘crackpot family.’ He tells her that it is the right choice and that everyone believes in her. She promises him that she won’t give up. She confesses that when she told Coop earlier that she was expecting Gus that it was a lie. She goes on to tell her brother that she’s hoping the woman coming over will be able to tell her if she killed Phillip.

In the Spaulding Mansion study, Lizzie sits at the desk chair staring off into space when Gus walks in. He surprises her and she wonders how he got in. He lets her know that Hilda let him in and Lizzie immediately stands up. She mentions that she has to have her father get tighter security. He stands in front of her, blocking her from leaving and warns her not to blame the maid. She calls him threatening and hands her coffee. She refuses to talk to him and Gus tells her that he’s sorry about what happened. He assures her that he’s not trying to bribe her and goes on to tell her that since they’re family that they should try to get along. She is quick to remind him that family doesn’t treat one another the way he treated her. She adds in that she won’t talk to him or Harley or anyone else. He tries to convince her that Harley isn’t the murderer and she doesn’t want to believe. She is quick to remind him that she isn’t the one who killed her father.

Ross is walking down the hallway in the Spaulding Mansion and tells Alan although he is angry that he can’t get someone disbarred because he is mad at them. Alan concedes that he may not be in a place to look at the situation 100% objectively, but that if he’s hurt Lizzie he needs to have Gus disbarred. Ross reminds Alan how much he loves his niece, but that with her track record that it simply isn’t good enough. The two head toward the study where Gus and Lizzie are fighting. Alan & Ross both walk in just as Lizzie manipulates the situation. She turns around, throws the cup of coffee in Gus’s hand at herself and then screams. She claims that he spilled the coffee on her in order to ‘burn the information’ out of her. She sees her grandfather and runs over to him. Ross witnesses the whole thing.

Dinah walks into the barn reminding Cassie that the flowers were nice, but a waste of money. Cassie is standing on the loft, leering down at Dinah and tells her that she thought they would get her attention. Dinah goes on to claim that the note didn’t make much sense. Cassie snidely remarks that not everyone can be a manipulative genius. Dinah retorts telling her that she thinks she does just fine. Cassie comes down from the loft and asks Dinah why she’s not more curious as to why she was summoned. Dinah coolly tells her that she wonders about a great deal of things.

Cassie explains that she doesn’t want Dinah in her house. She brings up the night before Cassie’s wedding and wonders if she was as rude to Jonathan as she is being now. Cassie smiles and wonders if Dinah came up with the entire plan or simply helped Jonathan out. She tells her that she was only at the hotel by a good coincidence so that she could see him slip into her room for a night of romance. Cassie is quick to correct Dinah and let her know that nothing happened. Dinah obviously doesn’t believe Cassie and mentions the ‘do not disturb sign.’

Coop is sitting on his sister’s bed and the two are eating. He wonders who is going to help his sister remember. She tells him that she has a hypnotist coming to see her. She admits that it won’t definitely help and he calls it desperate. She reminds him that time is of the essence. She goes on to explain that this may be the only way for her to find out what truly happened the night Phillip was killed. He agrees and tells her that she should give it a shot. He explains that he wants her to remember that there are other options. He tells her that she has to do what she has to do as the hypnotist is on her way. He leaves as the Tara, the hypnotist is coming in. Coop reminds her to call him as he’s leaving and Tara walks in. She tells Harley that she hopes she can help.

Alan makes sure that Lizzie is ok and then wonders what Gus is doing. Gus explains that Lizzie threw the coffee on herself as she heard them coming in. Lizzie chirps in mentioning that this is the ‘second attack’ and Gus yells at her. He claims that he didn’t attack her. Ross watches the whole thing, looking less than pleased. Alan wonders if Ross has seen enough to agree with him. Ross tells them that he doesn’t know what to believe and turns to Lizzie. He wonders why Gus threw the coffee at her. She tells him that Gus has a notion that she killed her father. She begins crying and ‘wonders’ when it is all going to stop. She accuses him of bullying her. He yells at her and explains he is working on a case. Alan wonders why anyone would spill coffee on themselves and Gus reminds Alan that Lizzie isn’t the most stable person. Lizzie sits down on the couch, telling her grandfather that she can’t take it. Alan turns and wonders if Ross has seen enough. He goes over to Lizzie while Ross explains Alan’s comments to Gus. He tells Gus that Alan wants him disbarred over his conduct in the case. Lizzie chimes in telling them that she thinks it is a great idea so that he can’t hurt anyone else. Gus wonders if Ross is thinking about it. He confesses that he realizes that both he and Alan have an agenda. Gus promises Ross that he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the case. Suddenly, Ross’s phone rings. He answers and Blake is on the other end. He informs them that he has to go. Alan tells Ross that he hopes to hear from him soon. Gus begins to walk out and turns to his father. He warns Alan that he has nothing left to lose, making him a ‘dangerous man.’ Alan tells Lizzie that Gus & Harley will pay for what they’ve done. Alan gets up and leaves. Lizzie repeats the word ‘witness’ again and picks up the phone. She looks as though she has just gotten an idea.

Cassie wonders if Dinah is admitting that she followed her. Dinah doesn’t admit that and instead tells Cassie that sometimes things have a way of coming together. She tells Cassie that she has better things to do than to sabotage her wedding. She reminds Cassie that if she had wanted to blow the wedding that she could have. She informs Cassie that she has a ‘scam’ where she does what she wants and then convinces the men in her life that she deserves things. Dinah goes on to tell Cassie that she doesn’t deserve Edmund’s love. Dinah demands to know why Cassie asked her to come to the barn. She goes on explaining that Cassie knows that she and Hart were supposed to be married in the barn and that it is a painful place for her. Cassie rips into Dinah, telling her that no man could stand to be around her for very long, let alone love her. Dinah tells Cassie that she deserves the husband and the life.

She grabs Cassie and pushes her. The two begin fighting.

Lizzie is on the phone begging someone to pick up their phone. Coop is standing outside of Elizabeth & Company and picks up his phone. She tells him that he needs to come to her house. He reminds her that he’s scheduled to work and can’t leave another waitress short staffed. She warns him that he has 15 minutes and hangs up.

Bill and Olivia end up making out in the back of the restaurant, near the bathrooms. He tells her that he has to leave and has her walk him outside. He tells her that she needs to promise him something. He asks that she drive a stick through Spaulding when she gets enough power. He informs her that he’d like to eventually work on something a ‘little less revenge driven.’ She assures him she will, but that it will take time. She goes on about how she’s doing everything for their family. He agrees and tells her that he’s doing the same. He kisses her and she pushes him away slapping him. He looks shocked.

Cassie accuses Dinah of wanting her life. The two continue to physically fight. She calls Dinah pathetic while Dinah complains that Cassie has never had to work for anything. She continues on claiming that Cassie has taken everything from her. The two begin bickering over who started the fight when Ross walks in with Clarissa. He looks disgusted at the two of them.

Harley confesses to Tara that she tries to remember what happened every night and yet it is all a blur. Tara thinks that she might be able to help her. Harley wonders if she will remember what she is saying. She tells Harley to get comfortable and Harley lies down. They begin the process with Harley counting backwards slowly. Gus walks in and wonders what is going on. Harley looks nervously at Tara.

Ross tells both of the women hello and mentions that he came by to pick Clarissa up. Cassie tells Ross that Clarissa can come over anytime she wants. Dinah offer to explain the situation. Ross asks Dinah to take Clarissa to the car and leaves her father with Ross. Ross wonders what is happening. Cassie admits that she invited Dinah over and Ross lashes out at her. He tells her that it is one thing for his daughter to get into trouble, but another for her to invite Dinah over with the intention of causing trouble. Outside, Dinah kneels down and talks with Clarissa. She explains that their father will always help them clean up their messes.

Olivia tells Bill that he needs to leave and then mentions that Alan is watching. He catches on to what is happening and tells Olivia that she should have never taken the job. The two begin to ‘argue’ over Olivia’s involvement in Spaulding. Alan watches from behind the trelice. The two continue arguing about the job as Alan walks up.

He smiles to think that he has caused trouble in paradise.

Coop walks into the study and wonders what is going on. Lizzie tells him that she didn’t want to be alone and he wonders why. She stands up so that he can get a better look at her. He looks shocked and asks what is going on. She tells him that Gus threw coffee on her. She explains that she thinks Gus has lost his mind. He asks for details and she tells him that she can’t remember because she was so upset. He lets her know that he’s having a hard time comprehending that Gus threw coffee on her. She goes on to tell him that if Alan and Ross hadn’t come through the door that she doesn’t know what would have happened. He looks at Lizzie strangely when she mentions that her grandfather & Ross witnessed the whole thing. Coop’s phone rings and he tells her that he needs to take the call. He excuses himself and Lizzie thinks it is rude that he’s leaving her.

Gus wonders why Harley is hypnotizing herself. She lets him know that she doesn’t think she has a choice. He reminds her that it doesn’t always work and that it isn’t admissible in court. She informs him that she’s doing it for herself and asks him to support her. He agrees and tells her he is staying. She lets him and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear a word out of him. She lies back down on the bed and begins again.

After some time she is hypnotized and begins talking. She tells them of how Phillip taunted her. She goes on about the struggle and how he forced her to hold the gun. She tells them that she began to leave and jumps up. She screams that he came after her a second time and that she didn’t get away. She tells them about falling against a wall and that she wanted to grab a gun. Gus screams out and stops the hypnosis. He tells her it is not worth it. She runs out and tells him that it is.

Olivia assures Alan that everything is fine. Bill remains in is ‘argument’ mode with Olivia. She lets them both know that they have to go inside to meet with the stockholders. Alan smiles as the two head inside. He looks pleased with the situation.

Coop looks less than thrilled and hangs up the phone. Lizzie wonders what the phone call was about. She calls him rude and he apologizes. He begins leaving and she tells him that he can’t. She goes on to explain that he owes her one for being rude and that she needs his help. Lizzie tells Coop that her grandfather is trying to get Gus disbarred.

Coop makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with what she is doing. She reminds him that he witnessed Gus grabbing her inside of J. Farley’s. She tells him that he has no choice but to be her witness.

Ross tells Cassie that Dinah is trying to turn over a new leaf. Cassie refuses to believe that which makes Ross wonder why Cassie invited her over. He thinks that if she truly believes Dinah is dangerous that she should stay as far away as possible from her. Cassie claims that she has to get some things straight with Dinah. She admits to Ross that she wants to press charges against Cassie. Cassie leaves the barn and gives Dinah a spiteful look. Ross tells Dinah that everything is taken care of. Dinah kisses her father on the cheek and walks off with Clarissa.

Harley races after Tara yelling. Gus stops her and she doesn’t understand how he could stop her when she was so close to remembering. She tells him that she needed to remember. He claims that she looked frightened and that he needed to stop the session. She pulls away from him, and refuses to believe him. She claims that he stopped the session because he was afraid of what she might say. He tells her that’s not the case. She wonders if he thinks she really killed Phillip. She realizes that he doesn’t think, but knows she killed Phillip and yet he didn’t care. He promises her that he was never going to let her go to jail. He admits that he never cared whether or not she killed him or not. She runs back to her room and slams the door. She falls to her knees, crying.

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