Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/8/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Jonathan and Cassie continue to watch the tape in the farmhouse. He points out that nothing happened between the two of them. He mentions that the only reason he took his clothes off the next morning was to bother her. Edmund continues to watch the two of them from the window on the porch. Jonathan informs Cassie that although he could have taken advantage of her the night before her wedding he didn’t. He claims that it makes them somehow even. Edmund tries to hear what they are saying.

In the alley of J. Farley’s, Reva signs a paper to have her car towed. The tow guy mentions that ‘someone did a real number on her car.’ She sighs and agrees. Josh shows up and looks at the car. He wonders if she is ok and what happened. She points to what appears to be her car. Josh comments that there are a lot of sick people in the world. She looks annoyed and tells him that ‘the same sick person who beat on her car is the same sick person who gave it to her in the first place.’

Coop and Lizzie are kissing on the bed in her room. He flips her around and sees where her diary may be located. He begins coughing and asks for a glass of water. He sees a box and breaks into it with his knife. He seems surprised not to find the diary there and is shocked when he sees it has a false bottom. He opens it up and finds a jagged piece of glass with blood on it. He thinks back to his conversation with Gus earlier where it was mentioned that Lizzie was an expert at committing crimes and the covering them up. Outside of her room, Lizzie checks herself in the mirror to make sure that she looks ok. She is carrying a tray with a drink on it for Coop.

Gus tells Harley that she should admit how much she needs him as a man and not solely as her lawyer. He reminds her that no one is around to hear her say it. She refuses, claiming that she doesn’t him. She begins to walk out and then turns around. She asks him to stay with her and the two kiss one another. He picks her up and places her on the bed, pushing aside all of the papers. She tells him how she needs to feel as they’re the only two people in the world. He stops kissing her and he tells her that they need to stop. She begs him not to and he does anyway. He claims to know what is going on and accuses her of trying to say goodbye to him. She kisses him once more, wondering if it feels as though she is saying goodbye. He tells her that he’s been watching her say goodbye to everyone in her family. He lets her know that he will never let her say goodbye to him. She looks him in the eye with a sad face.

At Elizabeth & Company, Zach is sitting at the counter with his books out. Buzz is going through some of his stuff and mentions that they’ve already read most of these stories. Buzz moves around some of the book and sees that someone has left a newspaper out. The paper has Harley’s picture on the front page with an article about her court date. Buzz wonders who could have done such a thing. Zach complains about how much he misses his mother. His grandfather assures him that she misses him just as much, if not more than he misses her. He mentions that she will come back as soon as possible to spend some time with him. Buzz hugs Zach.

Sandy and Tammy walk into the restaurant talking about a book. The two sit down at a table. He tells her that the story could happen while Tammy talks about how happy endings never happen in real life. Zach interrupts her and tells her that happy endings happen all the time. He looks to his grandfather for support and Buzz hugs him. He agrees with Zach and smiles.

Coop puts away Lizzie’s box. She walks in and he continues to pretend to cough while holding something behind his back. He mentions that he doesn’t want to get her sick and offers to leave. He’s already back away from her while he’s talking to her. She assures him that it is too late for her not to get sick. She goes on telling him that ‘some things are worth the risk.’ He smiles and tells her that he came over to check on her, not to get her sick. The camera pans and we see that he is holding the piece of glass behind his back. He tells her that he’s leaving and she offers him an invitation to stay and talk. She thanks him for not making fun of her when she confessed that she’d never had a guy in her room before. He thanks her for trusting him and she admits that she’s not even sure why she did tell him. She admits that she saw him in a whole new light tonight. He agrees and tells her he thinks the same about her. Alan stands outside Lizzie’s door and hollers in to her. She thinks Coop should hide under her bed, while he decides to go out the window. He covers the piece of glass and then hides it in his jacket. Lizzie kisses him before he leaves. Alan opens the door, hollering out to his granddaughter.

Josh brings his wife a cup of coffee while she sits at a table inside of J. Farley’s. She admits that her son is a mess and then wonders who is to blame. Josh warns her that although he knows she feels guilty that she can’t blame herself forever. He claims that Jonathan is using her guilty conscience to make her life miserable. He reminds her that although she gave him up she did it to protect him. She looks up and tells him that she doesn’t understand as he wasn’t miserable when he gave her the car. She tells Josh about how proud he was when he handed her the keys. She mentions that she thinks he can’t allow himself to be happy and Josh tells her that she’s talking about her grown son as if he were a toddler. Reva slinks down in her chair when he questions her about what will happen if he ever decides to take his anger out on her instead of an inanimate object.

Cassie is stomping on what appears to be the videotape while yelling that she hates it. She looks up at Jonathan and wonders where the other copies of the tape are. He assures her that there are no copies, and she doesn’t believe him. She tells him that he’s the type of person to make many copies to make the person they are torturing squirm. She mentions the flowers and he claims her didn’t send them. Edmund gets closer to the window, watching in and obviously wanting to hear what is going on. He goes on to remind her that they were in a hotel with many other people around that could have seen him go into her room.

He tells her that someone who is out to get her that is nosy was in the halls that night. Cassie looks like she’s just realized who it is. She sighs and pulls away when Jonathan reaches out to touch her shoulder. Edmund continues to watch from the porch. She demands to know if Dinah saw him go into her room the night at the Beacon. He doesn’t answer her question outright, but lets her know that if look & smells like a dog then it probably is. He smiles and leaves. Cassie calls out to him, wondering how much Dinah knows. As he’s on the porch, Jonathan looks behind him towards where Edmund was. Edmund comes out of the shadows and walks inside. He sees Cassie on the floor picking up the pieces of the videotape. He wonders what it is and she plays it off as not being important. He demands to know and she tells him that she has to tell him the truth as he is bound to find out sooner or later. She admits that what is on the tape is her doing something awful. Edmund looks worried.

Reva reminds her husband that there is a reason that Jonathan resorts to violence when he doesn’t know how to react to a situation. She tells him that it is the only thing he knows. Josh goes on to tell her that many people have rough childhood, but that doesn’t give them excuses. He reminds her that he needs to stop making the wrong decisions. She tells him that he can’t understand as Jonathan isn’t his son. He reminds her that he’s no longer a victim and she tells him that there is good in him. He warns her to open her eyes and she wonders what she should do. She asks him if she should throw him down a flight of stairs as well. Josh gets up to leave and Reva reminds them that they can disagree. He mentions that they should get going home and she sits down. She lets him know she can handle the situation on her own. He leaves as Jonathan is coming in.

Buzz sends Zach over to another waitress who is cutting a piece of cake for him. Coop comes in and wants to talk to his father alone. He mentions that he may have found some evidence that could point to someone else as Phillip’s murderer. Buzz wonders who it points to and Coop tells his father that it points to Lizzie.

Alan is in Lizzie’s room with her and wonders what she is doing with the window open. She tells him that she liked the cooler air, but that it is getting a bit too cold. She goes over and shuts the window. He wonders if she’s sick and sees a cup of water with cough drops. She takes a cough drop and mentions that she was simply losing her voice earlier. He informs her that he was talking to Alan-Michael earlier and tried to talk him into visiting. He tells her that he can’t come. She accuses him of trying to get Alan-Michael to take her father’s place. He assures her that no one can take her father’s place. Outside of Lizzie’s room Alexandra happens to be walking by. As Alan is telling Lizzie that Gus has moved out she stops and listens to their conversation. He informs his granddaughter not to refer to Gus as her uncle anymore. He tells her that Gus is no longer a part of the family. Lizzie agrees with her grandfather saying that it is Gus’s own fault. Alex walks into Lizzie’s room wondering why her brother is wandering the halls of the mansion. She accuses him of being hurt that Gus chose Harley over him. He reminds her that Gus chose Harley over the entire family. He informs Alex that when Harley goes down that Gus will as well.

Harley tells Gus that she wants to be with him. She tells him that she wants it to be about each of them needing each other. Harley goes on about how she’s learned that life can change in a flash. She informs him that there will be no going back for the two of them. She kisses him and mentions that she just wants to be with him and not worry about anything, including what is going to happen next. Harley has tears in her eyes as he tells her she is wrong about the two of them. He tells her that she needs to understand that he won’t lose her again. He lets her know that this is not the end, but the beginning.

Jonathan seems surprised to see his mother still at the bar. He wonders why she still stayed and asks about her insurance company. She goes on about how the ‘perp’ usually returns to the scene of a crime and she wants to be there when he comes back. Jonathan reminds her that she doesn’t even know what the creep looks like who trashed her car. She assures him that she will know him when she sees him. He shakes his head as if he can’t believe it and Reva tells him that the car was more than something to get around in. She reminds him that it was a gift from her son. He asks her not to be so sappy, and she informs him that she thought it meant more to him when he gave it to her. He shakes his head, letting her know she’s wrong. Reva doesn’t seem to want to hear it and tells him that it meant a lot to her and that the person who did it will pay.

Cassie tells Edmund that the videotape was shot the night before their wedding. She tells him that it was from her bachelor-ette party and that it wasn’t a pretty site. She goes on to tell him that she was drunk and dancing on a table and that she consequently got sick on camera. She begins picking up the pieces of the tape and tells him that she didn’t want him to see it. He asks if she’s had it since the night before the wedding. She busies herself and wonders why it matters. He casually tells her that he hadn’t seen it around and was curious how she got it. She tells him that Blake dropped it by; he looks at her and reminds her that Blake didn’t go to the party. Cassie covers and tells him that Blake knew Reva had taped the night and she wanted to see it. Cassie calls the tape ‘ugly’ and ‘embarrassing.’ She tells him that she destroyed it because she wanted it gone. She goes on to tell him that she ordered food from Company. He offers to get it and she tells him that he doesn’t need to. He assures her it is ok. As he’s leaving she grabs and hugs him telling him that she loves him. He looks worried and then as he’s pulling away puts a smile on his face. He leaves and she continues to pick up the videotape. He watches from the porch as she moves the trash into another room.

Buzz tells Coop that they need to get the evidence to Gus or Harley and Coop doesn’t want to hear it. He claims that Gus is too crazy to give it to. Buzz wonders what they should do next. He thinks that he should wire himself and confront Lizzie with the evidence. Buzz doesn’t think it’s a good idea and mentions that Lizzie will likely begin crying. He even reminds Coop that they need to find out if the substance on the glass if blood and if so, who’s blood it is. He tells him that he can’t even get Frank involved because of how they got the evidence. His father tells Coop that he has a friend in Chicago that does testing, but that they’re going to need to get a sample of Phillip’s DNA for comparison. Coop realizes his father is suggesting that he sneak back into the mansion to find some of Phillip’s DNA. Buzz smiles at his son.

Lizzie picks up a photo of her father and tells her aunt that she agrees one hundred percent with her grandfather. She reminds them of what Gus did to her father as well as her arm. Alan wonders why his sister is condoning what Gus has done. Alex wonders why Lizzie hasn’t filed a police report documenting what ‘Gus supposedly did to her.’ It is obvious that she doesn’t believe that Gus hurt her niece. Alan tells his sister to stop interrogating Lizzie. She tells them that although Gus is rough around the edges that he is more ruthless than ever. She warns them both that if anyone is hiding anything that they had better be prepared. Alan wonders whose side his sister is on. She erupts, yelling at him and tells him that she’s sick and tired of Alan playing sides. She informs Alan that she thought they were all on Phillip’s on side and walks out of the room. Alan tells Lizzie not to worry and that justice will be done. She looks like she’s about to cry.

Harley and Gus are in his room together when his phone rings. She urges him to ignore it, but he reminds her that it could be someone wanting to help them. He answers the phone and seems distracted. It is obvious he is talking about the case. He tells Harley that their motion to dismiss was denied and that they’re going to trial at the end of the week. He hugs Harley. She sits up on the edge of the bed having a hard time breathing. It is obvious that she can’t believe she’s going on trial for murder. She admits to him that she has all the faith in the world in him but that she’s not sure that he can get her off.

He tells her that she has to let him do the worrying and to trust in him. She confesses that there is not another person she would rather have representing her. The two kiss and he tells her to get up. He gives her a robe and tells her that he’s kicking her out as he’s got a lot of work to do. He kisses her goodbye and she tearfully says goodbye to him. She goes into her room and throws herself on her bed. They both stare off into space.

Jonathan tells his mother that she’s never going to catch which neighborhood kid it was that ruined her car. She mentions that earlier he said that one of the kids they got into the fight with attacked her car. He brushes it off, reminding her that he wasn’t sure who did the damage. She picks up her phone telling him that the insurance company wanted her to call the cops. He pulls the phone from her hand wondering why she never stops. He informs her that the police have real work to do. She goes on and on about how the police might be able to lift some fingerprints. He slams down a coffee mug, shattering it and yells at her to ‘let it go.’ She tells him that his show of anger was similar to the same kind of anger that one would need to destroy her car. She tells him that it is the same kind of anger that needs to be stopped before someone ends up hurt.

Cassie is bagging up the garbage when she hears someone on the porch. She wonders who it is and finds Josh outside. She lets him and he wonders if Edmund is there. She lets him know that he’s not there and he tells her that he needs her help. She refuses to help, telling him that she simply can’t and Josh tells her about the car fiasco. He mentions that the next time Jonathan looses his temper that he could smash Reva’s head instead of her car. He tells her that every time Reva hears something about Jonathan that it makes her want to see the good in him. He implores her to tell the truth in order to help Reva. Cassie reminds Josh that she already told Reva the truth and that it didn’t help. Josh tells her that she needs to tell Edmund the truth in order to do any good.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Edmund wanders around. He is talking to himself wondering what was on the tape. He wonders why Cassie would lie to him. He hears a voice and sees himself in the past, when he was a much meaner man. The voice reminds Edmund that he can’t keep the bad inside of him ‘down.’

Jonathan warns his mother that not everyone can be fixed and that if she keeps looking for the person who ruined her car that she won’t like what she finds. Reva looks at her son defiantly.

Cassie reminds Josh that she simply can’t tell Edmund the truth. He tells her that they need to expose Jonathan before her hurts her the same way he hurt Tammy. He goes on explaining that they need to protect Reva and wonders what the worst is that could happen. Josh claims that by Cassie telling Edmund the truth that she is beating Jonathan to the punch. He reminds her that as long as she is lying to her husband that she is vulnerable to Jonathan. He realizes that she’s afraid of telling Edmund and wonders if she thinks he will blame her. She turns to Josh and informs him that Edmund will blame Jonathan and that will be the problem. She reminds Josh of how protective Edmund is and that he will immediately go after Jonathan. She realizes that it is exactly what Josh wants him to do.

Edmund tells his inner voice that he needs to get away. His inner self reminds him that marriage is about a trust and that neither of them has ever been any good at that. Edmund tries to convince himself that he’s changed and that he has to trust Cassie. His inner voice reminds Edmund that Cassie is the one who’s being secretive and that they need to find out what she is doing with another man.

Buzz is looking at the piece of glass that Coop found when Alex comes into the restaurant. She wonders if it is too late for a drink and he lets her know that it’s not. She tells him that there has been some typical family drama since Gus has moved out and that she needed to see a familiar face. She tells him that she hopes Harley isn’t guilty. He agrees and lets her know that he’s had some doubts. He mentions that he should have been more loyal to his daughter.

Coop is outside of the Spaulding house and looks back in. He pulls a comb out of his pocket with the initials ‘PGS’ on it and ducks behind some bags. Lizzie comes in through another gate with Roxie in her arms. She looks around and then hears someone. She calls out, wondering who is there. She doesn’t see anyone and leaves. Coop stands up, looks around and takes off.

Inside, Alan is on the phone with Ross. He informs Ross that he wants him to have Gus disbarred.

Gus is alone in his room working on his laptop eating Chinese food. He touches the wall that separates him and Harley at the same time she does.

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